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Lonnie Lee
Small Song Sample  "Can't you see it in my  eyes"
Small Song Sample  "Best Friends"


Lonnie Lee to appear in 'Hats Off to Country' Festival.
Whilst Lonnie Lee's first shows in Tamworth go back nearly 50 years when he introduced Rock'n'Roll to Tamworth at the Tamworth Town Hall, this year will be the first time he has attended the "Hats off to Tamworth’ Festival on Saturday July 7th. He will also perform at the Moree Services Club on Friday 6th at 8pm.

It will be an intimate casual show at the North Tamworth Bowling Club in Bligh Street and will feature not only his well known Gold Hits of the past, but introduce many songs from his two latest self written albums, 'Light of Love' and 'North West Mail'. A short time will also be set aside when he will invite the audience to ask him questions about his career.

He will present 2 shows, 3pm and 8pm. They will be 90 minutes duration after which he will sign merchandise and autographs. Bookings can be made at the North Tamworth Bowling Club on 02 67661987 or www.lonnielee.com

Starlite Records Release June ST827 Lonnie Lee - ‘North West Mail’
The new country rockabilly CD 'North West Mail' is in a way an autobiographical journey into Lonnie's past. The single, ‘My Rockabilly Band’ is already getting great reviews and play.
To sum up the album, it would be fair to say it was inspired as a retrospective which encapsulates the long and varied life of this Music Icon. The songs were written in an amazingly short time, perhaps giving some indication as to how much it came from the heart. The songs all have a very personal reason for their being and they individually relate to many facets of his early years, the inspirations, the sadness, the isolation in the country as well as the incredible excitement of being one of the very first to bring this brand new and innovative music to Aussie teenagers.

He has retained that honest simplistic feel, which goes against the grain of the current 'over produced' sound and the melodies are catchy, happy and light. Much as they were back then.

The songs will no doubt either take the listener back to those heady days, or it will entice a younger fan to vicariously get the feeling of.. ’back then’.

In many stores, on line at www.starliterecords.com.au  or direct to Starlite 02 9826 0220

New single release 'My Rockabilly Band' from the album
'North West Mail'.
June 5-10 Weds-Sun Wintersun Festival Coolangatta
June 23rd Saturday Mounties
June 28th Thursday Panthers Port Macquarie
June 29th Friday  Club Forster5
June 30th Saturday Hexham Bowling
July 6th Moree Services 8pm
July Sat 7th North Tamworth Bowling  3pm and 8pm
July 14th Saturday Blacktown Workers
Aug 16 Thursday Capers Melbourne
Aug 18 Saturday Moorabbin Town Hall Melbourne
Sept 22 Saturday Bankstown Trotting Club
October 3rd Weds Hordern Pavilion Sydney
October 4th Thurs Hordern Pavilion Sydney
October 5th Fri Burswood Casino Perth
October 6th Sat Burswood Casino Perth
October 7th Sun Perth Festival Perth
October 9th Tues Mackay
October 12th Fri Crown Casino Melbourne
October 13th Sat Crown Casino Melbourne
October 27 Saturday Bellbird Workers
Nov 10th Saturday Bankstown Sports Club
Nov 24th Lithgow Bowling Club
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Over 400 tracks to choose from.

Check out these new Lonnie Lee releases..
The current albums..
 [ST827] 'North West Mail' - Country Rockabilly
11 tracks written by Lonnie
[ST823] 'Light of Love'  - Romantic Ballads - MOR/Adult Contemporary
10 tracks 8 written by Lonnie

The singles
[ST826] 'My Rockabilly Band' and 'Lotta Lovin'
[ST825] 'Crikey!'  Steve Irwin tribute sing-along
[ST822] 'Lonely Nights and Lonely Days' and 'It takes me back'
[ST821] 'Best Friends' and 'Who made the rules'
[ST820] 'Can't you see it in my eyes'and 'Watching Lonnie Lee' by Chain.

Say Hi to Lonnie Lee on MYSPACE..
For CWA Rowena Shire Hall - Dinner Show Dance
The return home appearance of…

Lonnie Lee’s return to the Rowena Shire Hall on August 26, ties in with the release of his new albums, ‘Light of Love’ a collection of original romantic ballads and the country-rockabilly ‘North West Mail’. Lonnie recently wrote most of the songs, and those already released as singles are receiving excellent reception all over Australia. His band The Leemen provided the backings and Lonnie arranged and produced them.

His latest single is doing great across Australia and it features a sample from both albums. ‘Lonely Nights’ is a haunting romantic ballad, whilst ‘It takes me back’ is about his life in Rowena and going to the city to become a star!

Whilst he has been around for many years as one of the founders of the Australian music scene, if you’re part of his today audience, it’s hard to imagine that the young looking, vibrant entertainer on stage, is the same person who received the Golden Microphone Award in 1961 as Australia’s’ Most Popular Recording Star.

