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Tamworth Country Music Festival 2004

Finn MacCool

West League


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    Finn MacCool Song Sample

The extremely popular Finn MacCool
Dave Warwick,  Mark Oats, Justin Duggan, Greg O'Brien, Melanie Tonkin
Yes, I got a scar like that when I was circumcised.
Honestly, I wear a hat to hide the scar
Close harmony!
Now get off the stage.
You were right Dave, I should have worn a longer shirt.
Bruno escapes the mosh pit.
Yes Bruno, it was me!         
Blonde, 4th row, no bra! 
She's beautiful !
Yeah, but can she play a bass?                                    Who cares!                                
I know it's the wrong tune, but nobody has noticed.
Beat this.                                                                       Mark's idea of safe sex.
Has that angry bikie gone yet Dave
A typical Finn MacCool crowd.
Call security!
Citizen's arrest.
Sorry God! we can change!
That's your daughter? She's beautiful!
Print out and have the memories 

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