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The Detonators
Thanks to all those who came to the shows in NSW last weekend. Another great tour and a few more Top Night Out cries. We had a great day in Wollongong on Sunday at the Towradgi Festival and celebrated Eddie Fury's Birthday, though I think we may have celebrated for the whole weekend... Anyhow, every weekend is a celebration with the Dets!

This weekend back in good ol' Melbourne town.....
Fri 21st. Nighthawk Blues, 112 Nepean Hwy, Mentone 9pm c/c (03) 9583 8511
Sat 22nd. Westernport Hotel, 16 High st (cnr Salmon St) Hastings 8.30pm (03) 59791201
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
The Detonators
Thanks to all who turned up at the East Brunswick Club on Friday night for a Top Night Out. Here is a link to some pics from the night by Tim Chuma of Nailhead (great new band featuring Red Rivers) and The Dets of course. http://photos.timchuma.com/DetonatorsCDLaunch/index.html  We had a great night and also a great Sunday arvo show at Daveys in Frankston.

September shows.
Fri 21st. Nighthawk Blues, 112 Nepean Hwy, Mentone 9pm c/c (03) 9583 8511
Sat 22nd. Westernport Hotel, 16 High st (cnr Salmon St) Hastings 8.30pm (03) 59791201
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971

Fri 28th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW
The Detonators
This Friday night The Detonators launch their new cd 'Top Night Out' in Melbourne at the East Brunswick Club.
Special guests on the night will be Nailhead (featuring Red Rivers). Sure to be a top night out...

Thanks to all those who made it to the shows in Canberra, Newcastle, Hardys Bay and Sydney a few weeks back. A great weekend had by all.
We will be back in the next week.
The front bar of the Ferntree Gully last Sunday was also a hoot with another Dets bar room blitz...thanks all at the Gully..

Check out the upcoming shows and a bar room blitz near you... see you at the bar.
Thurs 13th. Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Roselle NSW 8.30pm $12 (02) 9810 1260
Fri 14th. Belmont 16s Sailing Club, The Pde, Belmont NSW 8.30 (02) 4945 0888 www.16s.com.au
Sat 15th. ACT Rock n' Roll Club 2007 Prom, Italo-Australian Club, Franklin St, Forrest ACT 8pm tix-
Sun 16th. The Towradgi Beach Rock & Blues Festival, Beach Hotel, 170 Pioneer Rd, Towradgi NSW
Fri 21st. Nighthawk Blues, 112 Nepean Hwy, Mentone 9pm c/c (03) 9583 8511
Sat 22nd. Westernport Hotel, 16 High st (cnr Salmon St) Hastings 8:30pm (03) 59791201
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5
(03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au  
Fri 28th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW
For more info:
Always use genuine Detonators parts.
The Detonators are releasing their long anticipated new Cd ''TOP NIGHT OUT" at The Annandale Hotel Sunday 26th August.
Top night out will be launched in Sydney before Melbourne as a pay back and appreciation for all the excellent response and support we have had over the last ten years. Thanks Sydney all the support means a lot to us.
Come down and get a copy hot out of our van and hear two sets of Detonators roots rock n roll. Support will be Big Daddy Roy Payne.Action starts about 8pm.See you all there.

Mid August Update.
A few updates in the calender and the hammer is down. A busy weekend in Melbourne and the following week in NSW to launch our new CD 'Top Night Out'. This Friday a one off intimate show at The Gem Bar in Collingwood. Very cosy...
The Retreat on Saturday night for an all star line-up to raise money for The Remains. They smashed their van into a cow doing 130 Km's in the Northern Territory. Ouch!!! Hope you're feeling better Grant and all. Sunday at Transport Bar in the heart of town for an arvo of allsorts and Sunday evening at the Kustom Kulture Show and Shine at the Ferntree Gully Hotel. Get to a show and get yourself a 'Top Night Out'!
See you at the bar..

Fri 17th. Gem Bar, 289 Wellington St, Collingwood (03) 9419 5170
Sat 18th. Retreat Hotel, 280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Remains Benefit w/ guests. c/c 11pm (03) 9380 4090
Sun 19th. Transport Hotel, Federation Sq, Cnr Flinders & Swanston St, Melb 3pm (03) 9654 8808 www.transporthotel.com.au
Sun 19th. Ferntree Gully Hotel, 1130 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully Kustom Kulture Show n' Shine Dets on at 9pm c/c (03) 97586544

Cd Launch NSW
Thurs 23rd. National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 7-10pm (02) 6121 2199 www.npc.org.au
Fri 24th. Tighes Hill Social Club, 20 Elizabeth St, Tighes Hill NSW $15 (02) 49611947
Sat 25th. Hardy's Bay RSL, 14 Heath Rd, Hardy's Bay NSW 9pm (02) 4360 1072 www.hardysbayrsl.com.au
Sun 26th. Fifties Fair, Rose Seidler House, 71 Clissold Rd, Wahroonga NSW (afternoon)
Sun 26th. The Annandale Hotel 17-19 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 6.30pm Support Roy Payne
$15 (02)9550 1078 www.annandalehotel.com

Sun 2nd. Ferntree Gully Hotel, 1130 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully 4pm (03) 97586544

Fri 7th. CD Launch!!! East Brunswick Club, 280 Lygon St. East Brunswick, 9pm $15 (03) 9388 9794 www.eastbrunswickclub.com 

Sun 9th. Daveys Hotel 510 Nepean Hwy Frankston 3pm (03) 9783 7255
Thurs 13th. Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Roselle NSW 9pm $12 (02) 9810 1260
Fri 14th. Belmont 16s Sailing Club, The Pde, Belmont NSW 8.30 (02) 4945 0888 www.16s.com.au

Sat 15th. ACT Rock n' Roll Club 2007 Prom, Italo-Australian Club, Franklin St, Forrest ACT 8pm tix- www.actrocknroll.org.au

Sun 16th. The Towradgi Beach Rock & Blues Festival, Beach Hotel, 170 Pioneer Rd, Towradgi NSW www.ozlocal.com.au/rock_blues/rock_blues.htm

Fri 21st. Nighhawk Blues, 112 Nepean Hwy, Mentone 9pm c/c (03) 9583 8511
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Fri 28th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW www.bluesfestival.tv 
For more info: www.detonators.com.au 
Always use genuine Detonators parts.
The Detonators new CD 'Top Night Out' is here..
If you ordered a copy of 'Top Night Out', it's in the mail or on your player. Thanks for your purchase and support.
The launch in Melbourne has been locked in and will be at the East Brunswick Club on Fri 7th September.
Its a great venue and we're calling for a Top Night Out.
A correction from last weeks email regarding the coming weeks shows. The Dets will be at Georges Place in
Ringwood on Sunday 12th August. Not this Sunday, the next. Check the list below.
See you at the bar, for a 'Top Night Out'!

Sun 12th. Georges Place 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Sun 19th. Transport Hotel, Federation Sq, Cnr Flinders & Swanston St, Melb 3pm (03) 9654 8808 www.transporthotel.com.au

Cd Launch NSW
Thurs 23rd. National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 8.30pm (02) 6121 2199 www.npc.org.au
Fri 24th. Tighes Hill Social Club, 20 Elizabeth St, Tighes Hill NSW 8.30pm $15 (02) 49611947
Sat 25th. Hardy's Bay RSL, 14 Heath Rd, Hardy's Bay NSW 9pm (02) 4360 1072 www.hardysbayrsl.com.au
Sun 26th. Fifties Fair, Rose Seidler House, 71 Clissold Rd, Wahroonga NSW (afternoon)
Sun 26th. The Annandale Hotel 17-19 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 6.30pm Support Roy Payne
$15 (02)9550 1078 www.annandalehotel.com

Fri 7th. Melbourne CD Launch!!! East Brunswick Club, 280 Lygon St. East Brunswick, 9pm $15 (03) 9388 9794 www.eastbrunswickclub.com 

Sun 9th. Daveys Hotel 510 Nepean Hwy Frankston 3pm (03) 9783 7255
Thurs 13th. Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Roselle NSW 9pm $12 (02) 9810 1260
Fri 14th. Belmont 16s Sailing Club, The Pde, Belmont NSW 8.30 (02) 4945 0888 www.16s.com.au
Sat 15th. ACT Rock n' Roll Club 2007 Prom, Italo-Australian Club, Franklin St, Forrest ACT 8pm
tix- www.actrocknroll.org.au

Sun 16th. The Towradgi Beach Rock & Blues Festival, Beach Hotel, 170 Pioneer Rd, Towradgi NSW www.towradgibeachhotel.com.au

Fri 21st. Nighthawk Blues, 112 Nepean Hwy, Mentone 9pm c/c (03) 9583 8511
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Fri 28th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW

For more info:

