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Greetings from India
Email - Gerry O'Leary
"State of my Heart"
Apr Wed 26 2006 Bobby Cash had his new CD launch - at The Basement recorded at John Lee’s studio outside Tamworth,
While he’s in Australia this time around (John Doyle said it was Bobby’s 12th visit to the land down under), he is certainly going to be a busy boy.  On Monday 1st May make sure you tune in to The Today Show, as Bobby will perform between 8.30am and 9am.
Next week, in between media commitments, he’ll be all over the countryside – from country and metropolitan Victorian venues, and on Thursday, May 11, he’s at Twin Towns on the Gold Coast; Caboolture RSL on Friday, May 12; Sawtell RSL on Saturday, May 13; Tuncurry RSL on Sunday, May 14 and two WA dates on May 19 and 20 – at Inglewood and Fremantle – before he completes this tour.
Email - Gerry O'Leary
Bobby Cash returns to Australia early January to record his third album in Tamworth prior to the 2006 Telstra Country Music Festival. For Bobby, recording in Tamworth is a sentimental thing, as it was here 3 years ago he made his Australian debut busking on the packed and sweltering streets. This year he will be playing one of the best venues in town at Blazes in West Tamworth League Club, with air-conditioned seating for 800.

For Bobby, the last 3 years have been an amazing journey. He's played from agricultural field days to concert auditoriums and test matches - and everything in between. He's appeared from Croydon in North Queensland to Melbourne in the south, Tweed Heads in the east and Geraldton in the west. And everywhere he goes the reaction is the same. 'Nobody plays Country Music like this any more'.

His albums have consistently been amongst the best performers on the independent country charts and his popularity is growing each time he visits- this is his tenth. Bobby's brand of music is rooted in the days of classic country ­ he is a new traditionalist. For his audience it is the music of days gone by and a world much simpler.

When in Australia Bobby tours with his Tamworth backing band led by Lawrie Minson on guitars, pedal steel, accordion and harmonica, and on the last 2 tours joined by Randal Wilson (Ex John Williamson) on drums and Jeff Dallas on bass (a guy, who by 15, had more miles touring under his belt than most artists achieve in their whole career, as part of his father's band - 'The Rex Dallas Show'.)

But a large part of his shows is still Bobby solo on stage with his guitar - and it's here his extraordinary ability shines. From flamenco to bluegrass to classic Jim Reeves ballads, audiences still can't believe it's just him playing.
Throw in a dash of Hindi pop and the smoothest voice around and they just keep calling for more.
The reaction was the same in the USA in mid 2005 when
Bobby was invited to the Nashville Country Music Festival as a Global Artist Award nominee. 'You're the real deal' said an incredulous Ed Benson after seeing him. He should know, he's head of the US Country Music Association.

Between tours Bobby has been organizing the building work at the school his family run in Dehradun, north India. So far the extensions have included 2 new class rooms and more accommodation for those who can't afford to pay.

In Australia Bobby also supports the local industry. On his last tour he introduced Aleyce Simmons to an audience from far north Queensland to WA on the release of her debut album.

Being able to record in a brand new state of the art studio in Tamworth is another dream of Bobby's come true. 3 years ago there were none. This will be Bobby's second album of original material and songs co-written with local songwriters - both in Australia and India. Lawrie Minson and Matt Scullion wrote 2 of the songs with Bobby in the shadows of the Himalayas on a visit in 2004.
Once again Lawrie Minson wears the producer's hat and award-winning engineer Ted Howard is taking the road to Tamworth to be at the controls.
'There's a certain Jaadoo (Hindi for magic) about Tamworth) says Bobby' and he's hoping to capture some of that in this recording.
Bobby's next dream is to tour India with his Australian band later in 2006.
It's been a most remarkable journey so far and there's still more to come.
Bobby is playing:
Thursday 19th January ­ The Bridge, Balmain
Friday 20th January ­ Burwood RSL, Burwood
Sunday 22nd January ­ Blazes Auditorium, West Tamworth League Club
Saturday 28th January ­ Blazes Auditorium, West Tamworth League Club

