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Lindsay Butler OAM – A Proud Australian - 2008
Well wishes have been flooding in for Lindsay Butler since Australia Day this year when he received his OAM citation.
It was an honour made even more special by the fact that he was participating in the Tamworth Country Music Festival at the time.
Lindsay has not missed a festival, in the city he resides in, since its inception 36 years ago.

As the LBS Music float made its way down Peel St, in front of thousands of devoted country music fans, for Lindsay Butler, this was about as good as it gets. This honour wasn’t wasted on the huge crowd either. Well wishes were bestowed upon him for the duration of the grand parade and for this humble ‘country guitar picker’, it was quite overwhelming.

Butler has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian Country Music industry throughout his illustrious career. This was like icing on the cake for a highly decorated career; one spanning more than 40 years.

He’s won 3 Golden Guitars as both a recording artist in his own right and as a producer. He’s already been awarded the three most highly sought after industry awards in Australia, The Living Legend Award, TSA Tex Morton Award and in 2007 was elevated to The Roll of Renown. He’s also won every eligible instrumental award that he can add to his resume for his guitar playing.

With business partner and wife, Shaza Leigh, their record company has launched and nurtured the careers of some of Australia’s leading country Artists and in 2006 hit its milestone 100th album. This is the first time that an independent record company anywhere in the world has released that number of albums all recorded by the one producer.

This unassuming man didn’t spare too much time resting on his laurels though. He set about the business he knows best, several more careers have been launched alongside the established talent with another 12 albums already released and more on the way.

If you ask him about his crowning achievements he considers his days working and recording with Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams and Athol McCoy high on the list and playing on stage and recording with Barry Thornton and Norm Bodkin conjured musically satisfying memories.

He also paid homage to his family and his musical family - The LBS Recording Team. Independent artists work extremely hard and make up the majority of the performers in Australia. He proudly pays tribute to the artists that started the fledgling record company in 1988 and still remain on the label today, Brian Letton, Shaza Leigh, Brian Young and Tom Maxwell.

When asked what the future holds, Lindsay becomes quite enthusiastic about his new hobby. He’s just launched a guitar range and has already sold several instruments to leading country music artists and collectors. Perhaps this will be another ‘monster’ created by the LBS Music Group.

Whatever the future holds, Lindsay Butler deserves every accolade that has been and could be bestowed upon him for his dedication to Country Music, Tamworth and Australia. 
He is quite simply an extremely proud Australian.
Kross Kut Records Presents.........
The Master And The Apprentice
Internationally known artist Peter J Hill has produced an amazing life like painting of Lindsay Butler and Lindsay Waddington titled “The Master and the Apprentice”.

The painting pays respect to the work of Lindsay Butler “The Master of Country Guitar”. Born in Tenterfield Lindsay Butler has been a professional musician for over 40 years, touring Australia all over. During his career there is very little that Lindsay Butler has not achieved within the Australian Country Music Industry including inspiring young guitarists such as Lindsay Waddington “The Apprentice”.

Lindsay Waddington has toured Australia and the world with many leading recording artists since 15 years of age known mainly for his talent on drums. However since mentor and friend Lindsay Butler took him under his wing Waddo (as he is affectionately known) has made some wonderful achievements. Having now released 2 solo instrumental albums and won QLD “Musician of the Year” for the third year in a row.
The prints are part of a limited edition series with only 99 available.
Be sure to secure your part of Australian Country Music History.
For all enquiries please contact Reegan at Kross Kut Records email
Proudly Recording Country Music in Australia
representing songwriters in the national and international domain

Lindsay Butler Recipient of Country Music's Highest Honour
Lindsay Butler received Australian country music's highest honour yesterday
afternoon at the ACMF Roll of Renown Concert at Tamworth's Town Hall.

The 34th recipient of the famed Roll of Renown Lindsay joined fellow country
music legend Kevin King as they accepted the prestigious elevation.

Taking the stage to receive the award Lindsay first thanked his wife of ten
years Shaza for her work and contribution beside him similarly that of his
mother-in-law Kay Waddington and her dedication to LBS Music and he referred
also to his young son Lachlan.