As a teenager Lonnie attended the Rowena shire hall many times to watch the bi-monthly movies, or attend a dance or ball. In the mid 1950’s, as he got older he sang at some of these dances and in doing so, introduced Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly to the North West.

Over recent years with the lack of use, the hall developed a 45 degree tilt and was destined to be pulled down, just as the railway station building was. But it was not to be! Whilst there were some who wanted this to be, the hard working ladies of the Rowena CWA sprung into action and decided to go all out to raise money to repair and refurbish the hall and bring it back to life again.

This they did, and in 2005, they asked Lonnie to bring his band and his famous rockin’ music to the grand re-opening of the hall. The hall as jammed to the rafters with folks from all around the district, Narrabri, Walgett, Collarenebri, Sydney and beyond! As the say in Rockabilly language, ‘the joint was jumpin’. It was such a success they were determined to repeat it as much as they could. The time has come and they have now chosen Saturday August 26th this year, for the encore event.

Bookings are definitely needed and it is suggested they are purchased as soon as possible due to the limited capacity of the hall.

The Leemen are arguably the best band of its type in Australia and Lonnie, the undisputed music legend, sings around 33 songs on the night and of course songs from his new2 albums. It is an historic night for several reasons, so don’t miss out. There’s nothing worse than hearing what a incredible time everyone had days after the event. Be there and be one of the fun crowd.

Rowena Shire Hall Saturday August 26th 2006
(Between Walgett and Moree, Burren Junction and Collarenebri)
Information and Bookings:
Joscelyn Cameron Phone or Fax 02 6795 6166
See more at www.lonnielee.com  - For information - 02 9826 0220 - Suzanne@starlite.com.au
His songs on the new CD single, 'Lonely Night' and 'It takes me back'
are doing great across the country and the new albums will be out in
August and sung at these venues.

Just did Hexham - what a great crowd they were too!
The record is still doing great getting play in all capitals and most
country stations. Sanity now on board with orders too!

Lonnie's new CD single is out to radio all across Oz and getting
some great comments and plays already!  Alan Jones and Bob Rogers
also have been giving it a spin !

CD Single
 "Best Friends"
Small Song Sample
It was written by Wayne Jackson of the most famous pop music horn section in the world. "The Memphis Horns" who have provided backup for many of the biggest names in music from Elvis to Otis Redding, Sting to Jerry Lee Lewis, The Doobies to Neil Young and now Lonnie Lee. Lonnie and Wayne have been friends for close to 40 years and it was on a recent visit back to Nashville that Wayne gave him a listen to the song.
It's melody, lyrics and over all warm message, inspired Lonnie to get together few other friends such as Bob Babbitt of The Funk Bros. who just happen to be Nashville 'A List' studio pickers, and recorded it. Back in Sydney, he recorded his vocals, had Tony Burkys lead guitarist of The Leemen add some extra interesting sounds and prepared it for release.
With Bonus Track "Who Made the Rules"
CD Single
"Can't you see it in my  eyes"
with bonus track - from the new album by Chain
Saturday Night at The Trocadero (watching Lonnie Lee)
The Blues Supergroup 'Chain' who refer to Lonnie as the father of Australian Rockabilly,
had written this song for their new 2005 album and have graciously allowed Starlite Records
to include it as a BONUS TRACK  with this release.

