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G’day All
Just a quick explanation for those wondering why I’ve been quiet of late, well I literally had to go QUIET. I’ve been battling with a voice problem, cause unknown, for some years now with it getting steadily worse. I’d tried everything from specialists to naturopaths to hypnotherapists .You name it, I tried it - all to no avail.

It started as just something which made my vocal recovery a little slow. Then actual singing became a labour. I was playing solo and doing some pretty vocally demanding songs and just put it down to fatigue. I changed mics thinking it was problems with my gear. Then I started losing my range, particularly my “head” voice. I lost it badly while doing the vocal for my first album, Beyond the Paling Fence. We put that down to an allergy to the perfume of a friend sitting in on the session.

From there it rapidly deteriorated .A three hour gig would take two weeks to recover from. The songs I wrote for my album Come By Chance were written to accommodate what voice I had left only to find them a struggle too. Two 15 minute spots, two days in a row at Mildura was enough to make the rest of the festival a nightmare. Talking became difficult. A half hour conversation with a friend could result in no voice for 4 days. I started having to cancel gigs due to “laryngitis” or some other illness. Throughout all this, I have been constantly seeing health professionals, including Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. Some treatments actually made me feel better in some way but nothing helped my voice .I became a nervous wreck and was very depressed (quite normal for people with this problem I’m told).

Well, by the end of this years Tamworth it all came to a screaming (or whispering) halt. Lucky for me a dear friend of mine, who was in Tamworth, gave me the name of someone in Melbourne who has GIVEN ME MY LIFE BACK. It turns out I’ve got a vocal problem called muscle tension dysphonia caused by reflux. Sounds yuk doesn’t it. Well it is but it’s not reflux as most people know it. Just a little acid getting into the larynx and playing havoc with the vocal cords.

The great news is its treatable and the better news is that my voice is coming back beautifully and I’m about raring to go! I’m already doing things with my voice that I haven’t been able to do for 3 or 4 years and with a bit of gigging the vocal stamina will return too .WOO HOO!

So while I’m “rehabbing” please don’t forget me. I’m counting on you all being there when I “come back”!
My first serious hit out will be at the Gympie Muster in August. Can’t wait!
See ya there
P.s. Thank you Debbie Phyland and the Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre for giving me my life back .
I've just released a filmclip on Country Music Channel on Austar/Foxtel.  They are giving it introductory airplay and if enough people request it goes onto a higher rotation. So if you would please check out the email above and follow the link listed that would be just fantastic. If I can get it onto high rotation then hopefully the rest of Australia will see it and vote for it. You don't need to have pay tv to vote. Anyway I hope you can help me kick off and thanx whatever you do.
By the way the song is called
Newcomer Darren Colston's self-penned single The Boundary Rider has claimed a spot in the final five nominations in the Heritage Song Of The Year at the upcoming CMAA Country Music Awards of Australia.

It was the first single taken from his album Come By Chance, and Darren is ecstatic about the announcement.

"I couldn't believe it when they told me, it's topped off a great year. To be among the likes of John Williamson & Paul Kelly, artists I look up to and respect - it's a dream come true," Darren enthused.

And it is not just luck for this talented Murray River based artist - he has been working hard for a few years now and reaping the benefits, taking out the 2005 Golden Saddle Award. He has also just received notification that he is a finalist in the New Songwriter Award at the TSA Songwriters' Salute Awards Of Australia.

2006 will continue to be a high for Darren with The Boundary Rider securing two more finalist berths for Heritage & Male Vocalist Of The Year in the ACMLA People's Choice Awards & the Tamworth Independent Artists' Recognition Awards.

Another of his songs Moving The Mullock is also a Top 10 finalist in the Victorian & National Country Music Awards to be announced in Whittlesea early next year, for Bush Ballad Of The Year.

His new single & title track Come By Chance (NFS #101 track 2) has garnered good radio support and is a great lead-up to the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January for this consummate songwriter & entertainer.


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New independent artists, as well as established performers are in line for the 2006 ACMLA Peoples Choice Awards.

The 2005 CMAA Independent Entertainer Of The Year and the Best Female Vocalist at this years Peoples Choice Awards, Felicity Urquhart, has again been named a finalist in Best Female Artist.

