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Tamworth Country
Music Festival 2006
Finn MacCool
West League Legends  -Thur  26th Australia Day
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Thursday 26th January 2006
-Dave Warwick, Mark Oats, Greg O'Brien, Steve Sampson-
Matt Hanley did a wonderful job helping Finn MacCool fans cope
without Greg O'Brien and Dave Warwick till the Thursday.  Thursday arrived, it was Australia Day and they had streamers and a cake for Dave and Greg plus special guest Phil Emmanuel. 
Welcome back Greg and Dave!   
Happy Australia Day!!
Welcome to Tamworth 2006 Greg and Dave
Thanks for this!!
That was nice!!
He could have left me some!
He's out of control again!!.  Didn't take him long!!
That's it!  You are taking over!!
I'm back so I am the star now!
Who invited this Emmanuel guy?     I can play as good as him!!
I can do that but I will humour him!!
My shorts look the best!!
Do you like this lick?
Jump like this!!!
That cake does not go too well with this water!!
Just take me!!
Dave Warwick, Mark Oats, Greg O'Brien, Steve Sampson-
Print out and have the memories