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Chris Cook
from North Carolina
It has been a while...
Summer News Letter 2007 – Chris Cook Music

Reclaiming my name!
Finally! chriscookmusic.com  is mine once again after a long 18 months of dealing with the laws of domain names! The website will soon be running again. I will let you know when that happens. In the meantime, you can check out the totally redone (and fantastic!). www.chriscookfanclub.com

2007 Summary
Hal Ketchum - So far this year, lets see. Where do I start? There was the thing I got to do with Hal Ketchum back in March. What a treat to have dinner with Hal and his band before the Sylvia Theater show. A huge and humble Thank You goes to the audience and to the Sylvia too. Maybe some writing dates in the future for me n Hal? We will see.

Reitz Guitar Endorsement (Denmark) - Jakob did a masterful job on my new guitar. I have already gotten some road scars on it, but aint that part of it? If youd like to know more, visit the fan site homepage and read the story at the bottom right. www.chriscookfanclub.com

Overseas Touring - When I left the house the first of this summer, I flew to England and kicked off one of the best trips to Europe Ive ever had. I was privileged to play the Audlem Music Festival for starters. (For more on this go to www.chriscookfanclub.com  and look for the Audlem article). Im forever grateful to have friends Jim Kirkpatrick & Heavy Wheather, Kim Bjerrum & Family, Had & Hennie Verheijen, Hans Gunther Hansen, Nigel Ray Beck, for helping me out while in Denmark, England and Holland. I want to send a shout out to Radio 2 KRO American Connection Netherlands. Each Saturday from 18:00 till 20:00 hours and several programs through the week are featuring my music!

US Touring - Of course, I've been playing a lot in the States too. Regular gigs in and around my hometown of Belmont, NC and gigs at the Hogs Breath Saloon in Key West and Destin, FL have kept me busy. Oh, and making a new record in Nashville in July....

Great World of Sound – Yep! Two of my songs are in the movie, Great World of Sound (Sundance 07). The movie premiered last week, I think. My songs, The One That Got Away is suppose to be playing on the car radio in one scene and Go Back to Sleep is on the jute box in another part of the movie…I cant wait to see it. One of yall save me a seat. My gratitude goes to all who was a part of this fun project.

Charlotte Music Awards - Just when I thought maybe my fans in Charlotte NC might have forgotten about me since Im not around very much, I get a note from the Charlotte Music Awards letting me know Ive made it to the finals in the nomination process. I am up for Best Songwriter and Best Overall Performer! I am very grateful for those who nominated me and for the recognition. My thanks go out to everyone at the Charlotte Music Awards for making this type of thing possible. I am looking forward to seeing the growth in music awareness in and around the Charlotte area. This is sure to be good for it. My congratulations go out to all the winners.

New Record for 08 - Thrilled, honored, excited…I cant find the words to say how I felt when producer Danny White of 16 Tons Studio in Nashville told me who was gonna back me in the studio during last months (July 07) recording of my upcoming record. Im still in awe of it all. Bassist Bob Babbitt and Drummer Ed Green, both Motown musicians (Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, etc) were just some of the guys youll hear! Its gonna be rockin roll rhythm & blues - MY way! I hope to have it out in January 2008 on Bandor Records.

Thanks - go to those who do their best to come to the gigs at home. A special thanks to Kathy Hendrix for the awesome photos and the behind-the-scenes work she does for me. I genuinely appreciated it. To all you guys that help me book flights. You know who you are and thank you!

Remember that you can get all the news about my current schedule on these websites:

Until next time, God bless and all the best!
Spring Greetings!
It's really hard to believe 1/3 of 2006 is already gone! My oh my how the time does fly, huh? At any rate, thanks to all the family, friends & fans for getting this year off to a great musical start! I hope you all have a great Easter and spring break. Let me know how you are, I'd love to hear from ya!

p.s. I am still in search of good management/booking, any ideas?

Americana Tonight
I will be in Nashville from April 10th – 15th for various meetings, writing sessions and what ever else I can churn up while I’m there. Anyone wanting to get together to write or talk biz let me know. Wed, April 12th I’ll be back on Mark Werner’s Americana Tonight Show. Accompaniment will consist of these fine players: Paul Deakin/drums Danny White/bass Scotty Huff/guitar& vox Ashley Brown/fiddle & vox We will perform a few song from “Small Town Gone” as well as some newer material I’ve managed to muster up over the past year. Show starts at 8:30pm

French Quarter Café
This is a one of a kine Music & Cajun Eatry located rite cross the Cumberland Bayou from the Big City of Nashville. The Franch Quarter provides autenic Louisiana cuisine in a laid back Big Easy atmosphere. I will perform there on Saturday, April 15th at 9:00pm. This will be a 45 minute solo acoustic set that will be heard LIVE on the web. Go to their site to find out how to listen!