Always use genuine Detonators parts.
The Detonators launch their new CD 'Top Night Out'..
Yes it's finally here! The CD will be released early August and launched from there!
This weekend a series of shows at Echuca Winter Blues for the first time. Next week at Georges Place in Ringwood which is proving to be a great gig (we may even have the new CD at this gig, fingers crossed) and the following  week at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne..
The Dets then do a Hume Hwy run in late Aug  to bring it straight to you in Canberra, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Sydney.
There is a sample track on my space now.. Check it out. www.myspace.com/detonators  Second in Charge, the opening track on the CD.
Top Night Out (BMM 325.2) can be ordered through a store near you and is also available through our web site now. http://www.detonators.com.au/merchandise.htm  Get your copy now!
Featuring :13 cracker tracks-11 of their own, a curve ball cover and an oldie but a goodie. All the original tracks are put together in the classic Aussie tongue in cheek way that only the Detonators can write them. 'Jason you're a lout', 'Second in charge', 'EH leatherette' and 'Off my chops', to name a few. Make sure you get to one of the shows and grab the new CD. New merchandise will also be available soon.
See you at the bar, for a 'Top Night Out'!  
Sat 28th. Echuca Winter Blues-Darriwill Farm, 564 High St. 11.30am-2.30pm.
Sat 28th. Echuca Winter Blues-Oscar W's Wharfside Bar & Grill, 101 Murray Esplanade, 10pm-12pm
(03) 54825133
Sun 29th. Echuca Winter Blues-Antonio's Restaurant, 527 High St 12.30pm-3.30pm (03) 54826117
Sun 5th. Georges Place 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Sun 19th. Transport Hotel, Federation Sq, Cnr Flinders & Swanston St, Melb 3pm (03) 9654 8808 www.transporthotel.com.au
Cd Launch NSW
Thurs 23rd. National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 8.30pm (02) 6121 2199 www.npc.org.au
Fri 24th. Tighes Hill Social Club, 20 Elizabeth St, Tighes Hill NSW 8.30pm $15 (02) 49611947
Sat 25th. Hardy's Bay RSL, 14 Heath Rd, Hardy's Bay NSW 9pm (02) 4360 1072 www.hardysbayrsl.com.au
Sun 26th.  Fifties Fair, Rose Seidler House,  71 Clissold Rd, Wahroonga NSW (afternoon)
Sun 26th. The Annandale Hotel 17-19 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 6.30pm Support Roy Payne
$15 (02)9550 1078 www.annandalehotel.com
Fri 7th. Melbourne CD Launch... To be announced soon.
Sun 9th. Daveys Hotel 510 Nepean Hwy Frankston 3pm (03) 9783 7255
Thurs 13th. Bridge Hotel, 119 Victoria Rd, Roselle NSW 9pm $12 (02) 9810 1260
Fri 14th. Belmont 16s Sailing Club, The Pde, Belmont NSW 8.30 (02) 4945 0888 www.16s.com.au
Sat 15th. ACT Rock n' Roll Club 2007 Prom, Italo-Australian Club, Franklin St, Forrest ACT 8pm
tix- www.actrocknroll.org.au
Sun 16th. The Towradgi Beach Rock & Blues Festival, Beach Hotel, 170 Pioneer Rd, Towradgi NSW www.towradgibeachhotel.com.au
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Fri 28th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW www.bluesfestival.tv 
The Detonators' Top Night Out 
Melbourne's jump-rock Blues band, The Detonators, will release their fourth album Top Night Out (BMM 325.2) at the beginning of August.  
The Detonators reinvent the styles that made the mid to late 1950s such a vital time in music's history. Their inimitable sound is infused
with the driving energy inherent in the music of their heroes -Chuck Berry, Little Walter and Hound Dog Taylor.
Top Night Out has a heavier, more rocking sound than their previous albums, while managing to stay true to their Blues, Rock 'n' Roll sensibilities.  
Their ability to produce a distinctly Australian sound while staying within both their genre and sound is testament to the strength of their songwriting
and musicianship on this album.
Stand out tracks on Top Night Out include:" Time Machine" which perfectly captures the mentality of the retro addict; "EH Leatherette" a
description of youthful joyriding in an old Holden; and a rockin' reworking of their perennial stage favourite "All Of Me (All Over You)".  
The album closes with the title track "Top Night Out" and gives the feeling of having experienced a live performance.
The Detonators are "Rockbottom" James Moloney on vocals and harmonica, Paulie "The Kid" Bignell on guitar
 Eddie Fury on drums and "Doghouse" Dave Philpots on bull fiddle bass.  
Top Night Out will be released on 6th of August, followed by a string of performances around Victoria and New South Wales.
" The Detonators' blazing jump-rock tunes are as slick as their teddy-boy quiffs " -mX Newspaper.
" Australia's high priests of roots rock n roll" -Werner Martin 3CR,Inpress Magazine.
2007 The Detonators, Top Night Out (BMM 325.2)
2003 The Detonators, Bombshell (BMM 278.2)
1999 Rockbottom James and the Detonators, Everybody Stay Calm
(BMM 223.2)
1998 Rockbottom James and the Detonators, Blow It Up (RBJ 001)
Sun 26th August . Fifties Fair, Rose Seidler House, 71 Clissold Rd, Wahroonga NSW (afternoon)
Sun 26th August . The Annandale Hotel 17-19 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 7pm CD Launch!! (02)9550 1078
Sun 30th. September -Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW www.bluesfestival.tv
Another bunch of gigs behind us and another swag in front... The Dets just don't stop banging on doors.
All great nights at the Limelight Lounge, The Monash, and Daveys. The Eastern Station in Ballarat, the Baraki Bar in the heart of Melbourne, a TNO at the Mount Moliagul Hotel and then to Y&Js back in town. A photo shoot and a mastering session, that about pieces together the past few weeks for The Detonators. Go, Go, Go.
This weekend The Dets dart across to Adelaide for the Semaphore Workers Club on Friday night and The Wheatsheafe Hotel on Sunday arvo... see you at the bar..
Check out the live encore version of 'My Saving Grace'. It was filmed at the Queenscliff Music Festival late last year and put on YouTube by?????
Its a cracker!
 Sat 28th. Echuca Winter Blues
Sun 29th Echuca Winter Blues
Sun 12th. Georges Place 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971 www.georgesplace.com.au
Sun 19th. Transport Hotel, Federation Sq, Cnr Flinders & Swanston St, Melb 3pm (03) 9654 8808 www.transporthotel.com.au
Thurs 23rd. National Press Club, 16 National Circuit, Barton ACT 8.30pm (02) 6121 2199 www.npc.org.au
Fri 24th. Tighes Hill Social Club, 20 Elizabeth St, Tighes Hill NSW (02) 49611947
Sat 25th. Hardy's Bay RSL, 14 Heath Rd, Hardy's Bay NSW 9pm (02) 4360 1072 www.hardysbayrsl.com.au
Sun 26th.  Fifties Fair, Rose Seidler House,  71 Clissold Rd, Wahroonga NSW (afternoon)
Sun 26th. The Annandale Hotel 17-19 Parramatta Rd Annandale NSW 7pm CD Launch!! (02)9550 1078
Sun 9th. Daveys Hotel 510 Nepean Hwy Frankston 3pm (03) 9783 7255
Sun 23rd. Georges Place, 36 Molan St, Ringwood, 6-9 $5 (03) 9879 1971
Sun 30th. Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly Festival, Smythe Oval, Narooma NSW
  For more updates check:
Go Go Go... The Dets just don't stop, hammer down!
Limelight Lounge in Geelong was the start of the month and is always a winner. A great crowd on the Saturday night and always good to catch the locals down that way. They know how to have FUN. Lets do it again this Friday night.. Next! A huge crowd turned up at Daveys in Frankston for the Sunday arvo show, the dancers doing the dancing, the drinkers doing the drinking and the bikers burning rubber out front. Fantastic! A top day out for all involved. We can do it all again this Sunday...

The Apollo Bay Festival was fantastic and The Dets put on three great shows over the Friday and Saturday. Thanks to all those who helped put the weekend together and all who attended. Lets do that one again sometime...A big few days didn't stop the Dets getting in the van and hitting the highway and making it back to Ferntree Gully for their 4pm Sunday arvo show. Its good to finally play out in the East again and it was a great day and a huge turnout. Thanks for all turnin' up.

The Greyhound a few weeks back saw The Dets hit the bar room floor with the real folk of St Kilda. Its always good to get down with the real people. Make sure you support the Greyhound and keep it alive. Its one of very few left in the area..

Last Friday night at the Cornish Arms in Brunswick. Top Night Out... Thanks to all the local fans and punters who can't help but turn up and have a top night out, (you know who you are) and thanks to all who made the effort and travelled to the show. We will do it again soon.

Thanks to all for turning up and supporting The Dets. You make it all worth while.

