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Danny Mack
(The Cement City Cowboy)
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Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) News
It has been a little more than a year since my Aussie wife Bonnie and I arrived in Australia. We have had a very exciting & successful year thanks largely to the phenomenal generosity of the Aussie country music fraternity, to whom we send a big THANK YOU. One of the main people we would like to acknowledge is Clelia Adams. Clelia and I both released singles on the Canadian compilation CD ‘Hillcrest’ and were acquainted through email & a few phone chats prior to our arrival in Australia in late 2005. Since I had no musical track record in Australia, Clelia knew I would have difficulty getting in front of an audience so she gave me the fantastic opportunity to perform an opening set for each of her gigs at the 2006 Tamworth Country Music Festival – a great introduction to the Australian country music scene. Clelia showed me the ropes & thanks to her I met loads of Australia’s great players & performers many of whom kindly invited me to share their stages as a guest artist, allowing me the exposure to build my profile. Things just seemed to blossom from there.

During 2006 we managed to finish up our new CD ‘Ride Me Down Easy’ - started in Canada, with three songs completed and the drum and bass tracks for six more in the can. We had met Bill Chambers at the 2006 Tamworth Festival and before long Bill and I were co-producing and finishing up the CD in his studio. We are very proud of this record which was officially released at the 2007 Tamworth Festival and the reaction to the music has been extremely positive. We were lucky enough to have some great Australian contributors to the recording. Bill Chambers did a fantastic job on lead, dobro, lap steel & slide guitar: Michel Rose on pedal steel: Simon Johnson on bass: Katie Brianna, harmony vocals: Justin Brady on harmonica & mandolin. Justin Brady is a multi-instrumentalist (harmonica, mandolin & fiddle) from the Aussie band ‘Things Of Stone And Wood’ who I also met at the 2006 Tamworth Festival where we became friends and continue to do shows together. Throughout 2006 I was lucky enough to perform at festivals and at my own shows up and down the east coast from Malacoota in the south to Gympie. I was also thrilled to be invited to go to Western Australia to play in Bunbury. I’ve seen many beautiful & interesting places in my great Australian adventure & have had the privilege of getting to know & perform with some outstanding, world class Aussie musicians.

2007 started out with a great time at the Tamworth Festival - our gig at the Southgate Inn being a highlight. We were lucky enough to score one mighty fine band which included Michel Rose (pedal steel), Brad Bergen (Guitar), Mal Lancaster (drums) and Simon Johnson (bass). It was an honour to play with these talented musicians who really understand & appreciate what I call ‘Country’. THANKS DUDES!!! My friend & Tamworth legend, Wanita also joined us for one of her fantastic vocal performances. Wanita is an incredibly talented singer/performer and she certainly brings that “IT” factor to the stage. Later in the festival, I was lucky enough to get to sing with Wanita at her famous Albert shows.
I would like to thank Bill Chambers and Stuie French for their kind invitations to join them on stage during their respective shows at the 2007 Tamworth Festival.
To be associated with musicians of the calibres of Bill & Stuie is a total knockout.

Thanks again to everyone who generously made me feel welcome in Australia!
We hope to see you at:

The Rose Cottage (Canberra) - March 30th
The Hexham Bowling Club – April 4th
The Wyong RSL – April 5th
The Moruya Country Roundup – April 21st
DANNY MACK (The Cement City Cowboy)
“Danny Mack is the real deal. He’s sort of country but with a touch of rock
n blues attitude that reminds me of Waylon Jennings’ outlaw days”
………………Bill Chambers

