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Tamworth Country
Music Festival 2006
Artists & Friends
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Shanley Dell and Felicity Urquhart
Rod and Gina    (Photo Courtesy of Steve Passfield
Sonia and Benjy     (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Peter Busher and Leonie
Lachlan and Analysse  (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Lachlan and Analysse  (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Kerry and Rob (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Felicity and Leonie
Dave Hibbert and Vicky (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Melody and Alby Pool    (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Rob Luckey and Dave Hibbert  (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Leslie Avril signing Bruno's  Butt  (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Chicka and Leslie Avril
Chicka is in hospital , we think he has just over done it in Tamworth, we are told he will be okay.  
 Big Hugs and Kisses to Chicka.   Get well soon.
Chicka and Glenys
Matt Hanley and Mark Oats
Wendy Broome, Peter Busher and Clelia Adams
Melody Dunn and Leone  (Photo Courtesy of Leonie)
Red Hot Poker Dots
Sam Lemann and Barry Benning
Michael Muchow entertaining the girls
Michael Vidale and his wife Collynne
Congratulations!   The Flood
Kevin and Tania Bennett very happy "The Flood"  winning a Golden Guitar
2 Friends (r) Anna Rose, Johnny Green (c) and Ezra Matzenik
 (Photo Courtesy Wendy Broome)
Chrome Daddies
Brad and Travis
Nick Summers (L)  (Photo Courtesy Wendy Broome)
(Photo Courtesy Wendy Broome)
Print out and have the memories