With her new single The Flood charting, and her forthcoming album My Life to be released in January at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, 2006 is looking very bright.

Receiving a nomination in Best Bush Ballad is newcomer Darren Colston with the song he wrote, The Boundary Rider, taken from his album Come By Chance.

He is a finalist alongside Tracy Coster - nominated with her single The Bushman’s Song written by Stan Coster. It’s featured on her tribute album to her father, Coster Country, the Australian Independent Country Music Awards Album Of The Year, released through ACMEC Records.

In the Best Band/Group/Duo category, Sovereign, featuring Steve Eales and brothers Andy & Steve Hartley, received a finalists berth, making it two years running for the Victorian based band. Their new single Wonnongatta Track has garnered great support from radio.

Joining them are the fun-loving girls from SweeneyKilleen who just love performing and feel privileged to have been acknowledged as finalists. With their latest album Along For The Ride gaining new audiences, this duo (Nikki Sweeney & Tracy-Lee Killeen) are thrilled with the past few months, as they were also named 2005 Akubra Cedar Awards Best Duo Of The Year.

The ACMLA (Australian Country Music Listeners Ass) Peoples Choice Awards will be announced Thursday January 26th, at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

For more information on the awards go to www.acmla.com.au 
www.felicityurquhart.com  www.thesovereignband.com.au  www.sweeneykilleen.com 
www.tracycoster.com.au  www.darrencolston.com
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DARREN COLSTON, has taken out the 2005 Coopers Golden Saddle Award, held in conjunction with one of Sydney's premier festivals, the Galston Country Music Festival.

The Cooper's Golden Saddle award acknowledges & support the great new Australian talent within the country music ranks.

Based on the Murray River at Tocumwal NSW, Darren absolutely enthralled everyone with his original songs and great style, proving to be a popular winner.

This is yet another highlight in Darren's already impressive career. He is currently a finalist in three categories at the upcoming Australian Independent Country Music Awards for Album Of The Year 'COME BY CHANCE', Heritage Song Of The Year & Rising Male Star with his current single 'THE BOUNDARY RIDER'.
As well as being named a finalist in the NSW Golden Medallion Awards for Songwriter Of The Year.
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Darren Colston wins at Galston
The winner of the Cooper's Golden Saddle Award for 2005 is Darren Colston from Tocumwal NSW. Darren absolutely enthralled everyone with his fantastic songs and great style and was a very popular winner.

Darren was presented his award by International Recording Star John Rowles who also performed as well singing many of his well known hit songs. Later on John was kept busy signing autographs and chatting to excited fans for the rest of the afternoon.

The Grand Finalists this year were Darren Colston, Sally Anne Whitten and Paul Costa. Each Grand Finalists gave a stunning performance but Darren Colston was chosen the winner by our Judges. He was presented with a cheque, various prize packages thanks to our sponsors, certificate of excellence and a Cooper's Golden Saddle Award.

He will also be invited back in 2006 as a very special guest for the festival's ten year celebrations. Sally-Anne and Paul each received a cheque, certificate of excellence a beautiful Golden Saddle and our heartfelt congratulations on reaching the Grand Finals this year.

The Galston Country Music Festival celebrated nine years this year and the Cooper's Golden Saddle Award its eighth. The first year was a simple local talent quest. The award has now grown on a national scale and is listed as a premier event not to be missed. The Cooper's Golden Saddle award acknowledges the great Australian talent within our ranks and ads support.

The Rotary Club of Galston would like to thank Sponsors Cooper's Brewery, The Independent Country Music Bulletin, Ramrod Recording Studios, Captain Cook Cruises and Rum Entertainment for their support as well as Judges Tony Brentnall (Cooper's Brewery), Lester V Coombs (Captain Cook Cruises), Geoff Long (Galston Club) Herm Kovac (Ramrod Recording Studios) and Shelley Juner from ACMEC for their support of the Awards. A final thanks, to our very special Guest Presenter, John Rowles.

