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Jessica Belle at Belrose
Jess put on a great spot and just clicked with the great backing from  resident band "The Barflies"
Jake Nickolai, Jedd Hughes, Col Finley, Jessica Belle, Sherrie Austin, Sally Bunnell (a US country music journalist)
 Caitlin Evanson, Catherine Britt and Tim Holland (The Music Network)
Some of the Australians in living and recording in Nashville
(Photo Courtesy of Kerry Roberts)
Hey Helen Jess here,
I've sent you some photo's from my U.S.A. trip I thought you might like to use. Great Brad Paisley shot's (Taken by Col Finley).

Brad Paisley
I went on the Col Finley U.S. tour and had a Blast.
The tour went to, Chicago, St Louis, Nashville, Memphis, Dallas Texas, and Austin Texas which I must say Austin was the highlight of the trip.  We had CMA passes that allowed us into the Grand Ole Opry, where the headline act was Brad Paisley, and the huge stadium where every night all the A list performer's played. I went out to the Blue Bird Cafe hoping to get in and have a look, but it was shut....I was too early. I got a photo however out the front just to show off.

Prior to leaving Oz I was invited to attend a dinner held in Nashville at the Green Hills Grill and hosted by Rob Potts and Stan Moress with Aussie Artist's living and recording in Nashville. (as per photo). Got to meet heaps of people and had a awesome night.

Austin Texas is for a music lover of ANY genre and is the Capitol of Live Music. The Texans passion for music will blow your mind. 
Austin has a Festival Type 'Music Schooling' week called South By South West and the locals have said that's where it all happens. So I think I'll have to make it back by March for that one :)

When I got home (after looking through 200 odd photo's, watching the home movie and giving out all the pressie's) I was informed one of my songs 'On My Own' won 3rd place in the Pacific Songwriting Competition in the country section. Last year in the same comp one of my song's 'Never Reached The Stars' won the Hot Pick and I was number 17 on the artist of the year chart.

Just got back from Hat's Off where I went out and Visited Bill Chambers and played a few tunes on the Saturday (Click here for Photos at Hat's Off) and the Sunday and had a ball. I also had a Guest Spot at the Col Finley show at the Tamworth Ex Services Club and again had a ball.

Well that,s about all for now, anything else exciting happens I'll let you know :)
Take care Love JB x
Jessica Belle (Photo courtesy of Ray Wright)

Hey Helen,
Just keeping you updated with what's going on. I've been working hard, writing some new songs (got a few up my sleeve), and getting ready for The Entrance Festival this weekend 11th, 12th, 13th March.

I've got a little spot on the sails stage on the Sunday PM-3:30. And I have a special guest & friend joining me, Katie Brianna. Katie has been practicing my harmonies for me for The Entrance and we've also been working on a 2hr. set for 'The Pub With No Beer Festival'.

We will be performing at the pub on the 26th March (Sunday) on the verandah from 10am-12pm. We're doing some original songs and some great old classic's from some of our influences.

We'll be helping each other out with harmonies, playing Mandolin & Banjo when the other is playing guitar, so it should be really fun, and we're really excited about it.
So anyone coming to the The Pub With No Beer Fest, come 'n' check us out:)
Hope to see ya'll there:

Jessica Belle is a new name which has emerged from the shadows as a result of becoming a 2005 Toyota Star Maker Finalist and the first winner of the Michael Cowdroy Memorial Award for Songwriting at this years TIARA Awards for her song ‘No longer mine’.

Jessica is a relatively newcomer to the industry, although has a family country music background, Jessica first picked up a guitar in Nov 03 and within 3mths had written and added the music to her first song which is the title track for her debut CD Jessica Belle ‘Just walk away’ which was released late in 04.

The CD was produced by Glen Hannah at Goonga Studios on the Central Coast. The eleven track album includes four original works. Track No.3 ‘Long Gone’ co-written with Bill Chambers & track No.5 ‘Never Reached The Stars’ co-written with uncle, Lachlan Towers.

The other seven tracks are song’s Jessica has grown up listening to and has inspired her in some way, shape or form. Keep your eyes out for ‘Just Walk Away’.

Jessica has been working hard over the last nine months and has quite a bit of new material which I’m sure we’ll hear about during the coming year.

(Photo courtesy of Ray Wright)
Kasey Chambers, Jessica Belle and Bill Chambers
Album Launch
Jessica Belle with Katie Brianna
Jessica with her Uncle
Hip Sister Trio with Jessica and guest..
Jessica Belle with here Tiara Trophy
Corb Lund and Jessica Belle
Ben Crick and Jessica Belle
Katie Brianna and Jessica Belle
Bill Chambers and Jessica Belle

Print out and have the memories