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Tamworth favourite Leslie Avril is now taking Gig bookings for the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2008. 
Leslie is trying to locate any camera/phone footage of Les Scott & her singing together - both stills & audio.
The Hottest Act in

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Leslie Avril is an amazingly versatile entertainer who has dazzled audiences around the world with her country music, piano bar and jazz shows.    Based in Melbourne, she is one of Australia’s leading singers – and a headline act every year at the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The up-close atmosphere of cabaret also suits her seductive charm and steamy vocals perfectly.   Her versatility is rare among modern artists … moving effortlessly from blues, jazz, standards and Broadway to French love songs and country.

• SXSW Festival, Austin Texas, USA
• "Under Milkwood" Athenaem Theatre Melbourne
• National Gallery of Victoria Opening Sydney Cabaret Convention
• Nominated for CMAA Independent Entertainer of the Year in Country Music Achiever Awards
• Nominated in Judges’ Top 10 for Golden Guitar for Female Vocalist of the Year at Australian Country Music Awards
• Dual finalist in Victorian Country Music Awards: Album of the Year, Female Vocalist
• Six songs chosen for soundtrack of ABC-TV series Something in the Air
• Her signature song Ticking Of The Clock featured on the Beyond The Bitumen country CD released by Festival
• Australia Council Grant Recepient

• Cowboy In My Bed (1998)
• Leslie Avril Live (1996)
• Champagne & Desolation (1994)

Leslie Avril has the voice and charisma that puts her in a class of her own – whether she’s belting out raunchy rockabilly in a crowded honky tonk, or distilling her magic in intimate cabaret.

She’s sexy, bluesy and sheer dynamite live. An extraordinary singer who’s been compared to legends from Janis Joplin and Edith Piaf to Bette Midler and Billie Holiday.

Her stunning vocals electrify an audience with power, depth and aching honesty. And she’s earned the respect of great musicians who’ve worked with her such as Ross Wilson, and Greg Macainsh of Skyhooks fame.

Leslie is now preparing her fourth album and a new cabaret show.

‘ She shimmied, she shook, she strutted, she flaunted, and she flirted … but most of all she sang. Searing ballads followed by driving rockers, all delivered with a voice full of power, style and class. This dynamic and powerfully sensuous singer makes every song her own. Avril is one of the great live acts in the country.’ Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth

‘ The effect is instant. The girl is dynamite. A rich, throaty voice that can make a Patsy Cline classic like I Fall To Pieces sound as if it was written for Janis Joplin.’ Daily Telegraph

‘ Leslie Avril pores over her piano and sings the blues, prompting comparison with Joplin and Holiday.’ The Age

‘ Miss Avril has sense of rhythm, melody and lyrics second
to none. Her timing and feel for Le Jazz Hot is spot on. She
reminds me very much of the late, great, divine Sarah Vaughan.
And her rendition of Piaf’s La Vie En Rose brought tears
to my eyes. ’ Toorak Times

‘ Leslie is a legendary singer with a sultry voice. She has captured the atmosphere of a rocking honky tonk on this great CD.’
 Aussie Post

‘ From the raunchy opening title track through to the closer, Leslie Avril delivers the goods with one of the gutsiest voices around. There are no frills, just genuine honesty and a feel for a great song.’ Capital News

‘ A little stunner. The bar-room opener, the title song, bites like a
surly Doberman.’ Beat Magazine

‘ Rubenesque Leslie Avril has produced an excellent album full of humour, pathos and dance music. Avril’s voice, as much bluesy-rock as country, can be raunchy, gutsy and sensitive.’ Art Streams

‘ Avril has a reputation for delivering country music with a passion, drive and gutsy sound rare among female singers.’
Country Update

‘ The intimate feel of a small club, a voice laced with vinegar, and a
band (including ex-Dingoes guitarist Kerryn Tolhurst) as hot as a blowtorch sum up Leslie Avril’s second album.’ The Age

