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Horseshoe Bend
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Newcastle Brake & Clutch Sponsors
Horseshoe Bend at Hexham 7pm
Great Family Fun & Dance Floor
Wednesday Night Gigs
June 30th Host Rob Wilson…………Guest Wayne Law
Please check venue for confirmation.
26th May 2004
Donnella Plane  - Host
Special Guest Travis Collins
Travis has just released his new single "Bridge that you won't Burn"
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Host Donella Plane
Special Guest Travis Collins
Travis Collins, Peter Figures, Simon Johnson and Chad Plane
Greg Franks (Thanks for the great song Greg)
Peter Figures
Horseshoe Bend Roundup  www.horseshoebendroundup.com                  
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 Alby Pool is www.albypool.com 
Neville Anderson is www.nevilleanderson.com
Josh Canning www.joshcanning.com 
Rob Wilson www.robwilson.biz 
Weekly Hosts 
Alby Pool                     Bruce McCumstie                    Rob Wilson
Donella Plane

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