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Listen to "The Greencards" sing Slim Dusty's song "Camooweal"
on the Grand Ole Opry Archives http://www.wsmonline.com/onair/archives.shtml  You will have to search for it on
the green line or listen to the whole show.
Slim Dusty Way proposal - ready to hit the road
Monday 25th June in Tamworth:
A long-held dream to create the ‘Slim Dusty Way’ between Kempsey and Tamworth is another step closer with the first meeting of the Slim Dusty Way Management Committee on 25 June in Tamworth.
The ‘Slim Dusty Way’ will be a unique, themed tourist drive giving visitors to NSW a truly Australian experience from Nulla Nulla and Kempsey, Slim's birthplace, to Tamworth, whose transformation into Australia's Country Music Capital was strongly supported by Slim Dusty himself.

The ‘Slim Dusty Way’, starting in Bellbrook/Nulla Nulla, is proposed to go through Kempsey, on to Wauchope, continue along the Oxley Highway to Walcha and end at Tamworth.

One of the most significant aspects of the route is that this is the road travelled by Slim Dusty and wife Joy McKean on their first ever tour in 1954, performing at a small hall in Walcha. It was Australian history in the making, and the beginning of a long career that saw Slim Dusty hailed as 'the man who is Australia'.

More than a fitting tribute to this Australian treasure, the ‘Slim Dusty Way’ has been planned as a tourist drive that will create substantial income opportunities for the communities through which is passes. Increasing the number of visitors between towns offers new experiences and will create major economic activity for the four shires involved: Kempsey, Hastings, Walcha and the Tamworth region.

The ‘Slim Dusty Way’ will also build on Slim's vision; to show visitors the real 'country Australia', its people, its places, its culture and Australian country music, now more popular than ever.

The tourist drive will be further augmented by the additional visitors that will be attracted by the Slim Dusty Centre upon its completion.

The Committee, currently has a submission under consideration through the Australian Government’s Tourism Development Program.

The project has the potential to expose communities from Kempsey to Tamworth to new tourism markets, joining communities and experiences for visitors alike. The Slim Dusty Way will be extended to link in with other popular and established tourist drives and attractions further enhancing the appeal to visitors.

This is especially relevant to Tamworth as it continues to develop attractions and activities to celebrate its stature as Australia's Country Music Capital. Additionally, Kempsey Shire will be able to increase the tourist flows through the various Slim Dusty/Australian Culture Tour links including the Upper Macleay, Slim's boyhood home at Nulla Nulla and the proposed Slim Dusty Centre.

The Slim Dusty Way is proving to be an extremely popular concept and has received wide community support which continues to grow as more people and organisations become aware of it.

Kathryn Yarnold, General Manager of the Slim Dusty Foundation says "if community support to date is any indication, I am certain we will look forward to favourable responses from the Governments whose financial support will be vital to the success of the Slim Dusty Way project and the significant contributions it will make to the communities it embraces. The drive tourism market is an extremely important market segment to regional Australia and regional economies. Tourist don’t follow geographical boundaries, they chase experiences – the Slim Dusty Way is recognisable and will deliver a quality new product for all travellers.”

The eleven members of the Slim Dusty Way Management Committee, including Joan Douglas representing Tamworth and Kathryn Yarnold, General Manager of the Slim Dusty Foundation who were the catalysts of the idea, bring a broad range of expertise and experience to the project — along with extreme enthusiasm for developing the tourism potential of the entire region.

The first meeting will set strategies for ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the project, and cementing the strong alliance between the communities involved.
Joy survives car wreck From
from http://www.countrymusicbulletin.com.au/   4th April 2007
Joy McKean has had a lucky escape from a car accident.
Joy was driving her Landcruiser from Bredbo (NSW) to Captain’s Flat via the Jerangle Road, planning to find the site of the old village of Anembo where her father was sent as a 20 year old teacher.

The front driver’s side tyre blew out, causing her vehicle to leave the road, go through two fences and between two large trees, finishing upside down in a paddock.

Joy says she was suspended in her seatbelt, but managed to turn off the ignition and release the seatbelt. She then crawled backwards through a small gap in the torn open driver’s door and the seat.

Everyone seeing the upturned vehicle is amazed at her survival, she said, and that of her small dog Penny. Joy suffered bruising and soreness, but no major injury.

