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Basalt River Boys
G'day Everyone,
                        The Basalt River Boys song "It never fails" has made
the top 100 songs to go onto the "Saturday night Country" compilation album,
to get it on there we need your vote, you can do this by texting "snc69" to
19755222 or go to this site http://abc.net.au/snc/hottest/vote.htm , fill
out the form, scroll down to no. 69 & hit the "send in my vote now" tab &
your done......
thanks very much for this & we'll see you all soon, till then, take care,
             Rick, Rob, Anthony & Dan......
"Basalt River Boys"
0407 762 676
G'day again,
                  Jeez its been a while, but here we go....
We've been doing a lot of miles the first half of this year from the far far
North of Queensland to the Southern parts of our state and later this month
we are going just about as far west as you can go, the Mt Isa Show...
Monto put on a great festival this year, we had a ball (I think we always
do) we took Anthony's 15 year old brother-in-law with us, Dan Marolla (yes,
Brendan & Sarah's lil' bro') to play drums, he is never coming with us
again!!!!, he signed more autographs than the other 3 of us put together &
all the other acts, yes you too Melinda, good onya Dan, you're a legend....
we met up with a few good friends of ours, the boys (& girl) from "Bigfoot",
Dale, Chris, Bob,& of course the only one with a bit of looks in the whole
clan, Carmel...
Thanks again to Elaine, Denise, Sue & the rest of the people who got us
there in the first place...
We went out to Winton for the show ball this month, I can honestly say we
have never been asked to do a "Grinspoon" song before, yes, that was a
first, but other than that it was a good relaxing gig after a long drive,
hey fellas...
OK, will try to update more often,
Taks care,
Rick (for BRB)
2a Sam Street,
    Charters Towers,
Nqld, 4820,
0407 762 676.
Shandell Tosoni with The Boys
G'day Everyone...
                         Just though we'd let you all know of our new
friendship with Pure-Tone Musical Accessories...
Check them out, they will save you a heap...


G'day everyone,
We are all back home safe after some of the best fun
we have ever had.....
21 gigs over 10 days, most of them with only 1 hr in between & one with only
1/2 hr to pack up, pack the car, drive to the other venue, unpack the car &
set up....
As always, we started our Tamworth at the Longyard Hotel, we hired pro
drummer & good mate of ours from Sydney, Mal Lancaster ( Bella, Beccy Cole,
Wayne Law, just to name a few) for the duration of the festival & the fist
gig was brand new for all of us & we couldn't wait to get into It, and what
a place to start, from the get-go, they were dancing on the tables, the bar,
each other, just full on party time.... & that was just the bar staff!!!
Always great crowds at the Longyard & that first gig, set the trend every
time we played there, if you have never been there, do yourself a big
favour, go out to the Longyard for an "Experience"........
We finished at the Longyard at 11pm, packed up, headed for West Tamworth
Leagues Club where we had a gig in the Legends Bar at 12 midnight until 3,
by the time we set up, there was standing room only, I tell you, there is
not a feeling on this earth that can match playing the opening of Tamworth,
in one of the premier venues, to a packed house, when people are there to
party... (those first 2 gigs in Tamworth, we completely sold out of
T-Shirts, it was great to see so many BRB T's in the crowd)
Sunday night at Blazes, where Jedd Hughes, Missy Higgins & Xavier Rudd
played over the festival, we had the opportunity to support Lee Kernaghan,
man it was lonely on that massive stage, just the four of us. (note for next
year, get longer guitar leads!!!!) at the start of our set, I could see a
figure just off stage to my right but didn't take any notice until halfway
through our set, the figure walked out on stage, shook our hands, thanked
us, told the crowd they were listening to "The best Country music Tamworth
had to offer" Thanks Lee, much appreciated....... (who wears a BRB T-Shirt
to a Lee Kernaghan Concert, thanks to those that did) Afterwards, we went to
Lee's after gig party at the Powerhouse, a great night all round......
The Southgate gigs were a blessing for our busy schedule, they were a
listening crowd, so we could play some real down to earth Country Music, a
great change of pace for wounded muso's....... if there is a place to relax
& listen to some great Country Music, this is the place...
The North Queensland Showcase at the Cowboys Bar at Wests is always a great
show to drop in on, here we get to see all our mates & great talents from
the North, (here we go, hope I don't forget anybody) Naneta Gough, Sarah
Taylor, Anthony John, Brendan Marolla, Peter & Tammy Moxon, Shandell Tosoni,
Kimberly Bowden, Sarah Collett, Lawrence Sorbello, Wendy Coppo & Brooke
Another highlight of out time in Tamworth was appearing on the "Tomkins
Guitar Showcase", Tomkins Guitars are Australian Made & are used all over
the world, from Chad Morgan, Stuart French & Phil Emmanuel to U.S.
Superstars Gary Allen & Dale Watson, Allan & Barb Tomkins gave us enough
guitars over the festival to sink a small ship, so we can honestly say, if
you need a no nonsense workhorse in an Electric Guitar or Bass, get a
We didn't get out much but what we saw there is a very high quality of
talent down there, we saw Jonahs Road, Kelly Black & the Kelly Gang, Bo
Jenkins & Col Finley.....
All in all, I am looking forward to next year already....
All the best,
Rick for the "Basalt River Boys"

