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Red Hot Poker Dots
Playing exclusively at Joe Maguire’s Pub every night of the festival, the internationally acclaimed Red Hot Poker Dots will be taking the bull, the horns, and everyone else along for the ride of a lifetime. Don’t miss this superb outfit in action as Lil’O’Dette mounts her double bass and yodels her heart out while Ray and the boys keep the hillbilly chicken-sniffin’ rhythms chugging like a train full of coal. Original songs. Interesting people. A great night out. Thank you for being there. See www.redhotpokerdots.com 
The sensational RED HOT POKER DOTS make a welcome return to the Tamworth Country Music Festival with their fifth Australian release, the limited edition CD “Country Bubble”. Winners of the Best Australian Country Band Award at Tamworth in 2004 and 2005, these hillbilly hell raisers present a ‘fine-tuned’ performance due largely to years of relentless touring throughout the USA, Europe and their beloved homeland. The Red Hot Poker Dots play exclusively at Joe Maguires Pub nightly throughout the festival. Entry is free and every night promises to be a unique experience. Visit www.redhotpokerdots.com  for further details about the band.


Friday 20th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Saturday 21st JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Sunday 22nd JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Monday 23rd JOE MAGUIRES PUB 5:15pm-8:15pm
Tuesday 24th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Wednesday 25th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 5:15pm-8:15pm
Thursday 26th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Friday 27th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 5:15pm-8:15pm
Saturday 28th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 8:30pm-11:30pm
Sunday 29th JOE MAGUIRES PUB 5:15pm-8:15pm
The Re-mains
Get ready for an old school entertainment experience from two of the hardest working independent bands in Australia – The Red Hot Poker Dots and The Re-mains. Along with Glenny Rae Virus in some support slots, you would be hard pressed to find any act with more runs on the board or gigs under their belt.

Taking a leaf out of the days of hall dances and traveling side shows The Poker Dots and The Re-mains are joining forces and hitting the road to show one and all that great music and outrageous fun are not something from a forgotten era. Beginning in Melbourne and finishing in Maitland, the chosen route will take in towns that often miss out as other touring acts stick to the big cities. It’s a method that both bands have taken to heart in their line of work having crisscrossed the country many times on back-roads and dirt tracks not to mention freeways and air-routes.

The Red Hot Poker Dots are without question one of the most individual and entertaining bands this country has to offer. These “Twistabilly Country Boppers” (their words) put on a show that is as visual as it is musical. The diminutive Lil’ O’Dette fronts the band putting forth the argument that it is possible to play the double bass, sing, yodel, while standing on the instrument and executing ballerina poses at the same time. Her trusty side-kick Ray Dee Ator belts out tune after tune whilst strumming up a storm on his old guitars.

Billy Bob Roobarb (or Rooboy) specializes in left-handed chicken scratchin slidin’ action on his Dobro and Flying V guitars while Blind Dawg Walker whacks the daylights out of a tiny drum-kit adorned with various percussive toys. Together they sing about love gone horribly wrong, eating pies filled with pony and the politics of one horse towns. The Red Hot Poker Dots have just returned from their third tour of the USA where they are steadily building a serious reputation for their always engrossing and extremely funny shows.

The Re-mains are renown for their top-class songs, searing musicianship and explosive live performances that seemingly find no cause to stop. They have only just finished an extensive national tour over four months long before heading out on this jamboree with their great mates, the Poker Dots. Led by the unstoppable Mick Daley on lead vocals and a couple of frightened acoustic guitars the Re-mains are a Country Rock ‘n’ Roll powerhouse. Shaun Butcher is the only rock ‘n’ roll banjo player in the known world and over on stage right, he assumes the role of a straw-chewin’ Keith Richards. Over on stage-left, Leigh Ivin whips a couple of steel guitars into a two-step frenzy not normally associated with the instrument before unleashing a torrent of rock ‘n’ roll guitar on the unsuspecting. Up the back, the silent giant A.M. Ward powers the band along on a vintage drum-kit once owned by the Easybeats while completing the engine room is Sam “the pup” Martin on electric and double bass. He is also the mastermind of this almighty tour.

