Tamworth Rage Page
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Jake Lardot
50th Birthday Bash - 2006
Photos Courtesy of Leonie McClure
Great Party at the Unity Hall at Balmain
Mark Kirk, Jake Lardot and Hunter (r)
Nigel Lever, Jake Lardot and Mark Kitk
Jake, Ted, Mark, Hunter, Mitch  and James
Nigel Lever, Jake Lardot and Ted Simpson
Mark Kirk, Big Ted Simpson and James Gillard near wall
Jake and Sharon
Tommy Grasso                                                 Jams Gillard
Kath Kirk and Sharon Lardot
Leonie and Suzy
Mitch Farmer and wife Terri
Nicki Gillis and Kath Kirk
Pete Townsend, Suzy Owens and Melinda Schneider
Bruno and Hunter
Rhonda and Bruno (The Fox's)
Chris, Irlene
Chicka makes the most of all the cuddles
Ted's Wife and friend
John Davo and Leonie
John Pullen and partner Chris
Rob and Ruth
Mick and Liz
         Nicki Gillis
Mick, Graeme and Nev
Nev, Graeme and John
Print out and have the memories