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Brock Colley

*** Denotes with band

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my newsletter for the month’s September/ October.
In August I travelled to Gympie to perform at the National Muster and had an awesome time. I would like to thank everyone who attended my gigs.
It was lovely to catch up with fans and friends in the industry as you have little time to do this normally.
In November I will be performing a couple of shows at the Mud Bulls& Music Festival,
Which I am extremely looking forward to. One of the shows I will have the backing of the Kelly Gang, so if you are able to come along and say Hi! I would love to catch up with you.
In August I released a new single to NFS ( If you didn’t love me).
I would like to thank all in Radio who have supported me and all the fans that have been requesting my songs.
Plans are well underway for my new album which I will be releasing in 06’.
I have been busy songwriting and trying to make every post a winner.
I will keep you updated with further developments along the way
WARP (World Alliance of Radio Presenters)
I recently had the honor of being a finalist in the New Talent of the year, with my song co-written with Roger Corbett (That’s my Life), in the 2005 NSW GOLD MEDALLION AWARDS.
My EP is now available through www.mmusic.com.au  on line and it can be ordered through all good record stores or it is available at live shows.

Keep an eye on my website www.brockcolley.com  for all my gigs and I will also be posting my two video clips on this shortly. This will give all that haven’t viewed these on CMC a chance to have a look.
Until next time keep it Country
Cheers Brocko

Brock Colley
has just released a new single
off his self titled EP.
"If you didn't Love me"!!!
Track 14 NFS 98
You can catch Brock at one of his shows at the
2005 Toyota Gympie Muster.

Check out the latest news on Brock by visiting

For More Information on Bookings & Interviews
Contact: Mike & Sonia Colley (Management)
PH: 0401 244 720
For Bookings
Contact: Mike Vee,
Vee Promotions Tamworth N.S.W

5-Railway Bowling Club,Dubbo,NSW
6-West Dubbo Bowling Club,Dubbo,NSW
12-Aussie Hotel Inverell,NSW
14-Armidale Services Club,NSW
19-Armidale Bowling Club,NSW
20-Delungra Bowling Club,NSW
23-MusterClub,Gympie Muster,QLD
24-MusterClub,Gympie Muster,QLD
26-Lightning Ridge Bowling Club,NSW

We Need your help!!
Brocko has just released a NEW FILM CLIP
"That's my Life"
to the
Country Music Channel
and needs all the support he can get with
Come on guys make his day and
Request "That's my Life" by Brock Colley

A new film clip is about to hit the airwaves for Brock Colley
that's my life - Brock's second single from his self titled EP,
is being released to CMC on Saturday 30th April.
You can help Brock by requesting this track on CMC - the Country Music Channel
Just visit www.countrymusicchannel.com.au
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Hi Everyone,
First of all a big thankyou to all that joined my mailing list over the past month, and fan club, we will do our best to keep you up to date with all important news and events.
In March my new single was released to radio on NFS 94 titled "That's my Life". This single was written by Roger Corbett and myself and is available on my self titled EP. This single is a special one to me,as it reflects my belief in old fashioned
family values. This song was inspired by the beliefs I have been raised with.
My new single is getting great airplay around the country and I have been busy in the past month with radio interviews.
I have thoroughly enjoyed talking and getting to know the presenters and sharing a piece of myself with the listeners.
So if you get the chance show your friendship by requesting my song, on your favourite radio station today.
In the past weeks I have been busy with the filming of my new video clip, which I am very excited about.
Hopefully this will be released to CMC in the next couple of weeks.
This was wonderful learning experience for myself once again.
The film was done in conjunction with the Film & Television Department at Armidale Tafe.What a wonderful team to work with. My Director is Keaton Stewart under the supervision, of Head Teacher Steve Dobson who comes to Armidale after a highly successful career in Hollywood.
I am sure this clip has something that we all can reflect upon,that's in our own lives.
This month I had the pleasure in taking my band Loose Change to perform at this International Event.
The event was held at Historic Belltrees station just out of Scone.
The evening was a very enjoyable one,some highlights of the evening were a film shown to the guests of our Olympic
horse riders & to hear our Australian Olympians speak about there own experiences.
It was attended by several Hundred guests who thoroughly enjoyed a taste of hot Country Music.
Last Saturday Loose Change and myself performed at the Baradine Town Hall to a capacity crowd of five Hundred plus people.
It was rated as one of the largest functions to be held in Baradine over the past few years . It was a great evening as we rocked the night away with our own unique brand of Country Music.
As you can guess this was not a hard gig to play, with the scenery being pleasing to the eye.
On top of these functions over the past two months we have had huge gigs throughout Sydney, Tamworth, Cessnock as well as seeing to the local scene. With a huge growth in audiences and fans we are finding ourselves pretty busy at the moment.
As a young Artist within the Industry, it has been very inspirational of late,to see the huge growth in young audiences supporting Country Music.
At the moment I am busy songwriting and co-writing with other Artists within the Industry, towards my next album.
I am looking forward to all plans coming together for my next album, which at this stage looks like it will be recorded early next year.
Please don't forget to keep requests coming in to www.countrymusicchannel.com.au
for my first single 'Gotta Take a Minute', and many thanks to those who have put in requests,this is much appreciated.
I now have BROCKO T-Shirts, hats & stickers that you can order through email or are for sale at my gigs.
Just email colleys@iprimus.com.au
And of course you can order my SELF TITLED EP through all good music stores or through my website
Don't forget to check out my website and drop us a line in my guest book.
I do try to reply to as many comments as I can.
Visit www.brockcolley.com
If you wish to catch me with my band Loose Change check out Glen Innes Services Club on Friday 13th May.
I am looking forward to performing as a special guest at Attunga Policeboys Function on Sat 7th May to our Premier and Police Minster and guests.
Check out my gig guide on www.brockcolley.com  to catch me at a town near you.