‘ A fine interpreter. Cowgirl’s Heart and Tangled Up In Love have an evocative appeal. Billy Came Back – a World War One vignette about a devastated digger – is drenched in pathos. Leslie cleanses the sinfulness of Trashy Women with Randy Newman’s epic Guilty.’ Inpress

‘ Leslie Avril, toast of the Tudor Hotel at each Tamworth festival, is in her element live. Her full-throated vocals are renowned and this album
features 16 favourites. Released independently, it was snapped up by Larrikin. Hear it and you’ll know why.’ Country Music Roundup

But the Paris factor is even more accentuated by a vocalist blessed with the alluring looks of French sex-siren Danielle Darrieux and the voice of the legendary Piaf. The singer who has the rare combination of looks and voice is Leslie Avril and her rendition of `La Vie En Rose' brought tears to my eyes. Merci beaucoup Mademoiselle Avril and trio. Toorak Times, Melbourne 1990.

A jazz band headed by a singer with a fume blanc voice." Mark Shield, The Age, Melbourne 1990.

This lady has one of the finest white female blues voices this writer has ever heard and that includes names like Bonnie Raitt.
Glen Milne, Valley Voice, Melbourne 1979.

When I saw this girl I admit it, I looked twice. When I heard her sing she knocked me flat. Her name is Leslie Avril and she sounds like Streisand. Brian Goldsmith, The Herald, Melbourne 1980.

John clowns around with Leslie Avril. She has a Bette Midler voice, a bawdy humour to match and she couldn't give a damn who John McEnroe is ... and he knows it. They like each other. Pol Magazine 1982.

Leslie Avril pores over her piano and sings the blues prompting comparison with Joplin and Holliday.
Peter Wilmoth, The Age, Melbourne 1981.

Proudly introduces Leslie Avril ... Spectacular ... Sensual ... Seductive. Don't miss this exciting and talented performer.
The Hilton, Melbourne 1983.

The effect is instant, electrifying. The girl is dynamite. A rich throaty voice that can make a Patsy Cline classic like `I Fall to Pieces' sound as if it was written for Janis Joplin, and kick an old chestnut like `King Of The Road' clean down the block. And all the while she shimmies and struts her stuff like a born trouper. Doctor Dease, Daily Telegraph, Sydney 1991.

Move over Renee Geyer, there's another sultry siren burning up the neon honky tonks of suburbia.
David Dawson, The Truth, Melbourne 1986.

The future of New Country Music in Australia rests with the talent of the calibre of Leslie Avril.
David Latta, Country Music in Australia, The Book 1992.

When a girl singer on her first trip to the festival stopped the show with a dynamic performance. She shimmied, she shook, she strutted, she flaunted and she flirted ... but most of all she sang. Searing ballads followed by driving rockers, all delivered with a voice full of power, style and class. It was enough to win me, the crowd and the band, but what hammered home was that irresistible sense of fun. Mort Fist, Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth 1990.

Lee, no stranger to success, has praise for two under-appreciated peers - expatriate Kiwi singer Darcy Le Year and Leslie Avril.
Lee Kernaghan "In Press", Melbourne 1994.

Avril has one of the smokiest, most powerful voices in country music. It's a voice that can virtually wring the emotion from any song. Susan Jarvis, Country Music Magazine, 1993.

She came out of the South unannounced and caught us all unawares five years ago. Hardened Festival regulars and top-class session musicians were alike unprepared for the effect that Leslie Avril has on her audiences. This dynamic and powerfully sensuous singer makes every song her own. Leslie is one of the great live acts in the country - there are few who approach her impact.
Mort Fist, Tamworth 1995.

Now this is a lady with one heck of a future in front of her. In possession of a vocal range that ranges between angelic and someone who's chainsmoked Winnie Reds for 20 years. Western Herald, Tasmania, 1997.

The intimate feel of a small club, a voice laced with vinegar and a band as hot as a blowtorch,. Terry Reilly, The Age, Melbourne 1997

Leslie Avril has one of those voices that can wring every ounce of heartache from a classic country song and she’s sexy and funny with it. Drum Media Magazine, Sydney, 1998


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