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Caitlin Holland
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Caitlin (17 yrs.) is an extremely passionate and dedicated young country music singer, songwriter and
musician. She has been performing for approximately 4 years during which she has travelled to
Tamworth on a monthly basis to perform, travelled to Hexham Bowling Club and Wyong RSL Club
to perform weekly, performed in various open venues and busked. Caitlin has been complimented
on her abilities by many renowned artists within the country music industry and has been
encouraged to pursue her goals.
Caitlin has performed along side artists such as “the Baileys”, Duncan Toombs, Simon Johnson,
Mal Lancaster, Sean Rudd, Adam Harvey, Daniel Thompson, Anthony Walmsley, Harley Smith,
Don North, Rob Wilson, Lisa White, Alby Pool, Bruce McCumstie, Aaron Bolton, Katrina
Burgoyne, Kirsty Lee Akers and has recently completed recording four original tracks with Simon
Johnson to produce her Demo EP – Monday Goodbyes.
Achievements: 2007
This year has seen Caitlin blossom into a well rounded singe,r songwriter and guitarist
performing at various venues and being offered numerous opportunities for her efforts. Caitlin
was invited to perform at the inaugural youth showcase during the Blue Water country Music
Festival at Nelson Bay RSL Club and has recently hosted the CCMA Showcase and Pub Jam at
The Pub in Tamworth. Caitlin is booked for a number of support spots for Brian Letton and Rex
Dallas in Sydney in the coming months and has taken the opportunity to be a guest artist at
Wyong RSL’s Hillbilly Heaven later this year. She has also been selected to compete in the
opening heat for the 2008 Telstra road to Tamworth competition at Harrigans in the Hunter
Valley Gardens on June 30th 2007.
2004/5/6/7 “The Pub”- Tamworth
Caitlin has travelled to Tamworth to be part of the “CCMA Showcase & Pub Jam” on a monthly
basis during the past 3 years. At the “Pub Jam” she has performed cover songs and originals
using the backing band provided and also accompanying herself acoustically.
2005/6/7 Hexham Bowling Club, “Horseshoe Bend Round Up”.
The Horseshoe Bend Roundup on Wednesday evenings provides a walk-up section where Caitlin
regularly performs up to 3 songs. There are a number of extremely experienced performers from
the country music industry who assist her with improving her vocal, musical and performance
skills. This opportunity has also introduced Caitlin to new friends and given valuable learning
experiences from working closely with band members and guest artists to develop song-writing
and chart writing skills.
2006/7 Wyong RSL Club ~ Hillbilly Heaven
During the past year or so Caitlin has been a regular attendee of Hillbilly Heaven run by
Daniel Thompson at Wyong RSL Club. Hillbilly Heaven has given Caitlin the opportunity to sing
a number of songs each week with the band (Duncan Toombs, Mal Lancaster, Simon Johnson,
Anthony Walmsley, Sean Rudd) and has become good friends with band members, hosts, and all
those who regularly attend. As a result of her attendance at Wyong Caitlin was offered a guest
spot on the Sails Stage at the Central Coast Country Music Festival in March 2007 and has
secured a guest appearance at the club later this year.
2006/7 Central Coast Country Music Festival
Caitlin performed on the Central Coast Music Festival Youth Showcase in March 2006 and
2007. She performed along side other popular young artists such as Sharnee Fenwick, Kirsty
Lee Akers, Melody Pool, Makaylie Foodey, Tori Darke, Hannah Brooker and Dean Johnston
just to name a few. Caitlin had solo performances at Lakeside shopping plaza and the Sails
Stage during the 2007 event.
2004/5/6/7 Telstra Road to Tamworth Competitor
In 2004, 2005 and 2006 Caitlin had the opportunity to compete in the heats of the Telstra Road
to Tamworth competition. During each heat Caitlin performed two songs and received very
positive and encouraging feedback from the other competitors, organisers and audience
members. Caitlin has also been selected to compete at the 2007 launch event.
2004/5/6/7 Tamworth Country Music Festival
During the 2004 CMF Caitlin busked with the St Johns Ambulance to assist with raising funds to
support the efforts of St Johns. During the 2005, 2006 and 2007 CMF’s she had the opportunity
to perform at a number of venues, the feedback and audience response was excellent. Caitlin
also performed at “The Pub Jam”, Busked with St Johns Ambulance and Busked solo.
2005 Apex Club 2005 Annual Conference
As a local junior performer Caitlin was asked to provide entertainment at the Apex Clubs’
Annual Conference Dinner. She performed three, thirty-minute sets singing and playing guitar.
Her first paying job.
2005 Gosford Musical Society
Caitlin was part of the orchestra providing acoustic guitar backing for the GMS Junior
production of “Seussical the Musical”. The show was extremely successful and resulted in offers
for future shows.
2006 TCMF Westpac Rescue Helicopter Fundraising Event
During the 2006 Tamworth Country Music Festival Caitlin was invited to perform at the
fundraising concert for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter at The Oasis Hotel. She performed along
side artists such as Tom Maxwell, Lindsay Butler, Shaza Leigh, Rex Dallas, Brian Young, Jeff
Brown and others.
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