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Central Coast Country  Music Festival 2006
Photos from Leonie McClure
River Cruise with Nicki Gillis
plus Alby Pool's gig
River Cruise on Saturday Dusk cruise 6:30pm to 9:30pm Featuring , A great night was had by all
 Nicki Gillis
Bryen Willems                                           John Lee
A HENS NIGHT on the cruise with all the local girls, The bride in the middle has been patiently waiting for 18 years to marry her true love. Best of Luck Libby Deaves (Bride with the pink veil) Karley Deaves, Kim Koopman, Rebecca Love and Kristy Leonard a great bunch of nice girls.
Val and Gaye
Leonie and John
Alby Pool and Brad Burgen
Print out and have the memories

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