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Keri McInerney
Photo courtesy: Shelly Evans in association with Millhouse Productions

Keri’s Stuck In The Middle With You


Fantastic track - Nice to have a song that’s a classic song put together with a new country feel AND A SONG which lends itself to having a country feel. Some artists can’t achieve that but Keri and the boys did a fantastic job with a fantastic concept. Three voices are great. Should have long legs and life on radio..
When three friends get together and they all have a passion for music it’s great to see them putting a great country twist on what has always been a great song. Going well with airplay and getting some great rotation


Fantastic single.. A personal favourite by three top Aussie country artists.

Paul Batchelor 2MO GUNNEDAH NSW

Great track. Another hit from our home town girl!!

Fabulous single between the three artists. A good Australian release as good as the original. Lots of people do covers, but this is equal to the original. I love Keri’s music, it’s great and I wish Keri and the boys heaps of success with this track. The way it’s going up the charts, there are lots of people out there that like it too. They don’t have to be country listeners because it’s a good cross over to general chart music as well. ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ by Keri McInerney, Steve Eales and Michael O’Rourke is a magic song!!
Tony Slingsby - Radio 88.9 WYN.FM MELBOURNE VIC

I love this track …an old classic rock hit brought back to life again.
Barbara Morrison Presenter SYDNEY NSW

A FRESH TAKE AND A FRESH COUNTRY SOUND. To turn a non-country song into a country song is brave but its worked!! Its what people want. They want familiarity. In the request line for Top 5. Great justice. Really strong single release. Still in our highest rotation ‘A’ rotation. We love it and soooooooo good. A must play .. we went with it as soon as it came in. It keeps going.
Steven Kent MY105FM MACKAY QLD

Rhonda Bates - I love Keri McInerney’s music. Stuck In the Middle With You is one of my favouites. I request it all the time on CMC.
Mark Nuske - Keri has an incredible voice. Great that she has teamed up with two great artists in Steve Eales and Michael O’Rourke - great single!!.
Ivor Davies - Lovely Music!! Great track!!
Rachelle Bemrose– What a fantastic video clip and amazing Australian country artist. I love the song . Its got amazing people in the video clip and the video clip is the best.
Roy Elyard – A fantastic song and great country version. I love the video clip. Keri is a quality singer.
Jennifer Bosden - I can’t request this song enough!! I love the three country singers. The song is tops and the video clip is so much fun!! Great work guys.
You can support the single and VOTE:

Track 5 NfS 114
Album launch in January 2008. Keri’s product and forthcoming album distributed by ONE STOP ENTERTAINMENT.
Interviews: 0407155993 Keri McInerney
Website: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri
Publicist: Rhonda Sinclair BLURB Creative Solutions 0438 902413
Stuck In The Middle With You Moves 10 Places KIXfm 8 Places HOTfm
& in Top 50 CMC | Top 30 CMR
After last week's advice that radio stations were reporting high and medium rotation for the Steelers Wheel hit the Keri McInerney|Steve Eales|Michael O'Rourke collaboration is doing JUST FINE!
The clip aired on ABC Television's RAGE the previous weekend as radio charts climbed several places.
10 places to #8 on KIXfm Sept 1 vote charts
8 places on HOTfm charts at 30 from 38
Country Tracks Top 30 moved one place to #29
CMC Top 50 at 49
Thanks everyone for your vote
OUT NOW ON NfS 114 and CMC Country Music Channel.
W: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri  Interviews: 0407155993 Keri McInerney
Publicist: Rhonda Sinclair BLURB Creative Solutions 0438 902413
Stuck In The Middle With You Airing on CMC This Week
You can see ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ Keri McInerney’s collaboration with Michael O’Rourke and Steve Eales on CMC. The clip produced by Jason Millhouse is airing this week. Added as a new rotation you can also go online and support Keri Steve and Michael by requesting it in the Top 30.

It’s certainly been an interesting week for the South East Queensland artist and collaborators.

