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Family Hotel
Tamworth Festival 2003
Bruce McCumstie 

First set from the Jamboree on Thursday 16th February at the Family Hotel to kick off the festival with compere Bruce McCumstie - celebrating Brett dallas' 40th Birthday all the artisits joined in for a great night's entertainment - Brett's daughter Ashlie  and her talented bass - playing brother Lyndsay showed us all the Dallas tradition is well in hand for the next generation! Daniel Conway and Brett wowed the audience with a great "guitar duel"!

Brett, Lyndsay and Bruce McCumstie 
Daniel Conway and Brett  (Photo courtesty of Bev McCumstie)
Brett and Ashlie (Photo courtesty of Bev McCumstie)
Brett Dallas  and Graham Adams
Rex Dallas
Lyndsay                                                  Brett  Dallas
Colin Dallas                                         Graham Adams


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