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Kirk Steel and Gail Betts

Artist Report

Kirk and Gail
Give them a Hand: The Hired Hands, circa 1981, at the Mr Juicy Concerts in the Park, from left, Kirk Steel, Russell Adams, MC Bob Lipman, Ted Tilbrook, the late Ken Ramsay and Lawrie Minson.
  Catch the Sky Rail to Kuranda (West of Cairns)on a Sunday and you may catch up with Gail and Kirk working acoustically at this wonderful market town.  I was very lucky as they are one of my favourite music entertainers and they had just arrived back from the Northern Territory.
Sky Rail Kuranda
Great atmosphere
Special guest from the crowd doing some Irish Dancing
After a great day watching music, spending up big at the markets and eating delicious food a
scenic train journey home through Rain Forest finishes off a wonderful day
Alice Springs
Kirk and I will be starting at 'Glen Helen
Resort' 130 k's west of Alice Springs on May 12 and will be there until July
12.  A little bit earlier than last year, the 'Top End Folk Festival' will
be held there on Queens birthday long weekend in June.  We are looking
forward to our stay, such a beautiful area.  Yes, we busk in Kuranda (when
we are there) every Sunday 10.30 - 1.30pm, mostly playing Celtic, it is very
popular.  Just did an awesome gig for St Patricks Day (which we do every
year) at Flynns Hotel in Townsville.  We also hope to perform at a Festival
in Japan in August, we have done that one before and will keep you posted on
that one.  Cheers for now. 
Hope all is well Gail & Kirk

Kirk and Gail
Duo to deliver 'mix' at resort
After a 16 yr. hiatus from touring Central Australia, Kirk Steel and Gail Betts have started a six-week residency at Glen Helen Resort.  In a interview in Alice Springs this week the pair said they were looking forward to their visit to Glen Helen.
The two- person musical duo promised to deliver a "huge variety of music", a ragtag mix of popular blues, country, folk and traditional Irish tunes.  Kirk will play accordion and piano keyboard while Gail will juggle guitar, bass and percussion duties.
Both agreed they were looking forward to the intimate atmosphere inside the Glen Helen venue.
Gail said "We really enjoy that.  We like being surrounded by people on the same level.
Kirk said "We're not there for own agenda- we always play for the people, to the landscape and environment we're in."
Both musicians are of the old school, where pre-fabricated beats and faceless techno boffins are anathema to musical expression. 
Kirk puts it this way. "I'm allergic to drum machines"  "The new roots music movement is really refreshing, like John Butler, John Johnson and The Waifs.  That kind of music has to come back around because it's real.  I just can't get into some of the new music being produced these days.
The Cairns- based duo are still fond of the busking tradition.  Kirk said We do a lot of busking, it's a great thing to do.  It will buy you a couple of cups of coffee and a toasted sandwich and in the Kuranda rainforest village where we play, it creates a really nice atmosphere  .
Kirk, who said he was "old enough", has been playing music since he was 11.  "Playing music is a disease and I haven't been able to get rid of it.   It's essential food for the soul kind of stuff", he said.
Kirk and Gail will perform two hour sets each evening from Thursday to Monday at Glen Helen until July12th.
Randall, Gail and Kirk
Ted Tilbrook Randall Wilson, Kirk Steel, Russell Evans and Gail Steel (front)