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Hot newcomer to the Australian Country Music scene, Kimber Sparks’ career continues to go from strength to strength.

Hot on the heels of her latest chart hit, “Somewhere Between” - Kimber has just been named as a finalist in the 2007 Gold Medallion Awards for Best New Talent – alongside fellow rising stars Rose Carleo, The Bobkatz and Sarah McMonangle.

The awards recognize excellence in Queensland country music with winners determined by the World Alliance of Radio Presenters (WARP) and presented on Friday 3rd August at the Toowoomba City Golf Club.

Kimber also has chins wagging in US country music circles following her recent recording of two duets with the legendary Vern Gosdin. Prestigious country music magazine, “Country Weekly”, has just done a feature article about Kimber and her dream recording experience with the man they affectionately call “The Voice”.

Within the article, Gosdin is quoted as saying about their new version of his classic, “Chiseled In Stone”, “If the good Lord has heard anything better than us singing that song, he’s keeping it to himself!”

Kimber Sparks will also hit the studio soon with Bill Chambers to record her long awaited debut album which will include both Vern Gosdin duets, her current hit “Somewhere Between” and previous singles “Taking The You Out of Us” and “Go Get Em Girl”.
For further information or interviews:
Karen Waters, Red Rebel Music
0418 614 359
Hey there, folks!
First of all, I hope this finds you all doing great! I know it’s been a while since my last update, but there’s been a whole bunch of stuff going on, and as you know, finding time to sit still is sometimes impossible.

The girls are doing amazing! I can’t believe Neva is turning 11 years old at the end of this month, and Elaina is actually growing some!!

A few weeks ago I did a guest spot for the Gold Coast Country Music Club. About 20 minutes before the performance, Neva asked if she could perform with me. We’d been through this same thing before, and she always changed her mind just before time. Therefore, I said, “Sure - no problem.” When it came time to go onstage, she was right there ready to go. We performed three songs together, and she never missed a beat. I will attach a photo of us singing! It was her very first public performance, and I’m not sure who was more excited about it between the two of us. She is still learning guitar, and has even written her first song that she penned all by herself, and with a bit of help from a good friend, Shari Williams, she put some chords to it. Watch out – it could be a future hit!
Little miss Elaina (7) is still learning to play the guitar and the fiddle with her sister, and although she has not shown any interest in actually singing with me yet, she loves to stand alongside me on the stage – also holding a mic, while she just smiles at folks in the audience. We’ll see how this eventuates, but at this point, she’s just specializing in being cute!

The latest single from my ‘Go Get ‘Em Girl’ EP has been playing on CMC for a bit now, and has climbed to the #37 spot on the Top 50. As many of you know, CMC goes strictly on requests to determine its charts, so if you have a minute each day to vote for ‘Somewhere Between’, I would be very grateful. I had a friend time how long it takes to register (for new CMC users), and it was 3:18 minutes, and then 22 seconds to request the song each day. So, if you would be so kind – I’d surely be grateful! Just go to www.CountryMusicChannel.com.au . You will see the REGISTER button, and it’s easy from there.

At this point, I have released 3 of the 4 tracks from ‘Go Get ‘Em Girl’. This is exciting, as many EPs only get one or two songs released, so thank you to each of you who have been a part of this. ‘Go Get ‘Em Girl’, and ‘Taking the You out of Us’ are both still being played quite a lot on the radio, and now ‘Somewhere Between’ is, as well, and it’s actually crossed over a bit onto the mainstream stations – which is always a great privilege. Although I’m a true-blue, thru & thru country girl, I think it’s amazing how country is branching out these days! I love how it’s not uncommon to hear Keith, Shania, Sugarland, Leanne or many other country artists played on mainstream stations.

I am happy to announce that I will be working on a new album in the very near future. I have decided to work with Bill Chambers ( www.MySpace.com/ChambersBill )  this time around, and I’m quite excited about what’s to come! The album will feature the four tracks from ‘Go Get ‘Em Girl’, as well as the two duets I recorded with the legendary Vern Gosdin and 5 others that you haven’t heard before! It’s a huge step in my career, so I’ll make sure to keep you all posted on how it progresses.

MYSPACE ( www.MySpace.com/KimberSparksAustralia )

Wow – can you believe I’ve had over 8,000 hits on MySpace! It’s a great way to get your music out there, or get in touch with friends you haven’t seen in ages! If you haven’t checked it out, have a look at my site and tell me what you think. I’ve got some new promo shots I just had done recently with John Elliott, as my videos are up there. ‘Somewhere Between’s’ video is coming soon...gotta convert it to a smaller file (technology!!!).

I will be featured in next week’s issue of ‘Country Weekly’ magazine (USA), regarding the time I spent with Vern Gosdin. If you have access, make sure you get a copy and tell me all about it as we do not get it here in Australia. My Mama in Alabama is going to grab a few copies for me. I can’t wait to see it. I do know that there will be some great photos in there, as I sent in some of the shots taken by John (Elliott) while Vern was over visiting. What an experience that was!

