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Joe McManamon
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We welcome news of entertainment details, country music and line dancing news. Especially welcome is information from all Australian States and New Zealand.

So Monday to Friday please look in on the news from our small town in the heart of New England on Australia’s East Coast.

At Manilla we are renowned as the centre for year round fishing; research carried out into the Platypus and at times during the year Para Gliding and hang gliding takes place close to our town. Manilla has an extensive array of agricultural pursuits as well as an enormous poultry based industry.

We welcome your contributions and inquiries. We will also welcome correspondents wishing to contribute regular articles.

The pages are community based with a positive slant to helping all things supporting charities and good causes.
Joe McManamon
Publisher & Editor
(: 67-852620 (fax)
**Australia's only daily Country News page**

Joe has lived in the New England Region for almost 25years.  Born in Ireland, he has also lived in London, Wagga, Armidale, Dubbo and Sydney.  In Irelan, .his family was involved in drama production, in London he expanded to concert productions. With over 30 years in Australia, Joe has produced over 300 concerts including 5 at the Sydney Opera House.  Together with his wife Kath they presented the Australian Country Line Dancing Championships at Tamworth.  Their involvement at Tamworth also extended to producing The Australian Country Music Buskers Championships.  He is also the producer of Manilla Annual Music and Arts festival presented over the October Long Week-end.
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These three artist are all on the CD "In The Country"
Joe Mac Manamon and Slim Newton
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What is the Digital Music Centre?
The Digital Music Centre (DMC) is a repository and distribution point for downloadable digital Australian country music.
How does music get into the DMC?
Albums are provided to the DMC by partner owners ie. the owners of the recorded product (master); and the DMC digitally copies the tracks into high quality mp3 files.
How do consumers buy the music?
A consumer can only get to the DMC via the web site of a partner retailer. Although the sales are physically made within the DMC, they are then credited back to the referring partner retailer. The DMC does not make any sales to consumers on it's own behalf.
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The partner retailer decides at what price tracks will be sold to consumers. The partner owners will provide a Suggested Selling Price for the tracks on each album, then the partner retailer may set their selling price as a percentage above or below the SSP, or at a specific quoted price.
Who decides the wholesale price of the music?
The partner owner decides at what price tracks will be sold to partner retailers. If a partner retailer is happy with the resultant margin between the wholesale and retail price of the tracks on an album, then it may be "stocked" by the partner retailer. If the resultant margin is below the requirement of the partner retailer, then an album's tracks will not be "stocked" by the partner retailer.
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2005 - Joe McManamon received a Manilla Festival honour
an Erik Dekkers Painting
of a “Shower over Halls Creek”

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