I wish to thank my Guitar sponsor Cole Clark Guitars these are great guitars,and if you wish to check these guitars out
visit www.coleclarkguitars.com .
Until next time, take care & keep it Country
For Information and Interviews contact
Managers: Mike & Sonia Colley
Email: colleys@iprimus.com.au
Web: www.brockcolley.com
PH: 0401 244 720
Bookings: Vee Promotions,
PH: 02 67 669965
That's my Life Track( #3 - NFS 94)
Brock Colley is back with his second single release off his highly successful debut EP.

The new single "That's my Life" written by Brock & producer Roger Corbett is a reflection of good old fashioned family values. It explores the values Brock has been raised with, and encourages you to appreciate the simple things in Life.

Have a Listen to this young impressive singer/songwriter and you will see why That's my Life will sit perfectly on your country playlist.
Check out

For Bookings and interviews
Contact: Mike & Sonia Colley
PH: 0401 244 720
For Bookings Contact
Vee Promotions
02 67669965
4 - Central Hotel Tamworth N.S.W (with Loose Change)
5 -Parkveiw Hotel St Mary's N.S.W(with Loose Change)
18- Australian Hotel Inverell N.S.W
20- Longyard Hotel Tamworth N.S.W
26- Armidale City Bowling Club N.S.W
27-Royal Hotel, Boggabri N.S.W
Brock Colley Newsletter
Publishers: Colleys Issue No 5 Date:4/2/05
Newsletter Jan/February
Hi Everybody,
The 2005 Tamworth Country Music Festival was huge for me. It was nice to catch up with Industry Personnel & my supporters many thanks for supporting my gigs and spots throughout the Festival.
I would like to thank all my supporters who purchased CD's during the festival as 20% went toward the Tsunami appeal.
A big thank you to Red Cross for supporting me to help these unfortunate people.
Some of the highlights for me during the Festival were: performing with Jonahs Road, Buttercup concert, Roll of Renown Concert , TSA Awards and the Cole Clark Showcase.
Victorian & National Country Music Awards
I received news in mid December that I was successful finalist in the Hawking Brothers Best New Talent section with my single 'Gotta take a minute' and also a successful finalist in the Trailblazers Heritage Award with the Bonus track off my EP 'Old Rundown House'. This is such a huge honour for me at such an early stage in my career.
I went on to receive a top 5 nomination for Hawking Brothers Best New Talent.
New Single NFS 94
My next single to be released on the 21st February to radio is "That's my Life".
This song was a song I co-wrote with my producer Roger Corbett.
This track is a special one for me , as the lyrics in this open up a personal side of what I stand for in life,( Family & Good old fashioned Values.)
I have T-Shirts, Hats, Stickers & Posters along with my Debut EP, all available Order yours today!
Album News
Plans are underway for me to start my new album some time in 05'.
Cole Clark Guitars
I would like to make a special thank you to John from Cole Clark, for supplying me with an awesome electric guitar throughout the Festival as well as my much loved acoustic.
I would like to close by thanking all that are requesting my current single on Radio and my New video Clip.
I look forward to catching up at a venue near you. For my gigs dates check www.brockcolley.com.au
Keepin' it Country