I don’t usually vent my likes/dislikes openly, but I felt this one was safe. Lately it seems there are so many ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in the music industry, and to be honest, it gets a bit depressing! I know firsthand how hard it is to put a song out - much less an album. When you spill your heart and soul into something, who’s to say it’s right or wrong??!!

With a daughter who’s starting to spread her ‘performing wings’, it’s quite scary to think of throwing her out to the scrutiny and criticism that exists – even for us seasoned performers. It’s shocking, actually. I remember reading an interview about Merle Haggard, and his philosophy about this whole issue. He basically said the reason he refused to attend many of the award shows, etc., was because he refused to succumb to the competing side of music, as it didn’t make sense to him. He believes that – as artists, we all simply express our emotions in our own style, and that it didn’t make sense for someone to say it was better or worse than anyone else’s style. This is basically how I was raised as well, but it’s difficult to remain this way in today’s industry. I sure hope I can raise my daughters to remember that they aren’t competing with anyone else – and that it’s the message in the song that matters most. If they believe in what they are singing, and sing it from their heart, they are successful. Then again, we need to sell albums in order to make more music...it’s a vicious cycle, folks! *smiles* I sure dread it if the girls ever wish to compete in the talent quests and such...I’ll need major therapy for sure ;o)

As of this week, university is back into full swing, so that’s bound to keep me busy. I can assure you, going from under-grad to post-grad was a huge shock for me – and you learn very quickly how to organize your time better, or else you suffer greatly! I’ve only got until the end of next year and I’ll be finished with my MBA, so I can hack that! What a blessing it is to be able to study. Once I’m able, I will surely do something to promote education, as I feel it is so vital to our youth! With a good education, you can do anything you want in this world – the sky is the limit!!!

Again, I hope this letter finds you all doing really good. I apologize for not being the best at writing/responding, but I have the best of intentions – I promise!

Most importantly, just know that I never forget how important it is to have good people behind me, and I never take that for granted. Without the support of those who vote for my videos, request it on your radio stations, or buy the CDs, I’m basically just a shower-singer. If I could I’d personally say THANK YOU to each of you who have helped me to make my dreams of becoming a country music performer a reality. Instead, this email ‘THANKS’ will have to suffice for now =)

Please feel free to stop in and say hello if you get a minute. Until then ~

Hugs ~ Kimber
Shari Williams and Kimber Sparks prior to the show at Holloways Beach Cairns
When it came to the musical entertainment at the PBR Pro Bull Ride in Mareeba FNQ last Saturday night, it was definitely a case of ‘Girls Night Out’ Country rocker Kimber Sparks was flown from the Gold Coast to headline the event with support from Cairns singer/songwriter Shari Williams.
After three hours of bone-crunching bull riding action from the best riders in the land, the large audience was ready to party with some top country rock music. The non-stop 4 hour show of music also included performances from local Dallas Steele, Liam Wayne from the Gold Coast and Mat Harrison. Mat is well-known in the country music industry as a top class fiddle player and left no doubt as to why he is regarded as one of the best with a blistering performance of ‘Thank God I’m a Country Boy’.
Shari Williams may be a new name on the Oz country scene, but she is no stranger to music and live performance, having sung and performed since a child. This lady has one hell of a voice and the response from the audience proved she is definitely one to look out for. Shari is currently recording her debut CD with producer Barry Gale of Galeforce productions on the Gold Coast. She has written five tracks on the album. The first single and title track ‘Sunny’ is due for release early June.
When Kimber Sparks hits the stage, you know you’re in for something special. She is a powerhouse performer and this night was no exception. She showcased her Top 30 hits “Go Get Em Girl and Taking the You Out of Us, as well as premiering the new single ‘Somewhere Between’. The crowd couldn’t get enough of Kimber and she was called back for an encore where she was joined on stage by Liam, Shari and even Aleta from 88.7 KIK FM (who was compering the event) for a rousing rendition of Redneck Woman.
Half way through the evening a thick mist rolled in across the arena, giving the whole scene a mystical appearance. The downside to nature’s own ‘fog machine’ was the heavy condensation that ruined the cameras that were used to photograph and video the event, thus leaving no usable footage or pictures (though someone out there may have some).
All in all, a great night’s entertainment was put on by the Mareeba Rodeo Association. The next big event will be Mareeba Rodeo in July.
Kimber Sparks
“We've all been here before; we definitely don't want to go back to the place we've already been, but moving forward seems almost impossible too. Unfortunately, some of us have also been on the other side as well, when someone we know seems cemented to another place and time in the sweet bye and bye...”, says Kimber Sparks about her irresistible new single “Somewhere Between”.

