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Clelia Adams
Clelia’s charting in Poland down home on the farm at Mullum
Despite her best intentions to live a quiet existence down on the farm at blissful Mullumbimby on the NSW Far North Coast, Clelia Adams’ music is being heard on the other side of the world.

Four songs from Clelia’s Heartbeat Highway album have debuted in the top 20 of a chart in Poland, despite the singer taking a well-earned break this year from actively touring and performing. “I decided late last year I needed a break, and this was the year for me to do it.”

She took a breather from that hectic schedule which saw her working two to four nights weekly, and travelling for festival appearances. Earlier this year Clelia ventured overseas for a holiday, returning to her native Italy for the first time in years.

“It was so good to get away but there is no place like home,” Clelia said. “And I was only just recovering from jetlag when I started getting some amazing emails from overseas from radio stations playing my songs. Then this station in Poland puts four songs in their top 20 all at once. I was stoked.”

Poland’s Catholic Radio FIAT 94.7FM has posted Back In Baby’s Arms at #3; Settin’ The Woods On Fire at #5; Cowboy’s Sweetheart #7; and Half As Much #10.

Clelia is no stranger to the European market, having songs from Bring It On and Heartbeat Highway both receiving global chart interest and widespread airplay.

Later this year Clelia will revisit Stuie French’s Swinging Door studio in Sydney to record her next album and it’s going to be something quite special – a reflective look and celebration of the music that has shaped her career to date, as well as more Clelia originals.

“I’ve got some very special guests lined up to do duets with me on the album and it’s going to be lots of fun, singing the songs that shaped my country roots as an artist,” Clelia said.

For an interview or for further inquiries, please phone 0429 668 059.

Visit Clelia’s website,
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26th April, 2007
A friend of mine said to be recently “Clel, what happened to you?? Did you fall off the face of the earth or something?”. It hadn't occurred to me that I'd neglected to let my friends know all my plans! So, here's the story, just to set things straight.

After 16 years straight of being “on the road”, I felt it was time for me to take a break from performing, and gave myself a year off. To play tennis, scrabble, go travelling, see friends and family, make new music, and “get a life”! I'm pleased to report, that all these things are happening, especially the travelling!

I'm departing 2nd May to Europe for a month, with my daughter Jessie, and my other gorgeous girl, Popette (Roley's daughter). We're doing Switzerland &Austria, but mostly Italy, where we'll be going to Verona, Florence, Sienna, & Rome. Also going to the village where I was born called Bonito, which is in the mountains east of Naples. I'm going to tell them their idiot is back!! ha ha
Funny thing is, my Auntie Connie tells me that I must introduce myself to the butcher in Bonito, (there's only one) as he is my cousin Tomaso. I can smell an Italian feast coming up! After that comes a cruise which takes us through the Greek Islands, Turkey, & other Italian ports.
Am I having fun yet??? What do you think?
This is my first trip back to Europe since l973 and I'm way too long overdue!
If you don't hear from me for another couple of months, you know where I am!
Hope this find you all well and happy, ciao for now,

Clelia latest news
2006 TIARA winner, CLELIA ADAMS, has just been nominated in the 2006 NSW GOLD MEDALLION AWARDS, to be held near Newcastle on November 17. CLELIA is nominated in the Female Vocalist of the Year, alongside Becky Cole, Anne Kirkpatrick, Karen Lynne, and Melinda Schneider.

This nomination rounds off an amazing year of national and international achievement for CLELIA, who was also nominated in the European CM Awards in July 2006. Since its release, the highly acclaimed 'HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” album has produced two TOP 10 hits in Europe (“Back in Baby's Arms” and “Heartbeat Highway”), and two TOP 15 hits in Australia (“Talk of the Town” and “Heartbeat Highway”). The year started with a bang for her, taking out the “Gentleman Geoff Brown Memorial” TIARA (Tamworth Independent Artists Recognition Award) in Tamworth, January 2006.

CLELIA is very much looking forward to recording a new album in 2007 and is currently in the process of writing & collecting songs. The launch is planned for the Tamworth 2008 CM festival.

Her current single, the infectious remake of Hank Williams' “SETTIN THE WOODS ON FIRE” is receiving great airplay all around the world, charting in Europe at #21 on the ECMA chart (7 Oct. 06). Released to radio in Australia on September NFS 108, track 13.