We would like to thank the people who made Tamworth 2005 happen for us,
Rob Potts & all at Allied Artists for giving 3 blokes from Charters Towers a
Ian Dundon & June Smyth for pulling her hair out from dealing with us.....
Joan Douglas & Cheryl Byrnes for also taking a chance on an un-seen un-heard
Lee Kernaghan, for opportunity, Experience & kind words.....
Mal Lancaster (AKA the Groove Machine) you are a dead-set Legend man, Thanks
Wayne, Cameron, Kate, Rob & "Hooch" at The Longyard, you all should give
lessons in "Second winds" (Thanks for the "D3's")
Allan Tomkins & his wife Barb for letting us see how durable Tomkins guitars
are, Mate, They passed with flying colours!!!
Rick, Mick, Brian, Allan, John & Marty, thanks for making us not hurt
peoples ears so much & showing our ugly mugs (The Sound & Lighting
Mathew at Legends, you serve a mean Beam, Booker would be proud.....
Dean & Shelley, for that not so gentle shove in the right direction....
Our Wives (Naneta, Sarah & Kym) for their love, support & patience......
Last but not least, anyone who has ever clapped at one of our gigs, that's
why we do it.........
G'day All.....
Well, another year just about cooked, 8 weeks to X-mas, 10
'til Tamworth, TW2005 is going to be a hoot for us, we have about 20 gigs
lined up so far and they are still coming in (bring it on!!!) Between "The
Longyard", Legends, The Pub & The Southgate Inn.....
We've been gigging around, we did the "Croydon Poddy Dodgers" Croydon, FNQ.
except for a few gear woes, we had a great gig, I suppose bouncing 700k's?
from Charters Towers to Croydon up the Lynd highway doesn't do gear much
Thanks to Travis Sinclair's Bassist for lending us his pride & joy, Thanks
Did the Regulars, King Reef, Courthouse Hotel & also broke new ground at
"Scotty's Bar & Grill" in Mission Beach, always fun to play Country to a new
crowd at new venue's....
Next was Walkamin CMF at Mareeba FNQ.
What can you say about Walkamin, its always great,
With a few friends we backed a Young lady with a very big future, BRB's
newest Mate, Shandell Tosoni, she has just returned from Nashville, TN.
Performing the song she and good friend, Rebecca Lee Nye wrote that won the
u18 section of the National Songwriting Comp....
It was a hard act to follow, & I think even the Wolverines knew that....
We had a blinder after the Wolves, we can honestly say, it was one of the
best stage sounds we have ever heard...
Thank-you to the fellas at "Pro Gear" in Cairns...
I would like to send out a massive thanks to John Nutting at ABC's "Saturday
Night Country" for the interview a fortnight ago, It was a buzz to finally
hear one of "our" songs on the Radio, John, you have no Idea how long I have
waited for that..... a week later I was working up between Lakeland Downs &
Laura when I heard it come on the Radio about 5.30 am and Thursday just
gone, I heard another track off the EP getting played as well, 800 miles
from home, hearing your songs on the radio does things to you........ Thanks
very much to Michael Clarke at ABC's brekkie show as well
Righto, I'm off, we have a couple of small ones this month to tie in with
Recording & we are actually going to do some practice I think (we'll see!!!)
for Tamworth, new songs & more originals....
Take care & keep smiling...
Rick.. (for BRB)