Written solely by Sparks and impeccably produced by Brendan Radford, “Somewhere Between” is the third single lifted from her “Go Get ‘Em Girl” EP and shows a raunchier country rock side to Sparks’ music.

Sparks has been making major waves in the Australian country music industry since she was discovered by Australia’s premier country star, Lee Kernaghan. It was a chance encounter while Sparks was working at Kernaghan’s former pub in Rockhampton, The Great Western Hotel. Kernaghan heard her singing one night and was blown away by her distinctive country vocals and invited her to perform during several of his Electric Rodeo shows. “I could listen to Kimber sing all night long. She’s a hot new singer songwriter on a mission. This girl rocks!”, says Kernaghan.

It’s been a hectic few months for Sparks who is not only juggling a thriving country music career – but also studying for her MBA at Central Queensland University, working as an extra on the new Debra Messing & Judy Davis film, “Starter Wife”, being named the “Most Supportive Entertainer of The Year” by the Alabama Country & Gospel Music Association in the US – and recording a duet with the legendary Vern Gosdin. Gosdin and Sparks became firm friends following Sparks’ recent trip to the US. He loved her voice so much - that he decided to fly back to Australia with her to record a duet which will be released later this year.

“Somewhere Between” is out now and already being embraced by country radio around Australia. The accompanying video directed by fellow country artist, Michael Bryers, has just hit CMC.

For further information or interviews, please contact:
Karen Waters, Red Rebel Music
Ph: (0418) 614 359
E: karen@redrebelmusic.com
www.kimbersparks.net  | www.myspace.com/kimbersparksaustralia
Vern’s been visiting me in Australia for almost three weeks. We have recorded two duets together (‘Chiselled In Stone’ and ‘A Picture Of Me Without You’), with ‘Chiseled In Stone’ being my next single in July (My latest single, ‘Somewhere Between’, is going out to radio on the next NFS in a few DAYS, and the video is already at CMC – FUN FUN).
Thursday 29th March 2007

Legendary country singer/songwriter, Vern Gosdin, is currently in Australia to record a duet with Queensland based country star, Kimber Sparks.

The pair will record a new version of Gosdin’s 1982 classic, “Today My World Slipped Away”, which was also made a huge hit again by George Strait - hitting #1 for three weeks in 1998. It will be produced by Brendan Radford and feature some of Australia’s hottest musicians.

Besides being a top selling artist in his own right, Gosdin, is one of the most respected songwriters in country music - having his songs recorded by artists such as George Jones, Willie Nelson, Brad Paisley, Tanya Tucker, Emmylou Harris, Ralph Stanley, Janie Fricke and Australia’s own Adam Harvey to name just a few.

Vern Gosdin is truly one of country music's true living legends. His spine tingling harmony and honest, heartfelt voice have been an integral part of country music for over thirty years. Gosdin – who has the ability to lace his songs with humor or heart wrenching sadness - can go from one end of the spectrum to the other over a course of an album. Vern has a whole stack of awards gracing his mantle including CMA, ASCAP and Billboard Awards as well as inductions into the Music Publishers Hall of Fame in 1998 and the Alabama Country Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Taking pride of place is the 1988 CMA Song of The Year Award for “Chiseled In Stone” which was co-written with Max D. Barnes.

Kimber Sparks is no stranger to the Australian music scene. Her “Go Get Em Girl” EP has generated massive airplay around the country and the single “Taking The You Out of Us” fared well in the Mildura Hot 100 Chart. Kimber’s next single “Somewhere Between” hits radio next month.

The Vern Gosdin & Kimber Sparks duet, “Today My World Slipped Away”, will be released over the coming months in both Australia and the US.

For further information or interviews, please contact:
Karen Waters, Red Rebel Music
0418 614 359

That’s right – it’s time for another song! The title of my next release is ‘Somewhere Between’. It’s a country-rock tune that I wrote pretty much on the day Brendan Radford (my producer) and I did the demo for my EP. The national release date will be April 9th, on NFS ( www.nfspublicity.com.au  ).

As for the video clip for ‘Somewhere Between’, I’ll be meeting with my video producer, Michael Bryers, in a few weeks to get that going. It’s always exciting when you go to the drawing table completely open to new ideas.

So ~ it won’t be long and I’ll be asking you folks to PLEASE vote for me on CMC (www.CountryMusicChannel.com.au).

