Tamworth Rage Page
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Kerry Kennedy & Double Barrel
Guests Pat McKiniey 
and Clive Hall

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Pat McKiniey, Kerry Kennedy and Friend
Pat McKiniey with Ray Forrest (Drummer) and Billy Sell (Bass)
Pat McKiniey (on right) with Double Barrel
Daryal Fergerson (Piano), Micheal Eelkama Lead Guitar, Clive Hall (on Harmonica), 
Ray Forrest (Drums) and Billy Sell (Bass)
Clive Hall playing harmonica with the Bass Player from Double Barrel
Ragepage would like to welcome back Clive Hall to Tamworth after four years absence.    
I met Clive and wife Fay about 18 years ago at Tamworth  (great friends)
Clive Hall on Harmonica with Double Barrel
Kate Buss, Val (Bub) Crocker, June Lawrence, Back row Left to right, Jenni Lane, Judy Finn, 
Jeanette Honeyman, Kathleen Walmsley. Most of the girls travelled from S.A. 
and Jeanette is from Brisbane and Kathlene from Sydney.
These girls are still on a high as they had such a wonderful time 
Print out and have the memories