He spoke about the fellow musicians who too have played a part in his
journey. Lindsay reminisced about the years of touring and the Slim Dusty
Movie he attended just recently that reminded him of the many years on the
road with Slim and first tours with Athol McCoy and later with Buddy
Williams Gordon Parsons Stan Coster Brian Young and Barry Thornton.

In what followed as an emotive and sentimental acknowledgement by both
Lindsay and Kevin various members of the audience and some within the
industry were visibly moved by the sincerity and dedication receiving this
award obviously meant to both men.

In an interview later in the evening with CMR Nick Erby asked Lindsay about
starting out in the industry.

Surprisingly Lindsay remarked that he really wanted to be a singer.
'It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I starting playing more seriously.'
'In 1968 Athol McCoy didn't want a singer for an upcoming tour he wanted a
guitar player and I knew I wasn't going to make it as a singer.'

He recountered how he slept for nine months on the backseat of his car when
he was first out on the road because he just wanted to play music.

'Now you have a caravan or a mobile home or a motel room.'
When asked about who influenced his playing style Lindsay named Chet Atkins
Barry Thornton and Paul Lester as having impact.
He said 'I had a great love of Hank Williams. It's different in the later
years though as it became more about Slim and Buddy.'

In identifying what made the changes in recording Nick asked 'You have
always preserved in a traditional way the music you play which is a valid
part of Australian country music. You break new ground and continue to do
so with a competitive edge. It must have been exciting times out at
Kootingal when you first started recording and putting the Butler brand on

'I was pretty green then' Lindsay said 'We came up with something different
with instruments introducing the mandolin and even a flute at one stage.'

'I always had a close association with the musos in Tamworth and there was a
certain excitement about musicians too back then. They gave and still do
give a certain something that I don't want to lose' he said.

Nick queried which sessions or recordings were proudest moments including
some of his recent work on Shaza Leigh's album and the softer tones he
captures on Fiddlers Creek.

'Yes you're right I am proud of Shaza's album and the work on Brian Letton's
and Tom Maxwell's too.'
Close to the end of the interview Nick asked whether there was anything left
to do .. something left to achieve .. maybe retiring or cutting back.

Lindsay replied that there were considerations but he didn't think that he
would retire from being on the road.

'I'm disappointed maybe that we haven't got a few more Golden Guitars for
our artists but we'll keep in there and see what comes up' he said.
Lindsay won his first Golden Guitar in 1977 for 'Closest Thing To Freedom.'

No guesses that he's found it on the road.
The Roll of Renown special plaques mounted on granite rocks will be unveiled
in an induction ceremony outside the TREC Tamworth Regional Entertainment
Centre at 10.30am on Tuesday morning 23 January.

LBS Music will launch Lindsay's latest album 'Vintage Lindsay' at Lindsay
Butler Studios Open Day at Moonbi during the Tamworth Country Music Festival
on Sunday 21 January 10.00am.
For more information:
LBS Music (02) 6762 1104
LBS Music FESTIVAL Events 2007
Lindsay Butler Studios at New England Gully Rd Moonbi will once again host The LBS Studio Open Day Concert on Sunday 21st of January at 10am until 2pm.

This annual festival event features over 25 of the most popular Australian independent recording artists backed by triple golden guitar winner Lindsay Butler and his show band The Butler Boys.

Award winning LBS Artists who were successful at the Gold Medallion State Awards already confirmed for this years performance are 3 previous golden guitar finalists Brian Letton (NSW Male Vocalist of the Year), Shaza Leigh (Qld Female Vocalist of the Year) and Tom Maxwell (NSW Bush Balladeer of the Year) and the talented newcomers Lindsay Waddington (Qld Musician of the Year), ACRA finalist Darryl Lamb (Male Vocalist of the Year) plus Dale Duncan (New Talent Finalist).

OAM recipient Terry Gordon will make his way to the mountains and living legend Brian Young will sing a couple of his previous hits on the day.