Well, I’ve survived another Tamworth festival! My guitarist, Liam Wayne, and I arrived in Tamworth on the 19th , and left on the 28th. It was hectic, but very fun! We gigged an average of 2-3 times per day. I played at various venues, including the Locomotive Hotel, The Longyard, The Pub, TREC, The Town Hall and on the main Telstra stage downtown. Heck, I even cut a rug with Larry Cann (KIX FM - Bundy) at the ABC VIP AfterParty! There were also quite a few interviews throughout the festival, which was fun. I don’t mind interviews as the radio stations are the backbone of this industry. Without them, we wouldn’t have an outlet for our music. I also did some shows with Sovereign, The Davidson Brothers, and Col Finley – just to name a few. I was invited by one of the major radio stations (2TM) to participate in the cavalcade, which was a blast! We even got water-ballooned during the ride! By the time the parade ended, everyone was soaking wet, and nobody had much of a voice left from yelling.

I participated in the celebrity cricket match, along with the McClymont’s, Luke O’Shea, Paul Costa, Kylie Hogan, Jay (Jonah’s Road), Travis Collins, Alyce Simmons and Dobe Newton, to name a few, where I realized real quick that I should have asked someone how to play before showing up!!! I thought I could just wing it – you know, just follow suit. Well, let me assure you folks that those huge pads you have to wear on your legs do not flatter a woman, as they cause you to ‘waddle’ more than run. Then, when it was my turn to bat, I was told to point my bat toward the ground til time to hit. I did, then when the ball was thrown, I drew back just like I had done while playing major competitive softball in Saudi Arabia, and got myself a great hit! However, everyone laughed at my baseball swing... oh well – “RUN KIMBER RUN”...once I asked the fella behind me where I was supposed to run (there’s NO BASES), I took off! Then when I got there, I was told to RUN BACK! This didn’t make a bit of sense to me, but I did it! Anyway, I supposedly hit a ‘4’ or a ‘FOUR’...(not sure how you say it). All I know is that my team was happy about it when I finally left the field. Then I got some ‘whoop whoops’ when I made some good fast throws once a ball was hit to me in the outfield. I didn’t tell them ahead of time that I had a bit of throwing experience, and actually threw 71 mph in my prime...O_o””” Overall, it was an experience I enjoyed, and if they’ll have me, I’d love to play again next year...BUT - I’ll know how to play next time =))

Finally, the farewell party after the Golden Guitar Awards was awesome. Me, Aleta (KIK FM – Mareeba) and the gang all went back to our main hangout and had drinks and nibblies, then more drinks... After a short time, Travis Collins was at the piano and singing some of those great classic tunes we all grew up with, including Merle, Cash and many others. It was a hoot! There was partying everywhere – in the bar, out in the parking lot, on Adam Brand’s new tour bus (it’s beautiful! I’ve simply gotta have one of those someday) – everywhere! The final night is always a huge one. Sure enough – just as every year before, it was daylight when we all walked back to our rooms.


I’ve finished my undergraduate degree, and will begin studying again in March for my Master’s. It’s funny because while I’m in uni, it’s a pain in the bum, but when I’m out, I miss it! I don’t understand it myself. I love learning, and I know it’s a blessing to be able to do so. I’m sure there are many folks out there who would love to have the opportunity to further their studies, but for whatever reason, they can’t. So, wish me luck and if I ever write any of you a mumble-jumble email that arrives at some ungodly hour of the morning, you’ll know it’s just me in a delirious state due to lack of sleep =))

I’m still shooting ‘Starter Wife’, a made-for-TV movie that’s being shot here on the Gold Coast. It will air in March in the US on ABC. Debra Messing (‘Grace’ from ‘Will & Grace’) is the main character. I’m actually hoping to work in some other movies that are being filmed here, including ‘Fool’s Gold’, which features Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson…I could handle hanging out with Matty-boy *big smiles* The hours are often quite long – up to 12 & 15 hours sometimes, but it’s fun and they feed you good =) I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how it all goes.

Neva and Elaina are doing great! They started back to school last week and are enjoying being back around their buddies again, as summer was a bit boring for them. They are swimming three days per week, as well as diving two hours per week. Both girls enjoy the water, and Mommy still holds my breath every single time they jump off the high dive!!! They say I’ll get used to it...I’m not sure! Otherwise, they’re just being sweet =)
I have a page on MySpace ( www.MySpace.com/KimberSparksAustralia  ) and it’s quite exciting. If you haven’t been to MySpace, you gotta give it a try. It’s a great place for networking and since joining in November, I’ve had nearly 3,000 hits and have been in touch with folks I haven’t spoken to since high school! It’s free, too – that’s my favorite part =) So, stop by my site and leave me a nice message.

As of this week, I have gained a personal manager – Steve, of STO Management Group (website up soon www.stomanagementgroup.com )

I am really excited about this, as they handle all my administration matters – which are a huge task. This will allow me to focus more on other areas that I don’t usually have enough time to work on, such as writing and so forth. Steve has assured me they’ll take good care of me and will always be there for whatever I need, except for stuff like when I want donuts at 3 a.m. *smiles*. On a serious note, I’m very much looking forward to working with Steve and his crew, as this is a huge step in my music career.