The Galston Country Music Festival is an activity of the Rotary Club of Galston and all Proceeds aid the Cancer Patients Assistance Society of NSW and local Charities.
Nominations for RUM Artists
RUM ENTERTAINMENT is proud to be associated with the following FINALISTS in the

to be announced 1st October 2005 at the Mildura Arts Centre, Victoria
COME BY CHANCE - Darren Colston
When we Boiled The Billy Leaves Twice - Tracy Coster (from the album 'Coster Country')
The Boundary Rider - Darren Colston (NFS #96 from the album 'Come By Chance')
The Boundary Rider - Darren Colston (NFS #96 from the album 'Come By Chance')
We're Gone - Royden Donohue (from the single 'We're Gone')
On The Mountain - Nicki Gillis (NFS #90 from the ep 'On The Mountain')
Big Girl Now - Cat Southern (NFS #98 from the ep 'So Far')
House Of Mirrors - Paul Costa (NFS #95 from the album 'Walkin' In These Shoes')
Won't Those Memories Let Me Be - Tracy Coster (NFS #95 from the album 'Coster Country')

With three nominations each, both Tracy Coster and Darren Colston are excited about being named finalists and feel their music has been recognised. Tracy was born into country music and is well-known across the country, whereas Darren is developing artist whose career is going from strength to strength .
The Rising Star artists are the new emerging artists, and Nicki Gillis, Royden Donohue & Cat Southern are fine examples of the talent that is being fostered within the ranks of country music.
In the company of three Golden Guitar Winners in the category of Male Vocalist Of The Year Paul Costa is honoured to be named alongside such artists, especially with the track being taken from his debut album.
We wish them all the best for the awards.
Feel free to check out their websites for more details.
For further information on the awards check out www.milduracountrymusic.com.au 
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www.darrencolston.com  - single THE BOUNDARY RIDER - NFS #96 track 9
www.paulcosta.com.au  - single HOUSE OF MIRRORS - NFS #95 track 4

Tocumwal based artist DARREN COLSTON has released his brand new album COME BY CHANCE to great applause, with his first single THE BOUNDARY RIDER riding into playlists across the country (NFS #96 Track 9)

"Darren has impressed everyone who has heard him, both in his confident performances and in his consummate individual flair for creating memorable country songs." Deborah Minter CapNews

This 2005 Golden Saddle Awards Finalist and twice Starmaker Grandfinalist (04/05) has released his second album COME BY CHANCE produced by the talented Herm Kovac, as a follow-up from his debut album BEYOND THE PALING FENCE (featuring the single TWO FARMS).

Herm Kovac approached Darren after his performance last year in Starmaker - expressing an interest in producing Darren's new album. "It was an honour to work with such a respected member of the industry, and I learnt a lot throughout the whole recording process", Darren revealed .

"Darren Colston has a refreshing clarity in his songwriting, impressing all who hear him...The Boundary Rider is the first single, a tragic but strangely inspiring ballad of the riders who chose to live the freedom of solitude."Deborah Minter CapNews

Darren states "I hope that people will take a chance on The Boundary Rider, as it's a favourite of mine and is about a man who lived his life with no regrets".

THE BOUNDARY RIDER - an Aussie tale of the characters working in the bush.
Brand new album COME BY CHANCE - Distributed by OneStop Entertainment
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“…Darren Colston has a refreshing clarity in his songwriting, impressing all who hear him” Deborah Minter, CapNews

The last few years have been fruitful for Tocumwal-based country rock balladeer DARREN COLSTON, and 2005 is continuing in the same way.

His songs are about the Australian way of life – easy to relate to, as he resides on the Murray River – a heritage of its own.

In 2003 while recording his debut album Darren took his original songs to the Gympie Muster where he was selected as a GRAND FINALIST in the GYMPIE MUSTER TALENT SEARCH.
He then followed up with a win at Victoria’s MALE CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS.

October 2003 saw the release of Darren’s debut album BEYOND THE PALING FENCE. It featured eight songs written by Darren with standouts tracks such as “Two Farms”, “When A Baby Cries” and the title track “Beyond The Paling Fence”. With some additional songs paying homage to Australian songwriters, including a haunting rendition of Peter Allen’s “Tenterfield Saddler”. It’s an acoustic album featuring the brilliant sounds of Alan Bowles on harmonica – when listening to the album you feel as though Darren is in the room with you.

