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Dean Johnston
 Sandy Hollow B & S Ball

Col Finley

Sunny Cowgirls with Dean
Dean with his biggest Fan
Hi Helen
Wow where do I start!
I would like to thank my mate Col Finley for asking me to Open the Sandy Hollow B & S Ball on the 14th Oct 06, followed by the Fabulous Sunny Cowgirls and Col Finley himself it was a great honor to be part of it all.

I performed for an hour and it was my first B & S (as a performer) "What a buzz" and I would like to say thankyou to all the guys & girls out there that made me feel like I'd been there forever!
Cheers for that

My Mum and friends had a great time and are definitely going back, she got to catch up with the girl's, have a chat to Col & we took some great pictures.
Print out and have the memories