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Lyn Bowtell

Lyn is now part of the Trio Bella.  Click here for Artist Report


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Anam Cara now changed to " Bella" (meaning beautiful)

These stunning singers with awesome voices have already proven themselves as individual performers. All three have recorded successful solo albums, won major awards and released chart topping singles.
Lyn, Karen and Kate blend their unique voices with powerful harmonies to create something spectacular indeed.
"I was midway through a conversation backstage when the hairs suddenly stood up on the back of my neck!"back of my neck!"
The words came from Australia's leading country music broadcaster Nick Erby during the 1998 Tamworth Country Music Festival and the conversation breaker was the incredible talent of Lyn Bowtell performing 'A Broken Wing', one of those magical musical experiences that stops and audience in its tracks.

The simple statement actually came as no real surprise because it has always been Lyn Bowtell's destiny to be a star in Australian Country Music. The release of her debut album 'Headed South' with her band Southern Steel in 1996 drew instant radio attention and her win in the prestigious 1997 Toyota Star Maker Quest provided the impetus for the title track to become a Top10 hit on the country charts.

Suddenly the young lady with the superb voice was firmly on centre stage and the full range of her talents began to emerge. The voice is the focal point of her performance, but it's all the other factors that make up the star package. On stage she radiates a warmth and charisma that immediately establishes a rapport with an audience and has an amazing energy that transposes throughout her songs. Lyn is not just a singer, she's an interpreter and whether a particular song is one from her own prolific original folio or a cover, there is that indefinable Lyn Bowtell stamp that emerges.
Her recording success continued through 1997 with the release of her two Star Maker singles 'The One You Love' gained Lyn her second Top10 position and a finalist berth in the New Talent category of the 1998 Country Music Awards of Australia. The poignant ballad 'Searching For Jane' written by Lyn and co-writing partner Margie Mason provided a perfect follow-up and won the New Songwriter section at the Tamworth Songwriters Awards during the 1998 Tamworth Festival, as well the Female Vocal section of the 1998 Victorian Country Music Awards.

During the last eighteen months, Lyn has established herself as a major attraction at festivals like Tamworth, Mildura and the Gympie Muster, as well as club venues throughout Eastern Australia. They have even added an international flavour with a number of highly successful festival appearances in the United Kingdom and China.

Underlying all these impressive achievements is that wonderful gift that sets Lyn Bowtell apart - the gift of song. And the absolute proof of her great talent, her signing to the new ACMEC label and the release at the Tamworth 2000 Country Music Festival of her new album 'Hearts In The Country'. This is the definitive Lyn Bowtell - the superb songwriting, the awesome voice, excellent musicianship from Southern Steel and some eminent musical guests - it's the album that country music fans have been waiting for.
Performing under the moniker of "Elle Bee", Lyn combines her wonderful country music talents with a huge and varied covers repertoire to bring pub, club and function audiences a truly special experience. Also available in duo format with lead guitarist.
Karen O'Shea, Josh Canning and Lyn (Photo Courtesy of Dick Marriott) 
"Congratulations to Lyn Bowtell"
Winner of Female Vocalist of the Year 2001
Victorian Country Music Awards (Open section)!"
New single on Nfs 63 - 'Pride runs river deep'.
The voice, the song and the emotions of Australia's finest female country star!
Lyn Bowtell 'Where in the world' second week at
number 1
on the Country Tracks Top 30 Chart
AWARDS FINALIST, for the 2001 Toyota Country Music Awards of Australia
LYN BOWTELL - Female Vocalist of the Year - 'Where in the world'
LYN BOWTELL   - Heritage Song of the Year - 'Pride runs river deep'.

It's Lyn Bowtell’s destiny to be a star!

At 23 Lyn Bowtell exudes an air of confidence and an ability to interpret a lyric one usually associates with singers at the height of their professional career.

Lyn Bowtell's latest release ‘Hearts In The Country’ on ACMEC Records, has sounded a warning to the stars of Australian country music that someone else is about to join them on rostrum.

Lyn Bowtell is taking this journey with The Southern Steel band who have provided the musical fuel to fire Lyn Bowtell’s songs.

"Where in the world"

Lyn Bowtell's new single, "Where in the world" backs up what country music industry people have suspected since Lyn's win in the '97 "Star Maker" Quest, Lyn's debut album heralds the emergence of one of Australia's finest female vocalists.   Her much anticipated album "Hearts in the country" has received rave reviews and Lyn's new single is receiving high rotation airplay all over the nation! Lyn's contemporary pop approach on "Where in the world" showcases her dynamic vocal range leaving no doubt in any ones mind Lyn has what it takes to become one of country's most powerful talents.  ACMEC006 Lyn Bowtell: Hearts in the country.
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