Tamworth Rage Page
Helen is no longer updating this website
The birthday cake complete with edible photograph
Brooke, the very beautiful and very talented singer, will hopefully bring out a CD soon.  Tamworth Ragepage would like to wish her
all the best with her career and congratulations on her engagement to Damian, drummer extraordinaire.


Brooke and Damian
Brooke and her mum Loraine
Brooke and Simone (sister)
Brooke's dad Darrel
Matt Maloney (Brooke's Step Dad)
Brooke and her fiancÚ Damian
Brooke and grandmother Fay
Brooke with H'Raani singing "Am I not pretty enough"
The party was really jumping. Winning dog Kiki.
Camp fire singalong.
Hilton, Brookes Grandad with Darrel, ( her Dad )
Damian's Parents Barry & Vikki Fraser (with Damian and Brooke)
Print out and have the memories