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Bluegrass and Traditional Country Music Convention
November 2005
Photos 1
Photos taken by
James Carrett and Carol & Fred Dwyer.

After ten hours driving, that's a welcome sight.
That's even better.
The over sea's guest's this year where from left, Dan Jones, Lonnie Hoppers, Stacy York and
Joe Isaacs, and if it needed holding together, Lachlan Deer from VIC.
The Old timey visitors Bobby Taylor and Andrew Dunlap are supported here by Ian Alexander,
left and Judy Jones at the rear.
A glass of red and a few tunes on a balmy Harrietville night.
The afternoon sessions on the pub veranda were a hot affair at times.
Hamish Davidson trading likes with Daniel Watkins, a fine young picker from Newcastle,
 brother Tim watches on.
Donal Baylor, Chris Jacob's, John Taylor, back to camera and Laurie Grundy.
That's a Gildchrist mandolin Josh Grundy is playing there, Ouch!
The luthiers stand's were a hit all weekend.