Sorry for being long-winded, but hey, it’s been a while since I’ve written, so I thought ya’ll might forgive me this time =)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you haven’t dozed off yet, and I hope you’re all doing great and having a wonderful start to 2007. Please stop in to say hello if you get a minute and for those of you I haven’t been in touch with in a while, I hope you know that I hold you all dear and think of you often. Here’s a big hug and happy thoughts, ‘til next time.
Hey there, everyone! I hope this finds you all having an amazing holiday season. As usual, the girls and I have a billion blessings to give thanks for. It has been a crazy - although GREAT year for us. Starting with our move from Rockhampton to the Gold Coast where we have settled in nicely. The girls love their school and I finished my undergrad in October (YIPEE!!!). In fact, I'm having my graduation party tomorrow night here, so if you're nearby, grab what you want to eat and drink and head on over for a while. Gonna have some of my band here playing some good music, along with a good number of friends. Should be fun night.
First of all, have a look on my website ( www.KimberSparks.net  ) if you haven't already done so. AND, I'm on MySpace finally! I love it as it's a GREAT way to communicate. Lots of photos and stuff on there, too ( www.MySpace.com/KimberSparksAustralia  ).

I'm looking forward to releasing a NEW SINGLE AND VIDEO in February if all goes as planned. I'm meeting with Brendan Radford sometime in the next week hopefully to get that all started, as there's quite a lot to do in order to make the deadlines for NFS ( www.nfspublicity.com.au  ), and I'll be contacting Michael Bryers to help me get another video underway. I have quite a few songs that I've written to chose from, as well as a great tune I co-wrote with the amazing Cash Backman. It's all happening...

So, keep your eyes on CMC in the early new year for my mug again. However, I'll remind you before then since I'll be hitting you all up to vote for me again =)) Speaking of which, you can still vote for my other two songs on CMC. It's all greatly appreciated!
( www.CountryMusicChannel.com.au )

I have been a bit busy gigging lately. Since heading to Broken Hill in October (where I had a BALL - GREAT place and people), I've played for CQU here on the Gold Coast. That was fun as I'm used to listening to my lecturers, rather than having them listen to me. It was good, other than the threat of rain (it was outdoors) that lingered. Thank God it held out while we played. Along with this, I've done a few guest spots too for the Champion of Champions competition in Brisbane, and several private functions, too. Last weekend I performed for 98.9 FM's Christmas Party in Brisbane. That was a hoot! They are good folks, and very supportive of my music. I wish all my gigs could be this fun! I'm performing at Pioneer Village's Christmas Extravaganza near Brisbane on the 17th of Dec., so if you're close by, try to come out. I'll be performing alongside The Vibe, Travis Sinclair, Col Finley and Laura Downing - along with several others. Here's the website in order for you to have a look ( http://home.iprimus.com.au/pioneervillage/page5.html ). Along with this, it looks like I'll be touring out West just before Christmas. I'm waiting to hear whether or not I'll be heading out to Longreach, Tambo and Dalby to do some shows just before Christmas. Then, there's the National Finals Rodeo being held here on the Gold Coast in mid-January. Hoping that one eventuates, as it would be nice to catch up with some of the cowboys/cowgirls I haven't seen in ages. Other than this, I'm working on doing some of those festivals, as that's the best way to meet other country-music lovers - and that's the part I love most about this job =)

Also, I'll be in the 101.5FM studio in Caboolture next Wednesday night (Dec. 13th) with my good friend, Daryl Kirkup, in case any of you have a chance to tune in.

Tamworth is right around the corner and it's looking like it'll be a busy one for me. Liam (my guitarist) is heading down with me and we've got a good bit of shows booked already. I'll put my schedule on my MYSPACE site before the time arrives and once everything's finalized, just in case any of you want to come along to catch a show. Among other gigs, I'll be performing with Sovereign and The Davidson Brothers. Any of you heading down to Tamworth???

Other than all this, I've been doing lots of writing and rehearsing. My band, 'The Breeze', is going good. Going to be looking for some musicians (lead guitar and bass), as Dave and Ross will be moving on to do their own things after the holiday season, but it's been great having the opportunity to work with them as they are great musicians and very good people to work with. I'm sure we'll stay in touch and I hope their career's continue to grow up, up and away...
------Hittin' the 'Big Time'----
Okay, maybe I haven't actually hit the REAL 'big time', but I am going to be in a movie! Do any of you watch 'Will & Grace'? Well, Debra Messing, who plays Grace, is starring in a movie called 'Starter Wife' that's being filmed here on the Gold Coast, and I played a diner in a Japanese rest. during a scene shot last Thursday. It was a hoot to be so close to her and seeing how the celebs do their thing. I've always been a huge fan of hers, so it was fun just being a small part of it. Who knows, there's a good chance I'll get called back and maybe she and I could be buddies, go shopping, listen to good country music, etc. Okay Okay - back to reality, Kimber!!! =)) Just thought I'd share it as it was a fun and a bit of the beaten track for me.
-----See Y'all--
Well, that's about it. It's super late and the lights from the Christmas tree are starting to run together at this point, so I'll say goodbye for now... Write and say hello if you get a minute. I burned up my MotherBoard on my computer a while back and was out-of-order for about two weeks before finally getting it fixed, but it's all up and going good again now, thank God!

