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8 Ball Aitken

HELP SUPPORT 8 BALL AITKEN’S NEW PROJECT AND get a tax deduction at the same time!

Former banana picker from Mareeba and young Aussie country musician 8 Ball Aitken is busy working on his third album ‘REBEL WITH A CAUSE’.

Currently in Sydney working on his album with one of country music’s eminent producers Garth Porter whose illustrious career spans Australian music history from Sherbet to Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan, Sara Storer, Troy Cassar-Daley, and many more and talented audio engineer Ted Howard the album will be launched during the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2008.

8 Ball’s fans and supporters can now get involved and personally make the Garth Porter-produced album happen.

Many people have generously assisted 8 Ball with donations so far and recording is already underway. However to complete the album 8 Ball needs to raise many thousands of dollars more towards studio costs and then considerably more to market the new CD and get the music out into the world - preferably by September 15.

Interested parties (individuals and businesses) can now make a tax deductible donation.

Here's how it works.

People interested in helping 8 Ball can make a tax deductible donation to ABAF, the Australia Business Arts Foundation specifying that they would like their donation to be directed to 8 Ball's new CD production via ABAF's Australia Cultural Fund.

The Australia Cultural Fund is a unique facility which enables people to make tax deductible donations to ABAF and nominate an individual artist as the recipient of the gift. ABAF has enabled many artists to raise funds for the development of their work.

One such musician is John Butler whose JB Seed program is also a recipient of grants from the Australia Cultural Fund. 8 Ball was very honoured to receive a JB Seed grant in 2006 enabling him to study pedal steel guitar with internationally-respected country music performer, pedal steel player Michel Rose, in Sydney.

To find out more about ABAF, the Australia Cultural Fund and specific deduction criteria please visit: http://www.abaf.org.au/giving/acf/donors.html

If you'd like to donate some tax-deductible money today and help minimise your tax bill!, while supporting new original Australian country music at the same time please contact 8 Ball Aitken’s manager Bird Jensen: Mobile: 0408 075 959 Email: bird@phoenixmovement.com

Profile – 2007 Gigs
8 Ball Aitken is a 2007 graduate of the CMAA’s Country Music College. He has performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the Gympie Muster, Queensland Champion of Champions and a range of country music festivals throughout Australia.

8 Ball is a hard working performer who has risen up from very humble beginnings growing up in a tobacco shed in Mareeba FNQ with 11 brothers & sisters. He worked for years as a banana picker in Far North Queensland until he left the farm, and commenced working as a musician full-time. Now he is recording with Australia’s most recognised country music producer Garth Porter who created the soundtrack for the Gold Coast’s Outback Spectacular.

8 Ball Aitken is creating new Australian culture for the 21st Century. He sings in an Australian accent abut Australian topics – cyclones, red dirt roads, snakes, floods, and droughts – and about how these forces impact on the lives of everyday Australians in the bush in a poetic and passionate way.

He recently returned from touring to the USA where he was very well received during his Nashville performances as well as in Los Angeles New York and Connecticut. This year 8 Ball has gigged in Fiji on two separate tours and just returned from his third tour of Japan in July where country music is rapidly growing in popularity.

Peter Winkler Director CMAA College of Country Music comments ‘I find it very easy to say that 8 Ball Aitken is one of the leading students who has ever graduated from the college. He is talented skilled passionate and focused. 8 Ball is an excellent guitar player and singer and even more importantly a songwriter who captures so much of the feeling and atmosphere of the progressive Country Music fusion that has become so popular over recent years. 8 Ball and his management support are very dedicated and hard working and are deserving of support to achieve their aims of developing a successful career in the music industry and representing Australia on the world stage. I commend 8 Ball to any prospective supporters.’

The new album will be launched during the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January 2008.
contact: Rhonda Sinclair Mobile 0438 902413

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