Ex-pat Canadian DANNY MACK (THE CEMENT CITY COWBOY) will be rolling into Tamworth’s SOUTHGATE INN with “ONE MIGHTY FINE BAND” and a brand new CD in tow. The band will feature MICHEL ROSE – STEEL GUITAR, BRAD BERGEN – LEAD GUITAR, SIMON JOHNSON – BASS GUITAR, MAL LANCASTER – DRUMS. The CD “RIDE ME DOWN EASY” is Mack’s first Australian recorded album co-produced with legendary multi-talented BILL CHAMBERS. Danny and the band will be leaning heavily into the “Cry In Your Beer” style of country…..music Mack likes to call “Bartender Don’t Wait For Me To Order”. They will present a top shelf honky-tonk showcase consisting of Danny’s powerful original compositions along with a selection of songs from some of country music’s greatest writers…Merle Haggard, John Prine, Willie Nelson, Ian Tyson, Whitey Shafer, Billy Joe Shaver, Townes Van Zandt…etc. Soulful uncompromising country music at it’s best.
-DANNY MACK & JUSTIN BRADY appear on ABC’S Stateline
Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) and Justin Brady (Things of Stone and Wood) were featured in a segment on ABC’s Stateline television program hosted by Mark Bannerman. The piece presented Danny & Justin playing live and was interspersed with the story about how they met and came to the decision to perform together. The interviewer, Mark Bannerman did a great job in putting the piece together – he managed to capture the easy humour and camaraderie between Danny & Justin as well as the serious way they approach their music.
The show aired on ABC Canberra on Friday evening July 28th and Saturday midday July 29th and also on ABC 2 at 2:30 on Saturday July 29th and 4:30 on Sunday July 30th.

-DANNY MACK & JUSTIN BRADY draw capacity crowd at

Hot on the heals of their ABC Stateline appearance, Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) and Justin Brady (Things of Stone and Wood) had Canberra’s Rose Cottage packed to the rafters
on Sunday July 30th. There was standing room only inside and a queue of people waiting to hear Danny and Justin play. The concert style, three hour show went down a treat as Mack growled out his compelling ‘bare to the bone’ lyrics and Justin wove the mood with his soaring violin, harmonica and mandolin solos. The very appreciative audience was a pleasure to entertain and the Rose Cottage’s management commented that it was one of their best days ever.

-DANNY MACK riding the ol’ promo trail
Danny has lately been doing radio interviews and performing on “ABC South East NSW” with host Tim Holt and on “ABC Gippsland Victoria”.

-DANNY MACK & JUSTIN BRADY perform in Mallacoota
Danny & Justin had a terrific time at their concert at the coolest of venues, Mallacoota’s Mud Brick Hall, on Friday June 30th.
The fantastically receptive audience hung on every note and word – a musician’s dream! They are planning a return visit in the near future when some of the great local players will be featured.
PHONE: 04 2372 2056
E-MAIL: danny@dannymack.com  WEB: www.dannymack.com

Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) will be performing at the inaugural Port Stephens Country Music Festival. The ex-patriot Canadian’s shows are on Saturday June 10 at the Nelson Bay Golf Club beginning at 8:45 pm where he will be joined on stage by the all-star lineup of Justin Brady (Things of Stone and Wood) on harmonica, mandolin and fiddle and bass/guitar player Greg Franks.

Danny’s new recording project “We’ve Got Them Covered” is in the can. With Bill Chambers at the helm as co-producer, guitarist and engineer, “We’ve Got Them Covered” is a fantastic collaboration between two country music legends covering some of the greatest honky-tonk songs ever written. The boys were joined in the studio by a stellar cast including Michel Rose (steel guitar) Justin Brady (harmonica, mandolin) Simon Johnson (bass) and Katie Brianna (harmony vocals). The CD will be mixed and released later in the year.

Danny is really pleased to announce he has made the final cut for the 2006 Gympie Muster in August (dates and venues to be announced) and he will also be appearing at Canberra’s premier live music venue “The Rose Cottage” on Sunday July 30 from 2-5pm.

Ex-patriot Canadian singer/songwriter Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) has recently teamed up with award winning multi-instrumentalist Justin Brady from the stellar Aussie band Things of Stone and Wood.  Danny and Justin first met during the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2006 where Justin proudly took home the Golden Harmonica Award.  The two gifted performers struck up an immediate musical friendship.  The music Danny and Justin create together is a contemporary roots country/folk mix highlighted by Mack’s haunting and compelling story telling lyrics and driven by Justin’s electronically affected mandolin, harmonica and violin.  The sound is big, powerful, moving and original…..music with soul!  Danny and Justin will be in your area in the very near future.

Danny and Justin will be playing on March 30 in Bunbury WA for the ‘Great Western Australian Bike Ride’.

