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Barry Hills is the latest addition to the Joe Galea Band since December 2004.


Bass player with legendary Blues singer Dutch Tilders for 13 years, also produced award winning Albums "Real Australian Blues" volumes one to four. Has supported such international acts as - Lonnie Brooks, Lonnie Mack, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, to name a few. Has played at most of the top Festivals around Australia.

Joe Galea Band
Following a career spanning four decades, beginning in "sixties Kings Cross clubs" and taking him across south east Asia and Europe, Joe Galea has finally done what he should have done in the first place, got his own band together. The band has become the perfect compliment for the soul, funk and blues style that Joe has made his signature.
Peter Denahy
A regular on the touring scene, Pete' has toured extensively with Slim Dusty and is now working with Slim Dusty's Travelling Country Band. Pete is also in demand from some of Australia's top country stars, joining Sara Storer for her first round of appearances since Sara scooped the pool, winning 7 Golden Guitars at this years CMAA Awards.
Proudly introducing our local talent in the form of – George MacFloyd band, The Bryan Chics,Mixed Grill and
Kelly Hope – Tamworth Finalist

Joe Galea band! support act for Willie Nelson
Date is Saturday February 26th at Mulwalla Football Oval, large number of tickets have been sold already.
Upcoming dates for the band:
Update and confirmation of some of the bands bookings.
Friday 25th February - St.Andrews Hotel 9.30pm-12.30pm
Saturday 26th February - Lonsdale Reserve, Mulwala (for tickets call 03 5744 1989)
Sunday 20th March - Mordialloc on the Bay - Main Street Stage - 12.00 - 12.45om
Sunday 20th March - Davey’s Frankston (special Rockabilly arvo) 2.00pm - 4.00pm.
Saturday 23rd April - Nighthawk (Armadillo) 9.00pm
Friday 20th May - Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival 6.30. - 7.30pm Main Stage
Mornington Swing’n’Blues Affair
We all remember the cartoon - the three little pigs dancing to rock n roll music in their house with the house and windows jumping up and down.
Well, that was the scene at the Mornington Swing’n’Blues Affair on the Queen’s birthday weekend at Barry’s Bar and Beaches Restaurant when the Joe Galea Band played their stuff!

On arrival at Barry’s Bar the boys were a wee bit perturbed that there were “not many people” - but hey, a few notes in to the first song and the dedicated followers plus more streamed in to do their stuff to the upbeat sounds they love to dance and listen to of the Joe Galea Band.

When the boys moved from Barry’s Bar next door to Beaches, the place was already jumping to the exciting sounds of Kelly Auty who had the crowd at her fingertips calling for more. It wasn’t hard for Joe and the boys to keep the momentum going with their Rock’n Blues and included the likes of Ken Maling on Tenor Sax and the guest appearance of Keith Nudd with his Chicago blues style Harmonica playing.

From the first song the crowd were on their feet and did not sit down until after Joe had done his encore that the crowd were screaming for.

A good time was had by all and the festival introduced a lot of people to a lot of very talented Australian musicians, who have now adopted quite a lot of new followers, joining the ever growing number of dedicated followers of the Joe Galea Band.

Joe Galea is currently recording his latest album at ex “Little River Band” David Briggs Recording Studio in North Melbourne.
Joe’s past recordings relied on the heavy rocking blues guitar licks and solos, but on this album he opts for a much different sound.
I’m told Joe is working on some original songs, plus covers – and one old stand tune.
No matter what he may choose to sing on this album, I’m sure he’ll inject the old Joe Galea trademark excitement and balls.
Joe is very excited having Peter Harper – Australia’s finest harp player, play on some of the tracks along with the brass sound of Ken Maling on Tenor Sax.
Also included in this memorable album are the Joe Galea Band Members –
Peter “Bomba” Davey - Slide and Lead Guitar
Robbie “Chuggs”- Bass
Ivan Frost - Drums
We look forward to hearing what I’m sure will be another successful album.

It's the perfect setting for a great singer and his band a warm, calm evening and over 400 friendly people on the grassy slope of the university outdoor amphitheatre.     Joes Band starts proceedings without Joe to get the peoples attention.  It's soon realized that these are not your average muso's.   The night starts with a real tight and dynamic groove.

Joe was introduced and despite his years he seems determined to live up to his reputation, kicking into 'Hey Bar Tender' Joe is completely in control, and the crowd is more than happy.   He takes us along the blues road, a couple of true blues songs and a couple of progressive blues  that the crowd loved.    Then through a soul set, then the big kick ass boogies.    If anyone was sitting by this stage they must have been wheelchair bound.   He plays up his age.    Where am I?   I'm where?  In Melbourne? - but you know that this is stagecraft  learned during a professional career of over 35 years.    He sings with impeccable timing and drive, and his backing band was made for him.   The chemistry works!   His band provides nicely judged support, the grooves punched along by a two-piece horn section (Joe said that the horns come at a price and not every show has them) and Joe makes sure they have their moment in the spotlight, quiet literally.   "Horns Lights" he reprimands the technicians periodically.    "How about a light on the guitarist?"   What comes across is the versatility of the blues soul and a dash of rock.  Joe delivers songs with a real sense of drama  and dynamics.    These people love their work, and it's infectious.   By the time Joe finishes Claptans 'After Midnight' he only has to take a drink and the crowd cheer.     The boy is in town and it's quite a show.                     

Riding Point

Joe Galea:  In  '65 the 'Midnighters' headed by Joe Galea paved the way with well known acts like, Doug Parkinson, Digger Revel, the Atlantics, Max Merrit and others (the list too long to mention) to provide the sounds that proved, good talent did not just arrive from overseas.     At King's Cross venues like Surf City and the 'Down Under Club'  where visiting American servicemen called their hangout, provided the platform to which sustainability for Australian artists could begin.    During the period '65 - '69   Joe with the Midnighters recorded at RCA and this set the scene for overseas travel.    Whilst most acts remained in Australia a handful bit the bullet to expose themselves overseas.   In 1969 Joe was grabbed from the 'Down Under  Club' by the Yanks to entertain the troops in Vietnam and other places such as, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Guam.   This tour lasted a mere five years (a few tours of duty one might say).   In '74 Joe returned to Oz and found the music scene here had changed  or was in the throws of changing from it's original infancy through to adolescence.   Pub rock had arrived.  Time to settle down and raise a family from '75 through to '85.   Joe assisted younger talent during this break and it didn't stop him from the occasional studio session where his ability was in high demand.      

In 1965 Joe was asked to form a band and travel Europe, primarily Germany to again entertain the Americans servicemen.  Strutting his Blues-soul- rock outfit he completed three years of touring again.     In 1988 with his brother Winston Galea (drums), and guitarist Dave Bell ex (Procal Harrem) they formed 'Melbourne to Memphis' a soul band that kicked ass for three years around the Australian circuit.   1990 saw the formation of 'Cross the Border' a blues rock outfit that proved Joe can put a show together like no other.    For twelve years 'Cross the Border' carried a strong following with Joe being the mainstay by virtue of his vocal and front man status.   The 'Joe Galea Band' is here and all dues have been paid.   Seeing is believing!                    


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