The Detonators new CD 'Top Night Out' will officially be released during August but, we will have pre-release copies available at shows anytime before that.
See you at the bar. The Detonators.
This month around Victoria. Next Month we also visit SA..
The Detonators
the hammer is still down.... The Dets have been back in the studio this week finishing the mixing of there long awaited new CD. All is coming along very well.. With pics, artwork, mastering, video clips and some more dollars, we will be done soon.
Another busy month gone by. The Cornish Arms was a great turnout and we have some more shows coming there soon so keep an eye out for that. Congratulations to Chris and Dee in Geelong on there wedding, great day and good to catch all the crew down that way again. The Gilford Hotel had a great Festival and the Dets did a cracker set in the back yard of the pub and a Top Night Out had by all, thanks to all the crew who helped out and Coatsy for setting us on our way... The Dets also played there first show at the Young and Jackson's Hotel in the city (Melbourne) a few weeks back and it was a cracker. Get on a train and get yourself there... The Wick was also full of enthusiastic punters as always, yelling for more again and again and again.... Another TNO.
This weekend The Dets hit Geelong and Frankston, Apollo Bay Festival and Furntree Gully next week and another Young and Jackson's show for this month all in Victoria.
Also keep an eye out for Paulie and Doghouse in there country/hillbilly outfit Gatorbait, they to are about to release a new CD.. Check them out on MySpace. http://www.myspace.com/gatorbaittheband
The Detonators Report
The Dets have had a busy month once again. Daveys in Frankston was a hoot. The usual dramas with the refreshment rider of course, this is nothing Eddie Fury won't sort out though. The Rosstown with some friends from Sydney turning up for the gig. Saturday night out in the suburbs..Cath, Sally and Karl. We spent a few days in Atlantis studios in Melbourne, recorded and mixed 16 tracks. A few minor tweaks, a briefcase full of cash, and we're done...we're saving up....
Dale Watson and his Lonestars, WOW. The Dets opened for Dale last Wednesday night at the Prince Band room. The Dets banged the audience over the head with a ripping set then Dale spent the next three hours giving them exactly what they wanted. Excellent. It was a great crowd and a great night. Lets hope he comes back soon. Thanks Karl, Billy, Yamaha drums, (Simon and Al's amps) for all chipping in. Great job.
The Dets then jetted off to FNQ. King Reef Resort Hotel, Kurrimine Beach. A top place to do a gig, have a beer, throw a line in, lounge around the pool or watch sports on TV. We had some special friends and family up from Townsville and Darwin, thanks for your big effort and great to catch up...Thanks to Zorba, Fran, Dave, Chester and all the staff at KRH.
This weekend at the Cornish Arms, Brunswick, next week at The Guildford Blues and Roots Explosion then Y&J's and The Wick to wrap up the month. Below is Doghouse Daves Tamworth tour report and the gig guide.
See ya at the bar...

The Detonators in Tamworth 2007 by Doghouse Dave
As I sit here gluing up my Double Bass that has split from the heat that is Tamworth Festival as it does every year. I have decided to put some of the tour down on paper for you all to read and enjoy. No names have been changed to protect anyone everything you read is true. I'll start with the events of the first day:

Thursday 18th Jan:
Eddie Fury and myself arrive at Rockbottom's estate to pick him up, as usual his suitcase is huge. Luckily the forklift wouldn't start to lift it into the van so he had to repack his belongings into a smaller bag like the rest of us and voila! It all fitted in. Then around to pick up Paul and Taree, Paul had already cracked the shits because we were an hour late thanks to Rockbottom's case swapping and the faulty forklift. We hit the Hume bound for Sydney town this would easily be the 80th time at least that we have attacked the Hume; we note that it is only about 40 degrees on the road this year, cooler than last year's effort. We arrive in Sydney and hit a pub to pick up our host Bergo who by the looks of it has imbibed in a few beers with Dave "Hitman" Harding. A cool beer or two then we bed down for the night. We note that Rockbottom doesn't collapse like last year but surely that's to come.

Friday 19th Jan:
We hit the road to Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club just out of Newcastle. We set up the gig and have a discounted feed. Eddie Fury truly believes he can win on the pokies, Rockbottom agrees and they are spotted playing during the breaks. Rockbottom reacquaints himself with his friend Ray the Newcastle porn poet from our last tour up this way.

We play three sets to a rock n roll crowd and are finished by 11.30pm naturally we somehow get lost on the way back to our motel in Newcastle.

Saturday 20th Jan:
Up early for a feed at our special cheap pancake place, the only place on earth where Rockbottom can't finish his meal and everyone gets what they want. Well mid day is early for hard working muso's, we hit a music shop to get some stuff escorted by our mate guitar slinger Deano D, then its back to his art deco apartment in the heart of Newcastle for a cooling drink. Back to the Premier Hotel for set up and relax, Rockbottom and Eddie are on the one arm bandits again they say it's the only place they can smoke in pubs these days is that true? Ray is spruiking his amazing porn poetry to all in the pokies room. It's hot but cool in the pub, the beer taps here have the beer temp on them and we love a cold beer that's no secret. The gig goes well the crowd is large some bloke wants to swap my Hawaiian shirt for a red penguin shirt, not likely at all. He is kicked out for falling asleep at the table but did buy two Cds bless his heart. We sell lots merchandise our new stubby holders go down well with the crew. We hear its raining in Melbourne. The temp here is rising.

Sunday 21st Jan:
Back to the same place as yesterday for a feed. We see Rockbottom's new friend Ray frantically searching for us in all the cafes in Beaumont Street. He finds us and calms down, recites some much-wanted porn poetry and we all tuck in to a pancake breakfast. We hit the road bound for the Bank Hotel in Maitland well east Maitland actually. Its hot, we cant find the pub and tempers are fraying mainly mine because I'm driving like usual. I stop at the info centre, Fury and RBJ try to find the pub out in the sun on the big map out the front, and they are taking ages. My radiator cap blows due to the heat and I go inside, ask the lady and get a free map and directions, easily done. We find the pub and see that we are to play on the deck, we inspect the deck it must be over 55 degrees out there, the pub lets us play inside. Reports come in that its 46 degrees in Maitland. The gig goes well, we haven't played Maitland for years and it was good to catch up on some old faces and meet some new ones. Ray the porn poet arrives at the gig but announces soon after that he is heading back to Newcastle to see a band with a sax player in it; he's heard enough harmonicas. I think Rockbottom is offended. Back to our accommodation up the road for a feed. RBJ and Eddie back on the pokies, they have a win $75.00 each. So they spend it on bottles of hard liquor to be consumed later. Back to the rooms for a game of indoor Bocce (some kind of ethnic lawn bowls) Fury seems to make the rules up as he goes along. The steel balls are bouncing onto the floor till 3am.I retire from the game to watch a war movie on TV amongst the competitors in the Bocce competition who keep blocking my view. Miss Taree accuses the others of cheating, Paulies doing bouncers with the balls, Rockbottom is stumbling, Eddies making up rules and has appointed himself the umpire, they are still blocking my view of the TV and getting boisterous while the steel balls keep hitting the floor. RBJ gets upset that I won't join in and decides to attack me, it was akin to a skeleton on an elastic band flailing away on the door of a Kenworth cabover; leave me alone to watch the movie. Next day RBJ is crook as a dog. He doesn't speak for hours.

Monday 22 Jan:
Drive to Tamworth from Maitland, its not that far for us. We cruise in past the Golden Guitar and find our accommodation where our good friends and benefactors Fran and Bruce (who is also known as Zorba for some reason yet to be established) are waiting. The house is great, aircon and a big pool. Like an excited schoolboy Rockbottom runs into the house and gets what he perceives to be the best room and bed, like all of his stunts it proves incorrect in the long run and he is constantly whinging for the rest of the week about the aircon duct right over his bed blowing cold air directly onto his Mr Burns type feeble body. But he does have enough room to collapse in and proves it by giving us a demonstration later that night. The pool is great fun and there are big water pistols there, the war is on. I decide to go into town to get a belt but end up at Joe Maguire's pub for a schooner or two where I see The Jeremy Edwards band with our old drummer G-Spot George on the drums and big Daddy Roy Payne on guitar a great band, next up The Red Hot Poker Dots. I catch up with a few friends, Mick and Leigh from The Re-Mains, the Edwards brothers, Ken and Meg from the Poker Dots and Wardy who is the new Dots drummer. I leave before I get over the limit. I stop to get some food at the supermarket and head back to make some Fajitas (pronounced vaggeaters). The feed is a success I am a non-bragging self-proclaimed expert at Mexican cooking now. Its back into the pool again this is living.

Tuesday 23 Jan:
After breakfast some of us head in to see a few bands. At the Southgate we see Gleny Rae Virus and her Tamworth Playboys she is very strict on her band just like a schoolteacher looking after naughty boys. I make a note to mention this to Rockbottom who has decided to stay in bed all day for a change. Next up Gleny had special guests the Davidson Brothers get up for a set; as usual those two young blokes go very well. I ask Hamish Davidson how they are going with the 8 o clock breakfast shift they are doing at the West's Leagues every morning for ten days he says no problems at all but I know those young blokes are looking a bit tired I'd guess they would be getting only a few hours sleep every night. Not like us! Back home for a feed then to our first gig at The Albert Hotel. Its hot here even at ten at night, The Blues Bombers are finishing up as we arrive they feature Flash Sheedy X-Johnny Greens Blues Cowboys on guitar; he really knows how to work a stretchy guitar strap. A great boogie blues band. We take note that our friendly rivals the exponents of country rock n roll from Broke Back Mountain The Re-Mains are playing in the pub just across the road. We do one set and finally convince the sound man to turn down the kick drum, why do they insist on turning it up all the time? We aren't a rock band. There is heaps of girls, girls on tables dancing, drunk blokes, people from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Chillingham, people everywhere, it's packed, sweaty and hot just the way we like it. The gig must have been good because we got offered staff drinks when it was over, of course its rude to refuse and we would never do that. Out the back during drinks I see country rocker Den Hanrahan eating some type of meat out of what I thought was a rubbish bin, I must have been wrong it couldn't have been.