For the Retreat, Resedale and Mallacoota shows, both bands will be joined by the unstoppably saucy Glenny Rae Virus of the Toes Sucking Cowgirls fame. She is an expert singer, fiddle player and accordionist and there is little doubt that her own solo slots will be extended into the other bands sets as has been the case so many times before.
All this may sound like too much, but what is really going on is some serious camaraderie by some of the best mates in the music business. It’s like a mutual admiration club on safari. All that is needed is for you to turn up when the Town Hall Party Tour hits your town. What would a collection of musical show ponies like this do without you?
Visit these web-sites for more information:
ph: Sam Martin for other enquiries – 0401 180 749
Ph 61 0438361920 : 21 Grosvenor St, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia
www.redhotpokerdots.com  : info@redhotpokerdots.com

Australia January 14th 2005
U.S.A. June 16th 2005
Jetlagged & Jittery

“…a night
of hillbilly
mayhem with
more honk,
tonk and
yodelling than
shotgun wedding…”

Playsome Records
Melbourne Australia’s Red Hot Poker Dots
take us out of our own backyards and into
everyone else’s on their catchy new recording
‘Jetlagged & Jittery’.

This long awaited release is thirteen
roadtested songs which culminate in a
thrilling musical journey of fun and

From the country numbers, complete
with yodelling, doboro and pedal steel,
to the crooning ballads with genuine honky
tonk piano, the Red Hot Poker Dots make
you believe that they have indeed gotten away
with it all.

Recorded and produced by Dave McCluney
of Atlantis Recordings in Melbourne, and
mastered by Wez Prictor at The Finishing Post,
‘Jetlagged & Jittery’, leaves you wanting more
and more.

With touring commitments which will see
the band playing many major festivals both
in Australia and internationally throughout
2005, another full length album planned for
2005, and an ongoing dedication to their
independent status, the Red Hot Poker Dots
are constant explorers of all things relative to
their passion of great music.

Melbourne's Red Hot Poker Dots have just returned from an extensive
three month tour of the US of A, and they are champing at the bit to get
back to playing to their loyal fans - They are playing one Sydney show
at The Bridge Hotel Rozelle
Their US tour saw them play at many festivals, and venues such as Jinx
- Savannah Georgia, Echo Lounge - Atlanta, Continental Club - Austin,
Lounge Lizard - New Orleans, 40 Watt Club - Athens, Cal's Liquor -
Chicago, The Cave - Chapel Hill and CBGB's - New York (to name a few),
playing both headline acts and supporting the likes of The Supersuckers.

Expert connoisseur's of Smokin' Twistabilly Country Bop, The Red Hot
Poker Dots consist of Ray Dee Ator (twanging geetar & vox), Lil'O'Dette
(slap bullfiddle & vox), Mr Country Dave Moll (lap steel & lead guitar),
and Blind Dawg Walker (cowbell & swinging percussion).

The Red Hot Poker Dots perform a stage act you won't easily forget.
They are lively, old-school performers with big musical hearts, belting
it out with grit and guts, possessing a camaraderie that most bands only
dream about. These cowboys and cowgal will make you quickly forget your
troubles and you'll want to shake the dust offa ya boots in no time.

Embracing song themes such as dogs, Saturday nights, local cowboys,
urban cowgirls, songs about songs, love going right and love going
wrong, and killin' & drinkin', The Red Hot Poker Dots combine country,
roots and rockabilly with flair.

Since forming in 1998, The Red Hot Poker Dots have played pretty much
every juke joint in this land; toured US & Europe in 2003; and are
regular Festival performers (St Kilda Festival, Jackson Street Festival,
The Gympie Muster, The Festival Of Beers, Adelaide Fringe Festival etc).
They have been crowd favourites at Tamworth Country Music Festival for
the past five years.

August will see The Red Hot Poker Dots return to Oz. Catch them playing
some sizzling sets in a town near you. Stay tuned for their new CD soon
to be released entitled 'Country Bubble'.
The Red Hot Poker Dots are playing on Saturday 18th Sept @ The Bridge Hotel - 9pm. This is a full Red Hot Poker Dots gig - their last gig on their Australian tour before they head back into the studio and record a new album.
The Red Hot Poker Dots will also appear at HANK'S HAYRIDE - the Hank Williams b/day bash playing two songs . Sunday 19th Sept @ 8pm .
Photo taken by Brian Robson on 23rd January 2004
Tamworth Country Music
Festival 2003
Double Bass Lil'O'Dette
Lil'O'Dette and Walter Ego.
 Drums -Walter Ego and Guitar - Ray Dee Ator
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