Early Friday morning Keri got word that the single had reached number 1 on the KIX COUNTRY FM Chart and as you can imagine the trio were pretty pleased.

Not long after though KIX fm’s chart changed.

‘Number 14....a glitch in the system we've been told, so thank you to everyone who rang or emailed me...it was nice to feel the number 1 place for a few hours at least’ Keri humoured.

KIX FM issued an apology and a list of the latest results of current chart placing and also the Australian Indy Chart. Web developers of the KIX site do apologise for a premature resolve of the current Top 20 Thursday 9Aug due to a spike in the programme. This is the current chart. KIX Hot Country Top 20 Sat. 11 Aug. 2007………….’

‘So currently we are Number 14 and on the rise with KIX COUNTRY FM chart and the Australian Independent Chart has us up five places this week and sitting at Number 44 and still on the rise’ she says

‘Thanks to one and all for the support. Please continue supporting ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ on CMC, KIX Fm and radio stations across the country.’

‘Cast your vote or request the song to support the track in the National Charts’

‘Congratulations also to my good friend Steve Eales. His new single ‘When A Cowboy gets The Blues’ hit the Australian Independent Chart this week at number 97’ Keri added.

You can support both the clip and the track and keep VOTING by logging on:


Radio compilation NfS 114. Distributed by One Stop Entertainment.
Interviews: 0407155993 Keri McInerney
Website: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri
Publicist: Rhonda Sinclair BLURB Creative Solutions 0438 902413
Log on to KIX fm’s www.kixcountry.com.au/countdown.php  and VOTE For Keri McInerney’s collaboration with mutli Golden Guitar finalist Michael O’Rourke and Steve Eales.
This 70's Stealers Wheel hit recorded and co-produced by Ross Williams and Keri, with sound engineer Jason Millhouse has excited listeners since its release.

Bundaberg’s Top Country Station KIX fm picked up on it in this week's TOP 20 Countdown and you can add your vote too.

IT’S AS EASY AS – LOGGING ON click VOTE NOW at the top of the page GO TO 18 – SELECT and SUBMIT

OUT NOW ON NfS 114 and CMC Country Music Channel.
W: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri  Interviews: 0407155993 Keri McInerney
Publicist: Rhonda Sinclair BLURB Creative Solutions 0438 902413

Keri McInerney Organises Queensland Jamm for Genes Concert in Hervey Bay
Hervey Bay is a selected centrepoint for the 2007 Queensland Jamm for Genes Concert.
Jamm for Genes the national charity for Children’s Research encourages musicians and artists alike to get involved in this beneficial project held the first weekend in August. Organisers have a choice of dates anywhere from Friday to Sunday evening to stage the nationally billed concerts.

Singer-songwriter Keri McInerney herself an established artist and event manager organised along with the support of numerous business houses to launch Queensland’s first concert for 2007 in Hervey Bay on Sunday 5 August.

‘Jamm for Genes Day is a fantastic concept. It allows musicians around the country to contribute to a really worthy cause sharing their musical talents with work for children research.’
‘Hervey Bay is more than pleased to be involved in this very clever initiative. The concert is open to the public and people are encouraged to come along and have a great afternoon.’
Double Golden Guitar finalist Michael O’Rourke whom Keri and Steve Eales worked with recently to record a collaborative version of the 1972 hit single by Stealers Wheel and accompanying film clip ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ heads the bill. Michael will appear at the concert with other artists including Keri and her band Tease, Stevie T, The Grasscutters, Jim Daniels, The George Davidson Band, Mark Nuske and more to be announced.
Queensland’s Jam 4 Genes
Hoolihans Bar The Esplanade Torquay. Hervey Bay.
1pm til late

Keri McInerney is an event co-ordinator for major corporate events and festivals throughout Qld and over the years a major charity supporter. A talented songwriter, collaborative writer and multi-award artist Keri signed to music publishers Aussie Independent Music in 2006. She releases her fourth album this year through her music company KMM Music. You can see the latest filmclip on CMC -Stuck In The Middle With You’ produced by Jason Millhouse Millhouse Productions.