Danny’s two critically acclaimed CDs “Galaxy Cabaret” and “We All Fall Down” will soon be distributed nation wide in Australia by “One Stop Entertainment”. Watch for a June release on NFS.

Danny Mack is currently in pre-production for his new CD titled “We’ve Got Them Covered” and is thrilled that Bill Chambers has agreed to work on the recording.  Bill and Danny are planning to begin work on the project on April 11 and a mid year release accompanied by a video clip is planned. The album will be laced with songs that Mack feels are amongst the greatest country songs ever written.  These include Merle Haggard’s “If I Had Left It Up To You” and “You Don’t Have Very Far To Go”, Jimmy Wakely’s “Too Late”, Billy Joe Shaver’s “Ride Me Down Easy” and Kasey Chamber’s “Nullarbor Song”. As Danny himself puts it, “Over the years I have learned, performed and recorded hundreds of songs most of which I have forgotten.  Every once in a while I come across a brilliantly crafted song that I just can't get out of my mind. My new work in progress "We've Got Them Covered" is a sampler of tunes that have stuck with me through the years and they have been written by some of the greatest country music song writers of our time”. The CD will also include some of Danny Mack’s gems that have until now remained unrecorded.

Since moving to Australia Danny Mack has not yet had the opportunity to showcase what he does best. In intimate venue with an audience that is interested in sharing Danny’s tales of a life lived both hard and wide awake, the man literally spins magic.
For bookings and further info call 04 2372 2056
Promoter and agent inquiries welcome.
E-mail: danny@dannymack.com 
Web: www.dannymack.com 
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(The Cement City Cowboy)
Danny at 2006 Tamworth Country Music Festiavl

We at Dakotamack Inc. are proud to announce that on Sunday, October 16th 2005 Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy) will be inducted into the “Country Music Hall Of Fame” in his home province of British Columbia Canada by the B.C.C.M.A. (British Columbia Country Music Association).
Bonnie Dakota McCartney (President)
Dakotamack Inc.
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Fax: 604-687-7185
E-mail: dakotamack@telus.net

Website: www.dannymack.com

G'day from Vancouver Canada! Well it won't be long until I will be writing you from Australia. I have recently received my Australian residency visa and my wife Bonnie and I are permanently moving to Oz at the end of November 2005. Bonnie is Australian from Sydney and after visiting in 1999 we have been methodically making plans to move to your fantastic country.

I am looking forward to getting down to the chore of establishing myself in the Aussie country/roots music scene. We will be seeking out venues for live performance as well as releasing CDs into the Australian market. I am excited with the prospects of meeting some of the great Aussie musicians and of course all of the country music fans.

We will be in Tamworth for at least five of the ten days and we are so looking forward to attending the 2006 festival and with any luck we can meet up with you.

Kindest regards from a new Aussie,
Danny Mack (The Cement City Cowboy)

Dakotamack Inc.
Phone: 604-687-5217
Fax: 604-687-7185
Website: www.dannymack.com

G'day from Vancouver Canada. I thought I would drop you a note and maybe catch up a bit. I was talking with Clelia Adams on the phone the other day and she recommended I look at your website. Little did she know that you and I have already introduced ourselves to each other.

I was in Edmonton Alberta recently doing a singer/songwriter concert with Corb Lund, Stewart MacDougall and Tom Phillips. The show was part of Juno Fest which was a celebration of Canadian music during the Juno Awards (Canada's Music Awards). 

A small report on our CD 'GALAXY CABARET'. The song 'Holy Karumba' stayed at #2 on the European Country Music Chart for weeks. Larry Delaney who is the editor of 'Country Music News' (Canada's Country Music Magazine) listed 'Galaxy Cabaret' as #3 in his annual "Delaney's Dozen" (Canada's top twelve country CDs of the year).

Note - Danny is hoping to get some gigs for the Tamworth 2005 Country Music Festival.  

Danny Mack

Danny Mack has been an innovator and a leader in western Canada's roots music scene for close to four decades. 2003 finds him writing and singing better than ever. His new release "Galaxy Cabaret" is a full on honky-tonkin', two steppin', country shufflin', steel guitar driven little beauty. This is the 'real deal'.