Huntsville, AL
It's been a year or more since I've been down in this part of the country and I'm more than lookin' faward to gettin' the opportunity to jam with my two favorite Mike's. Cline and Roberts, that is. I'll play with 5 0' Clock Charlie at the Sports Page on Thurs, the 13th then an acoustic performance at Sammy's Pub on Friday! I hope to see all my AL friends n' fans at one, the other or BOTH!

Adam Knight Music Group
I sent word to you a while back about this guy. Well, he finally paid me back!!! That's right! In full! I also heard he paid a few others he owed as well. If you or someone you know that have had dealings with The Adam Knight Music Group I would like to hear about it. You might also contact http://www.americangospel.com/adamknight.html  to share your stories.

Hog's Breath Saloon
The end of April takes me back down to the world famous Hog's Breath with my good friends Paul Deakin, Scotty Huff and Drake Leonard. This is and always will be the absolute best place in the keys to have a cocktail and listen to LIVE music! Don't forget to watch it on the the "Hog Cam"

My Space
Tom at My Space has been getting a lot of flack from the media for providing a tool for stalkers, perverts & such but it is a wonderful tool for the music biz as well. Does the press always have to expose the dark side of everything?? I myself have two My Space accounts. A personal one with pics of me and my family and then another for the music. Will you be my friend? :-)
Check em' both out!
Musical: http://www.myspace.com/chriscookmusic

Touring for 2006
I am now planning a tour of the UK and Europe for Fall 2006! Anyone ready and willing to assist with booking venues or house concerts please contact me personally. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Check: www.chriscookmusic.com
 for all up- coming shows!
011-704-674-2421 (mobile)
011-704-827-5764 (office)

God bless you and yours today and every day!
All the best,
Chris Cook
Chris Cook Music- January
GREETINGS! I hope you all had a great Holiday! It's hard to believe we're already half way through the first decade of the new millennium! I can't decide weather I'm glad or sad the world didn't turn out like the old black n' white sci-fi movies that depicted the future! I don't know which is worse, the way it is or the way we thought it was going to be! Either way, I'm still glad to be here! Just a quick word to keep you updated on the latest Chris Cook music news and tour info.

In this issue:
European follow-up
NEW! Live "So-Low" CD
Plans for 2006

Nov 2005 UK/European Tour
It’s always a pleasure to meet new friends, perform for great audiences and I certainly had no shortage the month of November 2005. Special thanks to Steve Brown, James Windsor, Rab Smith, George Douglas, Ogg Jackson, Peter Hubner, Nigel Ray Beck, Lex Armstrong, Kim Bjerrum and everyone else who took part in making this tour one to remember. See you all again this year!

New Live Acoustic CD “SO-LOW”
In July of 2005 I recorded an acoustic show at the Main Street Music Café in Homestead, Florida. A new live CD was unexpectedly born that includes some old stuff as well as some new material. Live “So-Low” has been doing well in the UK, U.S. and Europe. Go to http://www.chriscookmusic.com  to get your copy.

Touring for 2006
I am now planning a tour of the UK and Europe for Fall 2006! Anyone ready and willing to assist with booking venues or house concerts please contact me personally. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
011-704-674-2421 (mobile)
011-704-827-5764 (home)
In closing, I want to wish you a very happy and eventful new year in 2006. God bless you and yours today and every day!
All the best,
Chris Cook
November - Greetings!
First off, I would like to thank all of you who have supported my music this year by coming to the shows, buying records and passing the word around, it's been a good one! For the record, my deal with GAFF Music has finally came to a long awaited close thank the Lord!! Luckily, I was able to obtain my Small Town Gone masters and now gathering and writing new material to shop to other label/management groups, any offers? See ya at the gig, Chris

This month has kept me busy with my latest release, "So-Low" - recorded live in Homestead, FL earlier this year. Some tracks you'll recognize from "Small Town Gone" and "Heartless Road" and some you won’t! Don't delay...be the first to order your copy hot off the press, at chriscookmusic.com 

October 6th - I recorded for the "Linker's Leftovers" television show on Cable Access 21, Charlotte, NC to inroduce some of my new material. The show airs Cable Access 21 (TVACCESS21) Friday evenings.