The official album launch for Ashley Cook’s 2nd LBS release ‘Beneath The Qld Moon’ will be part of the concert and many other recording artists will appear including Bob Easter, Lynette Guest, Melissa Bajric, Peter Salata, Charmaine Pout, Naomi Therese, Michael and Pat Pincott, Nathan Charlton, Lana Ross, The Sidey’s and others yet to be confirmed.

With a ticket price of only $15 – this is one of the best value shows at the festival.

We will also be selling all albums at a special open day price of $20 per album on the day to all LBS Country Club Members.
Free Memberships will also be given to anyone who purchases their first album as an introduction to the company.
Full catering is supplied by the local Lions Club. (BYO chair).
Butlers Auditorium at LBS Studios 336 Goonoo Goonoo Road in Tamworth opens on Monday 22 January, running major country showcases each day until Sunday 28 January as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The programme opens each morning at 10am with the LBS Studio Museum Morning Teas. Lindsay Butler and Shaza Leigh along with the Butler Boys appear daily with various guest artists from the studio roster including Tom Maxwell, Brian Young, Ashley Cook, Ernie Constance, Lindsay Waddington, Melissa Bajric, Bob Easter, Charmaine Pout, Darryl Lamb, Dale Duncan and Naomi Therese.

At the end of each concert an artist is inducted onto The Wall Of Honour and this years inductees will again feature some of the cream of Australian Country Music. It is judged by a panel of industry personalities and was established to honour artists making a significant contribution to the Australian recording scene.

The studio is then open to the public to wander through and have a look at the awards lounge and the actual recording studio that many of today’s albums are recorded. The artists also mingle for a chat and to sign autographs.

The afternoon shows (2pm- 5pm) and evening shows (7pm-10pm) will host package shows run by various promoters, featuring many top line country performers and bush balladeers in concert.

Some of the major showcases already confirmed are: Country Crooners, Travelling Country Theatre, All Girls Show, Australian Touring Greats, TSA Members Showcase, Kross Kut Records Show, Country Corner Showcase, Songwriters Spectacular, TSA Pass The Guitar and Future Stars Now.
All showcases have been kept to reasonable ticket prices from $5 to $15.

Catering for the venue will once again be provided by local Lions clubs with proceeds going to local charities and prices being some of the cheapest in town.

Look forward to seeing you at BUTLERS during the Tamworth Festival.

Guitar Legend, Lindsay Butler and songbird, Shaza Leigh, have been touring Australia over the past couple of months with their new country show called The Travelling Country Theatre.

The country music couple, both established performers in their own right and respected industry identities, have revived the old touring package show concept, made popular years ago by the likes of The Buddy Williams Show and The Rick & Thel Show.
On tour with Buts and Shaz is Aussie country legend Brian Young (OAM). Youngie is one of the best bush balladeers this country has known and was the last of the traveling showmen. He’s toured the length and breadth of this country with The Brian Young Show since 1977 and is happy to still be on the road as much as possible with this new show.

The show also features one of the leading country duo’s The Sidey’s. Geoff is an accomplished musician playing Drums, Harp & Mandolin as well as featuring on vocals and Annie-Ree plays bass guitar and adds an extra dimension with her sweet vocals.

The new look show has been extremely well received around the country and is making one appearance at Butlers Auditorium during The Tamworth Country Music Festival on Friday 26 January – 2pm.
Each year Butlers Auditorium hosts The Australian Touring Greats Show and this year the show will feature Lindsay Butler, Shaza Leigh and Tom Maxwell superbly backed by the Butler Boys band.

All three artists are accomplished touring artists that have traveled this country extensively over the years.

Lindsay Butler started his career with The Athol McCoy Show, spent several years with The Buddy Williams Show and then joined The Slim Dusty Show. He continued to tour with Slim on and off for many years before starting his own band and later to take touring shows out with various partners. Lindsay has become one of the most capped musicians within the Australian Country Music Industry.

