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  • John O'Dea
    JohnO captures a sunset in song
    Something unique and beautiful happens every afternoon at the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna in South Australia.
    Each day it’s different, but nonetheless spectacular. It’s a Parachilna sunset.
    Orroroo-based singer-songwriter John O’Dea has put into words and music the beauty of this natural phenomenon that is placing Parachilna on the world map as one of Australia’s most sought-after tourist destinations.
    There are other qualities that draw JohnO to the Prairie, apart from the natural attractions. High up on the list would have to be the distinctive Fargher lager, brewed in the Barossa Valley specifically for Prairie Hotel publicans Jane and Ross Fargher. He’s unselfishly sampled this brew, all in the name of research, of course, just so he could do justice to the song.

    Mind you, listening to the track, you could at times feel you need a translator, when you strike code words like FMG – which of course means Feral Mixed Grill. This is served by the feral chef and is a Prairie speciality, composed of kangaroo, emu, goat, or camel.
    The coal train indicated in the song is roughly 3km long and goes through Parachilna twice a day. When it approaches, the barman yells out: “train on” and the bar basically empties as patrons head across the line for a look.
    At any given night at the Prairie Hotel, you could be talking to someone of any nationality as it’s an increasingly popular spot with backpackers and tourists from all over the globe. They’ve heard about the sunsets too.

    Make sure you tune in to your favourite radio station and listen out for the new single from John O’Dea’s Old Rusty Ute album – Parachilna Sunset. Chances are, you’ll be consulting your atlas and working out the best possible route to Parachilna by the time the song’s over.

    And if you’re heading to the mighty Mildura Country Music Festival, watch out for John O’Dea. He’s been invited to Mildura for the very first time this year and can’t wait to perform for the appreciative audiences he’s heard so much about.
    If you’d like to have a chat to JohnO about his new song, give him a call on 0429 184 159. For all other inquiries regarding bookings or availability, phone John’s manager, Pauline Renner, on 0404 006 338.
    In the meantime, visit JohnO’s website, www.johnodea.com.au  to catch up on all his latest adventures and see just what he’s been up to along the road of song..

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    John Odea, Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson and Dave Prior
    Click here for Dave's page
    The boys have been on the road together doing a number of gigs across the country, including a recent trip to do a show at the Noble Park RSL with stops along the way at Border Town and Millicent.

    There’s a mixture of Australiana, tradition country, popular songs and comedy in each of their shows.

    John said “I make them cry and Dave makes them laugh”!
    Dave said, “It’s an interesting road trip, with John in the passenger seat balling his eyes out and me in the driver’s seat laughing my head off”!

    Along the way, the boys stopped at Colac and caught up with Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson who was playing to a packed house at the RSL club. Kev and his crew reciprocated by turning up to the Noble Park RSL club to see their show. Kev said it was a fantastic show, but not near enough #@#$*& swearing.

    Most recently, it was a full house in Orroroo, John’s home town, and then on to Parachilna and the famous Prairie Hotel. A great gathering of station people turned up for the show and a BIG night was had by all. The last wandering off at about 5am.
    Johno’s Old Rusty Ute hits top gear
    Photo: Courtesy Tim Froling
    South Australian singer-songwriter John O’Dea can’t stop smiling. His new single, Old Rusty Ute, the title track of his second album, has this week become his first Top 10 hit.

    The mild-mannered bloke from Orroroo, in the upper north of South Australia, only ventured into the studio a few short years ago to put down his first album, If Stones Could Talk. He’d been performing in and fronting bands for something like 30 years prior to that – but hey – you can’t rush these things.

    Two years later he recorded his second album, Old Rusty Ute, and the title track earned Johno the prestigious Frank Harding Award for Excellence at the South Australian Country Music Festival in Barmera. Now it appears that Old Rusty Ute has done the trick again for Johno. His first ever single to chart – and it’s heading right for the top!

    “I am so thrilled with the response and the interest shown by radio and other media outlets all over the country,” Johno said. “I’ve done heaps of interviews with DJs from Tassie to Darwin and all points in between – and it’s great to know people are enjoying the album I had so much pleasure putting together with some wonderful people.”

    Johno is currently planning a video clip for the next single to come from Old Rusty Ute – Parachilna Sunset. That song is played every afternoon (at sunset, of course), in the bar of the Prairie Hotel at Parachilna. Johno reckons it’s a top spot for a beer – and it’s owned and operated by Jane and Ross Fargher.

    After returning home from the Tamworth Country Music Festival in January, Johno was shot by a film crew from TV3 in Ireland, performing that song at Parachilna. It was screened nationally throughout the Emerald Isle on the popular morning TV show, which resulted in his music being heard even further than he could ever imagine.
    If you would like to interview Johno, please call 0429 184 159, or visit his website,
    www.johnodea.com.au  for more information.
    Dave Prior and Dave O'Dea
    News from the Old Rusty Ute – February/March/April 2007
    John O’Dea climbed out of his Old Rusty Ute after the long trip home from the Tamworth Country Music Festival and ended up in every loungeroom in Ireland. On one of his frequent visits to Parachilna, the picturesque setting for one of John’s self-penned songs from his second album, Old Rusty Ute, he ran into a film crew from TV3 Ireland, who were shooting outback Australia for Ireland AM – one of that country’s most watched breakfast programs. Johno was filmed singing Parachilna Sunset in the front bar of the Prairie Hotel, the pub he sings about on the album. It had been quite a ride home from Tamworth, too, where he had performed at several gigs, including the South of the Border show, with fellow South Australian artists Dave Prior, Jeanette Wormald and the Huckleberry Swedes at The Family Hotel. He was also invited to perform on the prestigious de Gruchy Showcase at The Pub, to a capacity audience on Australia Day. “Tamworth was such a blast,” John said. “I managed to share my songs and stories with more people than I could ever have imagined, and now it’s going as far as Ireland. I couldn’t be happier.” Johno is now looking forward to receiving hits on his website from newfound friends in the Emerald Isle, where he hopes his music may become better known as a result of the TV exposure. Other big things in the pipeline for the unassuming South Australian singer-songwriter is the chance to sing a few songs before a huge audience at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide – one of Australian motor racing’s premier events, on March 3. Later this month he’s returning to Parachilna to perform for a contingent of tourists from Engand, wanting an insight into the Australian way of life. The big fella from Orroroo has scored a spot at the Mt Remarkable Ute Muster, at Melrose on April 21, in the fine company of Steve Forde and the Flange, The McClymonts, Tania Kernaghan and Lee Kernaghan as part of Lee's Outback to the Beaches tour. “Mt Remarkable is one of the most beautiful natural settings in our country, so this will be a pretty special night,” John said. In between these shows, Johno likes to keep busy teaching guitar, vocals and mentoring more than 50 children in schools and in private tuition in the Flinders Ranges. His latest single, the title track from album #2, Old Rusty Ute, has just been released to radio.

    Pictures above show Johno performing on the de Gruchy Showcase, and festivalising with fellow South Aussie, Dave Prior, at Stuie French’s VB Pickers’ Night at The Pub.

    If you’d like to interview John O’Dea, or book him for a show, phone 0429 184 159, or email: studio@johnodea.com.au www.johnodea.com.au

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