October 10th - 16th – I had a great time jammin' at the Hogs Breath in Key West, with Paul Deakin, Robert Reynolds and Mike Mcadam. If you can’t make it down there in person, then check out the live Hog Cam

October 22nd - Shelby, NC hosted the 3rd Annual Art of Sound Music Festival on Saturday. Kim Richey headlined this year with other performances by Mama Said, Tom Eure, Malcomb Holcomb and Chris Cook! I was excited about celebrating the musical heritage of North Carolina and glad to have been a part of it!

I’m returning to Europe, with 15 dates across England, Scotland, Denmark and Holland. This will be a great time meeting with friends (old and new) and having the opportunity to play for Dutch and Danish audiences again. I'll also have a chance to spend some time with London's hottest new arrival...my sister, Reece. She flew over this month and is adjusting well to the English way of life (which is lucky as she is now a permanent resident). Be sure to check out December's newsletter and find out how the tour went!
Chris Cook Music
214 Ferstl Avenue
Belmont, N.C. 28012
February News
This month’s news is contributed by Carol and Ian Reay, Fear Nothing Online, United Kingdom. These two people are behind the scenes for Kevin Montgomery tours. I don’t think anyone will disagree when I say its folks like Carol and Ian who deserve a ton of credit when tours are as successful as Kevin’s. Thanks to you both for your kindness, generous hospitality and all around support during my tour with Kevin Montgomery and The Road Trippers.

I am honored to have been chosen to be the opening act for this tour and plan to return to the UK in 2005. My sincere thanks go out to Kevin Montgomery, Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin, Al Perkins, Johnny MacKinnon, Mike McAdam and Carol and Ian Reay for the best of opportunities to play some of the most memorable gigs I’ve ever had!

Special thanks to ALL the fine people I met at the shows. I don’t think I’ve performed for better audiences anywhere! I truly look forward to meeting each and every one of you again in the near future. All the best to you and yours today and everyday! God Bless, Chris

Chris Cook News: by Carol and Ian Reay, Fear Nothing Online, United Kingdom, February 1, 2005
Kevin Montgomery has spent five years building up his fan-base in the UK and Ireland and mainland Europe.

Over those years he has never let down the fans - constantly giving them, as The Guardian newspaper quoted, a 'habitually awesome' night out - with great music and a star-studded line-up in his band The Road Trippers.

The fans trust Kevin Montgomery to always come up with the goods and he never fails. One of the secrets he has is the quality of support acts he manages to bring over here. Jeff Finlin, Carter Wood, Dean Owens, Trish Murphy have all opened up for Kevin Montgomery in the past. This time Chris Cook was given that opportunity and he certainly did not disappoint.

The thirty minute plus slot he was given he used to his best advantage, playing mostly self-penned tracks from his Small Town Gone CD. The crowds listened and fully appreciated, enjoying his warm North Carolina drawl and his friendly personality. His songs, a mixture of country, western swing and even spiritual, went down a storm - honest songs, simple songs that struck a chord with the fans and had them lining up to buy albums and meet the guy and tell him what they liked about him. His live CD sold out within the first few days.

Many fans had already heard Chris Cook on UK radio - lots of them arrived at shows saying - 'we just heard Chris on Nick Barraclough or Bob Harris' - on BBC Radio 2 - the main station in the UK. In Northern Ireland, Ralph Mclean, the most well respected BBC Radio Foyle DJ took time not only to play tracks of Chris Cook but interviewed him for his show too.

Once the main show got going Chris was invited to join in with the Road Trippers and stretch out himself on guitar too, playing everything from soul to blues with the legendary Al Perkins. He also showed himself as a drummer too filling in while Paul Deakin played the walls, the ceiling, the lighting rig or whatever was available.

Chris Cook took hold of the chance Kevin Montgomery gave him and he succeeded in winning the respect of Kevin's crowd - they will be loyal to him too and if he would like to return to the UK - they will certainly be more than happy to come out and see him again!
January News
In the wake of earthquakes and massive tsunamis, millions in Asia have been left homeless and vulnerable to disease and death. The victims need your prayers and help. For more information, call 1-888-56-CHILD (1-888-562-4453) or go to www.worldvision.org/AsiaRelief .