His new album tentatively titled ³Sentimental² will be released in April 2006.
For more information visit
Contact Gerry O¹Leary
Phone 0418 602 243
The Indian Cowboy - Bobby Cash News
ABC TV will be repeating the documentary about Bobby Cash's first visit to
the Tamworth County Music festival in 2003.
"The Indian Cowboy...one in a
billion" will be on TV at 2pm on Sunday 12th December. It will be followed
by the Slim Dusty Tribute Concert at 3pm. An afternoon of Country on ABC

Bobby's new album titled "Phoenix to El Paso" will be released this week by
Gobsmacked Music through distributor One Stop Entertainment and will be
available at HMV and Leading record stores.

By popular demand Bobby Cash¹s second album "Phoenix to El Paso" is a
collection of cowboy songs and love songs. Fans at gigs demanded an
³unplugged² album of Bobby and his guitar, so Bobby went into the studio in
Dehradun, northern India and laid down some of the classics he grew up with.
Back in Australia old friends, like Michel Rose on pedal steel, came into
the studio and lent a hand on a few tracks.

With his unique guitar style and mellow voice Bobby makes these songs his
own. From the rocking classics like Six Days on the Road and Folsom Prison
Blues to the beautifully crafted flamenco feel of Killing Me Softly, By The
Time I Get To Phoenix, El Paso and Goodnight Irene - Bobby takes you on a
musical journey of 17 tracks

Back in India Bobby¹s first album "Cowboy at Heart" was released in July
2004, and has already surpassed record company Universal¹s expectations in a
land where Country Music is a niche-of-a-niche market.

Bobby will return to Australia in January to perform at West Diggers during
the 2005 Telstra Tamworth Country Music Festival and will tour Northern NSW
and QLD in February. Keep your eye on his website for details

Bobby Cash - Out of India, Made in Australia.

Bobby Cash, Greg Franks, -Blacktown RSL Club - The Celebrity LoungeNSW

Bobby Cash represented India and John Williamson represented Australia as they sang their respective National Anthems at the start of the 4th test in Sydney on January 2nd.

“It was an incredible honour to stand alongside those great players and sing my country’s anthem on that hallowed turf of the SCG.

More so because it was not just another test match but a historic one - being Steve Waugh’s last and a decider!

To sing my country’s national anthem and inspire the team was amazing.” Bobby said.

“Bobby Cash sang his nation’s anthem, no doubt inspiring the moist eyed in the crowd” Tevor Marshallsea, The Sydney Morning Herald, January 3-4,2004

“THE INDIAN COWBOY IS ON SONG…Which is one way of saying that Bobby Cash, the ‘Indian Cowboy’ who was a hit at last year’s Tamworth Country Music festival, is in town again.
Alex Mitchell, The Sun-Herald January 4 2004. (Reporting Bobby’s performance of the National Anthem.)

Twelve months ago Bobby Cash made his debut in Australia busking on the streets of Tamworth. Now he’s back. “It’s been an incredible year” Bobby said. “12 months ago I was watching the opening ceremony (of the Tamworth Country Music Festival) - this year I’ll be performing in it!”

Since Bobby wooed the crowds at the Festival in January 2003 he has been back to Australia to record his debut country music album “Cowboy at Heart” with some of the cream of Australian Country music including duets with Smoky Dawson and Tania Kernaghan.

Bobby is the subject of a documentary “The Indian Cowboy…one in a billion” which will air nationally on ABCTV at 10pm on the 22nd January. This is the story of Bobby’s first trip to Tamworth tracing his roots in the foothills of the Himalayas to him becoming the smash hit of the Festival. Along the way he attracts the attention of a wealthy farmer who puts to Bobby an intriguing proposal…

Bobby Cash will be playing every day during the festival and will also be appearing at the National Press Club in Canberra on the 7th and 14th February as part of multicultural week and Melbourne the following week.