Wednesday 24 Jan:
Up for a swim and back to the water pistol war. Rockbottom has taken to wearing his glasses as a safety measure in the pool they are so thick and heavy, almost armour plated that no water pistol can penetrate unfortunately they also weigh him down and he keeps going to the bottom head first. We go and see the Tornado Alley Cats at the Locomotive Hotel. They are from Perth a three-piece band with out a drummer like Gatorbait but more rockabilly than country, excellent. Those boys appeared at every one of our gigs at the festival, thanks for the support fellas. Tonight's gig is at The Southgate Hotel we arrive just after Gleny and her Tamworth Schoolboys, sorry, Cowboys, I mean Playboys are leaving. Eddie and Paulie have an O.H.and S issue with the carpet on the stage its all bunched up and we cant set up amps or the drums we wonder what those Tamworth schoolboys had been doing up there before us or was it a form of sabotage? They need to be caned. The problem is sorted out and the gig goes well we get our pics taken for some magazine and meet these two pommy back packers who claim to be Motogp bike tyre technicians, it's a long way from Phillip Island mate! These two blokes also attend every gig and have a dossier of photos taken with us, they bought T-shirts, stubby holders, Cds the lot, it's a pity we couldn't understand anything they said. We just nodded our heads. Nice blokes though and good to see the Dets music spreading back to the old country which Rockbottom still calls home even though he hasn't been there.

Thursday 25th Jan:
Our first gig at West's Leagues in the big front room. The load in had changed from last year but with our combined effort and I.Q. we found our way in. The P.A. was great and the blokes knew what they were doing straight up. It always makes a difference .Our mate from Sydney Grizzly Adams was on the D.J duty things were looking good. We did three blistering sets to a capacity crowd of at least 500 people the place went off, merch sales sky rocketed, line dancers evacuated in droves and pommy Motogp tyre technicians were dancing like madmen and doing alright with the ladies too. During one of the breaks I went to see Rob Lucky and the Lucky Bastards in the Out back room, they had Chris Wilson featuring as a guest it was fantastic, so good I was almost late back for my own set! I also made a note in my diary to have a Bass Players Guild meeting with Smithy from Rob's band, it seems he has totally switched over to the electric bass, and has stopped playing the real bass, what's going on here? Stay tuned.At this gig I caught up with my replica Lance from QLD he looks alot like me and calls me his twin brother,we always catch up in Tamworth its so uncanny people take photos of us! We had beers with Scott and Mainline Mick from Melbourne band Bullet back at base control until sun up making up band names out of Melbourne suburbs like, Glen Waverley and The Men Tones, Al Tona and the Petroleum Plants, Dandy Nong and The Dove tones, Mary B.Nong and The Highpoints were a few, it seemed funnier on the night though. Must be that NSW beer.

Friday 26th Jan:
Al from Melbourne band P-Tex had created a new band for Tamworth called Bullet, Al needed help as some of his gigs had fallen through so we arranged for them to play during our breaks at our gig at The Albert, his band featured Mainline Mick another X-Detonators drummer and Scott Owen on double bass both still very crook from the night before. We knew that the Albert gig in the tent out the back can be stinking hot and we were prepared. This year they had a wall up between the tent and the stage that took most of the heat out, well it was still hot but not a muso killer like last year. We did our set and handed over to Bullet who impressed with their own style of Wild Colonial Boy Aussie rocking country between our sets. I've also got to thank Al for the Bullet Blue Singlet he gave me as a swap for a Detonators t-shirt, he tells me it was meant to have holes in it. Is that right? Is that true, is that justice? I feel I've been had. We hung around at The Albert and had a look at Den Hanrahans set with his band; very good indeed, is it true his guitar player is an army sniper? Mick Daley from The Re-mains was seen out the back near the dumpster cant explain that folks. Maybe he was looking for some new thongs The Re-mains footwear of choice. Back home for a feed then back to West's Leagues for the Midnight to 3am shift, a surprisingly well attended gig again, some of the punters were obviously under the weather, tyre technicians in form as well as the Tornado Alley Cats and the left overs from Adam Brands birthday bash in the auditorium.

Saturday 27th Jan:
Today was our last Tamworth gig, a quick cruise up to The Southgate beforehand to see the Virus and her Schoolie band along with special guest artist Melbourne songstress Sarah Carroll who was in fine form it was great stuff. I think there should be no more guest spots from Sarah, I think she could easily cut it with her own band up there. Get on the phone and book 'em for next year Sarah! Paulie and Leigh from the Re-Mains were in deep guitar player's conference about a Gretsch guitar that Leigh had on loan, which I had to interrupt to get to our gig at The West's Diggers Club. This is the gig where it rained last year and Rockbottom slipped over but I didn't laugh. This year it was dry. The load is easy the stage is big and the P.A. is good, no complaints from us at all. A full capacity crowd and some fans from Jac's Auto Electrics in Gunnedah who come every year to see us in a hired mini bus (I hope the driver was sober no one else was even close) were in full flight and having a great time, I must remind them that we still have the stubby holders they gave us last year. After the gig we packed up and tried to go and see Johnny Green but the que was too long every venue is choc a block on the Saturday night in Tamworth. So we went home and had a BBQ.

Sunday 28th Jan:
Up early clean up the house say good bye and thanks to Zorba and Fran and on the road back to Sydney, seems easy enough but the Pacific Highway was blocked miles back from the turn off. Our plan to have a rest, relax and feed before our gig at the Empire Hotel in Sydney was shattered some how it never works. We got to the pub did a sound check, got changed had a quick Falafel across the road then did our 2 power set gig. Attendance was good over 120 on the door. We like this gig and always do
well here. Back to Bergo's for a pre tour wind down then bed.

Monday 29th Jan:
On the road back to Melbourne, our good friend the Hume gets us home at midnight. We call it the conveyor belt amongst other things.

Tour Stats: 11Days, 10 Gigs Over 3500kms Average temp 38 Degrees. Police charges=Nil Eddie Fury's behaviour=exceptional, Rockbottom's collapses=one (same as last year) Double Bass cracks=3 Guitar Strings broken=2, Shits cracked by various band members who will remain unnamed=4 over tour (that's one each). Tour rating 9.5out of 10. A top tour agreed and signed off by all band members including Miss Taree.

Doghouse Dave reporting over and out.
Alway use genuine Detonators parts.

The Detonators
The Dets have been goin' flat sticks as always..
The Cornish Arms was a great gig last month, it has a great sound and a good vibe, thanks to all those who made the effort... The Minya Winery show was a cracker. Capacity crowd, great wine in a great setting. Turn up with your hamper and a blanket, get a spot in the grass ampitheatre and start tasting the wine...mmmm... Thanks to everybody in the Geelong/Torquay area who turned up..
Did some shows in and around Newcastle which were great and a top way to work our way on to Tamworth. Caught some old friends and some new ones too. thanks for comin'..
Tamworth.. It was hot, rainy and all the usual things. Luckily we had a top spot to stay with air-con and a swimming pool, thanks Zorba and Fran. We played 6 shows in 6 days and they were all winners. The Dets are firing on all cylinders at the moment and the Tamworth punters felt every bit of it. We hit 'em and hit 'em harder. There were some great bands this year in all genres from all over the country and we had a great time. Thanks to all who drove and suffered the heat to see us... We then took the show to The Empire in Sydney. Three simple words. TOP NIGHT OUT. Top crowd, top sound, top pub. TNO. Thanks to all those in Sydney who came out at the end of a long weekend..
Last Saturday night we hit the Greyhound Hotel in St Kilda, sadly things are changing down there with a change in hands but we gave it a red hot go and it was tops. Our first time in the front bar and probably the last, it was a great night and a great crowd. Thanks to eveyone for turnin' up and lets hope they keep it going..
We have plenty of good stuff coming up. This weekend at Daveys in Frankston, next week at The Rosstown and then a support spot with one of our favorite country artists, Dale Watson, with his full band..... WOW.. Don't miss this if you're anywhere near Melbourne on that Wednesday night. Amongst all that, we have booked three days in the studio to record the next album....
March sees us head to FNQ for a show at Kurramine Beach which is about an hour below Cairns. Back to Melbourne to finish the album and shows at The Cornish Arms, Guildford Hotel, Young and Jackson's in Melbourne and the Wick.
Alway use genuine Detonators parts only.
The Detonators.
Happy New Year to everyone... We hope you had a great Christmas and have an even better New Year.
We finished off the year with a bang of course.... Fri 29 at the Moonlight on the Mountain Festival. A great night in the hills at Warburton. Check this link for some pics http://www.moonlightmountainfestival.starkhost.com/  Keep an eye out for this one next year. Sat 30 at The Wick. A great night in the bar with the Dets. NYE saw us at the Bluestone Festival for the Sleepy hollow Blues Club, Geelong. A top night out. Thanks Marco for bringin' in the new year and Stringybark McDowell for all his good work on the night. TNO.