CLELIA NEWS - July 2006
Hello to all my country music friends around the country,
I would like to send a gazillion THANK YOU’s to each and every one of you in Australian country music radio, for supporting my TIARA winning song, ‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”. It has been a huge year for me already with this song, having reached #4 on the European ECMA chart (March 28) & it is very thrilling to see it on the Australian Countrytracks Top 30 last week @ #14.

The other unexpected and incredibly exciting news for me recently was the announcement that I had been nominated (in the first round (out of 20 international artists) in two categories of the European 2006 ECMA Country Music Awards, ARTIST OF THE YEAR and FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR. Voted by members of the European Country Music Association, it was a great honour to be named amongst some of the world’s best CM “Indie” and major label artists.

With winter slowing things down to a quieter time for me, rehearsals with my band are underway for the Gympie Muster, which I’m really looking forward to.
I’m off to HATS OFF this week performing at the Cavalcade of Stars at the Tamworth Town Hall on Friday 7th July. And of course, some time out to spend with my old Tamworth buddies and a chance to catch some of my favourite artists up close and personal.

Once again, thanks for your continuing radio airplay support of my music.
I hope all is well in your world with you and yours,
ciao for now, CLELIA

Top 20 in the "Female Vocalist of the Year" category in the European Country Music Awards
Hello to all my friends in country music,
I've just had notification that I've reached the top 20 in the "Female Vocalist of the Year" category in the European Country Music Awards this year. To be on the same page at Faith, Dolly & Gretchen is unbelievable.
Thank you all for your radio airplay support of my song "Heartbeat Highway" on the Countrytracks Top 30, on its way up the charts at # 26 this week.
I hope you will keep your fingers crossed for me!! ciao for now, clelia
Hello everyone,
Wow, I have had such a huge year already, and its only May!! Now it looks like 'HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY" is on the rise in OZ.
My thanks to all who contributed to this;
Clelia Adams

With ‘TALK OF THE TOWN” doing so well for me on the Australian charts last year, (reaching NO 15 on Countrytracks Top 30, in August 2005), I am so very excited to let you know that my TIARA winning song, “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, has just entered the OZ Countrytracks Top 30 at NO. 30 with a bullet!

Thanks all the country music presenters and print and internet media around Australia for getting behind my song, giving it the massive airplay and exposure that it takes for a song to reach the charts. Couldn’t happen without you!

Coming on the back of the European success for ‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, reaching NO. 4 on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) Radio Airplay chart (March 28th, 2006), I am completely over the moon! This is my highest ranking yet on the European charts, and hoping for even better in my home country.

‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, the universal story of a performers life on the road, is an infectious rockabilly dance track. They don’t call me the “shuffle queen” for nothing!

‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” has already been included on the 2006 Gympie Muster and 2006 Mildura Festival souvenir compilations, and if audience response at my shows is any indication, I’m hoping to have people all over OZ boppin’ away to it.

Look forward to HATS OFF in Tamworth in July, and the 2006 MILDURA Independents Festival in September.

Thank you all for getting behind Australian Independent Artists. We very much appreciate your support getting our music onto the airwaves, and in the media.
I am currently doing radio interviews with stations all over Australia, and (as my friends know), I love a chat, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I hope all is well in your world with you and yours, ciao for now, CLELIA

G’day everyone, greetings from Mullumbimby!
I am very excited to be able to let you know that my TIARA winning song, “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, reached no. 4 on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) Radio Airplay chart (March 28th, 2006). This is my highest ranking yet on the European charts.

‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, the universal story of a performers life on the road, is an infectious rockabilly dance track. They don’t call me the “shuffle queen” for nothing!

The song has already been included on the 2006 Gympie Muster and 2006 Mildura Festival souvenir compilations, and if audience response at my shows is any indication, I’m hoping for great things from Aussie radio stations. This is my follow up song to last years ‘TALK OF THE TOWN” which charted at no. 15 on Countrytrax Top 30 in August, 2005.

My thanks go to all the country music presenters around the Oz already playing my song. There are plenty of them, but there’s always room for more. I would love to see the whole country rockin’ away to the “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”.

Great news is that I have also just been confirmed for the 2006 Mildura Independents Festival in Sept/Oct. Looking forward to that.

