Tamworth Rage Page
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Handpicked with Tim Bailey
We were runners up in the country band comp at wests and Tim Bailey - chan 10 weather man presented us the cheque and invited us to do the weather one night in the future, stay tuned and have your umbrella handy.
Photos "Country in The Vines"
Rob Dearlove(Drums) ,Simon Watts (Fiddle), Jim Rush, and Steve Passfield
Chris Mearns and  Simon Watts
Simon out amongst the crowd
Rob Dearlove
Jim Rush and Steve Passfield
Mark Tempany and Pat Drummond
Dancing to Handpicked 
Jim Rush, Mark Tempany and Steve Passfield
Pat Drummond, Rob Dearlove (Drums) Jim Rush, Mark Tempany and Steve Passfield
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Parsons
Print out and have the memories