The boys at the Gympie Muster
Photos courtesy of Dick Marriott
G'day all....
Man, What a time we've been having.... Last time we talked
we were heading to Tropic Records to hook into some Recording again, but we
ended up with some more gigs and as any one in a band will tell you, You
can't beat playing Live.....
We did the "Country under the stars" thing, that was a load of fun to see
high school kids yelling out for Country Music, what a buzz...
The next night we headed out to Julia Creek for the Dunart Bush Festival, we
followed Melinda Schneider, what a great act.
And what a hard act to follow let alone in 4 degree c with a real stiff
breeze (did I mention we are big sooks when it comes to cold weather) but we
got through it somehow with the help of some stones ginger wine & just when
you thought you have heard all the muso jokes, Melindas bass player, Ian,
told us some pearlers, very funny man!!!
We left Julia Creek Sunday & hit the road 4 am Monday morning to Gympie for
the Toyota Music Muster.
We got there & you guessed it..... BLOODY COLD OR WHAT!!!!!!!1
The Muster is always good but it was extra special for us this year, it was
the first time we went down as a band with gigs to play!!!!!
We had our first gig on the Tuesday, where after we played, I got a call
from the CD shop, they had run out of our CD's, at first I thought someone
must have thrown them out... but they assured me they were sold, so got them
another 100 and we are yet to see how many all up we sold.
Our crowds just kept growing at every gig, 2 on Wednesday, we had Thursday
off so we went into Gympie & had a look around just in time to get back to
catch some of The Flood (amazing stuff) & "The Eagles Experience" I would &
will see this Act again.... Great stuff.
Friday we had another 2 gigs & the last one was on at 7:30pm, running
against Main Stage, we thought we would be playing to the bar staff &
Soundmen, but surprise surprise, we packed the Muster Club, man was that a
feeling & a half.
So a big thank-you to Brian, Sylvia & Mary-lou for a great time & making us
feel welcome........
We got back home & the following weekend played a Rodeo at the Brothers
leagues club in Innisfail from 5-7pm, packed up & played the King Reef hotel
at Kurramine Beach (a beautiful part of the world, get there if you can....)
Our next one is up at Croydon for the Poddy dodgers festival on the 25th
Sorry I haven't written for a while, we've been Flat out since
Anthony got back from Honeymoon
Here's a bit of what we've been up to.......
We did a gig with Glenn Shorrock, the Whitlams, Graham Connors & a fair few
others at Dairy Farmers Stadium for the Camp Quality kids, it was a very
well put together show but we got the not so good news that the organisers
only just broke even, it was only a gold coin donation to get in & they
didn't get half the people they expected from the Townsville/Thuringowa
We also have been doing our regular gigs at the Courthouse Hotel in Charters
Towers, King Reef Hotel at Kurramine Beach, the Castor Hotel in Mourilyan,
plus the Townsville show for 6 gigs over the 3 days.
We also did the Palm Creek festival ( 40kms south of Townsville) for the
first time, we did most of the 1 1/2 hr gig with Phil Emmanuell, I remember
watching this bloke as a kid & sitting there amazed, well not much has
changed in that department, I tell you what but... Anthony Taylor (BRB lead
guitarist/Lead singer) very easily held his own against one of the masters,
I hope neither of them read this, but in Phils words "The boys a Freak"
anyone who has heard him play & sing will agree....
From the Townsville Show we went out to Cloncurry for the Stockmans
Challenge for 3 days, great crowds, great stage sound (Thanks Earl), great
food & beer, & if you like freezing conditions.....you would have loved the
weather, us...... we are the biggest sooks when it comes to cold weather,
its pitiful........
OK, we are up to date I think since our last yarn so here's what we got
coming up......
G’day all,
Just thought I’d drop a quick line to let you know whats happening…
Well, Anthony & Sarahs wedding went off without a hitch (no pun intended), what an amazing set-up, Sarahs mum should get a medal for that show, Good luck to them both….. So while Joom (Anthony) & Sair are off Honeymooning, me & Rob have been flat-out………. Fixing leads, blowing the 2003 dust off the PA, tapping our feet, looking at our watches waiting for him to get back…..