CCMA Showcase & The Pub Jam
at The Pub Tamworth.
Hey Everyone!  We were delighted to have former CCMA young performer BROCK COLLEY as our Special Guest on Sunday at the
 CCMA Showcase & The Pub Jam at The Pub.  Brock has a great support network and his band travelled the hour long trip from Armidale
just to work with Brock (cash free) …. The CCMA, has been a great support as a nurturing platform for many young performers, and is
always very privileged when young artists acknowledge the support they have received from their involvement in the CCMA.  Lee
Kernaghan, Keith Urban, Felicity Urquhart, Deniese Morrison are such artists and young Brock has done the same. Thanks Brock and congratulations!
Hi Everyone
Its been another busy month with Christmas upon us and of course the Tamworth Country Music Festival is just around the Corner.
First of all I would like to welcome my new subscribers to my monthly News Letter.
This month I travelled to Sydney to perform in a few shows as well as attending the Londonderry Country, Blues & Folk festival to help raise money for the Bush Fire Brigade.
Although there was not a huge crowd in attendance with the rain Sydney had before the event, I believe a great time was had by all.
After my return from Sydney I had the pleasure of performing at Ross Hill Public School in Inverell to help in fund raising for a troop of young talented dancers, this was a lot of fun.
It has been a busy couple of months with my own solo shows as well my shows with “Loose Change”.

Hot News
I would like to welcome Cole Clark Guitars on Board.
I have just received a sponsorship from this wonderful Australian owned Guitar Company.
I would like to thank John Brownrigg & team for their support and belief in me and I am looking forward to a long and successful association with Cole Clark guitars.

Video Clip
I have just released my first Video Clip ‘Gotta take a minute’ to CMC (Country Music Channel) last Saturday 13th November.
Requests are all welcome and would greatly be appreciated.
If you would like to request this song visit www.countrymusicchannel.com.au

I would like to welcome VEE PROMOTIONS on board as my new booking agent.
We are looking forward to a long and successful working relationship with Mike and his staff.
P2 Cont.
CCMA - Being guest artist for the Capital Country Music Association for the Month of November, I would like to express my heart felt thanks for the support this association has given to me over the years.
Fan Club
After many inquires I have finally decided to go ahead with a fan Club.
If you would like to join my fan club or make any inquires about this visit www.brockcolley.com
Festival information
I now have confirmation of most of my Festival appearances at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
You can catch me at the shows below:
Country Music Train with Sara Storer
Roll of Renown Concert (Town Hall)
TSA Awards at Blazes Auditorium Wests
Buttercup Concert Town Hall
Young country Stars at the Pub.
Young guns Concert Town Hall.
ACMF Launch Pad.
Locomotive Hotel (Brock Colley & Loose Change)
Check the gig guide for Hotel venues and I look forward to catching up with you all.
If you would like to purchase a copy of my Self titled EP it is available through all good music stores or by visiting my website www.brockcolley.com
Keep those requests coming in for me.
I will be appearing at Fernvale QLD at FUMES, Sat 4th of December.
If you would like any information on this event visit http://fumes.cjb.net
Please try to come along and support the down syndrome association QLD a truly worthy cause.
To check my gig dates visit www.brockcolley.com  and I look forward seeing you in a town, close to you.
Take care,
Keep’n it Country

Hi CCMA Members & Supporters!
Please support this young CCMA performer – Brock Colley! Brock is the featured artist at the CCMA Showcase & The Pub Jam on Sunday, November 21st. The Jam starts at 5.30pm and this month will be hosted by special guest Aaron Bolton. You won’t want to miss it!
Cheryl Byrnes
A new film clip is about to hit the airwaves for Brock Colley.
Gotta take a minute - is released on CMC Sat 13th November.
You can help support Brock by requesting this track on CMC - the Country Music Channel.
Check out the latest information on Brock by visiting www.brockcolley.com
For interviews and further information contact:
PH: 0401 244 720
Web: www.brockcolley.com