Thank you all for getting behind Australian Independent Artists. We very much appreciate your support getting our music onto the airwaves, and in the media. I have been doing many radio interviews with stations all over Aussie, and (as my friends know), I love a chat am happy to do them, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.
I hope all is well with you and yours, ciao for now, CLELIA
Northern Rivers songbird, CLELIA ADAMS has taken out a prestigious award, the TIARA, at the Independent Artists Awards at this year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival. The Independent Artists in Australia make up to 90% of the country music industry, and have their own recognition awards ceremony, this year held at the TREC on Tuesday 24 January, 2006.

“The Gentleman Geoff Brown Memorial Award”, was awarded to Clelia in recognition of her first original song “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, the title track of her current CD. Originally from Tamworth, this award is very special to Clelia, as the Browns were her “other” family in her Tamworth years before she moved north. Geoff was one of the founding fathers of the country music festival in Tamworth in the early 70’s.

This award is the “icing on the cake” for Clelia, after a huge year performing nationally. The launch of “Hearbeat Highway” in Tamworth 2005 and performances at the Gympie Muster and Mildura Independents Festival.

Two tracks from “Heartbeat Highway” made their mark on charts around the world. “Back In Baby’s Arms” reached Top 10 on European (ECMA) charts in August. “Talk of the Town” reached top 15 on the Australian “Countrytrax” chart the same month.

Her shows in Tamworth 2006 were hugely successful, with top line musicians, and a very special guest from Vancouver, Canada, “the cement city cowboy” Danny Mack.

2006 will bring more appearances at the major national CM festivals, as well as her special “at home” shows in the Northern Rivers.
Clelia Adams
web: www.cleliaadams.com 
Phone: (02) 6684 3206
Mobile: 0429 668 059
31st January, 2006

th December, 2005
Email: clelia@optusnet.com.au
Web: www.cleliaadams.com 
Phone: (02) 6684 3206 Mobile: 0429 668059
Clelia Adams: NFS 95 Track 5 “Talk Of The Town” April 2005
Hi everyone,
As the “silly season” is about to hit us all, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my friends, fellow artists and supporters, all the very best for the coming festive season, for you and your families.
Please travel safely and I look forward to catching up with you in Tamworth, 2006.

2005 has been a huge year for me, with some of the highlights being performances at the major CM festivals, Tamworth (NSW), Gympie Muster (Qld), and Mildura Independents (Vic). I had a ball and met some wonderful characters from all over Australia. 2006 looks to continue with traveling to new festivals (Vic & WA) and hopefully return to the others.

“Talk of the Town” on NFS 95, track 5, has been very good to me this year, reaching no 15 on the COUNTRYTRAX TOP 30 in August. “Back In Baby’s Arms” also reached the ECMA (European) chart at No. 9, the same month.

My very special guest at my shows this year in Tamworth is Canadian national treasure Danny Mack, the “Cement City Cowboy” from Vancouver. He has just been inducted into the British Columbia CM Hall of Fame, and will be making his home in Australia with his Aussie wife Bonnie. Danny has had extensive success on the Canadian & European CM charts, and his honky-tonk music is most certainly “the real deal”. www.dannymack.com 

Musicians this year will include Lawrie Minson (dobro, lap steel, banjo & harmonica), Garry Steele (piano and accordion), Adrian Davies (guitar), Nick Summers (pedal steel), Geoff Dallas and Doug Rowe on bass, and Randall Wilson & Troy Schmidt on drums. Of course there’ll be other “surprise” special guest vocalists.

Tamworth dates are finally in place for the 2006 Country Music Festival.
Friday 20th Jan: 8pm Ladies of Country Show, Legends Bar, Westleagues Club
Sunday 22nd Jan: 12noon to 3pm Gate Bar, Southgate Hotel, CLELIA ADAMS SHOW, band & friends
Introducing from Canada, Danny Mack.
Tuesday 24th Jan: 4-7pm, Dom’s Room, Family Hotel, CLELIA ADAMS SHOW, band & friends
Introducing from Canada, Danny Mack.
Thursday 26th Jan: 2pm The Pub Group On Target, Target store, Tamworth city Centre.
Friday 27th Jan: 2pm The Pub Group on Target, Target store, Tamworth city Centre.
Saturday 28th Jan: 2pm, “Craig Giles & Friends”, Butlers Auditorium, LBS Studios
Have a wonderful Christmas, and fabulous New Year!
See you in Tamworth, yeehaa!!!