The Dets kicked off the new year with a show at Torrumbarry (just near Echuca) for a day of recovery and indulgence on all accounts. Thanks to Andy the publican and Rockbottom the barman.?.. We played the Kustom Nationals at Phillip Island last weekend for a day of hot rods at the track and a night of Rock n Roll at the Westernport Hotel, San Remo, Thanks to Dave and the Flyin Saucers and John for puttin this all together. Top day out.
This weekend we stay in Melbourne for Friday night at The Cornish Arms Hotel and then head to Geelong for a winery show which should be some fun.
Now, lets get back on the road, our annual Tamworth heat 'n' all tour. We will be stopping in Newcastle on the way through and Sydney on the way home so check the dates out. 10 shows in 10 days.... We will be cookin'.
Feb puts the Dets in Melbourne for the month when recording for the next release will commence! By hook or by crook... see ya at the bar.
http://www.myspace.com/ detonators
The Detonators
After slamming audiences over the head at Narooma the Dets head back into NSW to do it some more. They ate it up in spoonfuls!!
The Dets also had a great time in SA a few weeks back doing shows with the highlight being the Semaphore Workers Club where they had a record crowd of 218 people. They beat the record by 1... Thanks for coming everyone...
The shows around Melbourne have all been great with a killer show at the Retreat in September and we'll be hitting the Cornish Arms Brunswick in the following weeks to do it all again.
Eddie Fury will be back in the drummers seat for a stint so that is always good fun. See you at the bar.

The Detonators
Already August has been all go for the Dets. The St Kilda Sports Club in St.Kilda a great place that should be on your calendar if you're in Melbourne town. A top night out in Qld for Greazefest, probably the best Kustom Kulture weekend in Oz. Flanagan's at the Ferntree Gully Hotel (Middle) to catch up with some old friends in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, a top gig in the right place at the right time. A surprise show at the Lomond Hotel in East Brunswick to cover for some friends. They were in for a surprise and they loved it. A party in Trafalgar at an old hall built in 1928. These people know how to throw a party. $20 entry, BYO anything and a free barbie, bonfire and entertainment... What more do you want? Daveys in Frankston on a sunny Sunday afternoon. No more need be said. Packed and jumpin'... We finish off the month with a whip around Melbourne. The St Kilda Sports Club, The Wick and a huge benefit at the Retreat for the people of Dili. Keep an eye out in Melbourne for Mx magazine this week for a story and pic...

The Dets have also been in the back shed belting out tunes with Jason "The Cane" Liusoon on the sticks. WOW.... he's good... The recording ball is bouncing and we're on top of it. Won't be to long now...
The Detonators
July saw the Dets cast a net over Victoria. Shows at the St Kilda Sports Bar (Bowling Club), The Rosstown, The Nighthawk and a great benefit for a friend in need, Sweet Felicia at The Terminus Hotel. Hope your back is feeling better... All great gigs, thanks for comin'.
A great party for some friends Mandy and her dad Sam. Happy Birthday to you both, a top night out. We ventured to Orbost and Bairnsdale for some shows, we had to keep the Km's up on the van... A drink with the locals is always interesting. The Limelight Lounge (Geelong) last Friday night was the ice breaking first gig for Jason Liusoon on the drums with the Dets. Great gig and well done. The crowd loved it and so did we...
This weekend The Dets put it in top gear for the St Kilda Sports Club on Friday night and get airborne for Greazefest on Saturday night. If you're in Melbourne get out of the house and get yourself to the St Kilda Bowls. It is a great venue, it's got everything you want, almost.
Greazefest...... What can we say. Great bands, great cars, great people and all sorts of stuff happening. If you're in Brisbane, you gotta go...
There's plenty happening, so get out and get into it.

Another few thousand km's in the bus saw us cross the borders of NSW and Qld during May once again. Great shows all the way. Starting in Sydney and finishing with a big bang in Qld. Thanks to all who came to the shows and a big thanks to those who looked after us along the way. Karl, Dale and Louise, Grant (the mayor of Chillingham) and Ashley, we couldn't do it without you....
During June we've been doing our favourite home town Melbourne/Geelong gigs with the exception of a quick flight to Sydney for the Postman's Birthday. A top night out for those who where invited. Happy Birthday Postman.
Eddie Fury's Tour Report
The Detonators Follow the Sun tour May 2006-05-30
Day one started with a slight hitch, the alternator in the Dets Limo needed repair and pushed our departure time back. Not to worry as Paulie the kid had his man on the job. Late to leave Melbourne. On the Hume excitement prevailed as talk of the new album got the tongues wagging and the creative juices following. " Are we there yet?" We love a quick jaunt up the Hume to our good buddy Capt. Karl's in the neon hue of sin city.

Day two saw the Dets have a hearty breakfast in the 5 star malls of the Leichhardt markets and all the cheap Cd's we could carry. On to the show that night at the Lewisham hotel. The lights went down. the stage was set.. a blistering 2 songs in and the double bass exploded. Bits of bridge were all over the stage. Now most bands at this point would have gone crying to their luthier, but plan b was "electric". The show went on ..good times had by all and the beer flowed at the after party. A few local firemen even showed up to help us with the" blaze".

Day three woke up to a leisurely drive to the Star Lounge in the Belmont 16ft Sailing Club. A deceptive name as it was a bit bigger than 16ft and very picturesque. Great turn out of Rock n Rollers melting their shoes to another pumping set lakeside til the early hours of the morn. A few people had to be escorted to dancefloorside, as the visual spectacle was too much. (Maybe they had drunk some of uncle Arthur's falling down water, like the woman that drank too much and required a wheelchair) I have to admit that non smoking venues are quite new to me but unfortunately they seem to put the smokers out with the gaming machines.are they trying to tell me something?

Day four On the road again.that's a song isn't it? Dale and Louise's breakfast was too die for. The crew refuels and hikes it up to Coffs Harbour. For a refreshing 4 set marathon. Delayed by a diesel truck that had lost its load out the front of the big banana. I didn't make that up. A great room at the Coffs RSL.intimate. Bon Jovi had left his P.A there and I'm also sure that George Lucas had something to do with the light show. They played Michael Jackson between sets that reminded us of Amsterdam where that happened also. We all know Michael is a great Bluesmen. It was the Dets in the twilight zone. A mysterious talcum powder mist devoured the dance floor. Odd. Everyone enjoyed the outer body experience. A slight hitch in the accommodation plans." You wouldn't leave 4 hungry musos from outta town out in the street would ya mate?" Is Coffs Harbour also the home of the "BIG P.A?"

Day five. Mothers Day in Byron Bay.. that rhymes doesn't it. Ahhhh.Byron Bay. The Beach Hotel with its open plan, Seaview.fish tanks above the bar. Another rocking show after a 4 hr spurt in the limo. Detonators on the big screen at the pub too. Perfect weather. Time for some feet up time as we check in to our holistic accommodation. Fury pikes it as the rest of the crew go out on the town. They arrive back with 60's legend Bobby Starr, The Mayor of Chillingham and Marty the Moose a strange combination who wont go home.

With the first leg of the tour done, we head to Chillingham for some down time .a beautiful setting out in the rainforest. Our host Ashley had welcomed us with some Chillingham hospitality. A few visits from the" Mayor" and The Rockbottom Casino opened 'til all hours. There were Blackjack and Texas Hold Em Poker marathons. The peace. The quiet.thought of losing all my chips!!!!! The periodic rain, the birds.the absence of those noisy drums.Ahhhhh the serenity.

Four days seem to ebb and flow as the crew gear up to hit the road again. It was so quiet my tinnitus was driving me insane.

Day Six Back in the confines of the trusty tour rig and up to Tweed Heads to Seagulls Leagues Club for some more fun and frivolity. With our trusty guide, Ash, helping with directions we do the load in to end all load ins. across foyers, into lifts up escalators and lifts.very Spinal Tap. We find Rockbottom wandering in the dazzling display of lights and buzzers that is the gaming room. We also notice that the mysterious talc mist has returned ..The Dets launch into another heart pounding set.. 3 actually. The crowd went WILD. This place was so big that the Hoodoo Gurus were playing somewhere else in the building and irate fans didn't even accost us. Maybe it was the old' beer goggles.. maybe we sound like the Hoodoo Gurus? Ash on the other hand had won $90 on the old' one arm bandits, but because he didn't sign in, he couldn't collect. Is that justice?..Is that proper? I'm talking' to you..

Day 7. Ah a wedding ..everyone loves a wedding. In true Dets style, no park, field or public place is safe from the strains of the Detonators. A beautiful setting in the Brisbane hillside. The Dets had a bit of a challenge getting there. We decided that a 15-year-old map of Brisbane without freeways on it was as good as a new one; let's just say we took the scenic route. Some of the Dets hadn't eaten and were quietly and discreetly hoeing into all the nibbles before dinner. (Just one more caper berry please, anymore Spring rolls?) With the wedding vows solidified to the Dets acoustic version of "Something else". And with dinner and speeches out of the way, the wedding party.. well. partied hard until the early hours.

Day 8 and the final show of the tour was in Goodna. Always a good sign when the pub is also on the same road as the basket weaver's asylum. We were not to be disappointed. It was another beautiful Queensland day. A car park full of American iron, girls in ¾ pants and greasy rockers everywhere along with some "guests" from up the road picking up the empties.

With a packed bar room, dancing was not for the faint hearted.No talc mist here.Just a down to earth Aussie pub full of the Dets faithful. There were a few homeless spiders after we blew the cobwebs out of the Goodna pub that's for sure.