Darren is one of those rare talents who has the ability to sing anything. He received much acclaim and industry attention due to his performances as a TOYOTA STARMAKER GRANDFINALIST two years running (2004/2005). He was able to showcase his wares to new audiences who were impressed by his songwriting.

Darren’s thoughts on his Starmaker experience - “It was sensational, a fantastic experience for me.”

A fine vocalist and exceptional performer, Darren is a genuine entertainer of the highest calibre.
Having performed at prestigious festivals such as the Gympie Muster, Tamworth CM Festival & the Mildura Country Music Festival, he is an artist just waiting to be discovered.

2005 has seen Darren release his second album COME BY CHANCE. Many hours have been put into this album – being named after one of Banjo Paterson’s poems. It wasn’t until Darren was travelling through to last year’s Gympie Muster he chanced upon the small western town of Come By Chance on the road map.

“I didn’t realise it was an actual town. And then I saw it in one of Banjo Paterson’s poems and used a few lines about it. I’m really excited about the album – it’s come up great”

The new album has an array of great songs starting with the first track “The Boundary Rider”, Darren seems to be able to tell wonderful stories in his songs. Or you can be entertained with the larrikin song “Drown In Bourbon” or the poignant “Moving The Mullock”. His version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” is the perfect way to end the album.

Named 2005 GOLDEN SADDLE AWARDS FINALIST, to be announced in September at the Galston Country Music Festival. A fine singer, consummate entertainer and songwriter - Darren Colston is the complete package.
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Deborah Minter

Twice Star Maker Grand Finalist DARREN COLSTON has a refreshing clarity in his songwriting, impressing all who hear him. He has an easy-listening quality to his vocals that is shown to its best in his new HERM KOVAC produced album Come By Chance. With a raft of top musicians, the production is quality. The Boundary Rider is the first single, a tragic but strangely inspiring ballad of the riders who chose to live the freedom of solitude. Riverbend Jack is another colourfully told story. I Will Be Your Only is an elegant love song with sensitive effortless backing that makes it very memorable. In My Mind (I’m Free) is joyful and uplifting. Drown In Bourbon is a lot of fun. A dedication to a special little girl with a poignant version of the ELVIS classic I Just Can’t Help Falling In Love With You completes the album. All in all, an admirable album.
One Stop / Independent DC001CD

Congratulations Darrin!! from Tamworth Ragepage
CONGRATULATES the following artists who have been named as FINALISTS in the 2005 GOLDEN SADDLE AWARDS  Ronni Rae Rivers, Paul Coster, Carol Donovan, Royden Donohue and Darrin Colston Awards to be announced September 9th 2005
2005 Starmaker final again this year.
and I'm also releasing a new album called "Come By Chance" just prior to the festival so exciting times ahead.
2003 has been a fruitful year for Darren Colton, who resides in the town of Tocumwal, on the Murray River.  While recording his debut album "Beyond the Paling Fence" Darren took his original songs to the Gympie Muster where he was a Grand Finalist in the talent search.  He then followed up with a win in Mildura and was then named Victoria's Male Champion of Champions 2003 after performing three original song's from his album .  Darren was also a Starmaker Grand Finalist at Tamworth Tamworth Country Music Festival 2004.  A fine vocalist and exceptional performer, Darren Colston is a genuine entertainer of the highest calibre.  Darren is one f those rare talents who has the ability to sing anything.  While Country Music is his passion Darren also has a show called  "Taste of Downunder" which covers many musical styles.  Darren is available to play at any Country Music Club and Festivals, Pubs, Restaurants, Corporate Functions and also anywhere that may require a genuine entertainer.  If you  want an audience that craves more, then Darren may just be who you need.  A fine singer, consummate Entertainer, add to this his song writing and Darren Colston is the complete package.
Darren's CD

Darren's first album, released in October 2003, is called "BEYOND THE PALING FENCE" features eight original songs, all written by Darren himself, and five of them covers in his show, "A Taste of Downunder".    All acoustic, apart from o songs, the album features some brilliant harmonica playing by Alan Bowles, and is recorded in such a way that it seems as though Darren is right there, in the room with you.  "Two Farms" is the first song off the album chosen for radio release.

Po Box 237 Tocumwal NSW 21714

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