This is the oldest country music radio chart in Europe, active since 1994
Charts page updated: 06/28/05
Based in airplay throughout Europe.
Number 67. Survey May 27, 2005
(Chart survey reports to June 3, 2005)
1  Clelia Adams Back in baby’s arms/Hillcrest *****
2 Stevie Cee Your Lovin' Man
3 Rick Sharp I'm goin' to hell just like you told me to
4 Leo Stokes Honkytonk Heartache
5 Byron Hill Like a country song
6 Gretchen Wilson Homewrecker
7 Lisa O'Kane Sometimes
8 Erin Hay Jamboree on the Mountain
9 Hal Willis Walking Dream
10 Mayf Nutter Goin’ skinny dippin’
11 Connie Strange & Debbie Bennett We will stand
12 Lucie Diamond Kilimanjaro/Hillcrest *****
13 Billy Dean Let them be little
14 Mark Chesnutt Somebody save the Honky Tonks
15 Tompall Glasser & Clint Miller Glory train to heaven
16 Ernie Ashworth I feel better than I meant to
17 Rascal Flatts Bless the broken road
18 Bill Townsend Tender mercy
19 Caroline McHugh Time has come
20 Richard Palmer I need a breather
21 Danny Mack If I had left it up to you/Hillcrest *****
22 Toby Keith Honky Tonk U
23 Pete Schlegel It takes a whole lotta liquor to like her
24 Moriss Taylor Who’s Foolin’ Who
25 Mike Clifford Get the "L" outta L.A.
26 Chely Wright Back of the bottom drawer
27 Tymber If I cry
28 Loman Craig Do The Boogie Woogie
29 TJ Murr Make Sure Nobody Knows
30 Tommy Overstreet When I’ve Drank Texas Dry
31 Rusty Evans Lost Highwayman
32 Kathy & Lance Good-bye Belalie
33 Beau Renfro I wanna dance with You
34 Craig Morgan That's what I love about Sunday
35 Maggy Austin Taking Time
36 Anita Perras You should dream
37 Jerri Arnold An old country record speaks
38 Kenny Chesney Anything but mine
39 Hank Ray Somebody’s Lonesome
40 Mark Laforme Nothin’ can stop me
41 Shelley Buffitt Wishing I Was Her
42 Glenn Alan Man On A Mission
43 Clint Miller & Tompall Glaser What a friend we have in Jesus
44 Henry Smith Welcome to my world
45 Jerry Hanlon & Tracy Wells Yes, Mr.Peters
46 David & Bryan Cline Move it on over
47 Tift Merritt Good hearted man
48 Brenn Hill Pickup truck cafe
49 Angela White Rocky Top
50 Arly Karlsen Walking The Floor Over Me/Hillcrest *****
51 Debbie White Flame of love
52 Mike Runnels Secret love affair
53 Angela White Honky Tonk Angels
54 Buddy Lewis Jilted and jadded
55 Cindy Upchurch Let's praise him
56 Leon Douglas You Gave Me Everything
57 Judy Kanyo Old Fashioned Heart
58 Jim Rorie One More For The Ditch
59 Casey Martin Find My Own Way
60 Jerry Hanlon The last Country song
61 Billy Mata Beer drinking Music
62 Anita Perras That silver haired daddy of mine
63 Julie Simon Learning to smile
64 Tymber Star light star bright
65 Jose Daniel Second hand ring
66 Delon Rodeo Life
67 B. Jeff Stone A Good Hearted Woman
68 Bill Passalacqua Crossroad
69 Erin Hay Goodbye Ireland
70 Bobby Huckaby Guess I’ll Go Fishin’
71 Wesley Ialacy Hook, Line & Sinker
72 David Cline Houston
73 Angie Heart I fall to pieces
74 Josh Logan I Passed Over Georgia
75 Durango & Friends I Wish You Didn’t Love Me So Much
76 Kari HLavinka I’ll Come Running To You
77 Jim Marlboro I’ll Sing No Sad Songs Anymore
78 Charlie Louvin Ira
79 LORI MORRISON Just my luck
80 Augusta Purvis Just Say You Love Me
81 Sandy Samples Little Bit Of Texas
82 George Arlis Highfill Lone Star In Texas
83 Kevin Robinson Makin’em Like They Used To
84 Dale Brown Mid-Week Blues
85 Bob & Sheila Everhart Muddy Waters
86 Ken Wentworth Rain Spattered Highway
87 Diamond Doug Brookins She Took My Soul & Heart In Hand
88 Jimmy & Jenny Eaves Somewhere Between
89 Johnny Cash Sunday mornin’ comin’ down
90 Yvonne DeVaney Tell Me A Lie
91 Tony Pollen The Letter
92 Merri Winter The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
93 Margie Cumbie Tuck This Kiss Under Your Pillow
94 DeLon When I Moved Out of Tulsa
95 Billy Yates Wrong Side Of The Bed
96 Ron Thompson You Ain’t Country Boy
97 Ernie Ashworth You Can’t Pick A Rose In December
98 Sugarland Baby Girl
99 Toby Keith & Willie Nelson Beer for my horses
100 Rooster Quantrell Don’t you think it’s time

