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For John Manly music has always been as much a part of life as eating and breathing.
 His songwriting has ranged from Rock, Pop, Gospel to Country.
Born and raised in Melton on the western outskirts of Melbourne, John began teaching himself to play guitar and write songs from the age of 12.
The artists in his mumís record collection were his earliest musical influences. These included the likes of The Beatles, Elvis, The Shadows, Johnny Cash and Johnny OíKeefe. John began learning to play songs by The Beatles and Elvis, trying to emulate their style in his own songwriting.
Over the next few years, he became involved in the youth music group of his home church, plus becoming involved in playing in several garage bands. Playing at youth events and various community and private events.
October 1990 saw the release of John Manly's first cassette-single, I'm A Rebel. The release received steady airplay on several of Melbourne's community radio stations, including 3WRB and 3RIM. Two more cassette singles followed Iím A Rebel. Get Wise (July 1991) and With Love (April 1994) that feature Merelyn and David Carter (Carter & Carter) on backing vocals and guitar respectively.
During this period John had performed in various churches, youth groups, coffee shops, retirement homes and other community events.
For the later part of the 90ís John stepped away from music, concentrating on other areas of his life. It was during this time, when John began writing country songs, where he focused on the stories in the songs. It was these songs that were like a breath of fresh air to John.
In recent times, After John had been encouraged to do something with the country songs he had written in the late 90ís, he has been focusing purely on Country Music, inspired by the likes of Lee Kernaghan, George Strait, Adam Brand and Troy Cassar-Daley. John has now begun playing in front of an audience again after a decade.
John Manly has a new determination and passion. After using computers and sequenced accompaniments, John had gone back to the basics of a single voice and guitar and the new songs are about writing songs about life, the good, the bad, the ugly and at times the humorous.
In late April 2007, John released a 4 track CD Out Of The City, containing basic vocal / acoustic guitar arrangements as a demo. These tracks have been getting positive comments about his songs from around the world via his MySpace page, from both the public and other country artists. As well as airplay on a handful of community and Internet based radio stations.
Website: www.johnmanly.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/johnmanlymusic
Email: info@johnmanly.com
Phone: 0410 759 301

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