Back on the road that night to Ashley's in Chillingham for some shuteye, a day on the road back to Capt Karl's in Sydney and finally, 2 days later, in our very own beds.
Result: Eddie Fury has tendonitis in his ankle
Doghouse Dave has developed "tennis elbow"
Paulie the Kid's fingers finally started bleeding

The Detonators
Tour reports and gig guide.
The Tassie tour report has finally turned up off of Rockbottoms desk should be a good read. April was another great month of gigs scattered from here to there and a few places in between. The Lewisham (Sydney) was another top night out, so we're gonna do it again this month. Teralba RSL (Newcastle) was fun and it was good to catch up with our friends from that area we haven't seen for a while.We played at a friends wedding in Canberra and they looked after us too well.... An intimate show at Wodonga for some fans and the following night with the XR Falcon GT Club in Wagga Wagga. First of the Aussie muscle cars........We then drove across to Great Western (Great Western Vic) for some fun with the locals we hadn't yet met. Top night out had by all...
Friday night was Taree's bithday party so we all go and have a mexican feed and night of partying in her and The Kids lounge room and kitchen. Happy Birthday Taree. A night off is required for some...A huge Sunday arvo at Daveys in Frankston (Vic). This gig is a winner. This puts The Dets in top form to take on The Re-Mains at the Retreat in Brunswick the following night. Who could come on after The Dets have just ripped off a killer set in their home town? Doghouse will tell the story his way later. This gets us to the Mt Moliagul Hotel on the Sat night. Great roast, great steak, great hospitality. Thanks Jane and Tony. A night on the floor with The Detonators in ya face. Magic.. Recovery day show at The Bendigo Hotel in Collingwood (Vic). Another Birthday show for Ilana...Two quick squirts of new songs and a few old faves and a good night had by all. Happy Birthday Ilana.
A busy month and with some recording in The Kids shed as well, plenty goin' on.
Thanks to all those who made the shows.
See ya in Geelong on Sunday.
Queens Head Cafe Elizabeth Street North Hobart
Arrive at the venue direct from Hobart Airport and quickly set the stage up. This is a good room, wide with plenty of visibility and a handsome bar running down one side.
After much needed dinner, the Dets ignited into action, and the room did not disappoint, it sounded great.The concert goers really got off and it was a fantastic night to commence this tour.
O'Keefes Hotel Launceston
If you're ever in Launceston do yourself a favour and have a meal here. It's St Pats day of course and a double bill w/the Dets and the Bondi Cigars. It was very deja vu having St Pats dinner with the Cigarmen.The similar roughhouse banter, the appreciation of fine wine and the frenzied sounds of knife and fork. This was a huge day and a longer night. Due to an oversight Doghouse Dave has to bunk in with Rockbottom James. Did enjoy the show put on by the "blockies" (young & old kids doing laps in a variety of vehicles, around O'Keefes corner).

Forth Blues Festival
We were in Forth In November 2005, and great to be back at the Forth Blues Festival. A grouse lineup including the Cigars, Spectrum, Terraplane and the excellent Lemon Squeezin Daddies. An afternoon show at 3.15pm, then to Devonport and freshen up before our 12.30 am show later that night. Our rooms at Devonport were groovy 60's wood paneled high ceiling jobs with plenty of room, just as well because RBJ, Eddie Fury and Doghouse Dave are bunking together. A very disappointing dinner at the Baron in Devonport then an uplifting concert at Forth, with our good mate Pete Cornelius, finally in bed with the engineroom operators at 4.15am.

7.30AM In the bus for Hobart departure, flat knacker, no stops.
10.45AM Arrive Hobart, head to the Moonah Bowl for the Hot Rod Custom show organized by Hobart's Ultralux . Soak up the sonic landscape pumped out by Hobart's "The No's No's" and admire the fantastic collection of motorware and proud owners. RBJ in particular enjoyed complimentary breakfast Moonah Bowl style (hot dog & coffee) whilst he reminisced about the ten pin titles he won during intra/Dets games. Enough of memory lane, with much thanks to goggled eyed Colin of Ultralux, back in the bus and heading back up the highway to Wynyard.

After the Moonah Bowl concert we got the rub (from a trucker) about a great place to eat. So after two hours on the wheel we finally get to this joint, and painted on the walls was "worlds best food". With a mission statement like that there were gonna be problems. But not if you're someone who enjoys every thing fried, and that was the house specialty, fried. How about some fried lasagne? Lets have sandwiches.

Wynyard Hotel Wynyard
6.00PM and time to rock. Small bar, 50 thirsty people, jam packed, Matt our publican going the motorboat on the beer taps. The crew at the Wynyard still had petrol in their tanks and partied hard till Matt blew the hooter at 9.15 pm.

Doghouse Dave's Gig Report
The Detonators vs The Re-Mains Retreat Hotel Brunswick Monday 24th April
What a top night out! Lots of new faces and lots of familiar one's turned out to see the biggest musical clash Melbourne has ever seen. The Retreat was full to see Victoria's Detonators verses New South Wales The Re-Mains and believe it or not there was a queue to get in the door at one stage.

After the coin toss, attended by the captains of both teams by 3PBS-FM radio legend Dave Heard The Detonators decided to go onto the killing field first. We decided in the clubrooms to do our patented one-hour of power set and to add in new songs from our forthcoming album which is in pre production at the moment.

All I can say and I know it's a cliché is that the place rocked, there were lots of dancers, hooting, some girl screaming, and of course the drunken bloke trying to shake everyone's hand between songs who spilt Rockbottom's health drink. We played at maximum throttle for the whole hour. As part of our pre gig preparation our cooling systems had been specially upgraded and we had also installed long-range tanks to avoid unnecessary toilet breaks

The Re-Mains were nervous we could see it in their eyes. They wondered if they could pull it off. Even though they have one more member than us they decided to tilt the odds in their favour by adding yet another member. They were obviously prepared to stop at nothing to win. They went on after a delay in setting up. Those Broke Back mountain boys did extremely well. They jibed us, made up songs about us, and used personal attacks as part of their low down tactics, something we would never stoop to (don't believe that) They had the packed pub jumping too but country rock n roll just couldn't match high compression roots rock'n' roll on the night and The Re-Mains graciously handed the mantle to The Detonators. Then at the same time challenged us to a re-match. It's on! This could end up like a roots form of the ashes!

It was a great night; both bands and all the punters who turned up had an absolute ball. Thanks everyone for turning up and making it a huge night.

Eddie Fury and myself headed for after match drinks with The Re-Mains to console them, I left at 5.45am.
The next day The Re-Mains quietly left Melbourne with their trendy straw hats hidden under the seats of their van. We doubt if they will be back...............
Check www.detonators.com.au  for more updates.
Always use Genuine Detonators parts only.
The Detonators
Thanks to everyone in Tassie who made it to a gig. We had a great tour all round. All gigs were winners...
as were our shows in Melbourne at the St. Kilda Bowling Club and Geelong at the Limelight.
The Tassie tour report is now overdue, Rockbottom is busy learning his lyrics and hasn't had the time to proof it yet...
Next month is a big one as well, we'll see you on the road.

Kylie, Helen, Doghouse Dave (The Detonators), Sonja,and Sam.
Doghouse Dave's Tamworth and beyond tour report
The tour statistics: 13 Days 3928kms 10 Gigs Average Temp 37 degrees+

