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Tamworth Hats Off Country Music Festival 2006
The Huckleberry Swedes
The Pub
By Anna Rose, Tamworth – for and on behalf of Helen’s Ragepage!!!
Delightful debut: Huckleberry Swedes Sam Willoughby, Mark Elberg, Troy Loakes
and Toby Lang pictured at The Pub.
Well folks – after Hats Off to Country I’m now a musical vegetarian. I just love the Huckleberry Swedes!
This wonderful little four-piece from South Oz has brought a breath of fresh air to the Australian music scene and I’m privileged to have been in the audience of their Hats Off shows in Tamworth at The Pub.
The Swedes are: Sam Willoughby, Mark Elberg, Troy Loakes and Toby Lang – and have a new CD single, Hair Trigger, which should be consumed with gusto by vegetarians and meat lovers alike.
On arrival in town the boys chatted with radio 2TM’s Jordie Norton and ABC’s David Evans, and added a little spice to Bill Chambers’ Sessions at The Pub with a few well placed tunes.
After weeks of touring with Bill, promoting Bill’s new Frozen Ground release, they were in fine form by the time they reached chilly Tamworth – and it was cold!
The mercury dropped to minus 5 in the mornings and late at night you just had to be somewhere warm or you could literally perish from the cold.
What a city of contrasts I live in. Stinking hot in January and freezing in July. But who could live without the music!
Hats off to Toby Lang, the Swedes’ drummer, for his sterling efforts over the July winter festival – where he treated us all to a drumming marathon – a three-hour shift with Bill Chambers, then another three-hour stint with The Swedes.
What a champion. Gotta love drummers with rhythm – and stamina.
Hopefully festival goers in Tamworth will get to enjoy Huckleberry Swedes at The Family Hotel for a series of Roots and All concerts. Keep watching the website in coming months for an early birds’ preview.
In the meantime, check out their website: www.huckleberryswedes.com 
By Anna Rose, Tamworth – for and on behalf of Helen’s Ragepage!!!

Sam and Toby caught up with new Swedes fans – Colin Galagher of Tamworth,
second from left, and Mark Tonks of Canberra, far right.
Huckleberry Mark tuning up in the carpark before Bill’s final session on Sunday.
Huckleberries just love to play football – Aussie rules style –
Sam and Troy throwing the ball around outside The Pub on Sunday.
What a mark! See the style exhibited by Troy Loakes as he
safely secures the footy from a Sam Willoughby pass.
Print out and have the memories