The loyalty and support given Chris by fans in 2004 was too great to measure. To simply say “thanks” is not enough, but THANK YOU! 2004 has left excitement in the air for Chris Cook Music. But we will not forget to count our blessings and remember those who were not as lucky as we were. For the world, 2004 will be a year that will stay in our minds for a long, long time. Hopefully, we are all better people because we lived it.
To get all the 2004 Highlights, visit the News at
www.chriscookmusic.com  .

Chris Cook News – January 2005 Update
Chris Cook landed safe and sound on January 2nd in London, where he will begin touring as special guest of Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers. Kevin is the son of Bob Montgomery, former songwriting and collaborative partner of the late Buddy Holly, while his mother Carol sang back up on pop classics like Elvis Presley’s “Suspicious Minds”. The Road Trippers is a band comprised up of Robert Reynolds (bass), Paul Deakin (drums) both of The Mavericks, Mike McAdam (Steve Earle’s former guitarist), and legendary steel player, Al Perkins of Emmylou Harris, Gram Parsons and Manassas fame. Carol and Ian Reay of Fear Nothing Online will be sending us the news as it happens regarding the tour. 2005 is already showing the promise of a great year for Chris. BBC Radio 2, a national UK station, has featured Chris Cook Music. A full-page article was published about Chris in the popular country music magazine, Maverick. And, another opportunity to perform with masterful musicians, singers, songwriters!   www.chriscookmusic.com 
Follow this link to listen to the radio show! Hear what Bob Harris of BBC Radio says about Chris Cook, Small Town Gone! http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio2/shows/bobharris/

Go to Bob Harris Saturday Show and forward to the 2nd hour. At 20:11 he will announce the song "Old Guitar"...listen to the song and what Bob says after...this is the coolest!
Chris Cook fans not only appreciate good music, they are very artistic as well.
The painter’s name is Allyson Speaks. She runs a consignment shop in Charlotte North Carolina.
Joal Rush, Kylie Sackley and Chris Cook at
Hog’s Breath Saloon.
January 2005 – Chris Cook has been nominated to be the opening act for a great tour! Go online and read about all it. This is a wonderful opportunity for Chris to perform for some of the best known names in the music business! What a great way to start a new year!

European Tour with Kevin Montgomery and the Road Trippers (Al Perkins, Robert Reynolds, Paul Deakin and Mike McAdam)

Upcoming December Events! The Entire month of December is a “Big Event” with one great show after the other! Keep watching the web site for updates! http://www.chriscookmusic.com

Don’t forget to buy your ticket to the Small Town Gone CD Release Party December 16th at The Visulite Theatre, Charlotte NC! Tickets are only $10.00! That’s a steal!
November Highlights:
Trip Roger’s Acoustic Showdown featured Chris Cook on November 3rd at the Neighborhood Theatre. Chris and Trip were accompanied by Kennon Knight and his jumpin’ jive percussions and sound affects. Don and Laurie Koster took pictures which can be viewed at www.triprogers.com

For any of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Don and Laurie, their participation in the support of local musicians has earned them Creative Loafing's Winner of the 2004 Critics' Pick "Best Supporter of Local Music (Individual)," Laurie Koster and her husband Don are active members of the local and regional musical community. Not only is Laurie a self-employed Web Designer for many of the bands, she and Don can be seen weekly at various shows supporting the local talent. To view and sign up for their weekly newsletter detailing many of these live shows and band news, visit www.lauriekoster.com

WGWG’s Holidaze CD was released this month. This CD includes traditional as well as some original songs performed by some of our best local talents. Robin Rogers and David Childers made contributions, just to name a couple. There are many more great people featured on the CD. Chris contributed his original song, “A Letter Home to You” to the compilation. This CD is sure to bring some holiday cheer to all who hear it. For a donation to WGWG of only $15.00, you can add some Christmas sprit to your holiday gatherings, help the radio station …and get a tax deduction to boot!

Chris played at the Baxter Village Fall Festival, compliments of Circa North Hair Salon, Fort Mill SC on November 6th. This must have been a good way to get a day rolling because Chris held that momentum when he played that night at T-Bones on the Lake. Ashley Allison, fiddle player and Kevin Atkinson, musician, joined Chris on stage. What a memorable jam session that was! People were dancing, singing along and just having a good time. Robbi and Rick Jones celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary that night too! Congratulations to them both!....and to anyone else that can stay married that long and still want to dance with each other!