We’ve got about 8 more original songs on the burner, ironing out the bugs before we get into some recording and a Radio Jingle for “Outback Traders” , a business good mates of ours own that sells western wear, saddles you name it……. If it has anything to do with horses, cattle, sheep, pigs & goats, including you sittin’ on em (???), they have it……

Had a BALL in Tamworth, first time for BRB as a band, Played music we love to a lot of great people so we are regarding it as a huge success for BRB.

I think we were well received down there, we would like to thank Rob & Sally Potts at “Allied Artists”, Barry Beck from “Joe Maguires Pub”, Allan & Barb Tomkins, “Tomkins Guitars Showcase” & here’s an e-mail we got from June Smyth, one of the most respected booking agents down there, she booked us at the “Longyard Hotel” which like Rob & Barry, had never heard us let alone heard “of” us, here is what June had to say……(un-edited)

“Rick you guys were sensational....it was such a punt from my perspective
and when UR recommending to others it puts a lot olf stress upon your
decisions...why I worried is beyond me you are a most engaging and flexible
bunch of guys...the Longyard will be proud to be at the top of your list for
gigs next near and that is a promise.. we will be better organised time wise
and be able to give you more gigs this is totally supported by Ian and
Angus.. and if you should happen to venture south during the year be sure to
make contact...have a great 2004 and we shall plan in April May for locking
in some dates...warmly.. June S”
thanks June, Ian & Angus,
Looking forward to Tamworth 2005
G'day all,
what a blast....15 gigs in 10 days...average 3 hrs sleep a
night (between playing & playing up!!!!)
we met up with some great friends down there, (G'day Kingy, Al & Barb,
Sean, Mal, Graham, Pudd, Frac, Meryl,ect, ect,.....
To kick it off we played our first of many great gigs at The Longyard
Hotel, just a word of warning if you are going to The Longyard, The
staff are absolutely MAD there & that's being kind, seriously but, if
you are going to the Longyard, Say G'day to Ian, Cameron, Wayne, Will,
Sam & Kate, a great bunch of people & if you happen to run into Angus
Smyth & His Mum June, buy them a beer for us & put it on Wayne &
Cameron's Account...
Also if you get down that way, call into Maguires Pub & have a beer with
Barry, he also looked after us when we gigged there.
Wests Diggers crowds were also great, as is every where we went & it was
great to see faces from previous gigs at the next ones & also showing up
to the North Queensland Showcases to catch up with all the Great NQ
artists also there to have fun...Anthony John, Brendan Marolla, Naneta
Gough, Shandell Tosoni(a "Road to Tamworth" finalist), Sarah Marolla,
Keiren Lancinni (Previous Starmaker Winner) and a lot of other talented
people from Gods own country..
One of the many Highlights of the festival for us was playing on the
"Tomkins Guitar Showcase" at the Cowboys Bar at Wests, you can go to
www.shownet.com.au  http://www.shownet.com.au   & check out the photos
of the showcase & if you're a serious muso, check out the great Tomkins
Guitars and the brilliant players who play them...Thanks Allan & Barb..
And also I would like to thank Allan Tomkins for introducing me to Geoff
Mack, another legend I have met now to add to Slim, Stan Coster, Barry
Thornton, Kelly Dixon, Bluey Bostock & George Crowley, just to name a
It also seemed that Tamworth goers liked our 3 song EP as we are still
counting up how many we sold along with our T-Shirts & Posters (these
people will buy anything) and going by our growing crowds at all the
venues while we were down there, I think we were well received & if they
had half as much fun as we did, well, I'm Very happy to call Tamworth a
huge success for BRB.....
The "Basalt River Boys" would like to thank you for your support and
will see you all in the near future...
Best regards,
Rick, Rob & Anthony..
2a Sam Street,
Charters Towers,
NQLD, 4820.
Ph: 0407 762 676.
Print out and have the memories