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Teena's Trip to Fan Fair and catching up with her favourite artist Keith Urban

Well here I am at 3am, Friday , extremely jetlagged. went to take a nap at 4pm and now its 3am.. I'm still working in American time.. and feeling pretty worn out.. BUT I HAVE TO SAY!!... it all goes towards making my experiences of my trip as one fantastic  memorable time!
Well this trip was planned back in the beginning of march...with full intent of surprising Suz, and many many other urbanite friends.. with Dorena and Jodi helping me so much to make to make things happen.. planning tickets to the same events that I knew that Suz and everyone was planning. So many times along the months leading up, major plans and accommodations and flights had to be changed, as not to give the surprise away..
Dorena met up with me in LA when I arrived.. and we spent a day in Disneyland together and went out for dinner,.. When I met Dorena I really felt as if I had known her forever! we did click together so well... ( I must say that about everyone I met on my travels.. all were really lovely fantastic people in life!). Dorena flew to Nashville ahead of me, and I stayed in LA an extra day to get my bearings and sleep pattern right, so I would be set to party in Nashville....
On the 1st I flew to Nashville...Dorena met up with me there telling the girls at the condo she had to meet up with Cagel friends... hehehe ..we then went shopping, and took a look around, went for a bit of a drive, and then had dinner at cracker barrel.. yummy!!!! that was nice!
The following day, I met up with Dorena again, and we did some more shopping!... then she had to return to condo and the others to make taco's for a special dinner...I then met up with Jodi, and we proceeded to the condo to surprise the gang!
I have to say we did surprise them!!!!...lol.. Suz was in shock and so was everyone that watched on!.. Diane, Joanne, Ristie, Chrisie, ect ect...Suz had to phone home to tell her hubby and son I was there!! I think they were just as surprised as Suz!
I then gave out some little gifts I brought the girls, and we then proceeded to make an Aussie favourite ( chocolate crackles)... I wanted them to try them, and also make some for Keith!, because I knew it would have been forever since he would have even seen them!.. I brought had to bring one of the ingenious with me, called copha, as Dorena had spent so much time chasing everywhere trying to get that for me before I had arrived!... Dorena and I gathered the other ingrediences the night before from Krogars.
then we all had pics together taken. I have to say it was real mean to spring the surprise on them all like that.. BUT HECK IT WAS SO MUCH FUN ALSO!....
and worth all the work that us girls had put in, leading up to it all!..
( will now do a party two)

part 2
I just loved meeting my mates so much...and they definitely people that that I would choose as VERY close friends here in OZ...to have had this chance to meet them all in one place at one time, was a dream come true for me..
the 3rd was the IFOC concert, we were all separated in different seats, but this was my first chance to see Keithy after so many years.. when he came out on that stage.. the emotion just overwhelmed me, I was not expecting to be so emotionally charged, I just started to cry...because it was beyond my comprehension at the time, that here I was in Nashville, with all my friends watching Keith perform to all of us at the same time.. tears just ran down my face like a fawcet. for about 4 of his first songs, and the emotion in my heart at that time is indescribable! it was like a huge feeling of shock!.. 'I WAS THERE!!!!SEEING EVERYTHING, HEARING EVERYTHING!!....and I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined it to be so wonderful! Also moved hotels and stayed with Jodi and her family and friends..
The next day the 4th , we went to the taping of the cmt 100 songs, that Keith was to host!...but it was my first real taste of seeing so many people that never tour Australia, seeing all these great artists live was fantastic, and loved every second of it all...then after that, us girls went to the Ryman to await Keith leave there, we hung out at the back stage door....that was also a chance for me to meet other Keithy fans, that I had come to know through the boards and emails...
When Keith ran down to his awaiting car, Suz yelled out to him.. Keith!!!! Teena is here!... he turned straight to us and said  YEAH!!!!...I will see ya's at the party tomorrow!.. the crowd then carried Keith off....but he definitely recognized us...this was also a huge awakening of me, of just how big Keith is over in the U.S.  To see the crowd just swarm him like that!. .and the way he had to frantically jump in the awaiting car!...( I bet only 4 years ago he couldn't have imagined running to preserve himself from an awaiting crowd!)
part 3 coming next

The day of the fan party!
we arrived and lined up outside... the line of fans getting into the door, was astounding, I could truly see why people missed out on a ticket, I was one of the lucky ones... that phoned the office even before they went on sale.. so i would be assured of a ticket... thankfully,.. so many people were there, and we were all crammed in as tight as they could get us in... I brought along a heap of stuff for the auctions for St Judes... and thankyou to anyone that made bids on the stuff I brought!.. then came the time to meet Keithy face to face...after so long, I think you may have read where he made me kick my leg up!..lol...
I have to say that personally that was just the most amazing part of my trip...one that will live forever in my heart! and one of my most happiest moments! it just felt good being reunited with him after so long!... but ya know the nicest thing?....and that is, although he is so huge over there, with millions and millions of fans, which he appreciates, but he still had time and remembered the small people from back home!
I think that really says so much about the kind of person he is, never forgetting anyone! or the people that he met on his way to the top!
I also had the great pleasure in meeting up with Varcy and Sara, and many others that I have grown to know through the net in the past  years...again for me, these were people that have always included me in letting me know all about the concerts over there and have sent me pictures.. and special little memento's~.. to have the chance to thank them personally was very special for me!
after the fan party, we left to go the celebrity softball game.. we only caught 1 and a half innings at the end... but again it was another great chance for me to be with my mates, and see some of the Nashville stars!