Monday 23rd Jan
Assembly at Paul's 10am.Rockbottom arrives with a suitcase so large we have to get a forklift to load it into the van. What's he got in there? We set off from Melbourne up the Hume to Sydney a road we have travelled many times before but not in heat like this. The van starts to over heat and so do we we have to keep the speed down to 90kmh. A stop at Albury for some refreshments gets us up to Sydney where we head to a pub for a beer with our ungracious host Bergo before bedding down. Just before bedtime Rockbottom collapses with heat exhaustion and bends his glasses, luckily he has 3 spares sets, a true nerd. I thought he was faking it and revived him with rib kicks and abuse.He was appalled at my bedside manor.
Tuesday 24th Jan
Up early and on the road to Tamworth, its still stinking hot but its only 5 hours there which is nothing to us a mere drive up the road. We get to our accommodation organised by our great friends Bruce and Fran from Kurramine Resort in QLD and discover that we have air-conditioning, a BBQ and a salt water pool As well as our own rooms. We aren't used to this treatment. Is something going wrong here? We do our first gig at The Family Hotel roots night we are last on. We do our patented one-hour power set. All goes well. After the gig we head off to check out The Re-Mains and have a few quiet beers. Eddie Fury gets caught in Tamworth fever and gets slightly out of control he is restrained with cable ties.
Wednesday 25th Jan
We wake up about midday it's stinking hot. We have a swim and prepare for our gig at West's Diggers bar. The rains then start and I mean rain it poured for 3 hours. We get to the gig, which has an outdoor stage, and are told to set up inside due to the rain. During the load in Rockbottom slips on the decking and goes down for the second time on the tour. I try not to laugh or say anything, which of course I cant. The gig goes well and we do two encores even though we have no fold back because they were rained on. Lots of punters from last year turn up at this gig and all of them followed us to every gig after this one thanks everyone. We head home and then to West's Leagues to see our old mates from Sydney Rob Lucky and The Lucky Bastards. We leave when the place closes there is no one left but us, security and some drunk girl who has collapsed in the toilets.
Thursday 26th Jan
Stinking hot again its relentless. Once again we rise at midday, lifes good this is strange for us. A quick swim a feed and into town to check out some more bands and have a few beers. We hit the Legends Bar at West's Leagues Club a big open room. It's a two setter here; we load in after eventually finding the right door and get down to business. We get the place rocking to a blistering pace then we finish with an encore of our new song "Jason you're a lout" written by Paulie. The band on after us did country versions of Beatles songs need I say more? Country Music Channel people approach us after this gig for copies of our videos to play on cable TV. We hand them over so keep watching if you have cable we will be on it in a few weeks. We head off to The Pub to see Peter Busher and The Loan Rangers our friends from Perth, always great and good blokes because they lend us gear when we go to West Australia. Touring bands need mates like these people.
Friday 27th Jan
Stinking Hot again for a change. We arrive to do our 3.30 spot at the Prince Albert Hotel. Hasn't that name got something to do with body piercings? It's an outdoor gig in a tent. Before we finish setting up we are soaked in sweat there is no aircon or fans here. Our instruments are hot to touch and the double bass with its gut strings refuses to stay in tune. After the gig I notice it is starting to split from being in the heat. After the first set the whole main drag of Tamworth has a power failure due to overload on the system it takes an hour to get it fixed so we get away with a quick half hour set before handing the oven stage over to The Chrome Daddies. Good Luck fellas!! We relax with some cool drinks; check out the Chrome Daddies and The Salt Flat Trio who were playing in the front bar of the pub. Later that night I return to the pub with Eddie Fury to see Angry Anderson and The Nice Boys rock out at maximum volume. I catch up with my mate Kingy the bass player for a few beers after the show. The rest of the crew head to see Peter Busher and the Loan Rangers.
Saturday 28th Jan
Very warm again, we drive past the campsites on the way to our final Tamworth gig at West's Diggers Club and we wonder how people camp outside in the heat, it's red hot by 8am every day. This time at Diggers we get to play the outdoor stage the P.A. is great the gig goes well, our friends from Jac's Auto Electrics in Gunnedah turn up with some nice pin up calendars for us. That crew like a beer. After we play we stick around to watch guitar slinger and one of Paulie's mentors Redd Volkart from the US play with a local band he carves it up. The heat and beers get to me and I crack a wobbly and head off on my own to see Pete Busher at The Pub, I try to walk but end up on a mini pub crawl I get there eventually. The rest of the crew head off to see Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys apparently there was up to ten men on stage going hard at it.
Sunday 29th Jan
Up early, clean up the house, say good bye and thanks to Bruce and Fran (and Stretch) then we hit the road to Sydney, a hot trip back, as you would expect. Straight to The Empire Hotel in Annandale for a sound check then back to Bergo's for a shower then head to the pub. We had two supports, Chickenhead a two-piece grungy drum and guitar combo and The Salt Flat Trio from Perth a drummer less band very similar to Gatorbait.
The gig goes well Sydney crowds have always been good to us even though we are tired we still kick in at 100mph.
Monday 30th Jan
Tuesday 31st Jan
Two Days off yay! We head to the beach for a relaxing swim followed by some beers and some very long relaxing lunches and dinners.
Wednesday 1st Feb
Rockbottom and myself decide to go and see my mate Kingy at the House of Pain Tattoo Shop to get some new ink. Rockbottom gets a Mum and Dad chest job while I go for the Mans Ruin leg job. Rockbottom and myself head straight to the Lewisham Hotel load in and get ready to play, no time for slackers here. We have a feed and then check out our fine support Satellite V who do a sterling job. Once again the Sydney fans didn't let us down with a huge crowd turning up for a Wednesday at a pub that's not a known band venue. Thanks everyone especially Limpin Jimmy,the Swinging Kitten and Annie who helped us out heaps when the original venue for the gig closed down at short notice.
Thursday 2nd Feb
Up early we head back down the Hume to Wagga, it's stinking hot for a change. My leg hurts maybe that tattoo wasn't such a good idea. We load in to The Capital Saloon Bar gig up the rear stairs degree of difficulty 8 out of 10,sound check and feed up. The gig goes well and some local publicans offer us some other work next time we are in the area. All good in Wagga we will be back.
Friday 3rd Feb
Up early again this time we have to head across the mountain range to do a gig in Eden.37 degrees today for the drive through Cooma. We get to Eden where it's a cool 26 degrees. Head to The Great Southern Hotel have a sleep and a magnificent complimentary meal then rock the house, fights break out, people fall down, and Police arrive. Apparently normal in these parts. We hang around for staff drinks on the back veranda with its great views. Miss Taree gets into trouble for patting some little mongrel dog too much by its drunken owners.
Saturday 4th Feb
Up early yet again now we have to drive back over the range to Junee for a festival there so we head back on the same road we travelled yesterday.  Boring.We get to Junee and while searching for the Hotel we wait for ages at a railway crossing, sick of waiting I cross the tracks and yep there was a train coming, well that's what everyone reckons any way I didn't see it. Luckily for us it missed that's if it was there of course. We find the Hotel, the lady running it tells Paul that we aren't to sleep in the beds with our boots on, who does that? We get to the Junee Bike and Blues Fest at The Locomotive Hotel set up do one set and then get cut short two songs into the second because the publican wants to shut the pub at 12.Oh well its back to the Hotel to sleep with our boots on.
Sunday 5th Feb
Slept in till 10,got up went to the festival post mortem. Then hit the road hungry, tired and a bit stinky for the final haul back down the Hume to home. On the way back I reailsed that we have been going for nine years in August and I worked out that we have done well over 1000 gigs in that time how many kilometres?  Who knows its a big blur.
The Detonators
The Dets have had the hammer down all year and its been great. New songs on the board and more coming, Eddie Fury has settled in workin' the skins and all's looking good for next year. Thanks to everyone who came to the shows during the year and those who take care of us on the road. We can't do it without you. Thanks to our new friends in Europe, we had a great time and hopefully we will be back next year. We will finish the year around home with some exciting shows coming up. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve sure to be a hoot. January we start again. Put the hammer down Rockbottom. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all from Rockbottom, Paulie, Doghouse and Eddie.
Keep burnin' rubber....

The Detonators have been tearing around the countryside playing loads of great shows. Thanks to all those in Tassie who came to the shows last weekend, we had a hoot. We haven't forgotten SA either. Semaphore, Adelaide and Mannum next weekend. This weekend Geelong, Warrnambool and Rye cop a dose....The Dets have some new tracks in the set which are proving to be a hit on the dance floor. All the back catalogue and some new merchandise will be on sale at the shows. Come and check out a show near you..
All aboard the crazy train.... The Dets sink the boot into it and head North once again to take the show to Canberra, Sydney, Taree and Newcastle this weekend. The following weeks Melbourne, Phillip Island, Bendigo, Geelong, Gippsland and Tassie will also have to cop a blow. New songs are breaking their way onto the set list as we test out

A week off after their European tour and The Dets are ready to hit the Hume again and head North. It has taken this long for us to readjust to the Australian beer and the small glasses... Read Rockbottoms tour report below.

Tuesday 12/7/05
9.10 am - Depart Sydney for overnight stay in Narita Japan en route to Amsterdam. Three Dets in a row next to the exit, leg room Yes please!!, hot face towels Yes please!!

Would I like a drink? Don't call me "woodeye"!!! Yes Thanks, and the first law of international economy flying - FREE PISS!!!
Wednesday 13/7/05
10.20am - After a relaxing stay at the NINJA LODGE, back in the air and to Amsterdam!! Finally land and make contact with our first man at Schipol Amsterdam, young Bernard (Ben). Thick set and powerfully built, like Doghouse Dave, Ben taxis us to our hotel. After refreshing beers with our hotel hosts, the Dets and Ben head to town with one thing on their jet lagged minds- Coffee!!! Amsterdam is blessed with superb outlets providing the finest in all blends and pretty soon the Dets brains are ticking over again.
Thursday 14/7/05
10.45 am - The only tourist time of the tour, obligatory canal tour and off to the RIJKS Museum to slate our fine arts thirst. It's getting hot in Amsterdam, and Ben takes us to his favourite watering hole. This is living!! Meet our tour manager Jan and his van.

