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Tamworth Hats Off Country Music Festival 2006
Jason Lee Band
Central Hotel
By Anna Rose, Tamworth – for and on behalf of Helen’s Ragepage!!!
I spoke to Belinda Burgess, wife of Gary Burgess (the publican Central) and she said they had a great time over Hats Off - three big nights - Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
They didn't offer any entertainment on the Sunday, as this was the day most people packed up and headed home. She may be considering a Sunday show for 2007 Hats Off, as we believe the Peel St markets will be on that weekend, so if that's the case, there should be lots of people around the CBD, which is always good for the Central.
Belinda reckons their accommodation was up on last year's Hats Off, with quite a few regulars from January booking in for July - so that's a good sign.
During the weekend they had the Rod Dowsett Band, Dan Mureau Band, Alex Watt Band and Jason Lee Band - manpower in the CBD??? Where are all the girls?
Cheers and beers

Jason Lee
Raging at the Central!
Print out and have the memories