Tamworth Rage Page
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Port Stephens Country Music Festival 2007
June Long Weekend 2007
7th - 11th June
Kerry Kennedy & Double Barrel 
Kerry Kennedy
& Double Barrel
Shoal Bay Resort and Spar -Country Club Hotel
Saturday Night there was a blackout in most places in Port Stephens.   Kerry and the boys had to set up their gear twice and change to a different part of the resort to do their gig.
Kerry Kennedy
Kerry Kennedy and Billy Sell
Micheal Eelkema  7 string guitar...wow!
Crowd Raging at Country Club Resort


The band having a quick bite before the gig after setting up in one part of the Country Club and then the blackout
came and they had to shift to another section
Kath, Kerry, Michael, Gaye and Drummer
Erin and Margaret
Big fans of Kerry Kennedy and Double Barrel
Print out and have the memories