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Horseshoe Bend
8th December 2004
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Newcastle Brake & Clutch Sponsors
Host - Alby Pool
Click here for all info on album                         www.albypool.net
with special Guests The Lawnmowers and the surprise guests "The Eagle's Experience",
plus Frank Gray, Scott McCallister, Lisa White, Dean Johnston, Kirsty Akers,
The Lawnmowers
Andrew Clermont and David Hellens
Doug Bull and Robert Long
Robert Long                                       Andrew Clermont
Surprise guests Eagles Experience
Eagle's Experience
Frank Gray                                              Scott McAllister
Dean Johnston                                                 Kirsty Akers
Lisa White                                     Greg Franks
Peter Figures  (Leader of the Peter Figures Big Band)
Chad Plane                                                       Simon Johnson

Print out and have the memories