New album for Slim
A new family album will be recorded with unreleased songs sung by Slim plus tracks from an album that Slim did before he died in 2003.  At least one of his lost songs written in 1942 was found by the National Archive in Canberra in February is also planned.  Anne and David Kirkpatrick plus four grandchildren will be on the album.  It will be a family affair.
New design for Slim Dusty Centre
A new design for the Slim Dusty Centre has received conditional development application (DA) approval from Kempsey (NSW) Shire Council.  Click here for more info
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Joy McKean at Troy Cassar-Daley's Concert - Tamworth 2007
"Slim Dusty Live"
EMI is producing a special limited four disc set as a pre-cursor to the screening. The event is one of two complete concerts on the double DVD "Slim Dusty Live" released in March 2006. It will be re-released for a limited time September 23rd as a four disc set with the CD'S of the same name. The other concert footage included on the Slim Dusty Live DVD features Slim with various line-ups of his much respected "Travelling Country Band" filmed in concert during 1975 and 1992. The 33 track "Slim Dusty Live" double CD recording was captured during the sell-out 2000 "Looking Forward Looking Back concert tour which celebrated Slim's multi-platinum 100th release.
Slim Dusty Movie re-released on DVD
The Slim Dusty Movie was re-released on DVD Monday November 6th 2006

The DVD has the full feature movie plus the movie trailers; "making of the movie" footage; a mini-documentary including interviews with Slim, Joy and Anne Kirkpatrick, Rod Coe, Mike Kerin and movie producer Kent Chadwick.

Also featured are photos and a separate photo gallery; a feature interview by Michael Parkinson with Slim in the Northern Territory.

CDs of the full soundtrack are included on a total of four discs in the collector's edition, "a celebration of the man, his music and his country" plus unseen performance footage and a new feature-length documentary on Slim's life.

Together with a number of other interviews, including one by ABC TV Stateline, the set is "five hours on two DVDs and two CDs with Slim performing all of his classic hits, such as Walk A Country Mile, When The Rain Tumbles Down In July, Pushin' Time, Pub With No Beer and many more".

"I'd like to say that we are all thrilled with the presentation of the Movie on DVD," said Joy, "and I hope everyone enjoys all the extra footage and interviews."

The Slim Dusty Movie four disc collector's edition is distributed by Umbrella Entertainment through Shock.

Joy and Anne will feature on the Kerri-Anne Kennerley show on Channel 9 next Tuesday morning (November 14 2006) talking about the re-release.

And a feature article will be included in next week's "Woman's Day" (out Monday the 13th November 2006).
Hall of Fame to salute The McKean Sisters
The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame has announced that the 2007 Hall of Fame Tribute Dinner will salute the pioneering McKean Sisters.
The McKean Sisters – Joy and Heather – are more well known these days for their individual careers in the music industry, in Joy’s case, as one of Australia’s leading and award-winning songwriters, and, in Heather’s case, a singer and award-winning recording artist.

Joy and Heather McKean grew up in a musical family which nurtured their talent in such a way that the girls were performing on stage and radio by the ages of 10 and eight respectively.

In 1949, they began presenting their own country music radio show from 2KY in Sydney and, by 1951, were recording for the now legendary Rodeo Records.

The McKean Sisters gave us country classics like The Gymkhana Yodel, Yodel Down The Valley and The Morning Mail.

In 1953, Joy and Heather started pursuing solo careers, and also became two of Australia's most successful managers, working closely with their respective spouses Slim Dusty and Reg Lindsay.

In 1983, The McKean Sisters became the eighth pioneering Australian country music act to be elevated to the Country Music Roll of Renown.

The tribute dinner to Joy and Heather will be held at Gregory’s Function Centre in Tamworth, Country Music Capital, on Friday night, January 26.

Industry invitations are in the process of being prepared and distributed. Anyone requiring further information in the meantime can contact the Hall of Fame on 02 6766 9696.

All proceeds from the dinner – including a silent auction which will run through the evening – will go towards establishment of Australia’s new Country Music Hall of Fame building.
Further information also available from www.countrymusichalloffame.com.au .

"Country Meets the City" Photos
back in February 2001 at the newly opened Sydney Showground at Homebush.
Photos of Anne Kirkpatrick at Homebush 2001
Photos of Slim Dusty at Homebush 2001
2006 -Slim, who is still one of the biggest current selling artists in the nation some two and a half years after his death. His record sales have passed seven million
Released March 11 2006 - Slim Dusty Live CD and DVD packages portraying Slim onstage, arms outstreched one hand holding guitar receiving applause from his fans. The DVD features previously unseen performances at the Mike Walsh Richmond Regent Theatre in 1987 and a 1992 concert in Geelong.
http://www.americanmusic.tk/   (discography - A Belgium music online site)
Info on Australians as well (including Slim Dusty)
The Slim Dusty Heritage Centre being built in Kempsey NSW will receive $500,000 boost this 2005 financial year.  There will be a museum on the life of Slim, a gallery, concert, conference and seminar facilities plus a recording studio. . 
Bush Poet Merv Webster (A.B.B.A Bush Poet Rep)
Merv Webster is about to release his first bush ballad E.P. called The Bushman and The Balladeer. 
Two songs he wrote as a tribute to R.M.Williams and Slim Dusty.

A NEW sign has been erected at Slim Dusty's boyhood home Homewood at Nulla Nulla Creek near Kempsey, NSW.
The sign was erected by the Slim Dusty Foundation with the support of the Department of Environment and Heritage under its Commemoration of Historical Events and Famous Persons Program 2003-4.