Shaza Leigh joined The Brian Young Show almost two decades ago. In 1993 she joined partner Lindsay Butler to tour with Lindsay and Brian Letton. A couple of years later they began taking their own roadshow out with various guest artists including Rex Dallas and Reg Poole. Shaza has become one of the leading female artists in the country field over this period.
Tom Maxwell started his career as a spot artist on various shows and festivals and for several years now has been taking The Tom Maxwell Show around Australia carving a niche for his brand of country music. Tom is now one of the most sought after bush balladeers and country artists on the circuit.

The Butler Boys band are some of the best Show Bands featuring some of the finest professional touring musicians in the country.

The Australian Touring Greats will be presenting one package show only at the Tamworth festival to be held at Butlers Auditorium on Sunday 28 January – 10am.
Lindsay Butler & LBS Music A Century Not Out LBS100CD

LBS Music Tamworth and interstate based recording studios will release their history making 100th album during the country music winter festival Hats Off at the Goonoo Goonoo Rd studio complex on Sunday July 9.

Invitations were distributed last week and extended to all industry groups.
Producer Lindsay Butler reaches a milestone with the release of this 100th album. Two renowned labels Hadley Records and Selection Records have achieved similar feats in producing a century of albums. LBS matches that and uniquely creates another. It is the first time in Australia and possibly internationally that one producer under an independent label has recorded the entire body of work.

LBS Music has always aspired to preserve and promote Australian heritage recording and releasing the greatest majority of its work in this genre. Partners Lindsay Butler and Shaza Leigh would like to express their gratitude to everyone who helped LBS Music achieve this rare milestone - 100 albums in 18 years.

Over the years many professional associations have contributed largely to this milestone. In manufacturing Clive & Peter [Mad CD’s] and Wayne [White Tiger Graphics] have been part of the team producing the highest grade product since the early 90’s. A special thanks to Kay Waddington LBS Distribution Manager who has given over 10 years of dedicated service to the company. LBS enlisted the services of many creative photographers specializing in album covers including June [Country Creative Solutions] Jake [Shot By Jake] Lou [Farina Photographics] Adrian [Edenbrae Photographics] & Shaza [LBS Music Group].

‘LBS Music is eternally grateful to all our friends in the media who always have and continue to promote our brand of Australian Country Music. It has been a rewarding partnership since the inception of the company and we’ll always treasure our friends within the industry.’ Shaza added.

‘We pay special tribute to Dave Byrnes who was a right-hand man in the early days of LBS Music. Dave was an accomplished engineer and his friendship is very sadly missed’ Lindsay acknowledged.

Equally prominent in reaching 100 albums has been the production facilities. Lindsay Butler Studios first began in NSW in 1989. Since then the company has installed 8 studios in total with four still operational today.

‘To the artists who recorded and worked with me over the eighteen years it has been an honour to make the journey with all of you. Congratulations on all personal milestones award wins and successful albums’ Lindsay said. ‘Our label has always enjoyed the support of most of the great songwriters in the country. You have continually made your best material available to us and we recognize that an outstanding track always begins with a great song. I want to especially thank Ernie Constance for writing the tribute song ‘A Century Still Going Strong’. I can’t agree with all the nice things you wrote about me in the song, but thanks anyway mate!’

Lindsay and Shaza’s biggest tributes go to the fans. ‘Without you we are all wasting our time making the music we love – thank you for purchasing the albums and your encouragement throughout the years.’

336 Goonoo Goonoo Rd TAMWORTH
Sunday 9th JULY 10am – 12 Noon
Plus the 6th Album Launch for LBS artist
General Admission $10. Admission Free with purchase of 100th album on entry.
Morning Tea 9.30am included - refreshments available. Tickets now available at LBS Music: 07 5562 1292.
For all other information: lbs@lbsmusic.com.au .
Complimentary Media Reservations RSVP: 30 June 2006

LBS Music - Home of Australia's Country Balladeers

The Countdown is on. LBS Music is fast approaching its 100th album release in the coming months. A special release is now in the planning stages.

