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Some of the top Guitarists in Australian Country Music
The telecaster was the guitar of choice of  Waylon Jennings, Buck Owens, and Don Rich.
Apparently the fingers of our musicians do not bulk up with exercise because there are no muscles in the fingers only  tendons.
Rod McCormack
Tommy and Phil Emmanuel
Keith Urban
Jedd Hughes who is now in the USA
Stuart French
Bill Chambers
Glen Hannah
Kevin Bennett
Lawrie Minson
Travis Collins
         Terry Murray and James Gillard   
Benjy Pocock
Brendan Radford
 Sam Le Mann
Andrew Clermont
Sam Hawksley
Michael Fix
Flash Sheedy
Jim Rush
Chris Haigh
Lindsay Butler
Jake Lardot
Daniel Conway
Michael Muchow
Peter Baylor
Andy Baylor
Jake Nickolai
Matt Hanley
Greg Franks
Duncan Toombs
Andrew Toombs                                                   Dale Gardner
Mick Lockhart
Troy Cassar-Daley
Dave (Seth) Craswell
Print out and have the memories