Email: clelia@optusnet.com.au
Web: www.cleliaadams.com 
Phone: (02) 6684 3206 Mobile: 0429 668059
Clelia Adams: NFS 95 Track 5 “Talk Of The Town” April 2005

Hi everyone,
Living on the Brunswick River in Mullumbimby is an awesome thing in itself, but, as I watched the river swell to three times its width and height from my back porch, it was utterly spectacular and terrifying at the same time. The mass of water lapped the back steps, but according to the marker on the submerged boatshed for the 1987 flood, we were 6 inches short. The Northern Rivers certainly was “the talk of the town” and the impact of singing those lines “and that rain is a comin’ down, hear that rain, what a might sound” at my shows last weekend, was felt by all.

Since my last update in May, there have been a lot of exciting developments for me. It looks like 2005 is the start of my year of traveling. Not only will I be doing my first Mildura Independents Festival, I will also be doing my first Gympie Muster this year, with Brisbane’s Smokin’ Crawdads doing the honours as my band. Dates are Tues. 23rd and Wed. 24th August. I also get to visit Yeppoon for the first time, as local community station Radio NAG is sponsoring a concert for me at Yeppoon Town Hall on Saturday 30th July.

Reaching the European charts has been a huge thrill for me, but when I got news this week of reaching the Australian COUNTRYTRACKS TOP 30, it was the icing on the cake. “TALK OF THE TOWN” is no. 30 on the 2 July chart. Thanks to all the radio presenters around the country for your continued airplay support of my music.

This week, Europe also brought good news, as my single ‘BACK IN BABY’S ARMS” (Hillcrest 23, March 2005) has entered the ECMA mainstream chart at no. 75 first week in.

The international reviews for “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” continue to blow me away. A few snippets below, with full reviews on my website.

“The heart stopper this month comes from Australia with a very simple album of pure country music. On this vast continent on the other side of the world, country music has always been popular. Australia has its pioneers from the 50’s and 60’s such as Slim Dusty and some of its younger artists have successfully emigrated to the US (keith urban, Sherrie Austin), but the local scene remains highly vibrant and Clelia Adams does not dream of becoming the next Australian Shania Twain. Her music does not have a hint of pop. One of the best albums of true country music for this year.”
Jacques Dufour, Country Web Bulletin, 21 June, 2005

“It is almost as if her previous album “Bring It On” was an instruction, for Clelia has certainly “brought it on” country style for her latest release. The eleven superb performances span the generations and three extra bonus tracks of rock and roll favourites makes this one the ALBUM OF THE WEEK.”
Pete Smith, The Advertiser, UK, 16th May, 2005

“Very occasionally, an album comes along that has the knack of leaving you happy and such is the case with “Heartbeat Highway”. If this CD doesn’t leave you feeling warm and happy, you’d be strongly advised to book an appointment with your friendly GP, because man, you’ve got problems.”
Burt Everett, Bundaberg Guardian, June 8, 2005.

That’s about it for me, see you around OZ sometime this year, bye for now, CLELIA
Hi ya
everyone, a quick note to let you know that my "Talk of the Town" has just made it into the Aussie CMTop 30. Yeehaa!  
Clelia Adams: NFS 95 Track 5 “Talk Of The Town” April 2005
May, 2005
Hello everyone,
What an amazing year it has been already and its only May!! My first single from the “Heartbeat Highway” album, “Talk of the Town” on NFS 95 is going great guns on national radio, and many thanks to all the presenters all over Australia that I’ve done interviews with over the last months for their compliments & rave reviews on the new album and of course the airplay.