The CD “Cowboy at Heart” will be released in India early in early 2004 and the documentary “The Indian Cowboy…one in a billion” will air on Discovery Channel in the 1st half of the year.

City crooner right on top Down Under
Australian producer hears Bobby Cash, gets him a gig at the Sydney Test and more
NEW DELHI,NOVEMBER 15:  When India line up for the fourth Test against Australia in Sydney next January, there will be 11 men on the field with hands on their hearts. And the 12th man will be singing his heart out—and making history, as Delhi’s Bobby Cash will become the first Indian to lead the singing of the national anthem before an international test match anywhere in the world.

‘‘I will be there with my guitar and I will sing the anthem my way,’’ says country singer Cash (42). His trademark Stetson may be missing in deference to the occasion, but the goosebumps, he promises, will be very much in evidence.

Australia has had a long tradition of established singers leading the players and spectators in singing the anthem at international sports events, but this is the first time that an Indian will do the honours, confirms Sean Cadd, media liaison officer of Cricket Australia.

‘‘It is an acknowledgement of his immense popularity here, and in India,’’ Cadd told The Sunday Express over the phone from Melbourne. Australian country major John Williamson will lead the singing of the Aussie anthem Advance Australia Fair.

While there is little doubt that many more voices will join in the rendition of the home anthem, spectators are likely to be equally divided in their applause for the two singers. In the past year, Cash, born Bal Kishore Das Loiwal, has emerged as one of the most-applauded voices in country music in Australia.

‘‘It was just about a year ago when things started falling into place,’’ says Cash, looking comfortable in his cowboy hat, boots and fringed leather jacket in a New Delhi room. ‘‘In January, I was at Tamworth Country Music Festival, Australia’s biggest, walking through the crowds and busking (playing the guitar and singing for the public). The appreciation was almost instant.’’

Getting the idea that something big was happening here, Colin Bromley, an independent Australian television producer/director, began filming a documentary on the singer. ‘‘Bobby was a chance to look at fame and what it takes to achieve it,’’ says Bromley, who first heard Cash at a five-star bar lounge in Delhi and then badgered him to travel to Tamworth.

The real-life storyline surpasses fiction. As media coverage post-Tamworth elevated Cash to a minor celebrity, a local millionaire with a missionary India connection suggested he cut a CD and donate part of the proceeds to charity. ‘‘Some of Australia’s topmost country musicians collaborated with me on that CD, Cowboy at Heart,’’ says Cash. ‘‘I worked with pianist Laurie Muhoberac, who played on Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Mind, and I sang with Smoky Dawson and Tania Kernaghan.’’

It only gets better. Cash’s next trip to Australia will see him singing the national anthem before an audience of millions worldwide, opening the Tamworth Festival 2004, and performing at National Press Club in Canberra. Mid-year, he expects to sing at the Country Music Association festival in Nashville. The cowboy’s finally going home.

Cash and curry
The Indian Cowboy

THE artist formerly known as Bal Kishore Das Loiwal really is one in a billion. Indians, that is, and not the bow-and-arrow variety. Therein lies the ultimate irony: an Indian country-and-western star from the subcontinent, not the Apache badlands.

A name change to Bobby Cash and the realisation of a dream to visit the Tamworth Country Music Festival – this doco tracks him from his home in New Delhi to rural NSW.   Producer/director Colin Bromley (Club Buggery, The Dream) "discovered" Cash in India, where he is virtually unknown, and filmed this very watchable account around Tamworth's 2003 festival. There is no narration, the handsome Cash is a natural talking to camera and Bromley makes effective use of split screens, candid interviews with Tamworth audiences and enough of Cash's music to beg the question – so, where's the album?

Since his uncle made him an electric guitar when he was "four or five years old", Cash has been mad about C & W. One of his aunts moved to Nashville and sent him records. He loves the sound and the sentiments of country style – it's about "families and home towns, very Indian themes".