When Lindsay started his own label in 1988 to release the albums that he produced few would have anticipated the volume of quality work in such a short period. He has proudly promoted and nurtured many of today's current country stars and many of the best have continued recording in his studios with the Golden Guitar winning producer

Brian Letton's latest release Today is still going strong. The first single Two Chords has enjoyed many weeks in the Top 30 Country Tracks Chart pushing it's way to number 4.

Shaza Leigh is also still making her way up the Top 30' Country Tracks Chart with Old Calare still performing this week at number 18. Next week Shaza starts recording the second single for her forthcoming album which will be ready for release mid-year.

The new album for Ernie Constance is now completed and due to be released at Easter. The album Goin' Walkabout features 13 new Ernie originals plus the song That Old Hat his tribute song to Slim Dusty recorded on the LBS release. The Music Lives On has been included on the album. Ernie is undoubtedly one of our best bush writers and widely recognised as the modern day Stan Coster. His new collection of songs will not disappoint the fans of bush ballad music.

The debut LBS release for New Zealand country music star and Golden Guitar Winner Noel Parlane is nearing completion and will hit the marketplace before Mothers Day. Now residing in Australia Noel's been building an incredibly strong following in this country over the past couple of years and will comfortably find a home in many Aussie music collections with the release of this great new album.

Other new releases scheduled for release in the coming months include leading bush balladeer Tom Maxwell and young gun guitarist Lindsay Waddington.

The unveiling of the 100th album is expected shortly after.

1 Forbes Services Club, Forbes NSW
2 Young RSL Club, Young NSW
15-16 Poley's Easter Festival, Gloucester NSW
22-23 Boondooma Homestead, Boondooma Qld


12-13 Club Mulwella CM Festival Vic
20-21 Wagga Wagga CM Weekend
23 Tamworth Town Hall, NSW
27 Millers Forrest, NSW
Honours and awards for LBS Music
In the aftermath of the Country Music festival and the Bush Ballad Awards LBS Music quietly acknowledged what was for them a great January and an even better February.

Two out of five recipients inducted into The Hands of Fame in Tamworth this year were LBS Music artists Shaza Leigh and Ernie Constance.  Brian Letton and Lindsay Butler shared the stage at Bungedore to take out major national awards. Ashley Cook Tom Maxwell Lindsay Waddington and Brian Young will all release albums in the next few months.
Photo Courtesy of June Underwood
Shaza Leigh began her professional recording career in 1990 under the guidance of Lindsay Butler. She has released 7 major albums with the label winning numerous vocal and song-writing awards throughout her career including 5 Independent Female Vocalist of the Year awards 3 Australian Bush Ballad awards 2 TSA National Salute awards plus several nominations in the Golden Guitars. Her songwriting talents are evident in the TSA and CMAA finalist nominations again this year with Brian Letton and Rick Aitchison for Bush Ballad Song of the Year with the top 10 charting track Two Chords. Shaza has toured with many of the pioneers on the Australian Country Music Scene including Lindsay Butler, Brian Young, Reg Poole, Rex Dallas and worked along side most of the best in the business on festivals and shows. Even though Shaza is only 38 years of age she’s enjoyed a capped professional career spanning almost 20 years and as she said on receiving her award ‘It’s always been about the music and the people… I’ve loved working within the industry and this is the most special honour to date.’ Shaza is currently working on her 8th LBS album which will be released in the coming months.

Ernie Constance was first raised to prominence as a songwriter by Slim Dusty when he recorded his songs. Slim eventually recorded 17 of Ernie’s songs and Ernie went on to become a recording artist in his own right releasing 4 excellent bush ballad albums with LBS Music culminating in 2 TSA National Salute Awards plus Australian Bush Ballad Album of the Year in 2000. He was elevated to the status of ‘Songmaker’in 2002. There is no doubt Ernie has become one of the most prolific writers of the bush verse and on many occasions has been referred to as the modern day Stan Coster with his simple melodic arrangements to strong and powerful lyrics. On accepting his induction Ernie acknowledged both Joy McKean who was in the audience and Slim Dusty who was responsible for presenting his early body of work and introducing him as a songwriter. He said ‘I’m very honoured and humbled to accept the award as I did not set out in country music to win awards. I simply love the old Australian Bush Ballad style of music’. Ernie is currently recording his new album to be released in the next couple of months.

