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Tamworth Hats Off Country Music Festival 2006
LBS 100th album launch
By Anna Rose, Tamworth – for and on behalf of Helen’s Ragepage!!!
A significant milestone was achieved and celebrated in Tamworth when LBS Music released its 100th album. By 11am Sunday anyone who wasn't already inside the Goonoo Goonoo Rd studio and entertainment complex had no hope of getting in ... the place was packed!
Of course, I arrived late - just in time for beer and biccies - and missed the show but there were some lovely people there. Lee Kernaghan took the time out from his busy agenda to call in and help Lindsay and Shaza celebrate their huge achievement, as did the one and only Pixie Jenkins, who was honoured by being placed "on the wall" of Butlers' Auditorium, with a suitable plaque acknowledging his contribution to the Australian country music recording industry.
Brian Letton was there, as was Tommy Maxwell, Lynette Guest, Evelyn Bury, Eric Watson, Rodney Walker, Ashley Cook and a heap of other LBS friends and associates. If you're chasing the official type photos, Jon Wolfe was there with his trusty camera.
The truly amazing part of this whole 100th album celebration was that Lindsay Butler produced each and every one of the 100 albums! Not a bad effort for an independent Aussie operator, doing something he absolutely believes in.
Here are some shots from the post-launch celebrations:

Shaza, Robin Dowd, Susy Ritson, Lindsay Butler and Anna Rose (hey - that's me!). Robin and Susy
are my cousins - originally from Warialda.
Lee Kernaghan stopped in to congratulate the Butlers in the fine company
of Nick Erby and Lyn Wright.
Robin Dowd, of Tamworth, with her sister Susy Ritson of Oatley,
Sydney, caught up with Pixie Jenkins for this happy snap.
Brian Letton happily signs a copy of his album for Hat Head Letto fans, Glen and Elaine Brown.
LBS stable star Tom Maxwell and wife Lyn wouldn't have missed the
100th album celebration for quids.
Selection Records boss Eric Watson with his stable star, Evelyn Bury. Eric was honoured over
the weekend by the ACMF for his massive contribution to Australian country music, in a literary sense.
Jon Wolfe, Lorraine Pfitzner, Lynette Guest and Rodney Walker were delighted to be a
part of the LBS history-making event.
Print out and have the memories