I'm sending this to all the folks in my address book, so if you have no idea who I am, or what the heck I'm talking about, I'm sorry for the hassle - your email must have landed in my email box from a mutual email contact or something - who knows! *smiles* Just send me a reply saying 'UNSUBSCRIBE' and I'll be sure to do so. Otherwise, y'all take good care of yourselves and have a very blessed Christmas season full of good health and happiness with friends and family.
Request ny song on CMC - 'Taking the You out of Us'
That's all!!! Just SOOO excited and wanted to share! PLEASE keep voting if possible, and THANK YOU!!!
Tamworth Gigs
SUNDAY 21ST · 10am-5pm, COUNTRY COOKBOOK LAUNCH, TAMWORTH TOWN HALL – acoustic spot - time of performance to be advised (this is a freebie gig and you would need someone to play acoustic for you)
· Sometime during the day, I’ll be doing a guest spot at a ‘SOVEREIGN’ concert. More info on this later =)
TUESDAY 23RD · 11:30 am - 12 noon CITY PLAZA TAMWORTH
· 8pm - TIARA Awards – may become a finalist - RUM will be in attendance though if you need someone to accept an award
WEDNESDAY 24TH · 10.15am - RADIO INTERVIEW – Festival FM, TREC foyer - live in studio
· TSA Awards – may become a finalist
· People’s Choice Awards – may become a finalist
FRIDAY 26TH (australia day) · 8pm-12midnight, RUM Showcase, THE PUB – backing band provided – 3 or 4 songs – approx spot time tbc
SATURDAY 27TH · Cavalcade, Peel Street – Kimber may be asked to be on a float
· 3.30pm (3-songs) – WINNERS & GRINNERS CONCERT, THE PUB
· 7pm – Kimber may attend the GG Awards
Hey there, everybody! I hope this finds you all doing great. Just a few things to tell you about, so I will keep it short and to-the-point

The video is currently #23 on the Country Music Channel, but was #18 last week, so PLEASE, take a minute if you can and vote for me on their website and help me go back toward that #1 spot, instead of the other way!!!   The countdown is determined by requests alone. I wanted to write to yall last week but with study, etc., I didn't get around to it...

Also, on KIX-fm, 'TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US' is sitting at #11 on the countdown, so if you happen to have an extra minute, voting for it on their website would be greatly appreciated, as well.

I now have a new MySpace website, as well as my webpage. It's quite fun to play around with, so if you haven't seen MySpace, you might like it. Copy/paste the following URL to get to my site, and I hope you enjoy it.

Can you believe it folks! After SIX YEARS of full-time study, I'm taking the FINAL exams of my degree, and I definitely need your PRAYERS.   I had one exam on Monday and the others are on Thursday and Friday. I'm studying heaps and heaps, but I hate exams! You can bet I'm gonna party when I'm done. These poor babies are the ones that deserve a party, as they've had to put up with a Mommy who's brain is fried during each semester with assignments, etc.

I'm quite excited that OneStop Entertainment has decided to distribute my EP for me in stores throughout Australia. This is BIG news for me as it will make my music available to so many.

The NEW website is up and going now, with NEW PICS. Stop by and have a look =)

I had a BLAST performing in Broken Hill and hope to make it back down there again for next year's ROUNDUP. The audiences there were so nice and just good ole' country folks.

That's about it for now. I am probably forgetting stuff, but I'm off to study more. Have a great week and THANKS again to those of you who have been voting and PLEASE keep it up =)) I look forward to hearing from all of you if you have a sec to say hello. Otherwise, take care and I'll be in touch down the track
BYE BYE for now
Have a look at my NEW website!
PLEASE take a minute and vote for 'TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US' on CMC
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The single has Queensland connections throughout, with TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US produced by QLD based producer Brendan Radford, while the filmclip was shot on location on the Sunshine Coast with director Michael Bryers from Twinpeak Image.
Request Kimber’s clip by logging onto www.countrymusicchannel.com.au  or check out her debut ep GO GET ‘EM GIRL.
Kimber will be performing at the Broken Hill Country Roundup October 5-7.
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BIG news & Upcoming Gigs
Howdy there, folks. I hope this finds you all happy and healthy. Just thought it was time to send you an update on what's been going on, and there's some good stuff happening! Don't worry - I'll make it short & sweet.