He has only played "properly" since his father (an eccentric kind of "Indian Howard Hughes") passed away.   He entertains in the drinks lounge of New Delhi's swish Oberoi Hotel and plays at family gatherings.   We meet his Aunties Guddo, Meena and Sheila. His sisters, Shibari and Shalini, chatter about his success.   His wife, Angelina, says it was like "meeting a library of country music" when they got together. She loves men "who wear boots".

Tamworth loves Bobby, too. The women love his tight denim and fringed jackets.   He reminds them of Don Williams, Charlie Pride – and Kamahl. "He's from New Zealand, is he?" asks one girl as he busks on Tamworth's main street.  Another is surprised he "speaks such good English". Every female under 90 wants to know if he's married.

Imagine a Wild West version of Sanjeev Bhaskar.  A 6ft hunk with faux-southern accent and rugby player muscles.   Then add a ravishingly good voice and great guitar picking – no wonder he was the overnight toast of Tamworth.

Bobby is descended from a princely Indian family, grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas – "You can be a cowboy anywhere" – and lives a comfortable middle-class existence in India, even if his leather outfits turn heads.  His style is down-home – there are no airs or graces: when his guitar-picking thumb-nail breaks just before departure for Australia, he finds the missing piece and super-glues it on. "Sometimes I cut off my wife's nail . . . I tell her I need it more than she does." He's accompanied on his Australian adventure by his friend, Manish, known as RHM – Right Hand Man, that is.  They goof around with a digital camera (Manish-cam) like a couple of schoolkids when Cash isn't singing – which is seldom. He just sings and sings, like an angel in a 10-gallon hat.

Country music stalwarts Lawrie Minson and Lee Kernaghan appear in the Tamworth segments, as do The Baileys, "Tamworth's own Indian family", who invite Bobby round for a jam – and a curry.   Smoky Dawson can't wipe the smile off his face when he hears Bobby perform. And the album?   A wealthy local benefactor offers to fund his first recording session. Four months after the festival – and his triumphant ride in the Cavalcade of Stars street parade, aboard a Taj Mahal float created in the tray of a ute – Cash returns to Tamworth, makes Cowboy at Heart and goes online www.bobbycash.com.au  modestly likening his looks to Imran Khan.

This is a timely look, too, at how readily outsiders can be assimilated into an Australian country town: a place with a big heart that just couldn't get enough of the best Indian cowboy they had never heard of.
- Susan Kurosawa

He is one in a Billion
His dream was to come to Tamworth
He came
And a fairytale came true
This is the Result
Featuring Smoky Dawson
Tania Kernaghan


Bobby Cash:

Bobby is India’s only country music artist - he is literally one in a billion.
He grew up in NE India in the foothills of the Himalayas. Born Bal Kishore Das Loiwal, his father used to call him “Babu” which became “Bobby”- and Kishore became “Kish”, which in turn became “Cash”. His mother loved country music and Bobby learnt to play by ear from the records his Aunt sent from Nashville in the 60’s. He left school and became a music teacher and eventually he and his family set up a school and hostel for underprivileged children in his hometown of Clement town. In the mid 90’s Bobby moved to New Delhi to pursue a career as a professional solo musician and help support the school. After briefly dabbling in “Hindi pop” he returned to his first true love- Country Music. In New Delhi whenever any Australian heard him they would tell him he that had to go to the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It was to be the start of a dream. This dream became a reality in Jan 2003 when Bobby finally got to Tamworth, Australia. He became a sensation. At the festival he caught the eye of a wealthy benefactor who’s Aunt had been a missionary in India in the ‘30’s and 40’s. While knowing nothing about Bobby, he offered to help Bobby record a CD - in the hope that some of the profits would go to help underprivileged children in India. It turned out to be a match made in Heaven. This is that CD.

Bobby Cash Session Players Bios.

Lawrie Minson. Son of John ‘Mr Hoedown’ Minson from Tamworth. Has been playing professionally for nearly 25 years. Has toured and recorded with Buddy Williams, Slim Dusty, Jimmy Barnes, Ross Wilson and James Blundell. Spent last ten years in Lee Kernaghan’s band. Co-wrote seven songs and produced Cowboy at Heart.