Still “GOOD ROCKIN TONITE” in 2005
Lonnie Lee and the Leemen
Lonnie Lee, one of Australia’s true Hit Parade Music Legends
has done it again! His brand new show for 2005, is guaranteed to be as exciting and
unique as his past successful shows with new songs, new stories, new staging and a
new profile that is bound to attract new audiences.
The Legendary blues band ‘CHAIN’, call him the “father of Australian Rockabilly”,
And Russell Morris says, Lonnie Lee is the “REAL THING”.
This is no clone pretend show. The number one hits he sings are his own and
virtually every song he presents are from the many best selling records Cou or CD’s he
has released over the last 45 years.
As well as more current songs, he takes his audiences back to his roots from the
passive 50’s hits of 1957 to the classic rockers!! No, these are not ‘club land’
renditions! He does them all with a unique ‘Lonnie Lee’ edge and freshness, which
has audiences sitting on the edge of their chairs, itching to get up and dance. He
also includes an extremely popular segment where he reflects on some singers who
influenced the young Lonnie Lee such as early Elvis, Marty, Ricky, Buddy, Chuck,
Johnnie Ray and others.
Styles visited include rockabilly, blues, rock, country, rock’n’roll and impact ballads.
No one is left out when visiting a Lonnie Lee show. The show cannot be just called a
rock’n’roll show as it is not ‘just’ that. It can only be described as a show featuring
one of Australia’s most successful Hit Parade and Television stars of the last 45
years, who is more vibrant and current today than ever.
The Leemen are always an integral part of the show, with their wonderful
harmonies and musical excellence – they truly are a “supportive” band.
In the first part of the show, they take the audience on their own trip through a
great selection of songs, including their own tribute to some of the great stars of
those early days.
Recent Lonnie Lee News..
Long Way to the Top
His Australia wide appearances on the most successful all Australian show ever,
‘Long Way To The Top’, have accorded him with accolades from all areas of the
music industry as well as from old and new fans. Each night he was introduced with
this very truthful line.. “In the early sixties, no one had more hits than this guy, he
was great then and he is greater now... Here he is... Lonnie Lee”
Peer compliments
Lonnie’s peers on the tour, Russell Morris, Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool and Mondo
Rock, Jim Keays of Master’s Apprentices, Matt Taylor and Phil Manning of Chain,
Billy Thorpe, Normie Rowe and others, paid him one of the biggest compliments
ever, when they credited Lonnie and his early rockabilly style of singing, as being
one of the main reasons that they wanted to become singers and enter show
New Shows for 2005
Once again he performed in the major Sydney Clubs. The large audiences were as
always, excited to see him. They also loved the new show which once again,
premiered at Canterbury Hurlstone RSL! It features songs from the Vol3 CD and a
new Johnnie Ray celebration. Other venues, including quite a few outside of the club
circuit, will see it thru’ 2005.
‘Convoy for Kids’ CD
He recently produced and wrote 5 songs for a charity CD called ‘Convoy for Kids’. It
raises money for Westmead Children’s Hospital and CareFlight especially for very
young kids with terminal illnesses such as cancer and leukemia.
‘Lonnie Lee Day’
Taree radio and community honoured Lonnie in late October with ‘Lonnie Lee Day’ to
celebrate 45 years since his first Number 1 record ‘Ain’t it so’ was released.
The Johnnie Ray Experience
He has another show which is more theatrical in nature where he takes his audience
through his own life and that of the biggest star before Elvis, Johnnie Ray. This
show is not performed in clubs but in venues similar to The Clarendon in Katoomba,
Tilleys in Canberra and the Basement in Sydney. The encores abound, after the 2
hour show. Both shows have been rebooked for April and May 2005.
Wintersun Festival
Once again in June 2005, Lonnie and the Leemen will be the headline stars of the
fantastic week long ‘Wintersun Festival’ in Coolangatta. This is where he has twice
received the publicly voted awards ‘ Australia Posts’ Best performer’ Award and
‘Best Nostalgia Artist’ Award.
CD-DVD Releases in 2004-2005
His CD The Definitive Original Collection – Volume 3 (The TV Shows 1959-1972) was
released in October and the DVD ‘Good Rockin’ Tonight’ in mid year. Volume 4 will
be released later this year. A CD of the DVD will be released in early 2005, as will
Volume 4 and a new Nashville recorded single.
For more bios, photos, music clips, visit the web site www.lonnielee.com  or contact
Suzanne at Starlite Records 02 9826 0220 suzanne@starlite.com.au


It is nearly 10 years since his last single ‘Rain’ which he originally
wrote for Roy Orbison and which is on his ‘Don’t Look Back’ CD.

This single, an Adult Contemporary/Country cross, is titled ‘Can’t you
see it in my eyes’ and was recently given to him by John Marascalco who
by the way, gave him ‘Starlight Starbright’ in mid 1959!

As you may know, ‘Starlight’ was one of Australia’s first Gold Records
and is still considered one of the most played songs from the original
Rock’n’Roll era. Lonnie went on to have 5 Gold and 8 National #1’s in
that early era. Other songs written by John include classics such as
‘Rip it Up’, ‘Ready Teddy’, ‘Good Golly Miss Molly’, ‘Send me some
Loving’, ‘Goodnight my love’ and ‘Be my guest’. Singers from Elvis,
Little Richard and Buddy Holly to Creedence Clearwater, Nilsson and the
Stray Cats have made his songs into some of the most popular hit parade
classics of all time.

Lonnie recorded the song in Nashville with some of his friends of many
years, including legendary musicians Bob Babbitt of Motown’s famous Funk
Bros and Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns. It was completed in Sydney
and mastered by Don Bartley at Studio 301. The track is also included in
the forthcoming album, ‘Solstice’.

A bonus track on this single release is a new song written, played and
sung by Matt Taylor, Phil Manning and Dirk Dubois of the legendary blues
group ‘Chain’, titled ‘Saturday Night at the Trocadero watching Lonnie
Lee’. They and other peers consider him the father of Australian
Rockabilly and have dedicated this song to him. It is from their latest
album to be released shortly.

So far the single has been given greats critz and is getting play from
Alice Springs to Longreach to Sydney, Melbourne , Perth, Canberra,
Hobart and many points in between.

More info can be found on the web site
http://www.lonnielee.com/ > .

Print out and have the memories