In February at the Bungendore Country Muster and Australian Bush Ballad Awards Lindsay Butler was once again awarded Instrumental/Group or Duo of the Year and Brian Letton won The Male Vocal category which he has dominated since the inception of the awards in 1998. His award winning song ‘Two Chords’ is released on his new album ‘Today’ and in Brian Letton style there’ll be no grass growing under his feet as he prepares for his next album which he will commence recording later this year.

Ashley Cook was the most surprised and excited recipient of the evening when he collected The Barry Thornton Encouragement Award. Ashley is a quiet achiever and an all-round good bloke. He is one of those artists who will stand the test of time and slowly build a loyal fan base. Ashley is currently collecting material for his new album after the success of his debut release Cattle Dust and Leather.

Tom Maxwell commenced work on his new album in late February. This will be his sixth LBS release. Tom’s fans have come to expect high standard albums from him. The latest album is set for release in the next few months.

In the next few months LBS will release a new instrumental album from Lindsay Waddington. Waddo has been a touring member of The Butler Boys for several years and has worked alongside Lindsay Butler during that period. He has developed his own style and sound and his many fans have been anticipating a new album for over 12 months.

LBS Music also packaged and released The Best of Brian Young in January. This album features many of the big Youngie hits like ‘Thistles On The Hillside’ ‘Walk Away’ ‘Black Man Jacky Jacky’ and ‘No Indispensable Man’. This album has regenerated his recording profile. Brian is back on the road with long-time mate Lindsay Butler as they work on his new album which will be launched in Tamworth later this year. For sometime Brian has been plagued by ill health. With the release of this new album and a Queensland tour in the later part of last year he is well on the road to recovery.

LBS Music was founded in 1990 when Lindsay Butler Studios opened. The first signings, Brian Letton, Shaza Leigh, and Lindsay himself, all became highly sought after entertainers and many other young, traditional performers, prolific bush balladeers, singer/songwriters and country music legends have since joined LBS, whose artists feature prominently in all major awards and festivals throughout Australia. LBS has grown into the major Independent record label of today, boasting a great stable of talent and the LBS Distribution Service distributes nationally for several other independent labels and many other independent artists as well.
Instrumental of the Year to Guitar Legend Lindsay Butler
17 February 2006

Guitar great Lindsay Butler was honoured again this year when he received Australia’s top bush ballad award for Instrumental of the Year.
Five finalists vied for the instrumental vocal duo or group category in which Lindsay’s single ‘Ride the Sunlander’ received a nomination in December.

Lindsay was the first Australian country guitarist to record a full solo album in 1976. He won the first of his three Golden Guitars the following year and later in two consecutive years as Producer of the Year. Since then he has been involved in well in excess of 1500 recording projects and has played on many winning nominations at the Australian Country Music Awards producing several of them. At nineteen nominations, Lindsay has long held the record for the highest number of nominations for instrumentalist in the CMAA awards history.

His contribution to country music has been acknowledged in many ways. In 1999 he received the TSA Tex Morton Award and in 2000 he was the recipient of the Australian Living Legend Award at Kempsey NSW. He won the Instrumentalist Award on three prior occasions 1999 2002 2005 and again last weekend at the 2006 Stan Coster Memorial Awards.

The Nullabor Track, Kimberley Winds, The Moon Over the Moonbi Range and Aussie Mossie are all original works on Lindsay’s latest album ’Guitar Across Australia’. He teamed with his wife and business partner Shaza Leigh to co-write the sentimental Lachlan’s River Lullaby dedicated to their son Lachlan. Other tracks are by Eric Bogle, Ray Rose, Harold Williams, Rick Aitchison and Graham Rodger.
Lindsay Butler receiving an award from Joe (with Lachlan and Shaza )

Print out and have the memories