First of all, my latest single, 'Taking the You out of Us' is soaring right along. Currently, this is how it stands:
*It's in 'The Music Network’s' Country Hot 30 chart (NIRS Network) -
*It's in Country Music Radio's (CMR) Top 30 nationwide
*It's currently in the Top 20 on the KIX FM countdown. ( www.kixcountry.com.au
*AND, it has just reached the TOP 30 on the Country Music Channel (CMC) - PLEASE VOTE FOR ME if you can each day. They ONLY go by votes!!! =)) Plus, there's great info on their website ~ THANKS ~ ( www.countrymusicchannel.com.au
Last weekend, I went to Brisbane to Deniese Morrison's workshop to get help/tips with performing. It was a great opportunity to learn heaps of info, and I met some other performers whom I look forward to staying in touch with. It was such a fun time! Deniese is a very nice person and someone who has a wealth of information and experience to draw from.
I'm looking forward to meeting with my producer, Brendan Radford, on the 24th of October to begin writing some songs for my upcoming album - sometime in early 2007. I can't wait to introduce some of the songs I've come up with and hear what Brendan has to say. He's such a nice person to work with and I feel really comfortable writing with him.
I am currently studying for exams! I will take my LAST exam of university on the 21st and I'm SOOO ready to be done with it! I have thoroughly loved my CQU university experience and would like to continue studying, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't ready to have my undergrad out of the way! I often wonder, however, if I'll function properly with adequate amounts of sleep once I'm finished Say prayers for my exams!!!
Have a look at it now - it's BRAND SPANKIN' NEW! Hope you like it!
I appreciate your taking the time to read my emails. I love sharing my music news with yall. I sure appreciate your votes on CMC. Many of you say that you request my songs on your local radio stations, too - which is very nice =)) I won't forget your kindness, and that's a PROMISE =))
The BIGGEST news I have to date is that Elaina, my 6-year-old daughter, has just become a 'snaggle-tooth'! She's lost her first front tooth, and the other one is wobbly, too! The toothfairy brought her $1 and a note about how important it is to eat healthy ----she bought a lollipop with her dollar! Oh well...
*October 5 - 8 Broken Hill, NSW (Broken Hill Roundup Festival)
*September 30th Logan PCYC Annual Fundraiser - (Woodridge High School)
*November 3 Champion of Champions Country Music Showcase (Kedron Wavell Services Club Community Centre) - If you would like more information on this event, please contact Paul at 0407 572 786
*December 17 Pioneer Village Christmas Celebration Brisbane, QLD
*January 27  The Pub  3:30 p.m. - 'Winners & Grinners' Tamworth, NSW
(Country Music Festival)

I'm trying to book more gigs for the Tamworth Festival, so I'll let you know where I'll be
THANKS and here's a big hug to all of yall! Say hi if you get a minute ~
Bye for now ~ Kimber

Hi there! Just wanted to let everyone know that my new video clip to 'TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US' entered the Country Music Channel's countdown at #50 in its first week, and thanks to all of you who have been able to vote for it, it jumped a whopping 15 spots in its second week - to #35!!! So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking the time to vote for me!!!
Hugs ~ Kimber
PLEASE take a minute and vote for 'TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US' on CMC
Request her clip on CMC at
I hope this finds each of you doing great! As for the girls and I, we are happily and healthily ploughing on steadily. School is going great for Neva and Elaina and I am really looking forward to graduating in October after six years of full-time study! This is a huge thing for me as there are only two people in my whole family who have ever been fortunate enough to go to uni. Once I finish, I am hitting the road to do some touring! My band is great and they are also ready to get on the road! There are some exciting opportunities arising and when you have band members who depend on you to provide a living for their families, you soon realize how much of a responsibility you have to do all you can do to get those gigs. Soon I'll have a spot on my website so you can read more about them, as well.

Speaking of which, if you have a minute, stop by and have a look at my website. My songs are on there to hear, as well as lots of other stuff about what's happening. www.KimberSparks.net

Since its release in June, 'TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US' has really taken off with radio stations all over! I have been doing heaps of interviews promoting it, as well as trying to stay up on thanking all those other stations carrying it on their playlists. I can assure you now, without support from radio stations who get our songs out to you folks, us independent artists wouldn't have a chance of surviving.

So, if you have requested -or hear my song on your local station and wouldn't mind, drop me a line telling me which station is playing it so I can make sure to personally thank them.)

Michael Bryers has done it again! We have now successfully accomplished TWO video clips and I can't see myself going anywhere else. He is great to work with and allows you to have the clip the way YOU want it to be, rather than doing it for himself. I am very happy with both and THANK YOU Michael for a great job!

For those of you who have time, it's BEGGING time again) If you would take a few minutes each day to vote for TAKING THE YOU OUT OF US on CMC ( www.countrymusicchannel.com.au ) , I would be grateful! Just do it the same way as before. When you type my name up, it'll come up with both of my songs, and if you can do both, great. Otherwise, please vote for my new song so I can get closer to that Top 30 position on the countdown.