Shane Howard’s 80’s classic song, with its stunning imagery of the Aussie drought/flood landscape, struck a huge chord with me, and the full-on country treatment we gave it, suits the song perfectly. A few dj’s have commented that the lyric was lost to them from Farnham’s pop version, (me too!) but with the clear vocal & pure country arrangement, the storyline unfolds its magical tale, as it should.

I’ve had confirmation that I will be performing at the Mildura Independents Country Music Festival in Sept/October 2005. As this is my first Indie festival, I’m really looking forward to the trek south of the border to meet country music fans in that part of the world.

My new single in Europe “Back In Baby’s Arms” on Hillcrest 23, Track 4 (March 2005) is receiving massive radio airplay, to the point that on the April 1-15 2005, WORLDWIDE & MAINSTREAM “MOST PLAYED MAJOR & INDIE” ARTISTS Chart, have me ranked no. 10 in the world. How cool is that?

The International Country Music Charts are also reflecting great airplay with the Australian airplay chart placing me at No. 14; Denmark No. 8; New Zealand No 44; Norway No. 19; Belgium No. 13; Poland No. 18. My thanks go to all the radio programmers around the world, for making all this possible.

That’s about all the news for now from me. If you’re heading to northern NSW, check my gig guide on my website and pop in for a visit, I’d love to see y’all.

I hope all is well with you and yours,
Clelia at Tamworth Festival Gina Timm's Ladies of Country Music
September. 2004
Email: clelia@optusnet.com.au
Web: www.cleliaadams.com 
Phone: (02) 6684 3206
Mobile: 0429 668 059

Hello Everyone,
My new CD “Heartbeat Highway”
is being launched at the 2005 Tamworth country music festival, on
Monday 17th January, 4pm
the Scully Room, Southgate Inn
I know the festival is always a hectic time, but i would love to have you help me celebrate, with the Feral Swing Katz and Friends on stage.
“Heartbeat Highway” was recorded with Ferals legends Stuart French (Producer) on guitars and backing vocals, and Michel Rose on pedal steel and dobro. James Gillard on bass, Garry Steele on piano and accordion, with drum details to Rudy Miranda and Joel Davis. Lifelong friends Kate McCarthy and Doug Rowe joined in on backing vocals, with the very talented Camille te nahu, also adding her special magic.
The mix of songs on “Heartbeat Highway” comes directly from the “live performance” arena, with a strong roots country rockabilly retro theme. Songs from Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Iris De Ment, Patsy Montana, Shane Howard, Bobby Darin, neil sedaka and many more
We had lots of fun recording, and we’ll have a ball playing them….I really hope to see you there!
Clelia ADAMS
Phone: (02) 6684 3206 Mobile: 0429 668059
clelia@optusnet.com.au  www.cleliaadams.com 

Northern Rivers songbird CLELIA ADAMS, has released her new album ‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” just in time for the 2005 Tamworth Country Music Festival. Formerly from Tamworth, Clelia plans to launch the new album in her old home town, with the Feral Swing Katz and friends on stage on Monday 17th January, 4pm in the Scully Room, Southgate Inn.

“HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” was recorded with Feral Swing Katz legends, Stuart French (producer), on guitars and backing vocals and Michel Rose on pedal steel and dobro. James Gillard on bass, Garry Steele on piano and accordion, with drum details to Rudy Miranda and Joel Davis. Lifelong friends Kate McCarthy and Doug Rowe joined in on backing vocals with the very talented Camille Te Nahu also adding her special magic.

The selection of songs for ‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, came directly from the “live performance”
arena, songs both pre-loved and new, and firm favourites with country music fans everywhere she performs. A strong roots country, rockabilly retro theme runs throughout the album, spanning and bringing together Clelia’s musical influences. Songs from Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Iris de Ment, Patsy Montana, Shane Howard, Bobby Darin, Neil Sedaka and many more. A self confessed “60’s kid”, Clelia’s retro mix of songs is evocative and enticing, impeccably played and true to the spirit of their genre, which covers music from the 30’s (including yodeling songs), through the 60’s to the more contemporary 80’s. ‘HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY”, a Clelia original, is the story of her performing life, wrapped up in one big catchy country shuffle.

Since the release of her previous album “BRING IT ON” in 2001, Clelia’s international career has exploded with four songs from that album reaching the ECMA (European Country Music Association) radio airplay charts. “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” and “Cowgirl Rides Away” have been on the European radio airplay charts for most of 2004. Europe has embraced Clelia’s pure roots country style and has bought her national and international media attention.

