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Photos Courtesy of Anna Rose
My cousins, Robin Dowd and Susy Ritson (both were originally Roses from Warialda, NSW), are avid country music fans. During the recent Hats Off to Country Festival in Tamworth, few, if any, country stars were "safe" from the wild Warialda Roses! They attended all the major shows, including Troy at The Pub, Lee at the town hall and the LBS 100th album launch. Everywhere they went, they managed to attach themselves to a star - and had someone on hand with a camera. Here are the results.
Anna Rose

Susy Ritson, Troy Cassar-Daley and Robin Dowd
Susy Tania & Robin
Robin and Susy with Brooke, Molly and Sam McClymont
Susy, Bill Chambers and Robin
Susy, Tracy Coster and Robin
Don, Robin and Paul Costa
Robin and Susy with Pixie Jenkins at LBS Studio
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