Tamworth Rage Page
Helen is no longer updating this website
Tamworth Festival 2003
Tudor Hotel
Alamo music is a cross between/influenced by : Neil Young, Dylan, Townes Van
Zandt, Guy Clark, Steve Earle etc.
Brett and Ken 
Ken Cooke
We are from SA, a 'duo', & some of our
influences?  (Neil Young, Steve Earle, Dylan, Guy Clark) -
 maybe see you at one of the gigs, come & say hi!
 "Alamo", has finally finished their CD, and have now got a website up and running!
The website is linked to an on-line Cd site called "iuma". There is a brief
history about us, a photo( to be updated as SOON as we have better
resources/so you can see our faces!), plus some gig info. For weekly gig
guide information, see "The Advertiser" (Thursdays in 'The Guide'),"Rip it
up" (street mag), or for ALL our gigs check out
< www.coverbands.com >.
The Cd will be available at gigs, and we are hopimg to sell a few when we
head to Tamworth in January, 2003. We are playing 6 shows at the Tudor
If you don't know much about "Alamo" - here is a brief 'bio' :-

    We formed in 2001, after Brett and myself discussed forming a
    duo (at a "Backbeat" rehearsal- Adelaide cover band we both
    play in). Having musical common ground to come up with enough
    songs, our first gig was at Skycity, August, 2001. Since then,
    we have started writing & recording songs together, some of
    which can be heard on the CD. Our sound is acoustic-based, &
    the CD also has bass guitar, harmonica, and Dobro. We are pri-
    marily influenced by Neil Young, Dylan, Tom Petty, Guy Clark,
    Leo Kottke, & Ry Cooder, to name but a few!
    "Alamo" have performed all over Adelaide in the past 18 mnths,
    and also as far away as Kangaroo Island, Ceduna & Kimba. Early
    in 2003, we will be travelling to Tamworth (as mentioned above),
    & also to Victoria & N.S.W., as well as building a stronger live
    following around Adelaide.

So, thanks for reading this, and if you need further information, do not
hesitate to contact me at this website. (note - the email address on the
"iuma" website will go to Brett).
The website address is     www.alamo.iuma.com    & the CD is available at ALL
Ken Cooke.
Print out and have the memories