“What a pleasure to listen to this CD, both Clelia’s lovely clear vocals and the terrific musicians, the sensitive interpretations of classic songs, makes for a wonderful listening experience.”
Ian Dobie, Country Music in Britain, 12 March, 2003

“Will she be the next folk/country giant from Down Under?” - Ted Clark, DJ, The Netherlands.

“Clelia Adams is a young Australian beauty on the music scene with a wonderful debut “Bring It On”. Whatever the vintage, style or mood, Clelia does a first class job interpreting classic country songs. This lady certainly has sass and class in equal measure. Just the right ingredients for a great country album.” Pete Smith, The Advertiser (England), 12 July 2002

“I love your album, good selection of songs, good playing and production. But the best thing is your voice quality – you have the rare qualities these days of being both distinctive and utterly attractive…can’t mistake you for anyone else!” Eddie O’Strange, CM presenter, New Zealand

Clelia delivers a top class, professional, entertaining show. Audiences everywhere are knocked out by her versatility, personality and dynamic vocals.

Phone: (02) 6684 3206 Mobile: 0429 668059
Email: clelia@optusnet.com.au
Web: www.cleliaadams.com 
PO Box 441, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482 AUSTRALIA

Spring is most certainly in the air here on the Far North Coast, as the September blooms burst into spectacular colour all over the Byron shire.

The last couple of months have been quite heady and exciting for me, with my last single into Europe, “Cowgirl Rides Away” reaching No. 6 on the ECMA chart (22 August, 2004), while “Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” was also still on the chart, having spent 12 weeks there from April, 2004. As a result of all this European chart activity, local media interest has sparked a spate of on air radio interviews, and print media coverage here in Australia. I’ve had the opportunity of catching up with many old friends amongst the country music dj’s and presenters on community and mainstream stations around the country. To all of you out there who continue to support us Independent artists, by playing our music, we are truly appreciative.

“Speed of the Sound of Loneliness” is released on August NFS 90, 2004, and is my current single in Australia. To my delight, this John Prine song seems to be a special favourite of many CM fans and radio presenters, so radio airplay response has been wonderful. My love affair with this songwriter began in my other life as a record company executive at WEA in the 70’s, with the release of his first album. In my time at WEA in London in l973, I was extremely privileged to spend the weekend looking after both John Prine and Steve Goodman, when they came to perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival.

Looking forward to the rest of 2004, the recording of my new album “HEARTBEAT HIGHWAY” begins in October. Special guests musicians will include of course, Stuart French on guitars & production, Michel Rose on pedal steel, mandolin and dobro (both Feral Swing Katz), Garry Steele on piano & accordion, James Gillard (The Flood) on bass, Steve Fernley (the Flood) on drums, and other guest players and vocalists.
The new album will feature classic country songs, both old and new, that have become gig favourites with my audiences. My first fledgling attempt at writing the title song, “Heartbeat Highway” sums up the stories of life on the road for many of us. The selection of songs for this album directly reflects the “live performance” response, and there’s even a couple of novice yodeling songs (my new party trick).
I look forward to launching the new album with the same recording band (all the gods in the universe permitting), in Tamworth, for the 2005 Festival. Some shows have been confirmed, these include The All Girl Show at West League on Friday 14th January, and also some shows at Shoppingworld, dates yet to be confirmed.

That’s about it for me this time, my best wishes to all,
Hello friends everywhere,
sharing some good news that came in from Europe this morning. "Cowgirl" @ No. 8 is very exciting, esp only 3rd week in. "Speed" is still hanging in @ no. 82 after 12 weeks. Gotta be happy with that. I will be appearing at lots of local venues within the next couple of months before going into the studio to record a new album in October. Yeehaa!
luv youze all,
Hello Everyone,
I thought one song on the European charts was pretty cool, now there's two, at the same time!! wow! "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" has been on the charts for 10 weeks, and new single "Cowgirl Rides Away" is first week in @ no. 86.
There are quite a few charts coming from Europe at the moment, with the various European countries sending in their top 10 most played songs. On this chart, dated 3rdJjuly, 2004, "Cowgirl Rides Away" is
no. 10 in Denmark
no. 2 in Spain
no. 2 in Italy
No. 4 in Scandanavia

These charts are then compiled, which become another chart of "2000 most played songs in Europe", 3rd July 2004, which has "Cowgirl Rides Away" @ no. 8 most played song for that week. Hope I haven't confused you!
I will be releasing "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" into Australia on NFS in August, so Australia will be hearing that one on the airwaves soon.
Great news also is that I'm finally going into the studio with Stuart French in Sydney in October to record a new album, and planning is in full swing for that one. "Bring It On" was released in 2001, and continues to do well in Europe, I feel it is time for new music.
I am still currently working regularly in all major clubs in the Northern Rivers, and will continue to do so, along with festivals and possibly Europe in 2005.
Thanks all of you for your media support over the past years, it is so appreciated, and hopefully I'll be able to provide you with news fodder for a while to come.