Friday went to see the exhibition halls... met up with the Wilkinsons... now they are a nice bunch of people... also saw Dorena and Diane there...
the next couple of days where spent just bar hopping and eating, and catching up with the girls when i could... and watching the shows down by the riverfront, That was another thing i loved... to be able to experience so much country music! all the time!.. ( that's unheard of in OZ)...I met up with Joanne and Suz at Tommy Steiners fanparty, ( which Dorena had obtained the tickets from them in secrecy for me)..
Tommy was good. but definitely no Keith! ( my own personal opinion on that)..
On Sunday the last day of Fan Fair...I heard that a fellow Aussie by the name of Lee Kernigan was to be performing down on the river front so I went down there to give him my support, The CMT had a new special award for out standing achievements  by a foreign entertainer, it was about all they had achieved, and Lee Kernigan won over so many others!....BUT!!!.... unfortunately he wasn't there to my dismay!...he was actually touring in my home town!.. lol.. and couldn't make the award in Nashville... the crowd thought that was wrong that he should have been there... I also have to say the same thing... Lee should have been there to accept the award!.. but another new Aussie artist ( female ) accepted the award on his behalf.. I smiled when the crowd said listen to that accent!... hahahah ....I never heard any accent!.. they made fun of the way she said artist!...  I thought it was cute!... I stayed and watched the concert, then they announced that someone special wanted to call in and say hi to everyone.. that he wouldn't be performing, and they said .. KEITH URBAN!.. I screamed in shock .. ran with my Aussie flag...Keith came out and said hi everyone!!!.. that he hoped that everyone would come to the Colusiem tonight ...
I was in shock.. to see Keith appear there before my eyes!.. it really had me smiling so big!
That night I went to the Coliseum.. and he shone like never before... amongst all those stars there... he was definitely the best artist there!... I don't think I have ever danced and jumped around so much as I did when he came on... I looked at the huge arena, filled with people... and watched everyone dancing and moving to his songs... to see Keith perform before so many people. and have them in the palm of his hands... and have their attention as he did... was something I had never seen before~
AT THAT MOMENT I FELT SO PROUD OF THE BOY  FROM OZ..... AND THOUGHT TO MYSELF... HE DID IT!... HE ACHIEVED WHAT HE SET OUT TO DO!.. to be one of the best in Nashville... and he achieved it in such a way that I could have never imagined till that point in time!...I AM SO PERSONALLY PROUD OF HIM!
then the next day was sadly time to leave Nashville... Dorena and I had time before our flight, so Diane and Dorena picked me up and we did some driving around Nashville and went to a plantation... I enjoyed that so much , seeing some of the culture and history of the place.. back in LA  Dorena spent the night with me , then the next day her family came to meet me and take me on a tour on LA... we went down to muscle beach and we walked and walked miles... IT WAS WONDERFUL!.... we had a lovely farewell lunch together ..and then drove and toured around...
one funny thing happened... on my drive to the airport, Dorena called her radio station to request Keith.. for her friend returning back to oz from Fan Fair... and she put me on the phone.. to talk to the DJ... and they played it.. all that I had said!.. hahaha it was so weird to hear myself on the radio!
I just spoke of how wonderful Fan Fair was, and Keith was...and the DJ actually knew where I came from in Oz..
In final, I just want to thank so many people for making my trip such a special moment in my life!
Dorena!.. for all her efforts and time she spent on the run up to Fan Fair...for helping me so often while I was there.. in helping me to achieve my plans to surprise everyone, for always trying to include me in the things she had planed...and taking real good care of me~
Suz, Joanne Risti Diane....YOU GIRLS ARE A HOOT!... again I thankyou all.. for making me feel so welcome and special, and a part of everything that went on!
Jodi, and Lori.... Man ohh man.... I laughed so hard at times.. I would ache.. Thankyou for allowing me to stay with you, and for taking me to so many different places, and sharing in all the things that you did, and for spoiling me!..
I REALLY LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!.....YOU LEFT FOOTPRINTS ON MY HEART ....I CAN'T THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH FOR ALL YOU DID FOR ME.. TO MAKE MY TIME IN THE U.S. SUCH A WONDERFUL PLEASURE...YOU REALLY ARE SOME OF THE GREATEST PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH!...I do hope so much that one day I get to return some of the wonderful things you all did for me.... if you ever get down my way!
I am really left with so many wonderfull memories, and so many wonderful emotions......I THANK YOU ALL.


I was watching CMT there in America.. and they did a news break thing... and guess what?... they showed some of Keiths party, and they also mentioned me.. saying that one of Keiths fellow countrymen made the journey from Australia to attend his fan party... I just thought that was so cool they mentioned me!.. heheheh

Click here for Keith Urban's Artist's Report Page

Fan Fair is getting a name change only.  Next Year's event will be known as
the CMA Music Festival.

Print out and have the memories