Chris added quite a few fans to his list at the Shindiawa Event held at the Fox and Hound at Uptown Charlotte. Check Shindiawa out at www.shindiawa.com. Steve Garrison and Ashley Allison accompanied Chris with steel and fiddle at this annual event. See the pictures of them wearing Shindiawa hats on the Chris Cook Music Reviews Page.

Main Street Music Café in Homestead, Florida featured Chris on their beautiful stage on November 11th. Check them out at www.mainstreetcafe.com. Laurie Oudin, a singer and the manager of the café, really knows how to make a musician feel important! The food was excellent as well! Chris added many fans to his email list that night. Chris reported that he was met with one of the most receptive audiences he has ever played for. Thanks to Laurie and Scott for a wonderfully rewarding experience!

On November 12th Chris performed at the Chocolate Moose Music Café in Davie Florida. This café has not been open very long, but they really know how to prepare a great meal. If you are ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, please visit Marc Silverman and Mike Donnenberg at the café and tell them Chris Cook sent you. The dessert menu is killer! Chris had the Chocolate Moose Cake…it was sinfully good! Thanks to Marc and Mike for a very nice event!

November 19th, Honey Bear’s Steak House in Shelby NC and on November 20th, Wize Guys Pizzeria in Charlotte NC (Ballantyne area) added Chris Cook Music to their menus. We all look forward to dining at these great eateries to enjoy good food and good Chris Cook Music. Chris reported he had a really fun time at both of these restaurants! And the food was EXCELLENT!

Tim and Bonnie Ruiz joined Chris at T-Bones on November 26th. Tim is a fabulous bass man and his wife, Bonnie, keeps good time with tambourine and other such instruments. Tim and Bonnie both work in the health-care industry and love to jam to unwind. Great job guys! Hope to see you again real soon!

Chris Eagle, banjo/guitar player, and formerly Chris Cook’s music student, jammed with Chris on November 27th at T-Bones!
T-Bones is turning into The Chris Cook Jamboree! Let us know what you think about that idea!
Until next month!
October’s Highlights
By Peg McPherson & Steve White
Things have certainly been hoppin’ for Chris these past four weeks. He’s been at home, on the road, and just about everywhere in between playin’ his ever-lovin’ heart out. But, before we get into all the particulars, us folks here at Fatfried Music Group just want to thank y’all for supporting Chris and showing up (faithfully) at his shows. The new record, “SMALL TOWN GONE” is flyin’ off the shelves, and we’ve got a feelin’ that before too long we’ll be loading up a U-Haul with Grammy Awards (we’re only half kiddin’ ‘bout that). Country stations all over are beginning to give “SMALL TOWN GONE” some serious airplay, and that Dear Fans, is as it should be. This record kicks some serious butt!

Well folks, as you can probably see,
www.chriscookmusic.com  has been totally revamped. Hopefully, you’ll all agree that the changes are positive. We went for a much “lighter” look and a more interactive feel. Did we accomplish that? Let us know by emailing the webmaster via the “Contact” page with your comments and recommendations. We’re ALWAYS open to suggestions- as long as they don’t suck! LOL!

On to the news!
On October 2nd, Chris was invited to attend a Live Broadcast (with a backstage pass, of course) at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville (that’s a big deal, brothers and sisters!). The broadcast featured LeAnn Rimes, The Mavericks, new artist Katrina Elam, Nashville Star finalist George Canyon, and Riders In The Sky! What a day he had! Chris was speechless…and that doesn’t happen very often!

Chris kicked off WGWG’s WEBBStock ‘04 fundraiser by performing live at the radio station. The Chris Cook Fan Club called in more than $100.00 in pledges. The radio station will make announcements that say something like, “This hour (or day) is sponsored by the Chris Cook Fan Club.” Keep supporting Public Radio people, ‘cause Public Radio supports our boy Chris!

Mr. Derrick Rhems, Programming Manager at the radio station in Sumter, South Carolina took Chris and Ashely Allison (fiddle player) on a grand tour of the station. Chris and Ashely performed live during the station’s Morning Coffee time-slot in promotion of the Kingstree BBQ. Both reported that this was the highlight of the trip. Chris mentioned the band that opened for him should have been the headliner as they really had it together with a groove that was “kick-ass”.