The video is much 'deeper' than 'GO GET 'EM GIRL', as it's a slow ballad. It is a song that is very personal to me, and one of those that I remember the exact moment I wrote it, how I was feeling, where I was and every aspect of the emotional state I was in when it seemed to pour itself out onto the page. I remember putting my old faithful foam mattress on the ground between the girls' twin beds and dropped down so I could do some writing by the light that was already coming up outside - another night I didn't make it to bed before daylight! It was a hard time in my life and one when I felt like I was totally alone in the world. The words to this song came easy and within ten mins I'd had a huge sob, written a song that summed up every emotion I felt at the time, and was ready to call it a night (or morning )!

I really do hope yall enjoy it, as well. If you'd like to hear it, you can download it from my website. Or, if you'd like an EP of your own, I have them for sell for $10 + shipping - approx. $13. If you want one, send your address and I'll drop one in the mail and you can post a check whenever you get the cd and have the return address )

I just came back from another GREAT muster! It was the usual good time where you see some rockin' country acts, as well as a few ROCK stars! I stayed at my favorite crash pad, Amanda and Ross's Jammin' campsite! I bought my FIRST tent for $33 and took my rolled up mattress and away I went! We ended up having a couple dozen people around over the weekend for a jam and sang everything anyone could think.

Throughout the weekend, I signed heaps of autographs and took photos with so many nice folks out there who commented on my music. I wish I could put it into words how it feels to know that people are touched or inspired by something I composed. It's a blessing that I will never take for granted, regardless of how far I go in my career. It was a great time and I'm already looking forward to playing there next year!!!

Was able to see another of Lee's concerts and catch up with him after the show! As usual, Lee's show went off! One of the highlights of the show was when he did a duet with his beautiful wife, Robbie. She has an amazing voice, as well as being on keyboards for the show! Talk about a talented family!!! After having a bit of a catch up with Lee after the show, we were off to see Steve Forde play. He is always on fire and if you haven't seen one of his shows, you owe it to yourself to do so!

The highlight of we weekend, however, was seeing JIMMY BARNES rock the main stage! I remember when he came through Rockhampton and played a year or so ago, and at that time I was blown away at how so many people relate to his lyrics. It inspired me to the point that, as many of you know, I mentioned his name in my first single, 'GO GET 'EM GIRL'.

On the way home, I spoke to Dario, the bass player and a friend of mine, who told me they were playing again on the coast. I was invited down and you can bet I was there! I jumped around like I'd never seen his show before) After the show, I was able to catch up with Barnsy for a chat. He is a true icon! Not only has he been to the edge and back, he signed his name on the dangerous side of the cliff! I was inspired, as usual!

To all of you who have taken the time to vote for me on CMC and/or request my songs on your local radio stations. Without this, the fact is nothing would come of my music. I fully understand that it's people like you who make or break what I'm trying to do. I am more appreciative than I can put into words, but when I see folks' names come up on tv who have requested my songs, it means the world to me that you'd take the time to do so. Even though I hope you continue to do so ) I also want to say THANK YOU for what you've already done.

Have a great week and I'll keep you informed on what's going on down the track. Until then ~ THANKS again and BIG HUGS to all of yall!!!
Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that:
1. The video clip to 'Go Get 'em Girl' is now playing on CMC.
2. My webpage is finished now with lots of good stuff on there from photos to media info
If you could promote this, that would be very appreciated  =) Have a great day.

As a single mother of two girls, When Kimber moved to Australia to study four years ago, she had given up on anything ever happening that would allow her to make it in the music industry.

Kimber was motivated to provide for her family, so while working at the Great Western Hotel, has studied in University full time, since she's been in Australia. In a year and a half, Kimber will have two degrees - Bachelor of Business with specialty in Marketing, and Health with a specialty in Nursing (RN).

But since October of last year, when Australian country music star, Lee Kernaghan watched Kimber perform and was so impressed he suggested she sing for his upcoming concert. Following up that offer with the opportunity to open for him in Tamworth at TREC, as well as sing for his Father, Ray's, show, 'The Kernaghan Spectacular'.

Then Lee's Manager, Steve White, suggested that Kimber apply for the 'Country Music College' - she did and was accepted. Only 21 are accepted yearly, and Kimber is one of those!

Looks like Kimber has a great career ahead of her.
We're proud she's accepted the invitation to join our rodeo community
and share this exciting time in her life with our visitors.

Kimber Sparks is keen to update her fans on what's been happening in her life and career. For those who don't know Kimber, she's the gorgeous blonde turning heads on the Australian Country Music Scene with her song "Go Get Em Girl". For those of you who haven't heard the song yet - go to the NfS Website to hear a sample. It rocks!!!

Print out and have the memories