Danny spent July 2003 in Holland promoting "Galaxy Cabaret" with live gigs, radio interviews and live-to-air performances throughout the Netherlands and is now back in Canada on the performance and promotion trail. Over the past year Danny has also been doing concerts with the British Columbia Cowboy Heritage Society which is committed to celebrating and preserving cowboy culture.

In the early stages of his career he shared stages with the likes of The Doors, B.B. King, Dr. John, Commander Cody, Jerry Jeff Walker, The Byrds, New Riders Of The Purple Sage and the Sir Douglas Quintet, until becoming a featured singer/songwriter in his own right. Mack began his professional career as a Vancouver teenager with a dream and from the outset, his musical interests seemed destined to be ahead of their time. He spent his high school years belting out Rhythm & Blues with his first band THE VAN-DELS and later in Alberta as he joined forces with THE BANFF PLAYBOYS. Performing under the name DANNY SOUL he worked audiences into a frenzy with James Brown like gyrations and danceable, soulful R&B.

In the mid-sixties Mack heard about a new surge of underground music back in his native Vancouver. Danny jumped on the next bus back home and on his arrival was recruited as a lead singer for the psychedelic rock band THE FANTASTIC SENSATIONS, a regular at Vancouver's first lightshow club, "The Afterthought". Next for Mack was the forming of THE HYDRO ELECTRIC STREETCAR, a pioneering Acid-Rock group, which among other things, was one of the first acts in the world to incorporate a Moog Synthesizer into live performance.

In the early seventies Danny formed the country rock group FIREWEED which was solely responsible for introducing country music to western Canada's rock and roll clubs. FIREWEED went on to tour and record an album with native spokesman and actor Chief Dan George. Through the mid seventies Mack delved deeper into country music with the formation of the CEMENT CITY COWBOYS. The COWBOYS began as a four piece outlaw band which evolved into an eight piece western swing unit, that played to packed houses at Vancouver's famous COMMODORE BALLROOM. By the late seventies Mack had moved back to Alberta to further his pursuit of the perfect country and western song. With his group ALBERTA CRUDE he managed to become a fixture in Calgary's then flourishing live performance music scene, as well as a regular at rodeo dances in Alberta and Saskatchewan. During this time he recorded the critically acclaimed self-titled album "DANNY MACK".The '80s found Dan on the move. He spent time in New York City where he played such noted venues as The Lone Star Cafe and the Village Gate. He then flew off to Amsterdam in '86 and backed by the Dutch group WOODY AND THE SIDEMEN did twenty four one-niters in Holland. They included dates at the world famous MILKY WAY and PARADISO clubs.

On his return to Canada, Mack took a different turn as he disappeared into the movie and television business working as an actor, stand-in, then writer and performer of motion picture soundtracks. He worked on such productions as The X-Files, Poltergeist The Legacy, Dead Man's Gun, Millennium, and the feature film We All Fall Down.

In 1999 Danny Mack returned to his true passion, a roots singer/songwriter. With yet another refreshing take on musical styles, he released a CD titled I'M ALRIGHT NOW, a contemporary folk, sometimes satirical look at relationships, politics and the human condition.

In 2001 Danny released "We All Fall Down" which includes three songs from the feature film of the same name. "We All Fall Down" is a gritty unflinching cityscape - Mack 'telling it like it is' as always. Between studying acting, appearing in film and television, touring and promoting his music internationally, Mack continues to look ahead to the next creative evolution.    

Galaxy Caberet

Dance With Me
I Remember Loving You
Bitter Half

Old Amsterdam
Galaxy Interlude
Ol' Beat Up Truck
The Loving Game
Holy Karumba
You Beat Me To The Door
If You Only Knew
Rock This Place
Canadian Cowboy
Galaxy Interlude 2

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We All Fall Down
(We All Fall Down Interlude)
Where Did I Leave My Heart
(Bobby's Interlude)
Bobby's On The Run
Live And Die In Fear
Buffalo Hunter
What Are Us
Trembling Angel
Why Must This Go On
Time Of The Thunder
(We All Fall Down Too)

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