Chris performed with Robert Reynolds and Paul Deakin, both of the Mavericks and Scotty Huff, former guitar player for Keith Urban. The band was put together and boogied on down to the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West Florida (hell, that sounds like a vacation!). Chris made his mark on the Hog’s Breath Stage with his guitar and his music…he was smokin’! It was great to be able watch him Live on the Hog’s Breath web-cams. They played mostly covers, but one night they turned the spotlight on Chris and his acoustic guitar. He sang “Signals From Above” (co-written by Mary Yarbrough). One thing you can always say about Chris Cook is that he never fails to name the person who wrote a song…sometimes he’ll even mention the other artists that made a song famous…but he never fails to give credit to the writer of a song….that says a lot about him. As Chris would say, “Hell, they don’t play my tunes, but I’m gonna play theirs- ‘cause they’re good…...”

Chris finished up the coastal tour in Charleston, South Carolina where he attended a Survivor Party…yes it’s true. He and his Friends and Fans in Charleston had a party during the Survivor show while it aired on TV….and of course it wouldn’t be a party if Chris didn’t sing. He and Butch teamed up to entertain the folks at Lite Affair and at the party…..

Chris did 14 straight days and nights of hard drivin’, singing and playing, and then wrapped up the month at Rodi in Gastonia, North Carolina on the 29th, where he brought the house down. You could tell the ‘ole boy was tired, but he gave a rock-solid 2 hours of Chris Cook’s best!

Radio stations all over the country are adding Small Town Gone to their play-lists this week thanks to our good buddy, Al Moss. That Al’s a good ‘ole boy…and our collective hats are off to him! Chris’ song “The One That Got Away” was played on the Homegrown Mix. That tune is one of Jim Kelly’s (the host) favorite songs. Small Town Gone was also featured on WUNC 91.5 FM’s Back Porch Music show on October 17th. Keith Weston is the host of that show. Diana Swiderski has been playing two songs off the new CD. She hosts an Americana show that airs on WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta, Georgia. Newspaper articles are being printed like crazy with the “buzz” on Chris, the Mavericks, Scotty Huff, and Kylie Stackley. Cindy Gibson reports that Small Town Gone is #1 at WSGE 91.7 FM in Dallas, North Carolina! You go boy!!!!!!!!!!

November Headlines:
The Big Event for November is Chris’ upcoming performance at Billy Block’s Western Beat being held in Nashville Tennessee, on Nov. 30th. Check the Schedule page for the link- they do a web-cast you can hear sittin’ at your own desk. This showcase could mean exposure to some of Nashville’s biggest talent scouts and record companies, as well as radio and TV personalities. Rubbin’ elbows with the Movers and Shakers!

The Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC has invited Chris to perform as a featured act at their new “open mic” event.

Chris will go back to Florida to perform at two showcase venues, The Main Street Music Café and The Chocolate Moose (again, check the Schedule page- OFTEN!).

We also need to remind y’all that the CD Release Party for SMALL TOWN GONE will be held at The Visulite Theater (1615 Elizabeth Ave. Charlotte, NC) on December 16th, 2004. Get your tickets early, because there’ll be limited seating for this event, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss! Advance tickets are $20.00 and can be purchased online (see the “Schedule” page for the link) or you can call the box-office at 704.358.9200. You can also email us here at heartlessroad@yahoo.com for complete details.

So, good people, it’s been a whirlwind month for Chris Cook, and hopefully bigger and better things will keep coming his way. Just remember, the true measure of his success depends solely on you- his Fans. If not for your ears, your hearts, your cover-charge dollars, your CD-buying dollars and your devotion to Chris Cook’s music, there wouldn’t be enough momentum to carry this new record through. Keep up the good work, Happy Thanksgiving, and as Chris would say, “God Bless, and All the Best………………... ”
Until Next Month…..