10.30pm - Showtime at the Bourbon Street Blues Club. A promising club name on paper but in reality? I don't see how you can justify playing Michael Jackson during the Dets set breaks. A blues club in name only. A marathon show of 4 sets, start at 10.30pm finish 3.10am. No amplifiers, everyone through the PA. Good crowd drinking hard, everyone happy! Ben off his chops!!
Friday 15/7/05
Depart Amsterdam and off to Enschede to the Nix BBBlues Club Holland. Nice club tucked away in an urban village, these guys know what they're doing. A tasty selection of back line amplifiers and everything being digitally recorded. A good bar rocking time.
Saturday 16/7/05
Off to Luxembourg for the 2005 Blues & Jazz Rallye. Wow!! This joint has an 800AD castle, moat high walls, turrets and THE DETS!!! High on a hill, next to the castle, wall and turret was the Editpress Blues Hill stage. Caught Ash Grunwald on the tools and he was giving them a solid caning. Saw the good rocking Wentus Blues Band before going on at midnight. A hard grinding 90 minutes later the work hooter blasted and The Dets enjoyed a well earned local brew and toilet time.
Sunday 17/7/05
Belgium Rhythm & Blues Festival - Peer (Belgium)
All things come to those who wait. For the first time in their collective careers the Dets receive all the largesse trimmings as "International Artists" Food, beers, wine, food, beers, wine, T-Shirts, food, beers, wine, chocolates, ice-creams. Our own Australian cabin, shared with Ash Grunwald and fruit platters. One big stage 20,000 punters, plenty of good backline choices.
Monday 18/7/05
Antwerp Prison - Belgium
Arrived early afternoon in Central Antwerp, a fantastic spot, loaded with history and staff. The prison has been in use for quite a while, the Nazis in particular, and now is a mixed but segregated center. The governor loves his roots, rock n roll music, and provides ongoing entertainment to his inmates. In a special room with seats for 80, they've got PA, Stage, lights, band room, front of house guy, lighting guy, it's all lit and rockin!!

Enjoyed a hearty meal with the Gov, after the concert and a personal tour of the prison. Glad to see the back of it.
Tuesday 19/7/05
Met James Harmon over breakfast at out Antwerp Hotel. We conducted a sort of Nuremburg Trial over his life/music/road experiences, certainly a lot of similar experiences, "on the road since 1962".

De Kroeg Tavern - Geldrop Holland
This is a dutch village just up the road from the Phillips factory and the De Kroeg is your meat and three veg rock and roll bar. Koen the owner also drums and does the sound, and by showtime the place was packed and the Dets pumping. Met some interesting locals Habert et al, and Annie who had seen the Dets in Adelaide before coming back to Holland.
Wednesday 20/7/05
Return to Amsterdam for final coffee break before departure for Japan. The best blend till last. Jan ordered us all some smooth Jamaican Black, and we kicked back one last time absorbing the dutch colour and movement whilst re-attaching our chops.

Hell flight, long night, three in a row no exit seats, some Dets pass out, others mark time. Six hour stop over at Narita Airport, then back on board for a ten hour flight to Melbourne.

Use genuine Detonators parts only.
We would like to thank all those people involved with the European tour, it was great... Thank You..
The Detonators...
Those fearless road warriors hit the highway in the sky and head to Europe on Tuesday for a run of shows from Amsterdam, Enschede, Luxemburg, Belgium and Geldrop and back to Amsterdam... They will tear it up!
Give it a red hot Aussie go....
Always use genuine Detonator parts only.

Thanks to all of you who attended our recent shows. We've travelled from Geelong to Gippsland, Adelaide to Canberra, Sydney
to Melbourne and all in between in recent months. Great to see all the familiar faces of the road and great to see some new faces also.

Thanks to Trevor Drake (The Customliners) who helped us out in Adelaide on the skins.

We would like to welcome our not so new secret weapon Eddy Fury to the drivers seat. Eddy has been playing with The Detonators
on and off for nearly 2 years now in between his other projects but has recently been given his probationary patch.
Eddy played in The Fireballs some years ago and recently The Sinshifters. He is one hell of a stick man...Welcome aboard.
Eddy will be doing the European shows..

Wintersun this weekend on the Gold Coast and home to Melbourne for some shows before we head to Europe.
With Tamworth all said and done for another year its back home to Melbourne. Rockbottom is resting up at home with his newly acquired golden harmonica. He says its the only golden award that you can actually play!
We've also been down to Apollo Bay for a Tsunami benefit as well as one in Brunswick at the Retreat Hotel witch where both great days and loads of money was raised for the victims. We will also be doing a Goog Friday Appeal, check the attached flier.
We are planning another big year this year with some overseas touring, a new CD and a load of Australian touring. That's the plan anyhow. Bombshell is still gathering momentum both in Australia and Europe whilst we put pen to paper for the next release.
Check the website for gig updates and info on all the goings on.

We will be doing an assault of Gippsland soon as well as South Australia and NSW trip in May and we will be doing Wintersun this year on the Gold Coast also.

Rockbottom James Tamworth Diaries.
Thursday 13/01/05. Full concert rehearsal the night before, depart Melbourne by 11am. With a forecast of 35 degrees, we knew what lay ahead, highway 31 and even hotter temps and Rockbottom at the wheel. Rockbottom is relieved at Albury, which by now was stinking hot. Lunch was purchased then assembled in the bus as we pushed on to Sydney. Finally arrived 9:45pm, Sydney was even hotter than Melbourne. Found a nearby pub, relaxing drinks, hit the sack, tomorrow Tamworth..

Friday 14/01/05. The recuperative powers of the younger members amazes me. Another scorcher in Sydney, it's 10:45, I'm still not sure if I'm in the sleeping bag, over it or under it. I can hear the buses horn, and the young members are in it, yelling out their ready to go.
Arrive Tamworth 5:15pm, establish base camps, ours opposite South Tamworth Bowls Club and ready for the first concert at the Southgate Inn, just nearby. With Vernon doing the FOH mix, The Dets kick off the Tamworth campaign. The Gate Bar is air-conditioned which is just as well, cause the car park must be around 35 degrees at 8:30pm.
The young Dets needed no encouragement, as they were relieved to be back on the tools, and we ploughed straight ahead into our recipe of raw, real, roots rock n roll. Caught up with heaps of friends including Zorba and his King Reef Hotel crew. Concert over, Rockbottom relaxed his grip and decided the crew should catch Johnny Greens Blues Cowboys to round off the sultry night.The hot and thirsty Dets relaxed over hard earned drinks, sipping on the sound smorgasboard erupting from the Blues Cowboys. The night was done for, so we headed back to our base camps. Rockbottom and three younger men were billeted in a one bedroom flat, with one fan and t.v. giving 1 1/2 channels. Agreed, it was hot and cramped and the boys were still chatting excitedly as RBJ hit the final light switch, and day one was done.

Saturday 15/01/05. Day off for Rockbottom but you wouldn't guess - there was shopping to be done, the flat had no shit wrap, no food etc. That all done, it's off for the first Gatorbait gig at 8.00 pm again at the Southgate Inn. Must keep rehydrating.

Sunday 16/01/05. Hot still Hot, Dets first gig at West Diggers Roots and Blues Bar, with Frank doing the front of house and Brendon gibing everyone the shits with his cheesy cornball announcements between sets. Must keep rehydrating.

Monday 17/01/05. Day off for everyone, have tremendous lunch with Zorba and crew, first non take away meal consumed with much liquor under the belts, off to see Matt Scullion and the Lost Moments at the Courthouse Hotel. Mightily impressed by young Matt. Getting a bit tanked too.

Tuesday 18/01/05. Another stinker, the festival is beginning to feel a bit like ground hog day. At least the young ones are getting breakfast and washing their clothes. Off to the Southgate Inn, for another Dets gig. Must keep rehydrating.

Wednesday 19/01/05. The weather, if nothing is consistent, hot. Back to the Southgate Inn for a Gatorbait concert. Must keep rehydrating.
Following concert off to see Rob Luckey and the Luckey Bastards at West Diggers then the Remains at the City Tavern. At the end of a huge day Paulie the Kid collapses on the South Tamworth Bowling Green, with his chops completely removed. With a man down, Rockbottom directs the crew to remove the Kid.

Thursday 20/01/05. Same, same everything's the same, another Dets gig at West Diggers Blues and Roots Bar.

Friday 21/01/05. Same, same, hot as stink, an early afternoon gig at Joe Maguire's pub for Gatorbait, I'm glad its them and not me. The stage must be 40c as the sides and roof are made of galvanised tin.

Saturday 22/01/05. You guessed it, same, same, even hotter, Gatorbait head for a concert at Joe Maguire's, Rockbottom must attend the Hohner Golden Harmonica Championships at the Southgate Inn. Rockbottom has done many gigs, but none as daunting as this, given the skills displayed by the competitors on the chromatic harp, be it Jazz, Country or Blues. With the gracious help of Ewan Somerville (harpman with Johnny Greens Blues Cowboys) Rockbottom uses his harp amp, does the required two songs and waits. To walk out of the Southgate Inn with the Hohner Golden Harmonica was not something Rockbottom envisaged, but it did happen, and a dazed and surprised Rockbottom proudly displayed the trophy to the slack-jawed Dets. Fully fed by Karen Waters and Matt Scullion, off to West Diggers for the final Dets concert.

Sunday 23/01/05. Final day for everyone, last Gatorbait concert at Joe Maguire's and still stinking hot. Unlike Rockbottom, Noray Guillian (Front man for Gatorbait) does not rule his stage members with an iron fist, and Gatorbait members appear in a variety of shorts, sarongs and cowboy boots. Concert done, final farewells, back in the bus to Sydney.

Monday 24/01/05. Another day in the bus on Highway 31, somehow the hours pass and we're safely home by 9.30 pm.
Southgate Inn Gate Bar
Friday 14 2005
Paulie the Kid (guitar), Rockbottom James ( harp and vocals), Adam Duffy (Drums),
 Doghouse Dave (bass)
Rockbottom James and Doghouse Dave (bass)
Paulie the Kid
Adam Duffy
Print out and have the memories