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Jean Stafford’s Don’t Bet Your Boots is #1 in Ireland this week on the ECMA European Charts.
Named Single of the Week and No 1 in May on the Major Independent Artists Charts on the international Warner Bros Records sponsored Joyce Ramgatie MIAOTW Charts, it’s charting on playlists in most countries.
Don’t Bet Your Boots popular with listening audiences in Germany Switzerland and Italy is another radio favourite following in the tracks of its predecessor Steelin’ The 2 Step.
Source: ECMA Charts
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Jean and Michel Rose
Peer Music Award for Jean Stafford
What a prime opportunity for the reigning US Western Swing Female Artist of the Year to celebrate in Australia at the inaugural Brisbane National Steel Guitar Hall of Fame Awards.

At the recent Brisbane Steel Guitar Convention at Kedron Wavell Services Club more than 200 fans from Tasmania New South Wales Northern Territory Western Australia Queensland New Zealand and Thailand and many local based musicians attended the June 23 concert and the Hall of Fame awards.

Patrons were treated to a few surprises with visiting overseas players David & Carol Kirk from the UK, Paddy Long from New Zealand and a special appearance by Jean Stafford.

Jean entertained the audience with 3 songs from her latest CD including the US award winning song Steelin’ the 2 Step.

During the Hall of Fame Awards she was surprised with a plaque honouring her 2006 achievements.

Organised by Peer Music South Pacific Managing Director Matthew Dunleavy and presented by one of Australia’s leading steel guitarists Michel Rose the plaque recognises the success of the much acclaimed single from her latest album ‘Let the Dance Begin’.

The single ‘Steelin’ the 2 Step’ launched Jean into the spotlight of the US Western Swing Charts and notched two finalist categories in the Will Rogers Academy of Western Artists Music Awards in Dallas Texas in September last year.
The Peer Music Award presented to Jean Stafford by Michel Rose on behalf of Publishing Company Peer Music Sydney|Nashville recognising the US success of Steelin’ the 2 Step from her latest album
International Country Music SINGLE OF THE WEEK
Last week Australia's Jean Stafford hit No 1 on the International Country Music Major Independent Artists Charts.
Don't Bet Your Boots sat at No 1 and Single of the Week on the international Warner Bros Records sponsored site last week and is currently sitting at No 4.
Joyce Ramgatie is host to the site and co-ordinator of the MIAOTW Charts. She is also a presenter on the Warner Bros online partner Joyce-Ramgatie Radio Station which services European and Middle East audiences particularly US and Australian soldiers in Iraq.
Jean Stafford reigning US Western Swing Female Vocal of the Year enjoys yet another benchmark for her Jimmy Crawford co-produced album Let The Dance Begin.

Source: MIAOTW Charts / Warner Bros Website - Joyce Ramgatie Radio Station
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Jean Stafford at the Academy Awards show in Texas
Last night in Dallas Texas Australia’s Jean Stafford stole the hearts of American Western Swing fans with her song ‘Steelin’ the 2 Step’ winning the Will Rogers Academy of Western Swing Music Awards Western Swing Female Vocalist of the Year.
Webstream Video Link of Awards Evening at Charles W Eisemann Center Dallas Texas
Jean Stafford’s STEELIN’ THE 2 STEP two stepped into the heart of Texas with two nominations at this year’s 11th Annual AWA 2006 Academy of Western Artists Awards to be held in Dallas Texas in September.
Australia’s Jean Stafford received nominations in two categories in the celebrated western swing awards announced in a press release on Saturday.
Western Swing – Female of the Year
Western Swing – Song of the Year
Co-produced by Jean and the late Jimmy Crawford Steelin’ The 2 Step penned by Jean and recorded in Nashville in late 2004 was released in Australia last year.
It fascinated its western swing radio audiences in the United States, captivated fans recently in the United Kingdom Europe and Scandinavia and re-entered the playlist in Australia.
Its success in the US however has been the forerunner to this year’s AWA nomination.
The song is still listed in the Top Five on the US Western Swing Charts after its phenomenal consecutive 26 weeks at No 1.
A complete list of nominees/categories can be found at:
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Jean Stafford ‘AT’ the Lincoln Centre New York City
Jean Stafford one of Australia’s entertainment sweethearts is steelin’ western swing in the US with her self penned radio favorite Steelin’ the 2 Step.
In fact American DJs are referring to it as ‘THAT tribute song to Bob Wills’.
JLCM Jean’s management group has released the track this week in the European market through Canadian distributor Hillcrest Music.
‘Much of the track’s success is owed to radio’ Jean said

‘I’d like to thank once again those broadcasters and presenters who played Steelin’ The 2 Step and tracks too like I‘m Going Crazy Don’t Bet Your Boots and It’s like Living with A Stranger. Steelin’ The 2 Step’s had great airplay across Australia and in many parts of the States. I couldn’t believe its popularity when the US Western Swing charts picked it up. It’s one of those things where you are taken back sometimes. You think the writing and then the recording has special moments and then it gets airplay and you hear what the presenters and listeners like about the song and when that happens ….. well it’s still a surprise. That’s especially what I want to thank radio for. It’s a huge part of what makes country music great.’

On Friday night June 30 Swingin’ West’s Mike Gross will open the annual Midsummer Night Swing at the Josie Robertson Plaza in the Lincoln Centre New York City.

The Centre for Performing Arts will host a special evening to commemorate Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys and Mike will open the event with Jean Stafford’s Steelin’ the Two Step followed by sets of Leon Rausch, The Texas Playboys and Steel Guitar and Western Swing Hall of Fame member Bobby Kefir behind the steel.

‘It would be wonderful to see lots of support for Bobby and this group of living legends if you are anywhere close to New York City’ Mike said.

Tommy Allsup will play lead guitar. He has just arrived back in the US this week after a Buddy Holly band reunion in Greece. Tommy played with both Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Bobby Boatwright another inductee to the Western Swing Hall of Fame will play fiddle.

A Steady Start to 2006 for Jean Stafford

No 1 Swingin’ West Radio Network Charts
Fourth consecutive month

Jean Stafford’s self penned western swing song ‘STEELIN’ THE 2 STEP’ has maintained its ranking on the latest Swingin’ West Radio Network Chart In its January 2006 chart release the Connecticut based network program has listed ‘Steelin’ the 2 Step’ at No 1 again. The song has been very successful in the swing charts generating a lot of radio interest. It commemorates the last album produced by the late Jimmy Crawford and Jean herself and showcases the talents of legendary Nashville musicians Pig Robbins John Hughey and Brent Mason amongst the company of others.