Greetings Fans!
Thanks to all who continue to contribute to the new release, Small Town
 Gone, (Gaff Music).  It has been a long time coming, but I think all that
 have heard the CD believe it well worth the wait.  The radio stations are
 spinning it, so call and request some Chris Cook Music.  Don't have your
copy yet? Go to 
http://www.chriscookmusic.com.  The CD is in stores, online
 and you can always buy direct from Chris at the shows.
 Steve White, Dallas Digital, has been working like a mad man updating the
 Chris Cook Music web page. There has been lots of changes and more to
 come. Go take a peek.  Thanks for all your hard work, Steve.
 Be on the look out for the Chris Cook Music Fan Page! Three ladies have
 been working hard to form a 
 Chris Cook Fan Club!  The first person to guess who the ladies are gets a
 free Small Town Gone CD.
 Email your answer to
heartlessroad@yahoo.com. If you would like to join
 the fan club, simply send an email to
heartlessroad@yahoo.com...it's free
 to join. Sign up at one of the shows and get a free poster!
(The poster is the one everyone loves of Chris with long hair and he's
 wearing a white T-shirt.)
 September Spotlight:
 The rains came down at the Cabarrus County Fair, but that didn't stop
 Chris Cook from playing his tunes! Chris and the
 Gootman's Sauerkraut Band graciously shared the inside stage to stay dry.
 Chris sang his heart out to a small, but mighty
 audience!  Hats off to the Sparks and Kendall families for sloshing
 through the mud and ooze to hear good music...
 and lest we not forget ole Eaglimom! You are all the bomb! Thanks for your
 October is going to be an exciting month with radio interviews and travels
 to more Small Town Gone promotional events. Tune in to WGWG 88.3 FM
 Boiling Springs, NC and say "Hello" to Nancy Owen and the rest of the
 gang. Visit the station at
http://www.wgwg.org . Give a big shout to all
 the good people at WSGE 91.7 FM Dallas, NC
http://www.wsge.org. It's radio
 stations such as these that keep our music alive. Call and request Chris
 Cook songs and listen in to see how you can help the stations by just
making small contributions...keep the small towns churnin', burnin' and
 earnin'! Keep the Chris Cook music spinning!
 Chris will be traveling to Nashville on a business trip the first week in
 October. He will be back to his ole stompin' ground at
  T-Bones on the Lake, Clover SC October 7th - 9th.
 The big event for October is the Kingstree SC BBQ and Craft Festival.
 This will be small town at its finest. This annual event is South
 Carolina's 2nd largest festival of its kind.  Chris will be performing on
Saturday, October 16th with Zack Bowen (Drums), Steve Garrison (Steel
 Guitar), Tim Conard (Bass) and Ashley Allison (Fiddle).  It's going the be
 a good show, so try to make it down there. Kingstree is near Sumter,
SC...not such a long drive. So, if you were rained out at the Cabarrus and
 Cleveland fairs, drive on down to Kingstree and help keep another small
 town event alive!
 Chris will float on down to the Florida Keys and join up with a few fellow
pickers at Hog's Breath Saloon October 18th - 24th. He'll be back to close
 out the month at one of his favorite places - Rodi's in Gastonia. Chris
 will perform at Rodi's October 29th.  By the way, if you missed  Chuck
 Brodsky's performance at Rodi's on Saturday, September 25th, you missed a
 good show.
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By: Parke Puterbaugh
Chris Cook was raised on country music, spent his teen years rocking out, and then re-embraced his country roots in his twenties. Now, at 31, Cook is emerging as a formidable Country and Americana-oriented artist with Small Town Gone.   It highlights his abundant talents as a singer and guitarist, and as a songwriter with a knack for cutting right to the bone. There’s nothing superfluous on Small Town Gone. Every word and note is a purposeful expression of truth in regard to such close-to-the-ground subjects as relationships, hometowns, old coats and guitars, and even Uncle Sam.

The first thing you’ll notice is the voice. Cook is a singer’s singer with a delivery that’s pure and natural, unforced but expressive, relaxed but full of inner fire. In finding his own voice, Cook has taken cues from favorite singers on the country side (George Jones, Merle Haggard, George Strait) and the blues-rock realm (Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Hall, Lowell George). You’ll hear a bit of Jackson Browne’s earnestness and Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back whimsy, too.

In Cook’s opinion, “The most authentic country singer of the last 15 years is Alan Jackson. He doesn’t try to copy anybody, he’ll tell you where is roots are, and he’s not faking it.” That unvarnished honesty is a hallmark of Cook’s own work. Small Town Gone is the product of a small-town boy who’s traveled the world and come back home with a sharpened perspective on life and love.

