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Back to Back Cash
Featuring Joanne Cash Yates
& Dale Hooper
Tamworth Festival 2003
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Johnny Cash current single, "Hurt," is getting extensive airplay on radio stations across the States.  The haunting vocals, combined with the chilling lyrics show a different side of The Man in Black.
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Trumpets - Daniel Johnson & Matthew Gately
 Dale Hooper - Tribute to Johnny Cash
Harmonies - The Pollocks (Bruce & Robin)
Bass Guitar - Sue Shaw, Fiddle - Cheryl Harvey and Keyboards - Peggy Gilchrist
Rhythm Guitar - Arthur Sheen and Lead Guitar/Music Director - Wally Buczma
Tribute to Johnny Cash Dale Hooper and Drums - Griffe Beale
Dr Harry Yates (Pastor Nashville Cowboy Church)
Harmonies - The Pollocks (Bruce & Robin)
Joanne Cash Yates and Dale Hooper
Joanne Cash Yates and Dale Hooper
Print out and have the memories