Hi guys,
this just came through from Europe, I'm at no. 7 on the most played Indie & Mainstream chart!!! Yeehaa!!
Oi luv youze all,

April 17/04
Hello from Hillcrest - congrats to all the Hillcrest artists who made this chart!

This Chart is compiled in total from PLAYLIST posted on all known recognized
playlist boards ONLY. All Playlist have to be posted on these playlist
boards for everyone to see or they are not counted.

This Chart was compiled using every "Spin" reported. The distribution rule
was applied and every spin was counted. All spins are counted as 1 point,
Intro's & Outro's are counted as 1/2 point, all ties are decided by
longivity, (weeks on the charts)
There were no unverifiable playlist used to compile this chart. If the
playlists are not "posted", we do not count them!!!!!!!
Total entries this report period - 12,526 (spins).
Total Artists receiving Airplay - 3,312.
Major Label vs. Independent Label - Major 25%, Indie 75%.
Distribution Rule Cut -off was Twelve (12)

Top 260 Most Played Artists for this period.
Please remember, if you made these charts at # 260, there are 3,052 others
who did not this period or are behind you.

CONGRATULATIONS to "Arly Karlsen & Pat Roden" for being the #1 MOST PLAYED ARTISTS FOR
THIS CHART PERIOD 1 - 15 April 2004
# Name Label/Distributor

1 Arly Karlsen/Pat Roden Hillcrest/WHP/Showtime
2 Hermann Lammers Meyer Desert Kid/WHP
3 Erin Hay WHP/CoDisc/WIR
4 Hal Willis WHP/CoDisc
5 Troy Cook Jr Stardust
6 Arly Karlsen Hillcrest/WHP/Showtime
7 Clelia Adams Hillcrest - Congratulations !!
8 Shelley Buffitt WHP/CoDisc
9 Danny Mack Hillcrest
10 James Maddox Echota Rec
Clelia Adams at Byron
 I've been performing non-stop since I arrived here at Byron Shire and the people here have embraced me as their own, naming me the "Mullumbimby Girl". They love their country music here, so my "Country Career" flourishes. My album "Bring It On" has yielded 3 "Top 10" songs on the "Indie charts" in Europe, and my current single in Europe is "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness", which as you can see by the chart is sitting at No. 14 on the ECMA (European Country Music Association) chart. This is the mainstream music chart, so I'm more than thrilled. I've featured on Rage Page over the years and really love what you're doing for the music industry keeping us all connected.   So I want people to know that I haven't just swanned off the the Far North Coast, semi retired & not doing much at all.   Anyway I just wanted to  let people know what's going on in my life.

           Clelia Adams and Kate McCarthy          
1 Troy Cook Jr. Watchin'
2 Hermann Lammers Meyer Highway Heroes
3 Paul & Helen Mateki We’ll See Loretta At Kentucky State Fair
4 Arly Johnny Here's To You (The Man In Black) - Hillcrest *****
5 Cori Chandler For The Love Of It - Hillcrest *****
6 Mandy Strobel Man on the Run
7 Kenny Chesney There goes my Life
8 Andrew Dean Robbing Peter To Pay Pauline
9 Barb Marchuk If You so much as touch me
10 George Hamilton IV Lord I'm Glad That Your Are God - Hillcrest *****
11 Patty Loveless On your way home
12 Mandy Strobel Drinkin my thinkin - Hillcrest *****
13 Marty Stuart Too much month
14 Clelia Adams Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness - Hillcrest *****
15 Jason Kemp Through the eys of a child
16 Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez Don't Speak In English
17 Shane Worley Mary hold me
18 Vince Gill Young man's town
19 Them Bowmans Hain't Neither
20 Pat Green Wave on Wave
Print out and have the memories