Jake Lardot. Has been playing lead guitar in Lee Kernaghan’s band for 5 years. Jake is originally from Belgium and moved to Australia playing Blues and Rock’n’ Roll with the likes of Rose Tattoo. Has always wanted to play Country music and now he has realized that dream. Jake has also released several solo albums.

Larry Muhoberac. Resident of the northern beaches of Sydney, Larry is originally from the U.S. and played piano for Elvis Presley for many years. Larry is a brilliant arranger and session musician and his playing can be heard on most of the big name country recordings in Australia.

Ian Lees. Original member of Moving Pictures and had national hit ‘What about Me’. Founding member of Chasin the Train and has toured with Lee Kernaghan, Phil Emmanuel, Mal Eastick and is presently working with James Blundell. Ian has recorded one solo album.

Paul Burton. Worked with Lawrie in Three Chord Wonders. Has toured Europe and SE Asia with his band The Shuffle Kings. Paul’s double bass features on tracks 1 & 5.

Glen Wilson has toured with many top artists including Lee Kernaghan and Troy Cassar-Daly. Has worked with the legendary Ross Wilson as part of the Country and Wilson Band. Has also been a drum tutor at the Country Music College in Tamworth.

Mick Albeck. Was once a member of Golden Guitar winning band The Wheel. Has been awarded title of Australian Fiddle Champion several times and has toured and recorded with most of the big names in Australian country music.

Michel Rose. Session king. Renowned Steel guitarist, Michel has toured with Slim Dusty and Lee Kernaghan. Is also a member of Golden Guitar winning band Feral Swing Cats. Originally from Mauritius Michel now operates his own studio in Sydney.

James Gillard. From Western Australia, James toured to the Eastern states with Blues legend Matt Taylor. Went on to play Bass with eighties super group Mondo Rock. James has played and sang on all of Lee Kernaghan’s recordings and is currently a member of his band. He also has recordings with Kevin Bennett and The Flood.

Chrissy Moy. A member of hit group The Moy Sisters, Chrissy has also toured with Gina Jeffries as a backing vocalist and although she is now a mum is still in high demand for session work.

Lawrie Minson and recorded at Rancom Street Studio, engineered and mastered by Ted Howard.

The songs on the album are listed below with a short description of each.

A good rockin‚ country song and good listening material for those whose sweethearts are real hard to budge!
Song written by Bobby Cash/Lawrie Minson

This is a song about a man who has lost everything he values due to his own mistakes. He wants to go back to all that is precious to him and make amends. But he’s not sure what awaits him and his loneliness is almost killing him.
Song written by Bobby Cash/Lawrie Minson

A great country song with a honky-tonk feel. He is a man who has been so caught up within himself and his feelings, that he’s unable to see beyond them . He has missed the signals and the woman in his life has left. Life’s more than just romance.
Song written by Lawrie Minson/Brenda Heathcote

This is the love that never died. Years have gone by, and the man and his love have gone their separate ways. Yet, a chance encounter makes his heart burn afresh but brings with it the pain of losing her again.
Song written by Bobby Cash

A classic wild, wild west song. It’s a dramatic and powerful suspense story about a man on the run...
Song written by Matt Scullion/Casey Wood/Mike Ambroe/Al Ditrolip

TRACK 6: IN ‘92
Another great contemporary country song. It’s all about enduring love and the power and value it can have despite the changes that are wrought by time and a changing world.
Song written by Bobby Cash/Lawrie Minson
TRACK 7: A WORD AWAY (duet with Tania Kernaghan)
On the verge is what this song is about She’s been through a rough phase. He’s been faithfully there, and at last they’re on the verge- just one word away. A country duet featuring Tania Kernaghan with a very contemporary feel and sung with a lot of feeling.
Song written by Matt Scullion/Brett Stacy/James Stacy

