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Hello Everybody,
Just a quick note to let you know about our recent trip to the Charters Towers Country Music Festival.
Kudos to the organising committee for putting on such a great show. Although it was a huge event logistically, it seemed to be well planned and executed. The flow of the competition was kept really smooth by allowing competitors to perform as soon as they arrive , even if it wasn't their turn yet. This enabled the competitors to take part in more events without having to be rushed off their feet. Hats off to a well organised event.

Kiara had a great time and so did I. Following are the results: KIARA Juvenile vocal - first, juvenile country gospel- first, juvenile bush ballad -first, juvenile country rock -second, overall juvenile winner, songwriting- second place( God's Gift).

Jude - songwriting third place ( She Taught Me To Pray).

Once again a big thank you to the organising committee of the Charters Towers Country Music Festival. Special thanks to Lyn Vera for all her help and timely correspondence.
Jude Rodrigues - Operations Manager
PO Box 3155, Mackay QLD 4740


Ten-year-old Kiara Rodrigues was an avid student at this year’s Tamworth Camerata – the junior country music school for performers aged 18 years and younger.
When the petite package of dynamite returned home to Mackay, Queensland, she was full of excitement, talking about her experiences, learning from some of the best tutors and musicians in the country music industry – and already planning her application for Camerata 2007. Kiara was part of the Tex Morton team and her team leader was none other than Merelyn Carter of “Carter and Carter”.

Kiara had the privilege of being coached by famous artists such as Gina Jeffries, David Carter, Adam Harvey, Brad Bergen and the renowned song writer Roger Corbett. While at Camerata, Kiara has picked up a whole heap of performing skills which were very noticeable in her outstanding winning performances at the Sarina Country Music Festival.

Besides picking up skills, Kiara has had the pleasure of making new friends in the country music circle and as the youngest ever Camerata student was interviewed on channel seven in Tamworth and performed with the group on channel nine also in Tamworth.. People in the country music industry have expressed great hopes for this little performer and if her recent achievements are any indication, they are absolutely right.

Sincere thanks go to Kiara’s sponsors Axiom Entertainment and also to Joan Douglas, Greg Williams, Jim Haynes and the two house mums Rosie Adsett and Merryl Davis who devoted their precious time in doing the hard yards required to make CAMERATA a success.