Demand for the sign was created by the continuing stream of visitors to Homewood and includes a button which allows callers to hear Slim's voice talking about the farm and singing the classic When The Rain Tumbles Down In July.

This famous, still very popular, song, represented the first step in a career that saw Slim Dusty honoured with the Order of Australia and an MBE along with 38 Golden Guitars and countless others.

The home and its new sign are already having a significant impact on visitors. The reaction of Jim and Lois Hyland from Victoria is typical. "My wife burst into tears upon pressing the button,"' said Jim. "We were absolutely thrilled to hear Slim's voice and description of the old homestead and I'd recommend that anyone who has an interest and respect for Slim Dusty to visit the old homestead."

General Manager of the Slim Dusty Foundation Kathryn Yarnold said the introduction of the musical sign at Nulla, was an important addition to the Slim Dusty experience in Kempsey.
Last recording ­ Get Along (from CMAA)
SLIM DUSTY's last recording ­ Get Along from his Columbia Lane, The Last Sessions album ­ has been released to Australian radio.   The song was written especially for Slim by Cold Chisel's former keyboardist Don Walker (who also wrote Looking Forward Looking Back and Charleville.

Described as "a stirring song" Get Along will be accompanied by a video created by Slim's long time video producer Mark Jago. The animated promotional video has been issued to all Australian television networks (a preview is available on Slim's website http://www.slimdusty.com.au/ ). 

THE DVD of the giant Concert For Slim tribute to Slim Dusty in Tamworth this January will be released next Monday (August 23).

Thirty of Australia's leading recording stars gathered on January 20 at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre before a capacity crowd with one common goal... to celebrate the life and songs of the late great Slim Dusty.

Demand for the DVD, released by the Slim Dusty Foundation and EMI Music Australia, has been strong ever since the event. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD will go directly to the Slim Dusty Foundation to aid in the development of the Slim Dusty Centre in Kempsey.

Performing more than 30 songs that Slim made a part of Australia's culture, the line up of artists who all donated their time and talents to pay tribute to "the King" included James Blundell, Adam Brand, Lindsay Butler, Troy Cassar-Daley, Bill Chambers, Kasey Chambers, Nathan Charlton, Beccy Cole, Graeme Connors, Tracy Coster, Peter Denahy, Adam Harvey, Gina Jeffreys, Paul Kelly, Lee Kernaghan, Tania Kernaghan, Anne Kirkpatrick, David Kirkpatrick, James & Kate Arneman and Hanna Kirkpatrick (Slim's grandchildren), Jimmy Little, The McKean Sisters, Lawrie Minson, Joy McKean, Norma O'Hara Murphy, Dobe Newton, Melinda Schneider, Sara Storer, Keith Urban, Felicity Urquhart, John Williamson, Brian Young, and the Travelling Country Band.

Further information can be obtained from www.slimdustycentre.com.au , www.slimdusty.com.au or www.musichead.com.au.


mandln3a.gif (1309 bytes)Working on Dusty Dream

taken from Kempsey's Local Paper

by Sue Paterick

The dream to build a state-of -the-art heritage Centre to showcase memories of Kempsey's own country music legend Slim Dusty could begin in just a few months.  Slim Dusty Foundation board chairman Doug Thompson said subject to finances a development application should be lodged with Kempsey Shire Council in as little as six months.   The project to build the Heritage Centre has attracted sponsorship from some big National Companies.  $100,000 was raised at Slim's Tribute Concert during Tamworth Country Music 2004 Festival.  The foundation's office is in the ABC building at Kemp St. Kempsey. 

Anyone interested in what the Heritage Centre will be like when completed can view it's progress on the foundation's web site

www.slimdustycentre.com.au  When completed the heritage centre will house 20 separate sections that will feature three animated Slim Dustys, flying owls and dingo gorge.  There will also be a Pub with no beer complete with caricatures of famous Australians and a semi trailer full of sheep.  There will be two waterfalls, one inside the building and one outside, an opal mine, a truck stop, a dance hall, a restaurant and conference facility area.  The Centre will also feature a gallery, retail section and an outdoor concert amphitheatre that will accommodate up to 2000 people and a large car park.

On the 13th July the local radio station announced the federal government had contributed $1.5 million towards the project.


 Australian Songwriter Tribute 

   Songs of Joy McKean

Tamworth Festival 2003

Southgate Inn

Scully Room

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Joy McKean


Robbie Souter, Anne Kirkpatrick, Ian Simpson and Jeff Mercer


Mike Kerin and Rod Coe 


Troy Cassar-Daley and Ian Simpson


Felicity and Ian


Bill Chambers                                          Brent Parlane


Ian Simpson and Jeff Mercer



Kelly Crosby                                  Jodie Crosby 

Karen Williams 

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