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Amos Morris
Award-winning Camerata graduate can’t wait to return
While it was only a few short months ago that Kempsey teenager Amos Morris attended Tamworth Camerata 2005, a world of excitement and opportunities has opened up for him since July.

The young man with the innate sense of tradition has secured what most seasoned artists take years to achieve – a finalist berth in the Bush Ballad category of the 2006 Golden Guitar Awards. But the good news doesn’t stop there.

Amos also made the finalists’ list of the 2006 TIARAs – the Tamworth Independent Artists Recognition Awards – in the Bush Ballad category.

And, something all young balladeers strive for is a guernsey at Bungendore – which he also has. Amos is a finalist in New Talent at the 2006 Stan Coster Memorial Bush Ballad Awards.

The song that’s made all the judges sit up and take notice is The Rain Don’t Tumble Down In July Here, from Amos’s debut CD, Memories Live On. The disc was recorded by Marc Lea at Regency Sound Studios.

“When I first heard the news about the Golden Guitar nomination, I thought they must have dropped their standards dramatically this year,” Amos said, with a laugh, and the underlying pride of his achievements shining through.

“I just went into shock as news of the other nominations came in. I’m very pleasantly surprised – and extremely delighted to have done so well with my first recorded efforts.”

Amos said while he’s just hoping to get through his hectic round of commitments at the 2006 Tamworth Festival, and maybe head for home with some “excess baggage”, he was pinning his hopes on being accepted into Tamworth Camerata 2006.

“Camerata was really great. You learn what to do and what not to do. I’m hoping to get in next year so I can learn some more,” he said.

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Release prepared by Anna Rose, December 7, 2005, for and on behalf of Tamworth Camerata.

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