For bookings, sponsorship, donations and interviews for Sunday’s Jamm for Genes –
contact Keri McInerney
Email: kerimcinerney@gmail.com
Tel: (0407) 155993
Web: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri
Jamm for Genes WEB: www.jamm4genes.com.au
Keri’s Stuck In The Middle
Queensland multi award winning country artist Keri McInerney is back with a fun toe-tapping radio single.

The enterprising singer and songwriter has teamed up with industry mates Golden Guitar Finalists Steve Eales former lead singer of Sovereign and Michael O’Rourke to record a collaborative version of the hit single ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’ written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan.

Co produced by Ross Williams and Keri McInerney with sound engineer Jason Millhouse, the project unfolded in Brisbane when Keri turned an idea into a reality in February this year after she contacted Michael and Steve to see if they were interested. The end result Keri’s first co-production work is an infectious radio friendly country version of a popular song originally released in 1972 by the writer’s band Stealers Wheel. The single sold over one million copies reaching number 10 on both the US and UK pop charts.

A dynamic mix the finished product is an example of Keri’s inspiring lead vocals and Michael and Steve’s exceptional backing vocals saddled with superb harmonies.

Release of the single coincides with a film clip for television filmed also in Brisbane.

The single due to be released on the Australian market and later in Europe and the US looks certain to be another hit for Keri McInerney and collaborators Steve Eales and Michael O’Rourke.

Photo courtesy: Shelly Evans in association with Millhouse Productions

Look out for this new release on NfS 114.
Interviews: 0407155993 Keri McInerney
Website: www.myspace.com/mcinerneykeri
Publicist: Rhonda Sinclair BLURB Creative Solutions 0438 902413
Click here Michael O'Rourke Artist Report page
Queensland Writers Sign with Aussie Independent Music
Queensland entertainer recording artist and Hervey Bay writer Keri McInerney will sign a major publishing deal this weekend.
Publisher Rhonda Sinclair of Aussie Independent Music met with Keri at Tamworth's winter country music festival in July to discuss contracts and potential international markets for her collective work through sub-publishers Pegasus Music. Pegasus has affiliates in the United Kingdom Europe and the US including Nashville based Acme Music Group.
'Keri McInerney is extremely multitalented. Most of all she is an appealing entertainer and a very good song writer with universal talent. She's an established artist who has performed with and supported many country and mainstream Australian acts' Rhonda said.
The publisher acknowledged 'Keri has seven Australian hit singles to her credit including two National Top 10's, one Top 5 Hit single and a host of co-written songs with diverse writers which she brings to the publishing table'

'Keri's creative ability and her motivation are foremost her greatest assets. I have always been impressed by Keri's songs. Her individualism and originality are strong features of her songs. She strives to look for higher ground whenever and whatever she undertakes'

'Whilst Aussie has concentrated predominately on traditional and contemporary country writers the signing of Steve Tebbett and two Brisbane based writers international guitarist Ross Williams and well known producer Tony Byrne opens other perspectives for the publishing company. Their writer appeal is an important transgression Aussie is prepared to undertake. It fits to some extent with a long term projection of all music genres' Rhonda added.

'Aussie is extremely pleased to have writers like Ross Williams who co-wrote the Keri McInerney/Michael O'Rourke hit single Exactly How I Feel on board as well as Tony Byrne and Hervey Bay writers Kerrin McInerney Bob Carlson Gary Witt and Mark Nuske on the team. It's obvious there's a great team mentality already and Aussie hopes to extend that'

A VIP Cocktail party to celebrate the signing of the writers is set for Sunday afternoon at the Wheelhouse Restaurant The Urangan Marina from 2pm. The event will be attended by local dignitaries and media representatives and will showcase some of Hervey Bay's finest musicians and songwriters. Special guest performers are international guitarist Ross Williams and guitarist Richard Butler.

For more information:
Rhonda Sinclair 0438 902413
Keri McInerney 0407 155993
Print out and have the memories