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Department of Bluegrass.
(Bluegrass band from Canberra)
Photo courtesy Jan and Noel Francis

Donal Baylor  - Fiddle
Chris Jacobs -   Lead vocals and guitar
Tony Hunter - Mandolin and vocals
John Taylor - Banjo and vocals
Sam Martin - Double bass

This will be the final Departmental Circular, as due, to restructures within the Commonwealth, and a poor trot at Estimates, the Department is being wound back to individual projects - notwithstanding offers to take the roadshow back up to Jamberoo for 2004. Unfortunately this will not be possible.

As some of you may be aware, the Branch Head of Vocals, Chris Jacobs, relocated to Melbourne, and has recently accepted an appointment with Melbourne Band, Hardrive - filling a vacancy left by Pete Sweatman, who has, himself relocated to the US. All members of the Department congratulate Chris on his new situation, and look forward to attending his presentations.

Donal Baylor, the Permanent Head and Bossman of the Dept will continue his sterling work with Bluegrass Parkway, and Special Projects with The Baylor Bros.

Tony Hunter, Technical Supervisor, will continue doing all the things that Tony has always done, on any instrument at any time.

Lachie Davidson, the Graduate, continues to kick goals and set high outcome expectations with Lee Kernaghan and the Davidson Brothers.

Sam Martin, Office Cool Dude, is consistently breaking new ground with Richard Steele and yet backing up with Spoot, Nood Uit Gang, the Toe Sucking Cowgirls and various jazz quartets, quintets and the like

John Taylor, HR and Personnel, has moved to a journeyman role in Folk/Rock/Roots quartet, the Marji Curran Band.

Thanks to all for support and encouragement - and hope to see you at gigs for all the above outfits.

Greetings and Howdy Friends.
This Thursday morning, on 666  ABC, a distinguished trio, The Three Willies will be finalists in the PanACT song competition. 

Our song is called "Canberra", penned by myself to the tune of "Crazy" (written by Willie Nelson and made immortal by Patsy Cline.  So we're going to make her turn in her grave).  The song is sung by the legendary Tex Clarke and he is accompanied by the equally legendary Donal Baylor on guitar, and myself on 500g Home Brand Table Salt.

However The Three Willies need your support.  Please listen to 666 ABC this Thursday and vote like anything for our song.  The number will be 6275 4666.

Thanks ever so.
John Taylor


It has been some time since our last circular, however there has been thangs afoot.

The Department attended an SDC at the Illawarra Folk Festival at Jamberoo, and had an exciting time, with informative feedback and a tale to tell.  Sadly, however, we have had to retire an asset, the Departmental Kombi, due to it, in the words of Joe Gallacher, luthier and driver, being "knackered"

Nothing daunted, however, the Department is returning for some further seminars on the following dates:

31 October 2003  Merry Muse Folk Club 8pm  - supporting Frencham Smith

1 November 2003  The Quarterdeck Marina, Riverside Drive Narooma, 7pm  enquiries: (02) 4476-2723
HR and Personnel

Congratulations to John Taylor recently having an article accepted in
the magazine of the Louisville Bluegrass Assoc

Photos Merry Muse Folk Club in Canberra
Photo courtesy Jan and Noel Francis

Tony Hunter, Chris Jacobs and John Taylor


Sam Martin                                       Chris Jacobs and John Taylor

Also, rumour has it that notwithstanding imminent departure to Melbourne, Chris Jacobs - Consultant to the vocals and 6 strings Division made rash promises to get to gigs if possible. Thusly, keep your eye on the following dates:
Print out and have the memories