TRACK 8: COWBOY AT HEART (duet with Smoky Dawson)
Truly a classic sounding song featuring a living legend ‘Smoky Dawson’ and of course Bobby as the Indian Cowboy. He isn’t a regular cowboy but he’s a cowboy at heart.
Song written by Lawrie Minson/Brenda Heathcote

A country & western romantic song with a nice Tex-Mex feel. He’s a love-sick boy who’s wooing his woman. Great singing with nice use of the piano, accordion and Bobby’s guitar.
Song written by Bobby Cash/Lawrie Minson

A beautiful, classic country heartbreak song. A special treat for all those who love classic country music and who would like to hear it in Bobby’s velvety baritone.
Song written by John Minson

This is a beautiful contemporary country song with a timeless quality and one can feel Bobby’s heart right in it. It’s a song about a simple country boy who has seen the other, harsher side of life. Tonight he is a star, yet he is still a humble country boy at heart and it’s the love he’s getting from all his adoring fans that inspires him to sing on and on.
Song written by Bobby Cash

An edgy country rock and roll song. It’s got the power, the punch and an interesting story.
Song written by Brenda Heathcote

It’s a real country jamboree - meant for foot stomping, line dancing and a good yeeh haaa of a time!
Song written by Bobby Cash/Lawrie Minson

PRESS RELEASE  21st April 2003
BOBBY CASH AND LAWRIE MINSON are “Cowboys at Heart”!

 Bobby Cash’s visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival created history last January when India’s only country music artist performed at the festival for the first time.  As a pioneer of Country Music in India, Bobby was embraced by the Australian crowds and welcomed by Industry musicians and artists – in particular, local Tamworth musician Lawrie Minson.

 Over the 10 days of the festival, Lawrie’s friendship and bond with Bobby fostered an incredibly strong musical partnership that is creating another historical occasion.  Lawrie is currently in New Delhi, India collaborating with Bobby to produce an album to be recorded at Garth Porter’s studio in Sydney next month. This unique combination of an Aussie and an Indian Cowboy sharing their joy of country music will create a nourishing musical flavour – a curry western perhaps!  Look out Bobbywood!

This is a very exciting time for both Bobby and Lawrie.  Bobby’s dream of recording a country music album is being realised and Lawrie’s contribution to the Country Music Industry in Australia is being recognised by this incredible opportunity that has been presented. 

 As Bobby Cash says “In my mind an artist has to be a giver, the getting out then takes care of itself”

 The collaboration of these two very talented country music artists is guaranteed to produce a unique sound that will showcase to the world that Bobby Cash and Lawrie Minson are definitely “Cowboys at Heart”. 

For further information please contact Gerry O’Leary GOBSMACKED TELEVISION email:  gerryol@bigpond.net.au  or by  mobile: 0418 602243 

 Lawrie Minson will be touring with Lee Kernaghan in NSW during the Hats Off festival.


Bobby and Smoky
Message from Bobby
I would like to thank the wonderful people in the beautiful city of Tamworth-all those wonderful countrymusic lovers from all over Australia who received me as their very own and made me feel like I belonged!  I'll always be there to sing for them!
Thanks for your mails.   All is cool here with me.  Thanks for the new pix on rage page.
I should be back in Australia before long to record my CD.   It seems there's a lot of people waiting for one!  Lawrie Minson is already working on stuff at that end.   Will keep you posted.
If you like, you can touch base with Gerry O'Leary at gerryol@bigpond.net.au .   She would know about schedules and also about the film  that she and Colin Bromley were shooting on my Tamworth experience.  
My website should be ready soon.
I am doing my bit here for country music by performing live as much as possible.  Hopefully soon,  Australian artists will be able to come and perform country music here.   I am working towards it.
If possible, please thank the wonderful people in the beautiful city of Tamworth-all those wonderful country music lovers from all over Australia who received me as their very own and made me feel like I belonged!  I'll always be there to sing for them!  I will be deeply appreciative if you can put this little message out on the rage page.
Well that's it for now
Take care
Print out and have the memories