Cook was born and raised in Belmont, North Carolina, a small town outside the big city of Charlotte. “I’ve been living on the same street all my life,” says Cook. “I’ve been in my home for 15 years, and before that I lived about five houses down in my grandmother’s home.” At the same time, Cook has seen the four corners of the world. Under a program overseen by the Department of Defense, he spent considerable time entertaining American troops as a member of country and rock cover bands.

Cook toured Asia for months with a Top Forty country group called Arizona Star and then formed a classic-rock outfit that played bases across Europe. “They’d give us our orders, send us over there, and we’d work our tails off, sometimes six nights a week, all one-nighters,” Cook recalls. “We did a lot of remote places where the guy that greeted us would say, ‘You’re the first entertainment we’ve had in eight months.’ They were hungry for it.”

Cook has performed in locales as far-flung as Greenland and Guantanamo Bay. While down in Cuba, he began writing two of the cornerstone songs on this album, “Small Town Gone” and “Home.” With the kind of wisdom that comes from experience, he sings, “Traveled all over the globe/Swerving all over the road/And the one thing I know is there ain’t no place like home.”

By the same token, he realizes that all is not well at home, either. “Small Town Gone” laments the strip-mall sprawl that has been sadly engulfing small towns and open land from sea to shining sea. Cook has a message for those who have been killing off our communities: “Stay away from here, keep your money in the city/We’ve got everything we need/It won’t be long and it’ll all be gone/We’re the last of a dying breed.”

“Small Town Gone” was inspired by what Cook saw happening in his hometown, but the message is universal. “I think it’s got a lot of appeal, because anybody can relate to it,” he says. “It’s one of my favorite songs. I like the whole album, but ‘Small Town Gone’ and ‘Home’ strike a nerve with me on a personal level.”

The album was produced by Jim Brock, who also played drums and percussion. Cook credits Brock with convincing him to focus his talents in the studio. “He’s the one who said, ‘Hey, man, you need to be making records!’” says Cook. They cut Small Town Gone at Brock’s Kingswood Oven studio, so named for its lack of air conditioning. “He really made the album as listenable as it is,” adds Cook. “He’s got a golden ear.”

Renowned multi-instrumentalist David Johnson judiciously added fiddle, dobro, mandolin and steel guitar to the basic tracks. “He’s like a one-stop shop for country and bluegrass,” Cook chuckles, “and he did a great job on my record. I think he enjoyed playing on it because the songs are well-crafted. I take a lot of pride in using as many chords as I can get my hands on to make the songs more interesting. I don’t like to have just a three-chord song. The guitar’s got hundreds of chords on it, so why not find them and use them?”

Small Town Gone is actually Cook’s second album, following Heartless Road (2001), a self-released CD that sold over the Internet and at shows. Cook describes that debut album as “a lot more country-rock oriented. Guitar, sax, keys, piano, a lot of harmonica and slide guitar. I love the sound of slide!”

Heartless Road was co-produced by Randy Scott and Richard Piatt at Front Porch Studio in Wesley Chapel, NC. Cook credits them with helping get his career off the ground. “They were really the first ones to display an honest interest in me and my material,” he says. Piatt, a noted engineer who Cook met through a Los Angeles-based publishing company, introduced him to Scott. “Randy immediately took a liking to my songs and offered me my first opportunity to get some of them on tape,” says Cook. “I am forever grateful.”

“I’ve been real fortunate to have a lot of positive people around me that are real supportive,” he adds. His earliest boosters include his mother and grandmother, who he recalls singing to him and his sister when they were kids. Cook also cites his grandfather (“Pop”) and Uncle Randall, who played a little guitar around the house and exposed him to such seminal influences as Don Williams, Merle Haggard and George Jones.

These days the hard-working Cook performs anywhere and everywhere, averaging 200 dates a year with and without a band. He’s particularly proud of his unaccompanied sets. “I’ve got a strong solo act,” he says. “I play acoustic guitar, stomp a tambourine with my foot, blow harmonica and sing. It keeps me working!”

Small Town Gone deserves to establish Chris Cook as a remarkable vocalist and guitarist who takes a fresh approach to homespun sounds. Insofar as the pesky matter of genre is concerned, ‘I think I have no choice to but call Small Town Gone a country record,” Cook concedes with a laugh. “That’s where it’s going on the shelf. Still, I feel the record is as much Americana as it is country. To me, it’s kind of a mixture of country, folk and blues. It’s roots music.”